Video: The Myth of Russian and Ukrainian Women In How They Live And Love

While the culture of Russian and Ukrainian women is imbued with religion and traditions, they have a passion towards life and express their concerns and desires. But there are certain myths about what are their concerns and desires? The only thing that America knows about the women of the former Eastern Bloc communist nations you will find in unsolicited emails and advertisements in the National Inquirer.

Russian and Ukrainian women are advertised as wanting a husband, who they will be good too, and to live in America. The advertisements give the impression that the women are desperate to leave their countries, have a man and his riches. Many times the imagery of these women is sexualized, leaving nothing to the imagination.

sexual attitudes of ukrainian women

Because of the many generations of living in the former Eastern Bloc nations, Russian and Ukrainian women are curious about other cultures, including America, which has left a bad taste of cynicism related to the media advertised so-called mail-order bride phenomenon.

The fact is that Russian and Ukrainian woman, in the 21st Century, are culturally conservative and traditional towards marriage. Presently, a significant percentage of Russian and Ukrainian women will not have sex before marriage, will only have sex under the conditions of a loving relationship and want to raise a family.
While it is no question that living a Russian and Ukrainian lifestyle leaves something to be desired. While they are well-educated, they do not seek glamor or being the breadwinner. Russian and Ukranian women are not feminist and have a strong sense of moral purpose. Living in another country is not high on the list of accomplishments that Russian and Ukrainian women are seeking.

There is no question that Russian and Ukranian women are beautiful. However, their beauty does not affect their sexuality as expressed by their values. While sexual attitudes are changing, issues involving more personal and graphic aspects of sex are considered taboo.

There is a Russian polling organization, the Levada Center, that performed a survey and found that, as early as 2001, Russians view of sex was changing. It as discovered that 54% said the sex before marriage was not acceptable and 34% said extramarital sex was okay. The same survey was more recently conducted, and the Levada Center found that 58% concluded that sex before marriage was not acceptable;e and only 24% stated that extramarital sex was okay. Russian values have become more conservative.

On the other hand attractiveness and sex appeal is not overlook and are considered favorable attributes by 60% of Russians in 2015. Russian and Ukrainian men equate penis size with strength and are not concerned with the pleasure of their spouses or significant others.

This lifestyle is what most of America used to be for the WW II generation and the baby boomers who were raised in the 1950’s. Thus, the sexual stereotype of Russian and Ukranian women is false. It is the traditional family values, not materialism, but marriage and children are at the root of their lives.

Sexual values and attitudes of Ukrainian & Russian women

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