Anastasia Dating Service Review: Fake or Real Site?

Dear Krystyna,

I have some information about that I believe proves their business is corrupt. I have briefly read some of your article about the company in the past where you have described things like their fee structure for different services:


And how there is conflicting anecdotal evidence on the web about if their company is fraudulent or not:

However, I think I can prove that at least some of their business practices are dishonest. In this email, I will show you how you can see this for yourself. You will need to create a male member profile on the site though – just an email and a user name are required. Don’t bother filling out the character description or anything else beyond the minimum to gain access to the site.

Anastasia Date: Company Definition

AnastasiaDate Review

Anastasia Date is an International online dating platform that was founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple.

The operator provides services for more than 1 million users with more than 80 million online visitors annually and more than 1.5 million conversations exchanged onsite daily.

Anastasia Dating Service Review: Live Chat

There is no doubt in my mind that at least some (maybe most) of the ‘chat invitation’ messages inviting male members to live chat are computer generated. You can tell because the computer, well, stuffs up this fraudulent process.

Anastasia Date Review online

For example, a woman may ask to initiate chat by saying she loves your profile – even when there aren’t any photos or words in your profile. Or an identical ‘chat invitation’ message may be sent, by two different women, one straight after the other. This is a rarer ‘stuff up’, but I have an image of this event saved on my computer – let me know if you want me to send it to you.

Also, as currently has a promotion on in which the first three minutes of chat are free, it is currently possible to receive a ‘chat invitation’ from a woman, open the chat window, but not reply (replying to the message starts the 3 minute trial of the service). Sometimes, if you leave such a chat window open and walk away from your computer for a couple of hours, the same ‘chat invitation’ appears in the message box four or five times verbatim, suggesting that the message is being sent by a robot rather than a woman.

Fake Profiles

Some profiles are fake – and they are really easy to spot, if you know how to search for it.

For example, on, another site which belongs to the same company as anastasiadate, Yana’s (asianbeauties ID: 1221290) “Character” text is almost identical to Tingting’s (asianbeauties ID: 1217160).

Yana writes (quote):

Hi, the words from the bottom of my heart ,to the special one who I will share all my rest life together with *^_^*

I am a very faithful girl who is romantic, who has a loving heart, who has a good sense of humor, with me in your life ..Only happiness and love will around you.. If you do not trust i .. I am a girl who is loving, kind, caring, honest, and playful, enjoys life, and loves having fun.
Then take the chance and check by yourself 🙂

I want to find someone that is willing to open his heart as I am willing to open mine that the two hearts may beat as one.

(End quote)

Tingting writes (quote):

Hi, the words from the bottom of my heart ,to the special one who I will share all my rest life together with *^_^*

My name is Alisa, I am a very faithful girl who is romantic, who has a loving heart, who has a good sense of humor, with me in your life .. Only happiness and love will around you .. If you do not trust it .. Then take the chance and check by yourself 🙂

I want to find someone that is willing to open his heart as I am willing to open mine that the two hearts may beat as one.

So will you be the special one?

(End quote)

So you can see, it appears that the character description of these two ladies has only been changed very slightly, but in essence, are identical.

(You can use your Anastasia date name and password to gain access to Asian beauties. I’m sure you worked that out on your own.)

Many Profile Videos Make no Sense

On these websites, the male users have to pay credits to view videos of the women. It is possible to estimate how many women have a video attached to their profile, using the search function of the website. The results are below:

It would seem strange that the percentage of women with a profile video is only 32% at best.

Unfortunately, (for anastasiadate and the other websites, not so much us) it is possible to view a female member’s video without paying credits for it by manipulating the web address used to load it. In doing this, you learn many of the videos are devoid of any meaningful content about the women, which is sad.

Take Nataliya’s (AnastasiaDate ID: 1760884) video Reading a Book for instance¬. It shows Nataliya, um, reading a book. Fascinating. The only thing that provides more insight into a woman’s personality than a video of a girl doing nothing more than reading, are those videos of them doing nothing but ironing. I’m sure you agree.

In all seriousness, there appears to be a formula to many of the profile videos on the site. First of all, the woman in the video will say something like: “Hello! My name is (name). My profile is only on (website, e.g.”. Then the video will show the girl doing whatever the title of the video states (cooking, walking outside, posing, doing housework, etc.). 

My criticism is that these sorts of videos do not give any deep insight into what the girl is about. Why have such a superficial video on your profile at all? Could the sole reason be just to make money?

If you would like to see some of these videos, I can send you some. Maybe I could even send you the web code that allows you to look at them yourself, if you promise to only use it for the purposes of niceness.

Anastasia Dating Service Review: Letters of Introduction are Spam

Once a male member has created a profile on (or any of the other dating websites mentioned above) that member will begin to receive unsolicited emails from the female members of the site which expand a little bit on the details they have placed in their profiles. 

This is the case even if the male member has left his profile description empty. So basically, when you sign up, they spam your email inbox, possibly crowding out any women who have taken the time to write a meaningful letter.

Women are Given Rewards for Correspondence

The girls who have their profile on receive a discount benefits card which they can use to receive discounts on goods sold in Ukraine. You can read the details of the program here:

So, the question is which girls are members of anastasiadate because they want to find love, and how many only signed up because they wanted the benefits card?

No Hard Statistics Regarding Couple Success Rates

As far as I am aware,, and the sites similar to it, does not publish the number of couples which arise from their service, beyond the anecdotes which appear of their website.

Conclusion: It's a total scam!

Finally, to my knowledge, anastasiadate has not had its business practices audited by any external party to assess if its business practices are in keeping with any benchmark. Troubling, appears to police its own anti-scam policy, so who is to say how effective it is?


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2 thoughts on “Anastasia Dating Service Review: Fake or Real Site?”

  1. Hi Wade. Please send me the web code for videos of I have a lot of doubts about the site services, too. But, i realy like a girl from there and i want to see her video for free ( tired of pay the credit). Can you help me?
    My mail is [email protected] . Thanks.

  2. I literally hundreds of photos of women on the site swindler with their boyfriends and husbands. They are paid to be there. A Date pays the agency undergoing women and the agency pays women.
    Stop using garbage *** services to meet women. If you are spending more than $ 50 a month for a service that is being ripped off!
    Women with the profile of course have an account at all major scam sites, hotrussianbrides, find girlfriend, veronikalove, natashaclub, etc. I would say maybe 3-5% of women in these sites are looking for someone. That’s a poor return for men who have injected billions of dollars on these sites over the years. And they have found anyone.
    Stop using these fraudulent sites. I have a list of honest services. Most are free !!!!

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