review from a customer’s point of view

In my opinion ANASTASIA DATE is not who they say they are. The company promotes itself as a dating agency for Western men and East European women. In reality they are a cleverly crafted business based on the ‘old wild west’ saloon girl model, the modern Bar girl or B-Girl model and the Japanese Chat Hostess Club model.

Anastasia Date: Company Definition

AnastasiaDate Review

Anastasia Date is an International online dating platform that was founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple.

The operator provides services for more than 1 million users with more than 80 million online visitors annually and more than 1.5 million conversations exchanged onsite daily.

AnastasiaDate Experience: Fake relations

They are in business to extract as much money as possible from unsuspecting men who pay large sums of money for letters, chat, video chat, overpriced gifts, overpriced flowers, phone conversations and romance tours thinking that the girl or girls that they have an online ‘relationship’ with really care about and ‘love’ them.

These girls are being paid to ‘like’ you and are involved in multiple contests and campaigns to win such prizes as a new car, vacations, Ipads, Iphones, computer tablets and even CASH based on the amount of time that they spend in chat. Paul above WAS 100% correct. Until just a few days ago you could access this site ( and it had laid out there all of the contests and winners for the last TWO years.

A Sales Campaing by AnastasiaDate.

ANASTASIA has since rebuilt and recrafted this site so that this information is no longer accessible to anyone that may happen to log on to this site. You must be a woman who is registered there and belong to “CLUB ANASTASIA” Interestingly enough, sometimes ANASTASIA calls these promotions contests, sometimes they call them competitions and sometimes they call them CAMPAIGNS. gives the meaning of CAMPAIGN as follows: noun 2. a systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purpose: A SALES CAMPAIGN.

Fake advertiseing

Sometimes ANASTASIA does bring two people together to the point of marriage. Then they heavily advertise this fact as though they were great facilitators of love and happiness. Last year in 2012 according to FORTUNE magazine this company made $110,000,000.00! As a point of disclosure I do not know if this was NET or GROSS. However I don’t believe that they facilitated $110,000,000.00 worth of genuine love and romance.

Conclusion: Let the buyer beware.

My contention is that this company is based on deception, mendacity and sleight of hand. The majority of men that use this website are being manipulated with false promises of love and happiness, while ANASTASIA, the local agencies and the girls themselves are making a tidy profit from the man’s sincerity and gullibility. For a more lively discussion you might go to Reviewopedia/anastasia and join in on the conversation.

As a point of disclosure, I am not a competitor of ANASTASIA, I am not a former employee, I am not a jilted lover seeking revenge, I am not against dating agencies as a whole and I was a customer of ANASTASIA. I even had some good experiences there interacting with some ‘genuine’ women there.

All that being said,



About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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8 thoughts on “ review from a customer’s point of view”

  1. Sparky or should I call you Krystyna, seems you have 2 names which I am very familiar with on several blogs and forums. If you don’t work for our competition, why do you advertise for them? Seems to be a conflict of interest doesn’t it?

    As for AnastasiaDate, we are the leaders in the international dating industry…no other company comes close.

    No other company…including the ones you advertise for have a better anti-scam policy as we do:

    AnastasiaDate’s Anti-Scam Policy

    No other company in the online dating industry beats AnastasiaDate’s Scam Protection

    It’s not by chance that AnastasiaDate has become the world’s leading international online date website. For nearly twenty years AnastasiaDate’s constant commitment to honesty, integrity and hard work on behalf of our members has allowed the industry to raise its standards. The history of AnastasiaDate has been one of providing clients with genuine, valuable service in the face of other less scrupulous dating sites whose bad reputation tarnishes us all.

    AnastasiaDate is the first and only online dating site to tackle the issues of internet dating fraud and scam head-on. There are other dating sites that conduct honest business. However, in the online dating industry, simple honesty isn’t enough to make a real difference to the consumer with regards to dating fraud. Industry leaders must be proactive and fight scam directly, and here’s why:
    If any member is less scrupulous (scammers), or if a particular member is disingenuous, the client suffers. Additionally, “being honest” is not enough to protect consumers. What is required is vigilance supported by forceful action against scam. Such attention is the pillar of AnastasiaDate anti-scam policy.

    AnastasiaDate has spent over a million dollars implementing an industry-wide business system designed to ferret out less than honest scammers of internet dating scams. Creating this comprehensive anti-scam watchdog system to protect and serve our members has been a Herculean task as well as a significant financial investment. But AnastasiaDate firmly believes that the long term survival of our industry depends on stepping up to enforce discipline against dating fraud at the industry level. At the heart of the AnastasiaDate’s success is the protection we provides our members.
    Internet Dating Scam Protection

    Anastasia is the only Russian dating company in the industry to even attempt a consumer protection campaign of this magnitude to combat internet dating fraud and scam.

    • AnastasiaDate is the only online dating company that maintains a full time anti-scam staff specifically devoted to checking correspondence for fraudulent activity and reacting to reports of suspicious correspondence and internet dating fraud.

    • All single ladies who register on AnastasiaDate are personally contacted by AnastasiaDate’s anti-scam staff to verify their identity and contact information, and to confirm that (1) she exists, (2) she knows and understands that she is a member of our site (3) she is interested in finding an foreign husband and (4) understands the terms of her participation.

    • No other international online dating company comprehensively validates the identity of each and every woman on their site.

    • When issues of possible fraudulent or inappropriate activity arise on our web site, AnastasiaDate’s anti-scam unit launches a quick and thorough investigation, documents all findings concerning possible internet dating fraud, takes appropriate action and reports to our members.

    • In all cases where improper or dishonest behavior is found, AnastasiaDate’s anti-scam unit removes the lady from our system, fines the lady’s agency (if not independently registered) and issues a refund to our client. Additionally, an agency may permanently be removed from AnastasiaDate’s system for repeated offenses.

    An Educated Consumer

    Guidelines you should know:

    1. Never send money to the ladies

    2. Use “Date Me” service to arrange your dates

    3. Travel and meet ladies via our group tours

    4. Exchange contact details with your lady by using our “Call Me” service

    5. Ensure your lady is real by conducting a webcam chat

    What is Scam/ Fraud:

    1. Lady requests money or expensive gifts from a gentleman (we reimburse the client for all communication costs associated with the lady and delete her profile)

    2. Lady misrepresents herself or any details in her profile, such as: incorrect age, incorrect information about children, incorrect marital status, incorrect level of English, incorrect eye color, incorrect height (we reimburse the client for all communication costs associated with the lady and update her profile accordingly)

    3. A lady says she is paid by the agency for communicating with the clients, or her agency uses her profile without her permission (we reimburse the client for all communication cost with the lady and delete her profile)

    4. Fake correspondence, i.e., a lady doesn’t know the client and / or recognize their correspondence (we reimburse the client for all communication costs associated with this lady and delete her profile)

    5. Client is robbed during a group tour (reimbursement to client)

    6. Gifts of flowers that were requested through the system weren’t delivered (we reimburse the client for the cost of the flower delivery order)

    7. She refuses to meet through “Date Me” service after corresponding with the client for more than 5 letters (lady is reminded to send polite rejection/explanation, if she refuses – her profile is deleted and we reimburse the client for all communication costs associated with the lady)

    What is NOT Scam/ Fraud:

    1. Lady corresponds with the customer for long time and then refuses to meet without “Date Me” service

    2. Lady makes acceptable changes to her profile data, such as: occupation, smoking/drinking, hobbies, interests, appearance, level of English and updates her profile accordingly

    3. Lady has photos of her relatives, male friends, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband and other personal info posted on any social network

    4. Lady wears rings on fingers. In the Western hemisphere wedding rings are commonly worn on the left hand – in Slavic countries women often wear rings on many fingers. Wedding rings in Europe are commonly worn on the right hand. Wearing rings however does not mean a woman is married, regardless of which finger.


    It’s impossible for any online dating site to anticipate and prevent all instances of internet dating fraud or web scam. However, AnastasiaDate has made significant progress by screening and monitoring both its dating affiliates and ladies who register on our site. As a result, AnastasiaDate has been successful to a large degree in sorting out undesirables and possible scammers from this industry.



    AnastasiaDate Customer Service Director

    1. Dear Gregory,

      I hope your name is Gregory and you are AnastasiaDate Customer Service Director. I am not really sure if you are a real person or not. You could maybe write your last name so that we could google you and find out if you are really Gregory and work for AnastasiaDate. If you say here that I have 2 names, then where are your proofs? Or are you just tired to give your feedback to the comments and reviews of the readers of my blogs?

      If you don’t work for our competition, why do you advertise for them?

      It is my blog and I can advertise any sites, agencies and services I wish. I could also become an affiliate of AnastasiaDate but unfortunately, your affiliate program has too many negative reviews, as for me.

      Furthermore, e.g. on, the users post their opinion on and the owner of the forum advertises for, your competitor:



      Seems to be a conflict of interest, doesn’t it?… 🙂

      Well, to Sparky’s comments. The review written by this man and published here is a comment by him to the article “Are all Anastasia brides a fake and get paid for registering & chatting?” published on the Ukrainian Dating Blog (URL: Further, he wrote a few comments here, too: in hoping to get a feedback from you. So, dear Gregory, if you think that I have nothing else to do except to write comments under the name of Sparky, you are deeply mistaken. Believe me I have better things to do than that.

      Also, I have to tell you that on my sites, the readers can publish / discuss their both positive and negative comments and reviews. Unfortunately, only rare readers share their positive experience on the services of AnastasiaDate.
      As you can see, the majority of the men who write their comments on my blogs are not really satisfied with the services. Of course, online dating is a business to customers’ service and it is normal that not everyone is happy with the agency or site. On my sites, there are some positive and negative discussions on other dating sites and agencies like CuteOnly, ElenasModels, LoveMe, CharmingDate, etc. But from my experience as a blogger, I would say that AnastasiaDate is the most discussed dating company on the Ukrainian Dating Blog and the Ukrainian Dating Stories

      I would say that this phenomenon may be explained only by these two reasons:

      1) Anastasia has much more customers than other International dating sites, so the balance between positive and negative reports is also huge (of course, as you said in your comment above, “As for AnastasiaDate, we are the leaders in the international dating industry…no other company comes close.”).

      2) The services of Anastasia Date are not satisfactory enough, thus there are so many unhappy customers who share their experiences on the WEB.

      Well, dear Gregory, I need to work and have no more time to write a comment, unfortunately.

      It would be really great if you could write a reply to the comments written by Sparky. He is looking forward to hear from you.

      Good luck!

      Krystyna (alias Krystyna ;))

    2. Hello Gregory again,

      If you are interested, you can give me an interview about your company’s work and services.
      I think my readers will be interested to find the answers and information on some important issues like online dating scam, paid chat, romantic tours, etc.

      So if interested, feel free to contact me:

      or write direct to ukrainiandatingblog (@) googlemail (.) com



  2. You can write me anytime Krystyna and we can discuss by email, phone, skype, whatever you prefer. As to some of your earlier questions, I will try to respond below:

    1. Yes, Gregory is my name. I am a real person and have a last name as well. If you share your last name I can research all about you as well and publish it so we all know who you are associated with in this industry and thus who funds your site. As I am a resident in Ukraine…it is pretty easy to find out information about people here as you know 😉

    2. Our complaint rate is lower than the customer service all industry average worldwide. As such you are incorrect that we have a high amount of complaints. Actually we don’t. And thus why I try to find what few ones we can even respond to online such as blogs and forums where sometimes we find them there. Having said that, and as evidenced on RU Adventures…no real claims have come out of such effort. To date, not one real customer has contact us to get his moneyback…but then we are also aware the competition likes to post false claims.

    3. As for Sparky “the serial poster”, he has been responded to on another site called ReviewOPedia. Yes, we monitor all of them and have the best reputation management software on the planet to listen to everything being said about our company so we can respond to it and set the record straight. I guess you could say it is better than just waiting around for the phone to ring as we aren’t getting the complaints. Thus makes you wonder how legit your data from your members are to start with. I am not hard to get ahold of.

    4. We will be launching a new program of having affiliates run by individuals like yourself. This means you would have first hand access to how things work and how we respond to claims of scam and fraud. Recently we revamped our program which will go public soon. Nobody in the industry offers a money back scam protection policy like we do.

    At AnastasiaDate we don’t follow the trend…we set it. As such we are the leaders of international online dating…the days of marriage agencies are long gone…and with it will go a good majority of the headaches that have plagued the industry. Out platform will eliminate the middleman…and as such we will be no different than Match or POF, however with a bigger global footprint.

    Get in touch if you would like to discuss…I am more than happy to do so.


    AnastasiaDate Customer Service Director

    [email protected]

  3. Gregory,

    Please don’t insult me with the moniker Sparky “the serial poster”. I have just as much right to post on the internet as you do and I have never resorted to calling you names in any of our interactions.

    Your claim #3 above is not entirely true. You have never answered me point by point at REVIEWOPEDIA/ANASTASIA but only given me a lame analogy about winning a trip by checking a COKE bottle cap when I questioned you about the prizes that the women earn by being members of ‘”CLUB ANASTASIA” and appearing as clients on your website. With that being said, you will be glad to know that this is my last post about ANASTASIA DATE/WEB to appear anywhere on the internet.

    Any place that I post on from now on will only be to defend my character and intentions. I am a quick learner and good student of things both overt and covert and have decided that I can no longer afford the personal time it takes to post comments about your company.

    Krystyna, thank you very much for letting me post here and not censoring my comments. Good luck to you and I hope your blog “” is a continued success.



  4. Gregory sounds so real both on emails and Skype…for competitors its wise to know that this site is the best worldwide and every person should take time to know more about it before developing the negative attitude….am personally contented with

  5. Yesterday after five years and many..( many) thousands if dollars I deleted my so called VIP account.
    Yes Gregory is real.

    Now… I am affiliated to no one other than myself.

    Yes Anastasia does use their anti-scam programme and if proven reimburses fees or costs.
    I wrote to, chatted and meet with a lady over four years but on trips to Odessa was very standoffish ( un affectionate) and avoided commitment but yes had fallen for her. Now like most scams….” can’t meet going to care for sick Aunty in Russia ))))
    One day while in chat I did an instant call…trust me this works beautifully…she answered))…. Ready though…her answer ” Hi…oh I just arrived in Odessa”.. Me… ” when did you arrive Odessa” …her “Today”
    Now switch back to the chat screen…type..Elena where are you…”I tell you Russia”
    What you doing?
    ” walk with sick Aunty”” now back in apartment!”
    Oh how’s the weather in Russia?
    ” not nice cold.

    Now switch back to phone call…

    So Elena you are in Odessa yes…”da” who is chatting to me on line now telling me all about your day in Russia?

    “What you talking about??”

    Switch to chat…

    Who are you? I am talking to Elena now on phone in Odessa..

    You guessed it)))…. Straight off line.

    Now whose is lying…Anastasia? Agency, lady, ..conclusion all to a degree as the all are making money.

    I took screen shots and phone times and numbers…and complained…now to their credit Anastasia reimbursed over $4000. This must of hurt but it’s a drop in the hat when I think of the hours away from work, flights, travelling 30 hours each way on flights, dinners etc etc
    I am lucky money is money but I “HATE” scams.

    Now…. Complaints..fate

    .1. Pop ups are computer programmed..not real.
    2. Ladies are paid to be on cam ( by agents not necessary Anastasia)
    3. Agencies Interupters write the letters to you not the woman.
    Until it gets serious the woman you think you are writing too has no idea until you talk about meeting or try to call.
    If you try to call and they cannot get I touch with the woman, then she is busy, ill or out of the city on business, have don’t have jobs interesting??
    4. When you meet many woman have never seen nor read any letter you think you have written or communicated with them.
    5. This does not mean they are not genuine just un-informed…first positive then it’s up to their interest. ( remember as everyone’s not in the agency’s fir a connection)
    Some Interupters are honest and help some are only interested in money.
    6. Many woman get paid by agencies to keep their profiles on. Think about it a beautiful woman is great for Anastasia. If also gives the agents ( distributors) more power with Anastasia. So it’s not their interest to lose any.
    7. Many woman are on multiple sites regardless of Anastasia’s stance…really so are you!


    Chat is a waste of time…complete lies and the biggest scam.

    Letters are very close to chat!!

    Everything as already stated … is to keep you away from personal contact and exchange of personal details.

    What to do… Ok so write but have quick plan to come …come during tour.. And see who meets…phone… in they don’t want to exchange phone or e-mail details..ditch them… as the all have two phones and e-mail…don’t accept excuses.

    There are many genuine woman here…but it’s hard to navigate the corrupt agencies.

    Other scams experienced…

    Chats by agents, or Interupters
    Letters as above.
    Meetings arranged where woman knows nothing of the ten letters previously exchanged.
    Woman using other woman side ties to communicate…you are not talking to who you think you are!!
    Interupters friends with woman split money.

    On and on

    How do I know??? Five years thousand of dollars later…good friends with two x Interupers from Anastasia and two women who have left the site disillusioned with the lies they were asked to adhere to.

    I have meet some nice ladies but in reflection using this site to do it was not worth it. you money.

  6. This is the biggest scam ever seen in this world!
    I just wonder how is this thing still working and makes tons of money!
    I have posted a profile there without a picture , saying I am 63 year old,1.73, 145 kilos
    I still get messages from 20 years old girls saying how much they love me and they want to marry me.
    They must be in love with my wallet off course!
    You guys just save your asses and pretect your hearts and your wallets!
    Do not spend a single cent there!
    It’s all a fake!

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