What Not to Do on Your First Date With a Ukrainian Woman

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The questions about the relationships between Western men and Ukrainian women never lose their topicality. For centuries, men have been trying to figure out woman’s nature while women have been trying to understand the workings of man’s mind.

Ladies from UA Brides decided to touch upon a very important aspect of any romantic relationship – a first date with women from Russia or Ukraine. Every love story starts or, sometimes, ends with the first date. You go out with a person, communicate, get to know each other, and assess how compatible you are.

Everything matters on first dates – your words, your actions, your manners, etc. If you don’t want to spoil the things from the start, you should know what to do and what to avoid on your first date with a woman.

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There are a lot of things you can and should do to make a good first impression but let’s focus on the pitfalls you should avoid to make your date go off without a hitch.

Don’t talk about your ex.

Almost two-thirds of men and women bring up their past relationships during a first date without realizing that their companion may be not only uninterested in this topic, but also may get offended by it. If you start talking about your exes, don’t expect your date to be successful. You should focus on your current date and be totally in the moment.

Skip money-related topics.

Of course, Ukrainian and Russian girls like successful men who are financially independent and can afford many things. But they can’t stand showoffs. No matter how much you earn or how many cars you have in your garage, don’t brag about your wealth.

Well, a gold-digger will like to hear that from you but you will never impress a decent girl telling her about your income in a boasting manner. So if you really like the girl you are on a date with, don’t touch upon your financial status.

Don’t flirt too much.

If you flirt with your date without cease, drop indiscreet hints, and flatter rather than compliment her, you’ll tire her out and she’ll unlikely agree to have a second date with you. If you want to get a girl from Ukraine to like you, be a nice and funny guy. Don’t act like a pickup artist – just be yourself and your date will appreciate it. Show her that you’re interested in her and that you really enjoy her company.

Don’t lower your eyes.

When on a date, pay attention not only to what you say but also to how you behave and move. Avoiding eye contact is a sign of nervousness, lack of confidence, and disinterest. If you don’t want to come across as rude or indifferent, look your date in the eyes.

For Ukrainian women to lower their eyes is OK but for men it’s not appropriate. Look at her when she is telling you something. This way you show that you’re listening carefully and really interested in her story.

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Say goodbye before you two get bored.

First dates should last not more than several hours. Usually, you go on a first date with a Ukrainian woman you barely know and you can’t be sure that you’ll like each other and make a genuine connection at once. Even if your date goes very well, you should end it leaving your woman wanting more.

Learn more about what you should know about the second dates with Ukrainian girls.

The prevailing majority of first dates usually ends up the following way: you and your date get tired, she looks at her watch, and you say goodbye to each other. It’s very important to choose the right moment to end your first date.

The Ukrainian or Russian girl may not want to go out with you again simply because you discussed a lot of things, she had a great time, and there is nothing left to talk about. In order to secure a second date with her, you need to end your date not the moment you’ve run out of topics and got pretty tired, but well before it.

Find an excuse to leave earlier: tell her you’re meeting your friends in a half an hour or find another plausible excuse. Don’t do that shortly after your date started otherwise she’ll think you’re not interested in her.

Video by Krystyna: The Five Warning Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Ukrainian Woman



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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