Anastasiadate Experience: Letters from the Scammer

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  1. To confirm my suspicions about Anastasia Date, I registered 2 different screen names, using 2 different email addresses; I presented different data bio, ages and photos. Women who aggressively pursue me under one name, did the same VERBATIM when I used the other profile username and email address!
    Anyone who has ever been to the site will notice that women will apply for talk time using identical sex supplements come … no matter how far they can live. Men also realize that women practically beg to keep the chat and receive emails and photos of the guys … I have a strong suspicion that women receive a cut of the money men pay to chat and send mail! Does anyone have any additional information on that aspect of the operation? I am anxious to know!
    Stay away from SITE Anastasia and others like him

  2. Cyber Tranny says:

    “Anastasia job a marriage agency Kharkiv
    If you have time to sit in contact, you can combine business with pleasure! 😉
    + Professional photo session;
    + For communication you get paid!
    Work is communicating online (strictly no sex)
    You can work at home and in the office
    Schedule a free, monthly income from $ 300 up to $ 1000
    We are working legally and honestly for over 7 years in Ukraine
    Read more about all of these opportunities, you can find contact our administrator

    Our advantages
    1. Free schedule
    Your schedule depends on you and your desires. It remains plenty of time for study and personal life.

    2. Decent payment
    Can you live alone and do not dependfrom parents. You will spend money on
    what you want. Simple operation and at the same high salary – what could be better?

    3. Virtual communication
    You can build your virtual peace. You have a lot of friends around the world.

    4. Career from scratch
    Good start an adult independent living.
    In order to be successful you do not need special skills and higher education. Express themselves and become the best.

    Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

    Russian Brides offers mutually beneficial cooperation
    girls from Lugansk and Donetsk, as well as other regions.

    We offer a nice extra and / or basic earnings!
    The essence of the work lies in companionship with foreigners.

    Unlike competing agencies that collaborate with several dating sites,
    our partner sites only one – (AnastasiaDate).

    Naturally, the first and the main functions of this website is to find a husband.
    This makes sense on the basis of the name “marriage agency.”

    But, generally, we are looking only women.
    The rest come for:
    – Enhance knowledge of the English language,
    – Make friends from other countries,
    – Participation in beauty contests and promotions
    – Free professional photo shoots
    – And, of course, good to make extra money!

    In order to develop our agency we involve girls over 18 years and offer quite good bonuses.
    During active communication on the site you get 0.12 cents per 1 minute communication with the chamber,and 0.06 cents for 1 minute of communication without a camera.

    What does the camera?
    A man will see you in a small window (approximately 4 to 5 cm)
    as proof that there really is you. The man can not hear you.
    You can communicate simultaneously with several men at the same time,
    for each dialogue you are gaining bonuses separately.

    The schedule is flexible, ie, You decide when and how long to stay or leave the chat.
    For the Lugansk office and / or home is also optional. The office is open 20 hours a day, 6 days a week,
    Do you have are always welcome! Do not forget that income depends on the time you spend chatting for communication. The more time – the more money.
    For Donetsk we offer is that the only option home use site, but it is temporary,
    In the near future we will also be in Donetsk office.

    A professional photo shoot and we do make you free.
    Completely free, with no payment then subtract.
    In the finished video output 10-25 photos. Photos can be picked up only after one month of operation, at the meeting with the first payment of bonuses.

    Our agency is the lead partner sites in Lugansk, Ukraine and the second,
    so we activists – all of our girls have the opportunity to participate in contests and share of the site.
    It should also be noted that all the girls of our agencies receive loyalty card “Anastasia”.

    With the news site can be found here:
    On the map of loyalty and promotions / discounts across Ukraine: “”

  3. Cyber Tranny says:

    My profile on Anastasiadate.
    To prove they use Robots I changed my profile as you see below and I still got over 100 letters per week.
    Name: XXXXX
    Age: XXXXX
    Height: XXXXX
    Eye Color: XXXXX
    Hair Color: XXXXX
    Education: University degree
    Language: English
    Profession: Engineer
    Country: XXXXXXXX
    Marital Status: Never married
    Children: XX
    Smoker: No
    Drinking: Never
    Looking For Age: XXXXXX

    I am an active and fun loving person. I enjoy Tramping, Swimming, walks on the beach, good communication and candle lit dinners. I spent the last 7 years in prison for killing my wife but I believe I am now fully rehabilitated and pose no further threat to the community. I have the AIDS virus from being raped while in Prison. I am excessively obese and restricted to a mobility scooter.
    I enjoy the great outdoors, tramping and daily walks. I swim 4 times a week. I loved competition dancing but I have not danced for 8 years. I spend most of my time in my workshop making things and running my business.
    Looking For Type:
    If you are an out-cast in your village for selling your mothers cow to buy grease to put on your face to attract western men………only I can save you. I am searching for a financially wealthy and honest lady to spend the rest of my life with. No Transexuals. No games. I am not interested in FREE CHAT or CAM SHARE. I am only interesting in contacting honest ladies 50 to 56 years old

  4. Bryan says:

    It is just not Anastasia or Charmdate. There are many sites the local agencies sell their services too. I was burned, so I started digging into the scam.

    I am lucky enough to have a job where I can work from anywhere. So, I have been back to Ukraine many times this past year digging into this scam. I have visited local agencies, taken pictures of men and women sitting around writing letters or chatting with foreign men. One girl I interviewed logged into her admin console and started a chat session with a man, she was speaking too.

    She is a translator for a local agency. She has about 400 clients she communicates everyday with by either writing letters or chatting. But the catch is the person on the other end is not chatting with her (translator) picture, but the picture of a lady that had her pictures professionally taken and posted on the site.

    The girl is a student and makes about 20 to 25 UAH per letter and 6 UAH per minute of chat. The admin console is amazing in how she sees her clients on the left and can have multiple fields open on the right. She can chat with many men at one time. She has notes on each man, but mainly the chats and letters are general. General as in copy and paste, so as to not be specific to a given man.

    I have just returned to the US after my last visit of 180 days. Yes, I was able to extend my visit by taking a little 1 week holiday to Montenegro 🙂

    This has become such a huge industry, the chances of a man finding a real woman is getting further and far between. I was lucky to meeting a lady just by living like a normal person.

    More needs to be spread about this industry and how it is hurting the image of said country.

  5. Jeff says:

    Check out this video from and ex employee of Anastasiadate:

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