Anastasia International Review by Patrick

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  1. patrick says:

    Hi! i had posted a short story of my trip to Nikolaev just a few days ago.I want to tell guys that i have eventually managed to get a response from support staff after a long struggle and what they told me me was absolute BS at the highest order! First of all all i had to really be strong with these people and i told them i would not give up till i got a answer at why Anastasia ( id 1650432 ) did not show up at my hotel as promised. Guess what? after kicking off with the half wits at the support staff,they tell me that they will contact the agency the girl is registered with and the next day the two letters that had not been read since the 26th of January ands the 9th of February had by magic been read and as it happens i get a letter from Anastasia about an hour later.

    The letter was never written by the girl as for starters as i did not receive the standard e-mail from the company that you get when a girl sends a letter to your e-mail address, ( you have received a letter from Anastasia id 1650432)you know what i mean? but i never got this e-mail. The letter went on to say that she had a change of heart and wanted to concentrate on her studies and she could not satisfy any man or be happy with herself without completing her degree,BLAH,BLAH,BLAH! ,considering she is due to finish in may???? I did not feel the letter was from her but the agency as it seemed odd that this girl read my letters after all this time and within 24 hours of me giving their support line a hard time.This girl does not know about this letter and i am sure of this but it goes to show what a total scam site this is and how they operate.

    The letter did go on and say thanks for asking about her sister but i never asked about her in the letters that were supposed to be read, they have read this in my previous letters at christmas and added it to the reply letter..i get a e-mail later in the day saying that Anastasia had sent detailed letter to me…How would they know it was detailed? she may have just said sorry for not showing up , they know because it was sent by them! They never said why this girl could not of contacted me before i travelled to save me my money and time,the reason why is Anastasia just has disappeared as she is part of the scam and they are defending her although they deny this!!!!!!

    Anyone that reads this and still thinking of getting involved with the site may as well find a tramp sleeping rough in the streets and give the money to him/her at least you know it would be appreciated !!!!!


  2. Thank you for your feedback. At AnastasiaDate we strive to provide the best customer service to our clients 24/7.

    If you have any comments or questions regarding our service, please feel free to contact us anytime at: (800) 356-3130 or through our website where you can also reach a LiveChat operator.

    Thank you
    AnastasiaDate Customer Service

  3. nura says:

    hello dear men,
    My name is Nura, i had a profile on and it was deleted.. the reason that i knew more then they wanted me to know..
    What i want to say that not all of the girls on anastasia are fake.. but there is the following:
    1. some of girls do not use they profiles but they just do Photosession for the agency who r paying something for girls to do.. some of them going for meetings and some of them dont, but they never chat, but some one else does it maybe a girl or even a guy.. and those never sitting on camshare..
    2. girls who run their own profiles, going for meetings but always telling the men that they dont speak english and that they need interpretor,, that is because after the man pays for the interpretor, he share money with a girl 50/50. those r the worst as they r very good in scamming and many of them can make a man spend thousands of dollars for gifts, restaurants interpretors and taxis for girl..
    3. very little when u can find that a woman is serious about her search and really want to find a man, those r exist.. but its so hard to find them.. i can give 5% of those kinds of girls..

    i mean think about it.. do u think a girl who is 18-25 years old would like to marry a man who is older then her dad sometimes.. a beautiful smart amazing girl would love to spend her life with a man who is 60 years old? ofcourse no , unless she is freak.. but u dont expect that all girls on anastasiadate r freaks.. right?
    I myself used to run girl’s profiles on anastasiadate.. i have more then 1000 id numbers for those girls who never used anastasia, and others who were scamming men..
    what happened and why i stopped to do that, well.. when u dont see who r u chatting to, u dont see clearly and u dont realize that actually there is a human being that has feelings .. u look at the screen u type , u chat but u see only words, letters u dont see his face, u dont know what he thinking about…
    first time i went out for interpreting, there was a man who had meeting with a girl and i supposed to be their translatro.. so i went,, and at this point i understood what i was doing was wrong..
    the man was very nice , he really liked a girl, he spent alot of money to make her happy and i was looking at him and thinking how rude is all this what was happening at that moment.. so next day i called that man and appologized to him and told him the whole truth.. he was disappointed and didnt know what to do.. and he asked me to meet him.. we spoke and spoke we had a nice time i showed him the city and he thanked me and gave me much more that i earned in two months in that i had this idea.. why dont i work with tourists to help them to avoid the scammers.. and thats how i started to do my own business.. now i have small website and have many clients here in odessa who use my sereves..
    i help them with everything.. to avoid scammers, such as girls from online dating websites, taxi drivers that make them pay much more then they suppose to pay, translating and many other things, or just giving them company and show the city.. as many people who doesnt have friends here might have problems because of language barrier..i call myself with proud : i am a friend of every tourist comming to odessa.. i am always ready to help.. this is my website u can find infomation about me and call me anytime 24/7.. i work alone i have no employees. to make sure that my client will leave odessa much happier then when he came here.
    for more information.. call me on the number that u will find on my website or send me e-mail..
    always ready to help..
    good luck guys!!

  4. Yes.. I was a member of this anastasia date site for quite some time.. they advertise a no-scam guarantee. the site does not help a western man from the unites states find their true love! The girls who probably correspond with many men at once are not legitamite.. I am a very good looking man and even i can see the young girls like to play games with men… They know they will never meet them, so they string the man along in chat hoping they are dumb enough to continue doing so… Don’t waste your time and money on this site… It does not work like so many promises they say!! Robert

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