Experience: Making only profit with stupid men

I have checked this page from long time and this is the result.

Anastasia Date: Company Definition

AnastasiaDate Review

Anastasia Date is an International online dating platform that was founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple.

The operator provides services for more than 1 million users with more than 80 million online visitors annually and more than 1.5 million conversations exchanged onsite daily.

AnastasiaDate Experience: What is real?

I am on this site near 3 years now, I never has spent one cent for any chat or email in this time. I only have analyzed what is real and what is not real in this dating site. I know many what is wrong here, also some woman, are not real here. I have checked this site also with my friends, the software and more.

Only profit

There are many emails in my name, never send from me. Also when woman try to start a chat with me, the same second the same woman start a chat with my friends, the same words, only the name is changed to my friends name, good software. I know advertisement and marketing very well and this site has a very good software to make only profit with stupid men.

credits on anastasiadate


When my friends register here and write only first time the name and birthday in the profile, no picture nothing, after some hours more than 70 emails was send to my friends inbox. Also many women starting direct the live chat, what a joke.

How can somebody trust this dating site?

I know real woman from Russia and the Ukraine, this woman will never do like this, this woman much more intelligent and educated then this page and the software. Also it is very clear that this software send the emails and start live chats himself and not a woman, like I see this myself again and again with the emails that was send with my name. How can somebody trust this dating site?

Conclusion: Cheaters

I know that here also real woman that want to have a real partnership and trust this dating site and that all is real, all what I can say and that is the truth, many is not real here and the honest woman and man will be cheated to make money.


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6 thoughts on “ Experience: Making only profit with stupid men”

  1. I come back to my last comment 2 days before. We still work to find out more about this PREMIUM SCAM dating site As I told in my last comment this site scam all men to make only money. It is not my interest to talk about woman that use this dating page to scam men, that is normal in every dating site and for sure can’t take the responsible for that ( is only the platform to bring the product (WOMEN) into the market), this first is part of the agents that connected with and deliver the women, this people has to take care that this scammers not get entrée in this site.

    Our intension is to stop this scam himself and start one official investigatıon against this site. We check this page now at least 18 hours per day with 4 computers and profiles and we understand more and more how this scammer software is working. The women play only a very uninteresting part in all this. We also very sure that in chats and emails maybe the women know nothing that she (the profiles) also be only used, to make profit for

    I will travel to the Ukraine again and meet some women and also agencies from again to find out more. All this is not so easy many women not speak some word English and all need ever a translator.
    What we all can’t understand is the following: There are many American guys that cry that she was cheated and nobody do something. We are European guys and no one from use was cheated from this US dating site, we hate only how other people cheated from this dating site and that’s why we invest money and effort to stop this.
    After I will back I will explain more about what we find out. Not forget and take in your mind there are many more scammers, especially with Ukrainian and Russian women in the internet.

  2. hello,ive been to ukraine to see these woman , and yes there is so scamming going on, and yes alot of woman are real and well meet, if it to get married all to just make money,
    i mpaid traslator 10 dollars an hour and she also ask money for my date so she can take taxi home, i also meet other ladys that was happy to learn more about me,
    what i find is the chat is the scam, my friends would come online almost the same time everyday, i would ask the lady was she online talking to me, and she would say no, someone else used her name to get you to pay for chat,

    ukraine woman dont really have time to sit around on computer,they have to catch traines and work late, but yes there are many many beautiful woman in the ukraine ,more beautiful than ones on anastasia date, im good looking man and had no problem meeting them, but ukraine woman think every man just want sex tour ,so its sad, that they judge you straight away,

    some ukraine woman try anastsia date to find a man, many love the ukraine and dont really want to leave ukraine, and i dont blame them,i also thought it has a beautiful culture , and im from australia, at the end of the day, you dont need money to be happy, i found it very hard to get serouse with the woman ,because there was so many ,it gets confusing 🙂

    i love ukraine ,not just the woman but every thing,the histroy,buildings there dress 🙂 i will go again in feb and i still try to meet on anastaiadate ladys but look at the webcam to make sure they are real who your speaking with ive found away to give my full name and get them to go to facebook, but many wont, we must be aware that its also very dangerouse for these beautiful woman,

  3. Thank you for your feedback. At AnastasiaDate we strive to provide the best customer service to our clients 24/7.

    It’s not by chance that AnastasiaDate has become the world’s leading Russian-American Introduction Agency. For over fifteen years AnastasiaDate’s constant commitment to honesty, integrity and hard work on behalf of her members has allowed the industry to raise its standards. The history of AnastasiaDate has been one of providing clients with genuine, valuable service in the face of other less scrupulous Russian dating agencies whose iniquity tarnishes the reputation of all.

    AnastasiaDate is the first and only agency to tackle the issues of internet dating fraud and anti-scam head-on. There are other Russian singles and mail order brides agencies that conduct honest business. However, in the online introductions industry simple honesty isn’t enough to make a real difference to the consumer with regards to dating fraud. Industry professionals must be proactive and fight scam directly, and here’s why:

    No agency is an island, and no mail order bride agency can operate independently. All major agencies depend on networks of dozens, (or in the case of AnastasiaDate over a thousand) smaller dating agencies to register ladies (Russian women and Ukraine women), perform services for members, and fight scam. Whenever a consumer deals with any given Russian or Ukraine brides agency they should keep in mind that their agency depends on numerous other affiliated agencies for scam and internet fraud protection.

    If other Russian ladies’ agencies are less scrupulous (scammers), or if a particular Russian or Ukraine woman is disingenuous, the client suffers regardless of the integrity of their home mail order brides agency. Following this, a particular agency simply “being honest” is not enough to protect consumers. What is required is vigilance supported by forceful action against scam. Such attention is the pillar of AnastasiaDate scam and anti-scam operation.

    AnastasiaDate scam and anti-scam unit has spent over a million dollars implementing an industry-wide business system designed to ferret out less than honest agencies suspected of internet dating scams while helping upright and trustworthy agencies prosper. Creating this comprehensive anti-scam watchdog system to protect and serve our members is a Herculean task as well as a significant financial investment. But AnastasiaDate’s scam and anti-scam operation firmly believes that the long term survival of our industry depends on stepping up to enforce discipline against dating fraud on the industry level. At the heart of the AnastasiaDate’s scam and anti-scam unit’s success is the protection she provides her members by establishing and asserting an ethical standard on the numerous Eastern European affiliate partners she deals with.

    If you have any comments or questions regarding our service, please feel free to contact us anytime at: (800) 356-3130 or through our website where you can also reach a LiveChat operator.

    Thank you
    AnastasiaDate Customer Service

  4. Anastasiadate is a great exploitation and fraud, They have made a lot of money from me, some of the girls are just a few photos and a person talking to you so you could spend a lot of money on the site, the girl are well paid by this site, if you go there the same girls take turn being in there are there for 10 to 12 hours Aday, many of them give you the same srory if you text Themon the site, like my phoine in under store to get or my mother at my child sleep in my room, I log on to the site with a second has messages, talk to them or cAM on the site, you could see they are talking to another man and say they are not, this site is a great big scam and they are taking hard earn money man, have to take each $ 1,200 USD $ from me and will not do anything about it, gys allow you to take this site down that are paying girl here, thease girls are not real, how we get owl money behind them and how we take this site down, which have been getting away with it so long now, this is why the man does not trust a plenty of room and and Russain and Ukriane women, do not forget the boys to girls in Thaty site does not have to pay yoiu do, this site is a great fraud and SCASM, let’s do something about getting to take Internet, Robert

  5. I tried to get facts and they interprit your conversation and there fore breach privacy regulation,just disgusting to know how fraudulent it is just to get peoples money .It is amazing that they get away with this SCAM and the government don’t stop them .The girls photo don’t even match up as many of them om various sites.Someone need to put these assholes in jail so they get some loving there.

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