What to do if my Ukrainian woman is dating other men

Dear friends,

I have heard so many Western men are not happy about that the Russian and Ukrainian girls that they were dating and communicating through an International online site, are actually communicating with other men. Why so? Is it normal? What is the reason for that behaviour?

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krystyna bloggerHello,

I am Krystyna, your Russian and Ukrainian dating blogger.

Many men complain that the Ukrainian and Russian women that they thought they were dating exclusively online, are actually dating other men on other sites. These men are saddened and sometimes angered to find out that they are not the only one who is dating this girl.

One reason for that might be that your Ukrainian and Russian woman is a scam or professional pro-daters. Very simple.

But… the thing that you have to understand is that Ukrainian and Russian women are looking for husbands. They want to get married. In my opinion, this is why they spend so much time on different online dating sites. They do not want to spend all of their time talking to one man, only to find out later that he is not interested in marrying them.

The solution, in my experience, is just that you need to talk to the woman. You need to try to keep from getting angry that you have found her on another site. You should think about things from her perspective so that you can understand why she is dating other men.

I have experienced that men wrote for 6 months to the lady and then he just stoped writing her for no reason. The lady had to start all over searching again.

Some friendly advice,…if you are serious about meeting a lady from the Ukraine. Be prepared to take the necessary trip as soon as possible after meeting her on the dating site. Travel within say 6 months of initial contact, if you feel you have a special communication with her.

One of my readers wrote to me: Instead of complaining, get off your butt and get to work on winning her heart. Give her a reason not to date other men. It’s real simple…BE A MAN!

This understanding can lead you to a long, happy relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian woman.


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Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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  1. Reggie says:


    I liked your comments here but you also need to address why Russian/Ukrainian women do not like that men are in contact with other women, they only want a man contacting them exclusively. sorry, you cannot have it both ways.

    The same has happened to me as you explained, you write for a time hoping to get acquainted and the woman just disappears without a word. I am always honest to say I expect a minimum of 3 months correspondence (serious correspondence, not junk nonsense that so many women write) before I will invest my time and money to make the trip to visit. I have been to Ukraine 4 times already, and to 5 other countries as well, having WASTED much more money on silly women NOT serious for any marriage at all. my problem is trying to find a woman is actually serious and sincere online. I understand they may be talking to other guys, but if she says she only talks to me, I expect that to be the truth. women say how much they hate lies, but so many turn out to be the biggest liars themselves.
    So Krystyna, if you wish address complaints about men then also offer the same for those women to keep it balanced. You are sharing one side of the story only. That is not fair to your readers. Men want to know why women act this way.

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