Video: Why are Russian and Ukrainian brides looking for a Western man?

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here is my third video tutorial “Why are Russian and Ukrainian women looking for men abroad?”:

Transcription of the video

Hello guys,

I finally found the time to take a new video. As a new mom, it is very hard for me to find time for my blogs and videos. My baby takes me all my time but makes me also very happy. 🙂

Today we will talk about a very important issue, namely: why Russian and Ukrainian women want to find a Western man. It’s a very simple question but I’m sure this is a topic of interest to many men. Many readers of my blogs ask me why Ukrainian and Russian women are looking for men abroad so actively: do Russian and Ukrainian women want money? A better life? Love forever?

I have written a few articles on this topic but it is still not clear to many Western men why so beautiful and family-oriented women as Ukrainians and Russian are forced to start an exciting International online dating adventure. There are many reasons for this. Surely, many women from Ukraine and Russia dream to find a sugar-daddy abroad. Many of them are looking for a better life. But believe me many women are looking for a real match in the Western world.

In my opinion, the main reason is the lack of (normal) men in Ukraine that makes women look for love abroad. From my experience, I would mention that many Western men normally guess that most Ukrainian and Russian women had something to do with marrying their way out of poverty. However, you will be surprised to learn that there is a much deeper and sadder reason for Ukrainian and Russian women to seek foreign men for marriage, namely: there are far more Ukrainian and Russian women than there are men.

As I know, the official score of female to males is 10 to 9 in Ukraine (that means, dear gentlemen, that every tenth woman will never find a husband in Ukraine). In some small towns, there may be most likely 9 females to 6 guys who are actually suitable boyfriend/husband material. And this is a really plain difference, in my view. That makes the Ukrainian men able to be a little picky when choosing their wife.

Moreover, the men over in Ukraine are supposed to be very violent and abusive. They are supposed to drink much, as we all know that no woman wants to spend her life in a relationship in which she is not fully appreciated and abused. As all us women are searching for happy relationship that meets our needs. So, Ukrainian women are taking part of online dating services to connect themselves to men all over the world. Honestly, it was also my reason why I decided to look for a husband abroad.

In my opinion, Ukrainian women believe that men in the western world have the potential to be better husbands and fathers than when compared to men in their region. This is due to the stereotypes that most western world men have. In addition, I know the media portrays western men as more caring and supportive of their women, which is true.

The lack of men is the main reason why so many Ukrainian and Russian women are looking for a man abroad. Of course, I said above, there are a number of other reasons such as improving a financial situation and lifestyle (with other words, looking for a sugar-daddy), finding a daddy for the kids or immigrating to a Western country for a better life.

The main thing for you is to find a serious woman with honest intentions (trust me, it’s really possible). Just use your common sense and avoid becoming a scam victim! Good luck! I wish you to find a special woman from Ukraine or Russia! 🙂



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