Anastasia Date Review by Paul


I will keep this review short and to the point, I used to go out with a Ukrainian girl for many years, for various reasons things didn’t work out but we stayed close friends and talk often.

Anastasia Date: Company Definition

AnastasiaDate Review

Anastasia Date is an International online dating platform that was founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple.

The operator provides services for more than 1 million users with more than 80 million online visitors annually and more than 1.5 million conversations exchanged onsite daily.

AnastasiaDate Experience: profile on anastasia

Recently I was curious about anastasia bride sites, so decided to have a look around, while sifting through the profiles of beautiful girls I noticed a photo of my ex, I wasn’t that surprised because I had originally met her through a dating site and we were both free agents now, so i could hardly get upset about it.

Recently she called me to catch up with life, while chatting I quizzed her about her profile on anastasia, at first she seemed a little reluctant to tell me about it, but finally just said its not what you think, it’s a job!

It's a job?

What do you mean it’s a job?, she said she was paid to translate letters for many girls profiles and reply to the guys pretending to be interested in them, the more guys she talked with and got to spend money, the more she earnt, whe. For just replying to letters she was earning anything up to $200, part of the deal also included a photo shoot for her profile, after a while it got the better of her and she doesn’t log on it so often, she wanted to delete it but it’s not so easy!

If the girl wish to delete a profile, they have to write to all the guys they have been payed to talk with and slowly bring the relationships to a conclusion before they will be released and the profile deleted.

She also said that she had lots of complaints from the people that ran it, saying her letters were boring and that she had to tell guys how in love with them she was and encourage them to write more often, and in turn generate them more money by selling more credits and services.

Conclusion: be warned!

So be warned! Most of the girls are not genuine, they are out to make $$$$$ and not to meet the man of their dreams, or as they call it, my second half, my soul mate…. I’m sure a small percentage are genuine, but believe me save your hard earnt money.


About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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36 thoughts on “Anastasia Date Review by Paul”

  1. Hello Paul,

    Thank you for alerting us to this event. Yes, occasionally we find individual agencies or Ladies use our system with improper motives and of course, whenever it occurs we remove the perpetrators from the site, add them to our permanent blacklist and refund any person who was in contact with them.

    It is unfortunate, but we do accept that scammers can occasionally establish themselves on the site before we can remove them.

    Can I ask you to please contact our Customer Team at this link –

    In order to confirm the identity of the Lady involved. We, of course, will keep your identity removed from the process.

    Once again, thank you for alerting us to this, and if you identify yourself to Customer Service, I am sure that they will provide you with 300 credits for you to use on our service as a small token of our appreciation.

    Yours Sincerely

    1. MSG Gary L. Howell US Army Ret

      I was married to Ukraine Woman Yanina Ivanchuk on both of these sites. It was a bad marriaage from the start and lasted 15 days before I filed for devorce. On Anasatasia she is up to 60 years old and on other site to 80 years old.

      I have never seen a person lie so much. I was blinded by her.

      When married she went to work everyday and had no job. She did have friends on the side. It was a scam from the start just for money. I will never make this mistake again.

      The 29 year age difference was to much and I should have know better. I will ask now why you let women like this on your site. She is just there trying to scam.

      I wish you luck and hope you stay away from this woman


    2. With all due respect, you should be ashamed of yourself and your lawyers are guiding you to operate on the very edge and for practical reasons often outside of the law.

      Your pretension manifests itself in communication like the one you are posting here: You supposedly care and even take steps to fix your credit cards milking operation or “remove” those who “abuse” your system and website.

      I do not have time to waste on your fake “dating” service as it is not about dating it is about milking unsuspecting members of public via idle chatting with people on your staff – who are not at times even females – typing away trash while the clocks are ticking.

  2. hi i would like to tell you about my 3 different trips to ukraine ..i like many foreign men sent many letters and spent a lot of time in chat on the site ..which i might add is very expensive ..i started to use anastasia site more than 18 months ago .. in chat the lady i first felt atracted to was very explicit and made sexual comments on how she liked to be f…..ed.. and what she would do when i arrived .. but the truth is when i met her i was told by a translator her mother was ill and she had to leave odessa and go to the countryside ..but she would be back in a few days and everything will be good but when she came back i had another meeting with her and a translator ..

    i told her through the translator i would not meet her anymore with a translator and she agreed to this the next day we met and went shopping .. she was very cold and distant to me ..when we went for a meal she chose the most expensive thing on the menu .. and when i questioned this she got angry and asked me for 300 uah .. but i refused her request ..i di not hear from her again surprise surprise ..

    my next visit was another lady from odessa .. i spent a week in odessa and we had 4 meetings the same pattern arose expensive meals and expensive taxi fares .. so once again no love romance or passion just money to be spent .. my third trip was even more disturbing i travelled to odessa again with the intention of of proposing to my lady which she asked to do to prove my commitment and love .. i bought a engagement ring for around 5oo dollars and presented it to her ..

    the translator told me she could not give me answer she needed time to think about my offer ..but at least on my last day she gave me her email addres ..when i returned back in the uk we exchanged over 60 emails .. which i was happy with .. then she dropped a bomb shell and told me i dont spend enough money in chat on the site and she could not communicate with me anymore ..

    so as you can see i do not believe that there are genuine women on anastasia site just a bunch of scmmers and devious people in the agencies that these women are registered with friend is a translator in odesa and he used to work for anastasia as a translator and in his own honest words told me that all the women on anastasia are just using foreign men to fund their lifes because their salaries are so low .. so please be warned dont use this site just learn some russian lanuage and go to kiev and meet normal girls who dont belong to dating sites ..this is the best way to find a wife in ukraine .. best of luck guys be careful ………..

    a scammed man keith

  3. I had an eight month “relationship” with a girl on Anastasia. She seemed like a great match, an attratctive girl-next-door type, and she was excited about meeting me. When I got to my hotel in Kherson she suddenly stopped communicating, leaving me hanging.

    Of the six girls I had arranged to meet in person in the Ukraine, I don’t think even one of them was sincere. I met two of the six. The rest either cancelled or didn’t show up. Of the two I met, one was much larger than in her picture. After a long, long lunch-with an expensive translator (I’ve heard that they split the translator’s fee.) we parted. I wrote her an email or two but she did not respond. The other girl I met brought her cousin to help translate. They took me on an expensive dinner date, then to a dance bar. I paid for taxi fair and everything. I think these girls really just wanted a great night on the town, which they could never afford on their own.

    I went to the Anastasia site for the girls. They are offered financial incentives such as the chance to win a new car to participate. I think that from the first letter onward they all are just playing a game to make money. They are mere actresses. I call them Love-Prostitutes, because they sell their (fake) affection. So don’t get bilked by the Anastasia scam!

  4. Thanks for the tips, was just going to join this website to see what it was about – Ill just hold off – not one to get scammed – anastasia, go to hell.

  5. I have checked this page from long time and this is the result.

    I am on this site near 3 years now, I never has spent one cent for any chat or email in this time. I only have analysed what is real and what is not real in this dating site. I know many what is wrong here, also some woman, are not real here. I have checked this site also with my friends, the software and more. There are many emails in my name, never send from me. Also when woman try to start a chat with me, the same second the same woman start a chat with my friends, the same words, only the name is changed to my friends name, good software. I know advertisement and marketing very well and this site has a very good software to make only profit with stupid men.

    When my friends register here and write only first time the name and birthday in the profile, no picture nothing, after some hours more than 70 emails was send to my friends inbox. Also many women starting direct the live chat, what a joke. I know real woman from Russia and the Ukraine, this woman will never do like this, this woman much more intelligent and educated then this page and the software. Also it is very clear that this software send the emails and start live chats himself and not a woman, like I see this myself again and again with the emails that was send with my name. How can somebody trust this dating site?

    I know that here also real woman that want to have a real partnership and trust this dating site and that all is real, all what I can say and that is the truth, many is not real here and the honest woman and man will be cheated to make money.


  6. I come back to my last comment 2 days before. We still work to find out more about this PREMIUM SCAM dating site As I told in my last comment this site scam all men to make only money. It is not my interest to talk about woman that use this dating page to scam men, that is normal in every dating site and for sure can’t take the responsible for that ( is only the platform to bring the product (WOMEN) into the market), this first is part of the agents that connected with and deliver the women, this people has to take care that this scammers not get entrée in this site.

    Our intension is to stop this scam himself and start one official investigatıon against this site. We check this page now at least 18 hours per day with 4 computers and profiles and we understand more and more how this scammer software is working. The women play only a very uninteresting part in all this. We also very sure that in chats and emails maybe the women know nothing that she (the profiles) also be only used, to make profit for

    I will travel to the Ukraine again and meet some women and also agencies from again to find out more. All this is not so easy many women not speak some word English and all need ever a translator.
    What we all can’t understand is the following: There are many American guys that cry that she was cheated and nobody do something. We are European guys and no one from use was cheated from this US dating site, we hate only how other people cheated from this dating site and that’s why we invest money and effort to stop this.
    After I will back I will explain more about what we find out.

    Not forget and take in your mind there are many more scammers, especially with Ukrainian and Russian women in the internet.


  7. Well..I’ve been on for a couple of months for the chats..haven’t responded to any ukee’s yet but have chatted with some Chinese from asianbeauties..many are very stunning as are the ukee’s..they are very active in the chats..I’ve been curbed by the translators but I’ve noticed when I do sneak by the translator, after a hefty some from explaining to the lady on the other end, the lady seems standoffish..

    she seems to try to delay me by telling me she doesn’t want to rush into marriage and they need told me, even though she’s already in the states going to college, she doesn’t have a phone and doesn’t have the money for a new one.when i told her to borrow a friend’s phone and i will call her back or she can use a head set on the computer to reach me, she told me to have patience..I’ve attended a seminar that was being held from their competitor and they just said that anastasia had a bad reputation because she married an american and dumped him when she got in the country..shocking..I also noticed that anastasia doesn’t have any tours planned…hmmmm..this stinks like bad fish…they need to be exposed or come forward and authenticate…


  8. Hi everybody,
    I use Anastasiadate for now 3 years and I’m totally agree with all post here. This site is full of fakes profiles, stop dreaming. I know 3 translators here now, and one is now very close to me. Paid just for chats, not to answer letters or to write model’s profiles (yes, profiles are not written by the models). She work with 3 other colleagues in a underheat flat under the responsability of a boss, and of course this is not legal job. Anastasiadate in not aware about it?? Bullshit! !
    Ladies on the pic is Anasasia Kucher, you can find her on her VK profile. She has removed some “sexy pics” she has made with her BF on her profile when I have complain. Her profile was hidden for 2 weeks and she comes back, of course! If you want to play here, you can, as I do sometime, but be aware there is absolutly no feelings on that site, just milking man. They just need your money, nothing else. But if you have nothing else to do, you can search the exception… Good luck! ! I have plenty of exemple, but don’t want to put my friend on trouble if I give too much details. This is fakes site, Anastasiadate know that, this is a simple business with ladies that spend their time answering you, underpaid, just to fill your hart with bullshit.
    Kind regards to all

    1. you mentioned a girl name anastasia kucher.

      I’m talking to a girl with the same name.

      can you tell me what she looks like and if she is just scamming people?

      I would really appreciate your help.

  9. Hello love seekers,

    I have read these comments and i must say that my experiences on Anastasia are not different than some of the experience above. Recently i spend some money on this website. I had earned some extra bonuses and as a single man i wanted to use this extra money to check some dating websites or agencies in Ukraine. Anastasiadate was on of them.

    I want to share my experiences and give some advices to other men seriously looking for a marriage with a lady from a ex-soviet country. If you use Anastasia date think of the following:

    1. Don’t spent time on the livechat when you are visiting the Anastasia website the first time. Directly after logging on you will get many chat requests from the most gorgeous ladies and also many letters which you can read for free, at first that is, at some point no letters are free anymore. The live chat is quite as expensive than a average erotic webcamsite while you will have more value for money there seeing ladies naked. When you just joined Anastasia first look around using the search filter and if you like a lady’s profile send her a first (free) letter and see how she responds. Does she answer your quesions? Does the letter looks real to you? Be alarmed if she directly calls you sweetheart or dear, fully ignores your questions or tells you a hardbreaking story about herself etc…. No honest woman in the world calls an unknown man sweetheart or tells everything about her private life to an unknown man.

    2. Look for geniune profiles with real photo’s in real clothes. Many profile’s contain professional photo’s in nice clothes not of their own, ignore these. I have seen many photo’s there which looked like copied from a playboy magazine. Follow your rational mind not your dick. Of course there are genuine ladies there also the ones with professional photo’s. But when (after checking the profile) they look for a man who is ‘generous’ or ‘not greedy’ or ‘want a man to feel a princess with’ or ‘financial secure’, be warned. Ask your lady to send a casual photo of themselves. Don’t be a fool, even in Ukraine many girls have cellphones nowadays with camera so a real geniune photo is very simple to them to make. If she is really interested in you she might even be willing to make a photo with a paper in front of her with your written name on it or make a photo with family or friends.

    3. Never send presents thru the website even if they promiss to show you a photo of her while receiving your present. When you send roses it might happen that you will get a photo of her at a market place where they borrowed some roses from a local florist just for the photo.

    4. When you still think you have good and genuine contact after exchanging some emails and real photos you might go for a live telephone call called CallMe service to go a step further. The first time do not call longer than 30 minutes or so. Use this first telephone call to exhange private mails. If she still wants to continue communicating on the live chat or email system of anastasia break up the contact because if they are serious they don’t mind using the private email. One of the excuses which they commonly use is not having a translator outside anastasia. This is total bullshit. I have had a longterm correspondence with a russian woman using the google translator. The google translator works fine. The ladies can just send emails in russian and you will do the translation. Another excuse is that they don’t know you yet and they are afraid that you are a freak. Come on !!! You are thousands of miles separated ! What could it hurt to just exchange email adresses or perhaps hotmail, gmail etc…

    5. Never fly all the way to Ukraine to visit 1 lady, this might sound egoistic but fairtailes do not exist in real life. Even a serious woman in Ukraine will understand that you are not spending 1000 USD for just 1 woman. Of course you don’t need to tell them (or brag about it) that you are meeting more ladies but there is no need to lie about it either.

    6. If you dont want to spend weeks or months on live chats or exchanging emails and you want fast results go to a smaller agency runned by a family, for instance UFMA (Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency) or Mordinson. Both are located in the city of Kharkov. And book a trip to Kharkov.

    7. Never interact with a lady who addresses you thru an unknown agency or even no agency at all, not on the internet and certainly not in real.

    8. Last but not least, never spend money on a lady other than the membershipcost of a website or a travel to that lady. Only give presents when you are really together with them.

    Good luck

    1. You have a point but one thing you really cant do is ask any personal information about them. They are bound in some sort of law. I actually booked myself on their tour.

      My idea is: I rather spend my money on the tour than in their services, their tour cost roughly like going to hawaii fully loaded, Tour includes everything anyways and food there is like eating at chilis, no plans on going fancy, I do not spend money on strangers, except when they are strippers, LOL.

      Will be flying this september. My plan dates are just coffee, and I will not pay and won’t need translators. Because just being realistic. If you guys get married, you are not going to have a translator at your house.

      So I think it is better to see if we can communicate at least in the beginning. I have dated a lot of FOB Chinese here in Cali. Never had any problems.

  10. Wow….nice to read this stuff. It’s all true….it is a business and there are organizations taking money as fast as they can. The owners of this, a USA company, know it, deny it, and keep milking the suckers…you can point this out to the website owners….they have an answer for everything, the scam continues.

    Someone should start an anti- anastasia site. Yes, lots of people work and need money, the Ukraine is not a rich place….but, the system is a total lie….there must be better ways to make a living….not just in the Ukraine, but also for our dishonest American friends at Anastasia.

  11. I have an advice for all guys looking for a lady there, don’t spent any more dollar there. It is a complete scam or at least some kind of russian roulette in your wallet.

    There is a usefull website which is basicly the russian version of facebook. You can track down all ladies there because this website has a detailed search engine which allows you to look on name, city and date of birth…..

    I tracked down more than 40 anastasia ladies there, ladies who sent me letters thru the anastasiadate that they liked me very much bla bla bla….and guess what, NONE of these ladies replied to me or wanted to talk to me on that VK network. Some of them were married even. There was a nice girl who did talk to me but she only went to the agency for a free photoshoot but never sent any letter there. When i showed her the letter ‘she’ wrote to me, she had to laugh because her father would kill her if she would marry a foreigner…hahaha

    I have made screenshots of all the fake profiles for legal purposes. I will not go into details ……….

  12. Hi guys

    I joined this anastasia date agency 2 ago but before spending money on it I happened across articles like this about its scam reputation. The email I gave them is one I use for junk anyway.

    Surprise surprise after 2 days I have letters from at least 7 9/10 females from Ukraine all wanting to talk to me. None of whom I had even contacted.

    The next wave were more ordinary looking women – guess they figure if the guys thinks its too good to be true lower the standard and reel the sucker in!

    Total bullshit! And if its true its owned by a US company someone should be complaining to the authorities stateside.

    Don’t go anywhere near this site guys.

  13. Hey and while we are on the subject there is a site called that I have actually joined on a 3 month deal.

    They don’t use the credit system – you just get access for a time period.

    However beware the “virtual kisses”. My gut is telling me that 50% of the profiles of the younger women (below 25) are from scammers. I would add that unlike anastasia I don’t think the website is involved but you never know.

  14. if you need proof its fake, heres how to do it. Get a close friend to sign up along with you “upload one photo,either its real or use a fake you download from a photo site”

    send the free contact to the same women. when you get a reply back from the same woman”and you will” you’ll notice its the same message “or almost” , both message her back one day apart . talk about different stuff , but kind of ask the same question “just ask it different” right now you can reply back for free once, when she replies you’ll see its the same letter your friend got “now to open the last one will cost a credit,but if you got some for free from it” but i won’t spend any money on there ever. They do give out free credits alot,birthdays or something they try to do to get you to start talking with a lady and start buying credits .

    But the site is a fake and i’ve tested it with a friend like i posted above. everyone woman that replied back to us..sent the same thing and avoid most of what we ask and tired to turn it around by saying she like to know more before answering our questions .

    Good luck to anyone that spends money on there 😛

  15. macauley gedeo jr

    I am Macauley Gedeo Jr. a geology student at the university of Liberia.

    I am seeking for a life time partner who will be in good health, and is also willing to spent her life time with me.

  16. I think most of you guys are more worried about your money than anything else. Of course you are going to come across scams on any website just use your common sense if it does not sound right it probably is not right. If you think you can spend a few dollars and send some letters a beautiful and well educated woman is yours you are kidding your selves

    Wake up if your old and fat and have no money why would a woman be interested in you and want to leave her home land and her friends and family if you have nothing to offer her. There are genuine women on the website and there are women who make a living from the website too.

    If you see a woman on line all the time she is probably a professional and makes her living by the website. Look for woman who is are hardly ever online because they have a job to go to and have very little time to be online for chatting and writing letters.

    Or save your money and just go there have a holiday at Odessa and met a women your self and stop whinging about your money.

  17. Thank you for your feedback. At AnastasiaDate we strive to provide the best customer service to our clients 24/7.

    It’s not by chance that AnastasiaDate has become the world’s leading Russian-American Introduction Agency. For over fifteen years AnastasiaDate’s constant commitment to honesty, integrity and hard work on behalf of her members has allowed the industry to raise its standards. The history of AnastasiaDate has been one of providing clients with genuine, valuable service in the face of other less scrupulous Russian dating agencies whose iniquity tarnishes the reputation of all.

    AnastasiaDate is the first and only agency to tackle the issues of internet dating fraud and anti-scam head-on. There are other Russian singles and mail order brides agencies that conduct honest business. However, in the online introductions industry simple honesty isn’t enough to make a real difference to the consumer with regards to dating fraud. Industry professionals must be proactive and fight scam directly, and here’s why:

    No agency is an island, and no mail order bride agency can operate independently. All major agencies depend on networks of dozens, (or in the case of AnastasiaDate over a thousand) smaller dating agencies to register ladies (Russian women and Ukraine women), perform services for members, and fight scam. Whenever a consumer deals with any given Russian or Ukraine brides agency they should keep in mind that their agency depends on numerous other affiliated agencies for scam and internet fraud protection.

    If other Russian ladies’ agencies are less scrupulous (scammers), or if a particular Russian or Ukraine woman is disingenuous, the client suffers regardless of the integrity of their home mail order brides agency. Following this, a particular agency simply “being honest” is not enough to protect consumers. What is required is vigilance supported by forceful action against scam. Such attention is the pillar of AnastasiaDate scam and anti-scam operation.

    AnastasiaDate scam and anti-scam unit has spent over a million dollars implementing an industry-wide business system designed to ferret out less than honest agencies suspected of internet dating scams while helping upright and trustworthy agencies prosper. Creating this comprehensive anti-scam watchdog system to protect and serve our members is a Herculean task as well as a significant financial investment. But AnastasiaDate’s scam and anti-scam operation firmly believes that the long term survival of our industry depends on stepping up to enforce discipline against dating fraud on the industry level. At the heart of the AnastasiaDate’s scam and anti-scam unit’s success is the protection she provides her members by establishing and asserting an ethical standard on the numerous Eastern European affiliate partners she deals with.

    If you have any comments or questions regarding our service, please feel free to contact us anytime at: (800) 356-3130 or through our website where you can also reach a LiveChat operator.

    Thank you
    AnastasiaDate Customer Service

    1. What a joke, i think it is only you who believe it.

      Any reason why all of the girls on your site have taking away which age group of men they want?

      Strange it is not only some, but all!!

  18. It is funny how you people complain. You know they do have a choice if they want to be with you or not. Ladies need a reason to stay with you. Age is not really the main issue in a sense. But probably it is your Hygiene, attitude and your obesity. Ladies from Ukraine are like any other women. They to look at those. I watched this documentary about this guy.

    He was fat, his house was dirty, the girl left him. Dont get me wrong the guy was nice, and he was supportive of the girl. If you are fat, do not expect a beauty queen. If you have hygiene problems do not expect girls will talk to you.


    You talk to a girl over the internet. Only videos and pictures. You spend money and all. Then you fly to Ukraine and meet the girl of your dreams. She sees you and find out that you do not look like the person in the picture, you look fatter and uglier in person, and on top of it you have a bad breath.


    The way she is thinking now is, “Might aswell have fun”. She orders the most expensive meal on the menu. You know why? Because she knows dating websites are expensive! And she is assuming you have a lot of money. the tour alone can cost around 5k. What is $100 to you right? Then she is cold, she doesnt talk to you, and disappears.

    And thats the time you CRY it is a scam.

  19. I am convinced that Anastasiadating is a scam. The girls will not meet with you, and there is one thing I wonder very much about.It appeared from my profile that I was 56 years old, and it surprised me that many girls from 20 to 30 years contacted me. It would meet, they wrote sweet things to me to a man of 56 years.

    I could not understand that as young girls would contact me. I was approached by many young girls.I did not contact some of the girls on Anastasia, but found many of the girls on how many of the girls have a profile.I hear not from the girls when I contacted them on their vk.profil. However, some written back that they only use Anastasiadating because they have a contract with Anastasiadating. Anastasia is also very expensive to use. A mail costs 50 Danish kr to open and a e-mail costs 50 Danish kr to send. So it is 100 Danish kroner every time you are in contact with a girl from Anastasia. Their webcam costing about 1000 danish kr. to use per hour.

    A crazy high price to pay. I recommend you to find the girls who contacts you at Anastasia that you try to find them on their profile.

    Write a letter and get google to translate into Russian.

    Send the letter to the girl on hends profile.

    You do not get any response from the girl because she earns money by writing to you on Anastasia.
    do not use Anastasia use other dating sites which are much cheaper to use.

  20. Hello gents

    Well I have fallen for the Anatasia beauty bug , am in my mid 40 and are a little over weight but not ba looking.

    I have spent big bucks here and yes have been fun in the hype of younger ladies that are very beautiful.
    Again I have been over awed and fallen for ladies and planned trips t cancel after they go berserk when I say I have organised my own interpreter.

    But I will have my first visit to Kharkov in 4 weeks.

    Not with the lady that I was first seeing she didn’t like my interpreter , funny she had never met her . After $20 K on the site I told her I am leaving and she could email me or join Skype to communicate ??

    The last. Heard from Marina was buy more credits and we can chat , this is the last I heard from her.
    The lady I will visit I believe is genuine ?

    Our first chat on Anastasia she asked me to go on Skype and this is where we have communicated since. I see her every day we chat and she is real .

    Now I will visit one lady and have told her this , I will hope that we are suitable she is 31 so we have a 15 year age gap.

    But I am confident because of her honesty at the beginning of our correspondence .

    I will not go on Anastasia date again , I know better now it has been a learning curve for me.
    I will let everyone know how I get on , as like everyone she has a hand on my heart . Ok she has a arm around it .

    So here’s hoping .

  21. Fellow Gentlemen,

    Want real? Then request to exchange email and Skype information within the first one or two conversations with any site you meet a girl. The real girls want to email and Skype because it’s safe, free and easy to use. If they make an excuse, “no internet” or no working camera or mic, they are fake. Real girls want to meet real guys and they know very well email and Skype are safe, reliable ways to meet a man.

    Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way there are some good sites to meet Russian and Ukrainian women, and some VERY bad sites. I can recommend a very good one, and I agree 100% that Anastasia is NOT a reliable, trustworthy, or likely legitimate site to find love. They are a huge, money making system designed and modified constantly to get as much money as possible from you while leading you on that you just found some great girls, young and beautiful, that want you no matter what you look like. Come on! Do you think they are stupid?? They are not. The real girls want a man within 12-15 years or less of their age, and they want a fairly good looking, stable, good hearted man, just like any other woman of the world.

    ANASTASIA: Having myself been divorced two years now, a single part-time father of a 10 year old son, I am a 48 year old man ready to find new love with someone special. I’m burned out on the “gold diggers” of America, so I have been looking overseas for this idea of humble, grateful women that have few local options themselves in their cities to find a good man. Are they out there? YES! Myself, I am pretty young looking, and in great shape, successful, and people say I’m quite handsome. My point is, if anyone has a chance to meet a lovely young woman based on honesty and truth, I would be one of them, not to brag, just being real. Now I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on Anastasia in hopes that I will find an honest, sweet girl that is looking for an honest man to start a life with. On Anastasia, long before I read any of the above comments, I discovered everything to my disappointment is true that has been mentioned here. The young women who will spend time with you chatting will cost you hundreds of dollars with no real intention of actually having a relationship with you. They will appear interested and sound wonderful, but in the end you will be frustrated and lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

    ELENA’S MODELS: This is a very good site to find and meet real Russian and Ukrainian women, as well as decent, honest real women all over Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is not a free site, but it is much less expensive than Anastasia, and the chatting and emails after the first one credit are all free. This site has real, honest women as I have found. The best part is the profiles of the girls are real, and there is no “pie in the sky” 18 year-old-fake that wants to keep you paying and paying and paying without ever really wanting to know you. This site does not operate that way. In fact, on Elena’s Models, as soon as you have started to communicate with a girl, there is no more charge to communicate with her. That is the way it should be. The girls generally will be real and honest right up front. Elena’s Models also verifies the girls on the site are real and no scams are allowed whatsoever. I have met three very lovely women on the site, two in person. They are real, but our personalities did not end up a good match. In two weeks I am meeting a lovely woman in London that I met on Elena’s Models. We have been chatting face to face on Skype for free for about one month, after meeting on Elena’s Models.

    Look, I’m a normal guy in Nevada, and I have no motive or incentive to recommend Elena’s Models, other than sympathy for my fellow men that are getting screwed on Anastasia, and not in a good way. LOL.

    Best of luck to you.

  22. To those of you who mentioned the website….. you totally rock!

    I created a profile there and actually found the girl I just started chatting with. I’ve only spent about $45 so far, but with all the mixed reviews on something so pricey as Anastasia Date, I became rather skeptical.

    Her status actually says “in a relationship”, but I decided to send her a casual email, even using google translate to put it in her own language, and see if she’d be willing to communicate on that site instead. Time will tell if she’s serious or her relationship status is genuine, but damn am I glad I have this option outside Anastasia Date.

  23. I haven been using Anastasia for about four months writing with one women who looks very sincere to me. After she got my birthday gift and my mail address she was trying to keep my online. I refused of course. It’s obviously: she is getting paid by her local agent for chatting and writing letters. My conclusion: A so called ‘confirmed profile’ means nothing.

  24. I have read all of these comments about Anastasia. I must be one of the rare one’s it has worked for. I have been a member there for 5 months now and in that time, I have only chatted to one woman. I went over in April of this year for a week to see her and we had a really good time together. We had exchanged email addresses, so it made it a lot cheaper to talk to each other, as I know it can get expensive chatting and doing letters on the dating site, we still talk to each other every day for a couple of hours on Skype or by email. She is coming to see me in England in August and we are both looking forward to seeing each other in person again. I am a retired man of 62 years of age, I am not a rich man, but enjoy life. My lady is 49 years of age, she knows what I am like and what I can offer, all she wants, is to be loved and have a good family life again, which is the same for me. I think it helps with use both being more mature people, Most of the girls you see on Anastasia are young and to look at most of them, you would think they are models and when I was in Odessa for that week with my lady, it was rare I saw any ladies like that. I know one of the translator girls very well, as she is a friend of my ladies and now mine. she says the ladies are all made up and use a professional to do the profile pictures of them, so this is why they look so good on there profiles. I am happy to say, my lady looks better in the natural than on her profile photo. As for getting paid for chatting etc, they get paid in credits, as my lady has told me this.
    All I can say to you, is this. I has worked for me, but I do know men it hasn’t worked for and they become bitter about the dating site, but if you use your head and your heart, you can find love there as I have. The one thing I will say about this dating site is it is expensive and every thing you do on there costs you. If you know she is the right lady for you, make the phone call through the dating site, get her personal contact numbers as I did and it will save you a fortune and if the lady says what she is and show commitment to you as mine has done, all will be ok, but if they just want to keep chatting on the dating site and not give out any personal details to you, steer clear of them as this will just come to nothing and cost you a lot of money doing so. When I went to Odessa, I booked my own flight and booked my own apartment online as using the dating site is more expensive, so use your head if you are going out to see your lady, you can save money that way. It was lovely to arrive at Odessa airport and see a big smiling face waiting for me, having a wonderful week together and even when I went home, see came to the airport with me at 5am in the morning to see me off.
    Don’t be put off. just use your head and not your wallet. there is some one for every one out there, but just be careful.
    Best wishes.

  25. Visited Kiev 3 weeks ago (beginning of May 2014).
    I speak Russian (i.e. I am very well understood by Ukrainians who are in essence all fluent in Russian) and know my way around there quite well, i.e. no naive or easy to to be fooled American etc.

    AnastasiaDate is a cleverly structured and cleverly operated yet still a FAKE business and $$$ milking scheme with nothing to offer as far as actually communicating with any bona fide dating/marriage interested females in Ukraine or Russia.

    Also notice: There are no, even pretended “success stories” on their webstite …. because there are no real in person dates taking place to start with.

    You are in essence lead to waste your credit card charges on silly online “chat” where you do not communicate with females interested in finding a date, not to mention a marriage candidate.

    Females – and some males – are just typing – in general non-committal, idle blah-blah of shallow, routine nature with the only and sole objective: to keep the clock running and your “credits” you naively purchased AND are in bait-and-switch illegal trick “automatically” billed for in $20 steps.

    In essence, the “noble” AnastadiaDate is credit card on or beyond law-edge milking operation similar to porno-sites.

    Woman are not real and there is NONE of them actually interested in meeting you over there because this is not why AnastasiaDate is in business.

    And if you are so persistent and travel to the town where your make-believe “lady” supposedly resides and ask to meet her (again via $$$ billing, credit card charges clicking website of AD) you will get:

    1) made up excuses why she is not available to meet you
    2) at the best – when you are really horny for this fake operation and you are still spending $$$ via AD “chat” while in a hotel over there, they send you a “sweeper” a “step-in” for that beautifull girl you “know” from your online chats.

    FCC and Australian authorities should have taken this operation out of business long time ago.

  26. r ID: 16429697

    Anastasia Live Support

    Thanks for contacting Anastasia Live Support. How can I help?


    It says i have 50 on a bonus programme, what are they please?

    Anastasia Live Support

    Hello, sir. One moment please

    Anastasia Live Support

    The bonus points can be used towards free CamShare. It costs 200 bonus points and is time-unlimited


    so they are of no value if i dont purchae the other 150

    Anastasia Live Support

    Actually you don’t pucrhase them, you get them while using the site rather


    how do i earn more free ones then

    Anastasia Live Support

    You may find that information at

    Anastasia Live Support

    for instance, for every 10 minutes in Live Chat you get 1 bonus point


    yes..but that contrdicts what you said…i have to purchase more prodicts to earn the 150

    Anastasia Live Support

    I did not say that you get bonus points for free, but you do not purchase them either


    okay…as a tip, the one thing that puts me off is the ladies all seem to send a pre prepared opening letter, none look at the profile and adress the issues that are mentioned…they are beautiful but lazy and puts me off

    did not get your response it says yo entered text

    Anastasia Live Support has left the conversation.

    Anastasia Live Support

    The first letters (we call them presentation letters) may be generic, ladies usually write them once and then send to whoever matches their criteria


    so all this about falling in love and sleeping in my arms, that theyhave read my profile and have a connection is complete and uttter deception

    Anastasia Live Support

    Not always, but sometimes it is not entirely exact description of how they feel


    you were writing something else but it has not come through

    Anastasia Live Support

    I don’t think so, sir.


    okay…well, it is as I thought, a chat site not a dating site, I will post your remarks about the deception on the review sites available on the net

    Anastasia Live Support

    Online dating is not the same as regular dating, that’s for sure. As for the first letters, we made them free exactly because they tend to be generic. Second letters and the ones after that are usually more personal


    but people respond to a first letter and it costs, that is deception

    you are struggling to defend your actions…

    Anastasia Live Support

    Presentation letters just let you know about the ladies and that they may be compatible, but then it is up to you whether you begin your communication or not


    No, the initial letter says they have read my profile and fin dme to be the person they want to be with…so what you are telling me is that they want to be with many people and many people men so much to them and many people have created a spark in their hearts..

    Anastasia Live Support

    What I am saying is they want to attract your attention in most cases, and they mostly do not confess in love from the letter one

    Anastasia Live Support

    Mostly they just tell you about themselves


    that is simply not true, the letter is written to make the reader believe they want to start relatios with them…it is the same with the pop up stuff for instant chat. You know what i am saying is true, admit to that….i am giving you ample opportunity to make your case before putting this on the web. Please make it

    Anastasia Live Support

    You asked how it is and I replied. Do you have any other questions for me?


    yes, will you admit that this site is a chat site and not a dating site

    will you admit that it is to extract money by decieving people looking for romance

    will you admit that the letters are prepreared

    will you admit that the sendr of the letter is not the author

    Anastasia Live Support

    No, because that is not true


    your comments above indicate it is true…which part is not

    Anastasia Live Support

    None of it


    Surely if you are a legitimate site you would have answers

    you have said the first letter is one sent to many…is that rue

    Anastasia Live Support has left the conversation.


    Can you let me know why you left the conversation

  27. The site is definitely a scam. One fact is that they claim that the women are luve on camshare. Some times they are. Sometimes they’re not. I have witnessed the woman that I chatted with wearing the exact same clothes 2-3 days in a row. Plus, the video that is a repeat ftom the same day. I noticed ithe same individuals walk past windows multiple times. Usually within 5-10 minutes. Also, the womentire that I chatted with would never give you any of their personal contact information. Even after talking with them for years. Then there’s the fact that I have proof of them using a fake billing address. And! Chat is not secure! Other women can see what a man has conversed about with another woman. The reason why I know is because the women send chat invites containing parts of a conversation you had previously.

  28. ASKED TO HAVE MY PROFILE DELETED. All they want to do is stop sending me notification emails. Very clearly a scam if refusing to delete accounts. Also added me to other dating sites that are linked. Same problem

  29. Anastasia Date is the BIGGEST Scam site out there. Nothing but pay for chat girls and professional daters. 99 % have a boyfriend in the background and can only date on certain days and times, will not communicate other than on the site. Girl I met, slipped up and said in a good month she earns $400 per month which is odd because she said she was a designer and they have stable monthly salaries. Complained to AD when found out about her boyfriend and money requests, they did nothing at all. Stay away from the site and especially Elena Shustova ID 1737451

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