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I was recently in Ukraine for a short vacation and I had the opportunity to interview a manager of the Mordinson marriage agency located in Kharkov, Ukraine. I think this interview will be interesting for the men who are looking for the information about finding a Ukrainian wife as my guest has been working in that field for many years and shared lots of interesting things about finding a woman in Ukraine.

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Transcription of the video tutorial:

Hi Guys! I am Krystyna – your Russian and Ukrainian dating blogger. Welcome to my dating channel and I am happy to see you again. So Guys, this weekend I am on a short vacation in Ukraine and I decided to meet a professional matchmaker just to have a chat about Ukrainian dating and his services. Enjoy Guys!

We have a special guest today on my dating channel namely Michael Mordinson, a manager of the Mordinson marriage and matchmaking agency based in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Krystyna: So Michael, thank you very much to find time today to answer my questions.

Michael Mordinson: Thank you very much for having me Krystyna, I am happy to be here.

michael mordinson

Michael Mordinson

Krystyna: My pleasure, and how do you do today?

Michael Mordinson: Doing great! What about yourself?

Krystyna: Very nice! Just to start our interview please introduce yourself and your agency to our followers.

Michael Mordinson: As Krystyna, said my name is Michael Mordinson. And I am very happy to be here to tell you about my family’s business which is Mordinson marriage agency. The agency works in Kharkov, Ukraine. It began working in 1999.


From the beginning we chose to work only in one city for several reasons, but for the most part we believe that Kharkov is a really great place for a man to search for a wife, it’s not a small town, so it’s not like a village where there is nothing to do, there is actually quite a lot of things to do in Kharkov, but at the same time it’s not a huge city and people in Kharkov they are laid back and relaxed.

But most importantly the reason why we never expanded to any other cities is that we want to personally know every lady who is the member of the agency, that’s why we never accept any on-line applications from the ladies or e-mail application or phone applications. A lady who wants to join the agency has to personally come to our office in Kharkov.

It was always very clear to us that as a small family business we can only be successful if our clients are successful. Over the years we’ve earned the reputation of a transparent and honest service and we cherish this reputation, so we just don’t play any games with our clients.

And this approach has proved its efficiency over the years and the couples who met in the Mordinson – they are the best proof to that.

Krystyna: it sounds very great. My next question to you is why did you choose to call your agency with your own surname Mordinson?

Michael Mordinson: Well, we saw that the industry lacked integrity big time, and we just decided that it was a good idea to call our business, our marriage agency with our own surname, and there is really no need for us, no reason for us to hide behind a name which stands for nothing or means nothing. We are not trying to hide from our clients. Actually on contrary! Anybody who is interested in our services can find the information on our web site how to call us, how to Skype with us or send us an-email. We are open to our clients and there is no need for us to hide.

Krystyna: yeah, it’s a good reason for you. I know that your marriage agency is pretty traditional, could you explain to us how does the introduction process work exactly in your agency.

Michael Mordinson: of course I can talk about it for a long time, but we are limited in time, so I will try to do it very briefly and break this whole process into three parts.

The first part is what I call a „reality check“, a man can send his introduction letter and pictures to any number of ladies he is interested in to see whether they are interested in him and who exactly is interested in him and who is not. On this stage the man sends us his introduction letter and some pictures and we forward them to the ladies to see who is interested and who is not.

The second step is when the man receives the replies of the ladies who are interested, he has the opportunity and it’s truly a unique opportunity to get to know those ladies who expressed interest in him by corresponding with them, by talking with them on Skype, and I can overemphasize how important that is. Because you basically get the chance to ask all the important questions and see how well you match with the lady in different aspects of your life, your life views, things you like and don’t like, so it’s great.

And the third step of course the letters can not replace the personal meeting and normally our clients after corresponding and being in touch with the ladies for about a couple of months our clients come to Ukraine to Kharkov and meet the ladies in person. We compose the schedule of the meetings with the ladies in prior to the arrival of the man.

And normally the initial meetings are pretty short, this way a man can meet all the ladies he is interested in within a couple of days after his arrival and then concentrate on lady he had best mutual chemistry with. And once that happens the lady removes her pictures, her profile from the gallery of the ladies and they can develop their relationship further.

Krystyna: Very interesting! let’s talk about the ladies! I have read on your web site that you interview every single woman who wants to join your agency. What is the interview like and what do you ask the ladies? Just to check if she is real, does she have serious intentions to find a man abroad. What’s it like?

Michael Mordinson: As I said before: it’s extremely important for us to be able to personally meet every lady who wants to be a member of the Mordinson agency. When a lady comes to our office first of all we make sure she is legally single. Secondly and most importantly, we talk the ladies to see what they are looking for. We want to make sure that the ladies who are in our agency they are interested in serious relationship and of course open to the idea of moving abroad should they meet the right man in the agency. So this is basically what the interview is about.

Krystyna: how do all these women find you and what is their motivation to join the agency? Because I know there are so many possibilities to date on-line, so what is the main motivation?

Michael Mordinson: naturally if you do something for 16 years and you do it in the same city and you do it pretty well, people will know you and people do know about us. And many of our female clients they join the agency after being recommended to do it by a friend or relative, and I will use a couple of minutes of our time to tell you an interesting story, there are two ladies who found their husbands in the agency and those ladies are cousins to each other.

And it’s interesting that I went to the wedding of the first one – Elena, that was back in 2011, I think it was in Winter and married a man from the United States and his name is Bret, and their wedding pictures are on our web site, so you can check them out.

And in one of those pictures you will see me standing next to Bret and next to him of course is standing his wife and next to her stands her cousin, her name is Oksana, and then 3 years later Oksana came to the agency and in January 2015 she got married and lives in the USA, her husband’s name is Chis. So a lot of our female clients come to us after hearing about us through their friends and their relatives. And of course we do have an advertising campaign in the city too.

And concerning the motivation of the ladies. In Ukraine and in Ukrainian culture marriage has huge importance. And the family has huge importance. Women here are taught and they believe and they know that if she doesn’t meet the right man she can never be truly happy and be fulfilled person if she doesn’t find her beloved man.

So if a woman does not find such a man in her city she has to look elsewhere. It’s natural and it’s actually a good sign because a person, a woman in this case wants to bring change into her life. This is the main motivation and we are the agency that offers ladies to meet men who are seriously interested in lasting relationship and marriage, and that’s exactly what the ladies want.

Krystyna: it totally makes sense to me. And what about men? You have a lot of experience in the dating industry, according to your opinion why so many men form the Western countries want to find a woman in Ukraine, what are the special features that the women in Ukraine have?

Michael Mordinson: of course every person is unique and there are lots of reasons, but if we talk about just a few: women here, most of the women here they value the marriage and family so much, if you just look at the ladies who are the members of the Mordinson agency those are people who are potentially prepared to leave the life they know, to leave the country they were born in just for the sake of being happy in marriage. So that’s how important the marriage is.

Most of the women in Ukraine they are dedicated and loyal to their families and to their husbands and what is very important is that they know that the relationship, and family and marriage it requires efforts and a lot of work. And they are prepared to do those efforts.

And Ukrainian women are very attractive and it doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful wife.

So I would say it’s unique to every man why he decided to search for a woman in Ukraine, but I would say those are the important reasons.

Krystyna: It’s a very good reason to find a woman from Ukraine. Next question is very important for many of the western men. I would like to talk about dating or romance scam. What is your anti scam policy? And how do you find scams and professional pro-daters.

Michael Mordinson: Since the day we started working we understood that we have to develop the system that will not allow any such activity in the agency. And it’s really a bullet proof system and it’s very simple.

When a girl comes to our office for an interview if we get the feeling from her that she is not really interested in marriage but something else – she’s never going to make it to the Mordinson agency – we are not going to accept her. And then later on, even if the lady became a member of the agency but we feel or see that she is acting in a strange way, maybe she is asking for presents or for money or whatever, we wave „goodbye“ to her very very quickly.

As I said before we care a lot about our reputation and so we have zero tolerance to any kind of scam. And as I already said before: we have been doing it for a very long time and so people know about us, and the pro-daters know that they are not going to be able to dig any „gold“ in the Mordinson agency, so they don’t even bother to come.

Krystyna: my advice to you is just use your common sense and be realistic. And my last question to you Michael, what would you wish to all single men who decide or dream to find a woman from Ukraine.

Michael Mordinson: do not let your dream stay a dream, we don’t dream for that, we dream to realize our dreams. And secondly: imagine yourself loosing a very valuable and expensive treasure, something that you value a lot. Maybe a sack of diamonds, something that is very expensive or important for you. How will you act if that happens? Most likely you will run out of your home and you will search every little place you’ve been to through the day in the hope that nobody else found that treasure and that you will get it back.

And I want to say that a happy, good, loving wife is the biggest treasure that you can find in your life. Do not just wait until somebody is going to knock on your door and say: „Darling, I’ve been looking for you my whole life“ – it doesn’t happen, you have act and make efforts to find her and if you honestly do everything you can – you are going to find her. And I am sure of that and I wish all of you guys, single guys out there to find your happiness, whether it happens in Ukraine or somewhere else – I wish you happiness!

I understand that we are ending our interview now with Krysyna, the last thing I wanted to say: no matter what they say – it’s very very real to find your soul mate in the modern world, we see it from the experience of our clients all the time, we receive the testimonials, we receive the wedding invitations all the time, it is very real, so I wish you happiness.

Krystyna: I totally agree with you. Guys, it is very real to find a woman in Ukraine. Once again Michael, thank you very much for your time today and answering my questions, and guys if you have any questions or need more information just visit Michae’s official web site:

Michael Mordinson: thank you very much Krystyna for having me, and thank you guys for the attention, like and subscribe to Krystyna’s blog, it’s awesome!

Thank you very much for your time and attention, see you next time! Bye bye! Your Krystyna and Michael today.


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