Ukrainian & Russian Dating Stories: Reviews And Tips

Are you looking forward to dating Russian and Ukrainian girls?

Then this Russian and Ukrainian dating and love guide is for you.

Nowadays, Russian and Ukrainian women are becoming a popular choice for many men looking for passionate, attractive, and intelligent characters in women. 

Besides, these women have recommendable height, oval makeup, and lots to offer. That’s why the demand for these Slavic women by western men looking for exotic women is rising.

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Usually, dating online, especially with a foreign partner, can be a challenging experience. Although the popularity of international dating has grown nowadays, it faces some challenges such as language barriers and cultural differences.

Fortunately, with the growth of online dating platforms, meeting a Russian or Ukrainian woman has become like a walk in the park. 

This Russian and Ukrainian dating guide will share relevant information to guide and help you meet your ideal Russian and Ukrainian girl online.

What is

Nowadays, men from western countries like dating Russian and Ukrainian women. However, due to the Russian and Ukrainian dating culture, very few men have the patience to push the relationship into something meaningful.

Many tend to lose hope and patience in bridging the cultural discrepancies between them and their foreign girlfriends. However, with a strong desire and effort from both partners, the relationship can successfully develop further. That is where the, the Russian & Ukrainian dating guide, factors in. is an international dating blog that provides the much-needed dating guide, tips, and ideas to men intending to foster a relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian woman.

The blogs generally guide men on how to date a foreign woman and eventually build a happy intercultural relationship.

The ultimate goal of this blog is to navigate you through the complications you will probably face when you engage in international dating and how you can overcome such challenges.

Who is writing here?

Are you curious to know about your favorite blogger and dating coach in Ukrainian dating stories? My name is Krystyna. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and raised on the northern coast of the Black sea in Crimea.

In 2010 I graduated with a graduate degree in Turkish, English, and Italian studies at Goethe University of Frankfurt. My marriage with my German husband gave me some intercultural shocks. That’s when I saw a need to put my ideas and experience on international dating and relationships.

Fortunately, in 2012, I started my journey in helping western men to connect with their ideal Ukrainian women. Having lived in Crimea, the UK, Germany, and Malta gave me an eye into the mind of the west.

My interest in sociolinguist, online intercultural dating and gender studies has propelled me to be the best international dating blogger of Ukrainian descent.

Krystyna’s blogging in a brief summary:

What is dating like in Russia and Ukraine?

Any person visiting Russia or Ukraine can attest that the street is full of stunning beauties walking down the cities. These women are brought up with a culture that upholds respect for family values. During their childhood, they are trained that girls are the right keepers of strong family values.

Suppose you have decided to date a Russian or Ukrainian lady because of the dating culture. Many women take longer to open up about themselves. All that you need is to be patient and persistent in your quest to win their heart.

Before you start dating ladies in Russia and Ukraine, be ready to meet with their family and clan. Most girls introduce their partners to their clan six months down the line.

During the introduction, prepare your stomach for a load of foods and vodka. However, remember to carry some gifts to the girl’s parents during this great day. A bottle of champagne will work for the father, and the mother will appreciate a bouquet.

What do I need to know about dating a Russian / Ukrainian woman?

Although dating a Russian woman is similar to dating any other woman elsewhere.

Russian women are very romantic and require their lovers to give them an exceptional treat on their date.

They admire polite and romantic men who will be ready to open doors in front of other women when dating. As a man, never let your lady carry a heavier purse.

During a date, these women expect a man to pick a bill and cater for the costings 100 percent without requesting financial support. If you propose to share the bill, chances are you will never see that lovely lady again.

When you start dating these women, buying flowers will be part of your everyday life. Russian women appreciate flowers but as a precaution, never give odd numbers of flowers to your lover as it symbolizes funerals or yellow flowers that symbolize breakups. I recommend you always offer one long-stemmed rose flower, and your love will be good to go.

Russian women also truly believe in their partners and will always make you feel like a king. In case you have a challenging moment, these ladies render their shoulders ready to face the trouble you are in with them.

Is it easy to date a Russian and Ukrainian girl?

With the growth of Russian and Ukrainian online dating platforms, dating a Ukrainian and Russian woman has become an easy ordeal for anyone willing.

All that is required for you to know is how you can impress and win their heart. However, it is important to know what is acceptable or unacceptable, and you will be good to go.

How to find the best Ukrainian & Russian online dating site?

With hundreds of online dating sites in Ukraine and Russia, it is a daunting task to select the best. It is advisable to identify a way of narrowing down your options into a few most influential sites.

In case you are a beginner in online dating, be advised to start with the mainstream dating sites rather than going for specialized online platforms.

Mainstream online dating sites have more access to many users, and you can find beautiful and high-quality women, unlike in specialized online dating sites devoted to pairing their small pool of clients.

An ideal Russian and Ukrainian online dating platform should use personal data to match people in an area and help an individual narrow down to a member search. Always check out if the site protects your personal information by deleting your data when you close the account.

It is also important to check out if the site reveals your photo to other members or does online advertising with it.

Also, it is advisable to avoid any online dating site that requires you to fill a long questionnaire before you even get started, don’t waste your time. Be cautious of those sites that don’t allow you to search for an ideal woman of your choice. They will end up wasting your time.

Ukrainian & Russian online dating site reviews: FAQ

Dating a woman from a foreign country is an exciting experience. Although finding foreign love is somehow challenging, it becomes easy with the help of an online dating site. What is crucial is finding a reputable site that will help you to embark on finding that special person safely. Below are the regularly asked queries I receive regarding dating foreign women online.

Yes, dating online is safe, but you have to practice caution. In this modern world of dating, many couples are connecting virtually. However, connecting online is no more or less safe than any other form of dating. Therefore, it is advisable to keep in mind some online dating safety tips.

Ensure you use a trustworthy site and do not give out too much personal information upfront. When planning for a face-to-face date, you should do your research so that you can have an idea of the person you intend to meet. Also, meet in a public place that you are comfortable and ensure you stay sober.

An online dating site provides a platform for meeting new people with similar interests, core values, and preferences existing outside the social network that you would otherwise never meet. Furthermore, the success rate of finding a potentially compatible partner online, either for a casual or long-term relationship, is high. Research shows that more than 40% of men connecting virtually with foreign women have had positive experiences. Therefore, being on an online dating site increases your chances of getting someone quicker, more safely, and conveniently.

Although online dating apps and sites are the mainstream nowadays when it comes to meeting new people, it is vital to be cautious. Not every woman on the site is looking for love. Some are just catfishing either for attention only or to lure you to send personal information or money.

Several red flags need your attention when finding a potential match online. Lack of photos, limited or no bio, and a bio with many don’ts rather than positives can be something to worry about. Keeping an eye on such red flags can save you time and a lot of trouble down the line.

Online dating comes with its fair share of challenges. Once you meet a potential foreign woman online, it can be tough to know if she is real or you are catfished. That’s why it’s important to do some background checks to know who you are engaging.

A full background check can be expensive, but you can use far easier ways to get some facts about the foreign woman. Checking on her profile on social media sites can be helpful. You can as well google her personal information or follow her on LinkedIn. Whatever you gather will help you to know if she is real.

When anyone connects with a potential match online, the next question most people tend to ask is how long they should wait before meeting face-to-face. According to dating experts, it is better to meet sooner than later because it increases the chances of having a successful date and saves you from disappointment.

One month or less is the optimum time frame for having a face-to-face meeting with an online date. However, relationships do vary depending on people and circumstances. Therefore, regardless of how long you take before meeting that person in real, the ultimate goal is meeting someone who meets your preferences.

Russian and Ukrainian Online Dating: Safety First

An ideal Russian and Ukrainian online dating platform should use personal data to match people in an area and help an individual narrow down to a member search.

Always check out if the site protects your personal information by deleting your data when you close the account.

It is also important to check out if the site reveals your photo to other members or does online advertising with it.

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