Review 2020: Totally busted!

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6 Responses

  1. Reggie Oglesby says:

    You dated this woman for 2 1/2 years and not discover her true character. Are you talking of the same woman or one who uses the same name? It is all confusing at best.

    My name is Reggie, I am a friend of Krystyna here as well as International expert about online dating/scams. I wish you had come to me long before this, would have saved you a lot of heartbreak and wasted time, emotions and money! Men have to stand up and fight this corruption and expose all who do it. I have for 17 years now after I got my first taste to be scammed.

    I welcome any man out there unsure to contact me and let me put your mind at rest if she is a scam or not!

    • Peter Jones says:

      Please this person was like me I was with a women fir three years in kherson her name was Anna she scammed me out if thousands she was really good at what she did these women should be put in jail . It was only when yet again her son was in hospital this time her friend said that Anna was feeling Down that her son is in hospital again . I flew to kherson she it her son we’re never in any hospitals the hospital checked this for me .. she never knew or her friend that I was going to kherson .. Best thing g I ever did it took two days I had to stay in Istanbul for connection flight .. HI I WENT TO SHOW HER I CARE FORE HER AND HER SON … BUT THE SURPRISE WAS ON ME … LOVE IS BLIND .. I CHEAKED EVERYTHING ABOUT THiS WOMEN IN THE YEAR I FIRST MET HER … She was Good at what she did ..

  2. Eric says:

    Hello I have been dating 2 years a girl, and now seems to be problems. Is she on your list I have found her on different sites and she told me the agency has put her profile on several sites and writing other men

    Her name is Elena Gagramanova From Luhansk and we moved in Kiev last 2 years. Or Aloyona

    What do you have on her?

    And how do I post her profiles name and photos all over the web as a scammer

  3. Marc says:

    Holy shit i think iv been had!!! Spent nearly £400 in message credits realy thought the lady krystilina from lviv was genuine, she asked me to be her sweetheart and not betray her but when i cant get anysort of contact she says she cant use facebook, also when i said about going out and things and places there was no responce, she just went straight for the sex message

  4. James N says:

    This is for Mr Reggie oglesby, and whom ever wants to express their option are welcom,
    My name is James live in California, what I am curios about is that. This site cham date. Believe they have over 10,000 lady on the web site , No doubt there will be a large amount of women on the site that are scammer and bitches, However its hard for me to Believe that everyone of them and the management of the site are. Scams artist.
    Anyway my question is if I wanted to find out for definite and no doubt , for one single lady how do one should approach this issue, looking for suggestions. Thanks much guys !

  5. Robert Wilkins says:

    Best thing I have found is not to part with any money until a few things happen. Ask her to come to you on her dime first. Tell her where you live and let her arrange for all her visas flights and any other stuff she needs to leave her homeland. Let the control be with you and not them. You will get all the best excuses you will ever want to here. Brush hem off but don’t pay the dollars. Let it be on your terms, not hers. Anyone that may be genuine should not have a problem if she really loves you. Always find that online love is usually bogus anyway. If you can’t hold them and talk to them or touch how can they say they love you. Highly unlikely. Try a good reputable site near you. You will find that most woman don’t have killer bodies and knock out looks.


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