What it is Really Like to Find a Wife Through a Matchmaking Service?

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Ukrainian women are known for their beauty and pleasant demeanor. It is these attributes that make them appealing to Western men. Dating agencies have taken advantage of the desire of men to meet these women for casual dating purposes and potential marriage partners.

Unfortunately, not all of the agencies provide what they promise and men are understandably leery about taking a chance. The good news is that there are legitimate opportunities for western men to meet the Ukrainian woman of their dreams and a recent happy customer made his experience public.

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Shiv is a 32 year old entrepreneur from London. Tired of the attitudes of western women who were not interested in commitment he turned to the Mordinson Marriage Agency for assistance. He chose Mordinson because they are known for only matchmaking men with women that they will have a genuine interest in meeting. The women are screened carefully to ensure that only those that meet their high standards, in personality and beauty and are commitment-minded, are listed with their agency.

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Shiv genuinely appreciated that the women he met were English speaking, preventing the communication barrier that had concerned him. Since the only language he speaks is English, the worry was real about meeting women who were only fluent in Russian or Ukrainian.

With that no longer a concern, Shiv was able to select and meet five prospective spouses. He instantly found the woman he connected with and the two are now happily married. It is important to realize that quality agencies like Mordinson are in the business of creating lasting couples. The women in their agency are looking for husbands and not boyfriends and many will not want to spend their time with anyone that is looking for a different experience.

Men interested in this type of service need to be aware that the sites that offer the largest number of women to choose from are not necessarily the best. In Shiv’s words, it is “quality over quantity” that makes the difference. There is no guarantee that all women will speak English, so seeking that skill out matters for men who are not fluent in other languages.

Also, plan to spend time in Kharkov, Ukraine. The city is fabulous, the people are welcoming and the area is very safe. Men are expected to travel to meet their potential spouses and face-to-face meetings are the only way for men to know who they are communication with and to determine if their is any body chemistry between the couple.

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Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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