Charmdate Review by JC: Is Charmdate Fake or Not?

CharmDate is run by a Chinese company, located in China, keep that in mind based off of rules and restrictions you will encounter.

I’ve been on this site for months. I happened to find it while trying to help a friend surf the net for a quality dating site, who had just went through a bad breakup. A woman’s profile caught my eye, named Polina, so I created a profile to test its legitimacy out and talk with her.

Credits at CharmDate

After creating a profile, you realize no feature or form of communication is free. The site uses Credits that you purchase, on average a credit is anywhere from $4 – $8 each, depending on the package you buy (2 credits = $15.99, 16c = $96, 100c = $399).

The site has the following communication options:

  • EMF Mail (works like email)
  • Chat Now (works like FB Instant Messenger)
  • CamShare (works like Face Time – 2 way video chat)
  • Call Service (works like a Phone Call)
  • Gift Service (you can send physical gifts to her, like using a flower shop)
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CharmDate Experience with Communication Online

I mostly used the EMF Mail communication feature, based on best bang for your buck. Here’s the cost for using it: It costs you 1 credit to send a message (think of it as email) to the woman, 1 credit to view what she sent back, and 1 credit to open any additional pic she sends to you to view and 1 credit per pic you send her (1 pic is free to send and receive, beyond that, it’ll cost you 1 credit per additional pic). Most women will usually try sending at least 4 pics to you, of themselves per message.

So in turn, just one communication to her and from her, can cost you anywhere from 2 credits to 8 credits – break that down into dollars you are looking at $8/16 – $32/64. Now imagine communicating daily with this person and begin to see the costs adding up.

Chat Now, has an array of different credit costs depending if you are sending emoticons, premium stickers, photos, video, scenes etc – bare minimum just using text chat between you two is .5 credits per 5 minutes.

CamShare, works similar to the features of Chat and its different array of costs. However, here it’s .6 credits per minute.

Here comes the real kicker that many may not know about

These features and costs, cost nothing to the women who are on this site “looking” for a good man. Only men have to pay at this site!

This was verified by the woman I was in communication with. You can now understand why this site is a huge possible scam and con.

I had even heard that many of these women get a % of what is spent on them in these communications, so they look at it as a job, no anything real between you two. Hence you see the same women’s profiles up on this site for months/years etc (you mean as beautiful as most of these women are in these pics, they can’t find a nice, good man? – ridiculous).

Also, where are the testimonials of the successes of the two of them meeting, communicating and got married..?

It’s a shame that this site labels itself as a legitimate dating site. If that were the case, why aren’t both parties paying to communicate?

Shouldn’t there be emotional and financial investment and risk for both, not just the men?

Red Flags: Excuses for Not to Move From the Site

Many guys are more than likely going to get burned down the road on here, because all a woman has to do is promise this and that, to meet you eventually, while keeping you strung along, as you continue to pay to communicate with them. This would prevent that and more authenticity and legitimacy between both parties.

The woman I was talking to on here was a perfect example of this. For months I tried getting her to create a social media account, on FB, so we could use Messenger, so we could do all this for free. She kept coming up with excuses, “I’ll look into it”, “I haven’t be able to yet, because works has been crazy”, “I’m worried that your government may collect my information.” “I don’t know how to create a profile.”

Really? You don’t know how to fill in a few boxes to create a profile? You had to do the same thing here, pretty much the exact same way. – I call BS lol

I also heard excuses when she wanted to visit the US to meet up. “I’m talking to a friend, to find out more information on how to visit there.” I heard this for over a month too.

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The site tries keeping you here

Another issue is, the site tries keeping you here. It blocks (stars out) any social media or email you may try sending to her. Probably because if you could, you both could leave and do all this for free.

I’ve tried many tactics to try getting my social media info and email to her (cyphers, letter/number substitutions, spelled out the info, even sent a word or two per message for her to eventually combine. Either she isn’t seeing it or she’s not acknowledging it (because she’s probably making money there).

So if you do end up using CharmDate, keeps these things in mind and realize the red flags I’ve mentioned.

About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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