Review – 30 emails from women and no invitations to chat

I reckon Charmingdate is probably a scam. I’ve just spent a couple of weeks on there and about 700 quid. It’s actually been quite enjoyable partly because the pictures on there are very pleasant to look at (whether they are actually pictures of ladies you are ever likely to meet is another matter) and partly because it was quite good fun trying to figure out if it was a scam or not.

CharmDate: Company Definition

Charmdate Review is a premium international online dating site connecting single Russian and Ukrainian brides seeking serious relationships with men from around the world.

At CharmDate, the women database is packed with a variety of verified and active profiles which are always up-to-date.

CharmDate Experience: You can’t exchange any contact

As noted in previous comments here you can’t exchange any contact details with the girls because the computer software will bleep anything out that looks like a phone number or email address. I figured out a way to get my details to the 4 ladies I had been talking to after about a week of conversation with them during which time they had become so friendly with me that I could almost hear marriage bells with all four of them. I was a bit suspicious of this anyway because I‘ve never found that I was hugely attractive to women before so being treated as if I were Brad Pitt by 4 at once came as something of a surprise.

Something of a surprise

A few other things had started to make me suspicious as well so I decided to do some tests. I found out that I could put a classified advertisements in a paper called the Kiev Post online for about £30 so I decided to put one in with my name, phone and email in and then tell the girls to buy the paper and look for the advertisement in the personal section (perhaps not to be recommended as I may well get strange messages from some dodgy Ukrainians for the rest of my life but I suppose it might help to pass the odd long winter evening).

Anyway this was when my problems with the ladies started. The instructions to buy a paper and read the personal ads until you see my name and details are fairly simple, I would have thought most 5 year olds could do it , and the computer was not blocking any of my messages but all 4 ladies started doing the same thing in exactly the same way ,namely pretending not to understand what I was talking about .

Another experiment

Anyway on to yet another experiment. I seemed to have upset these 4 women so being a kind and considerate person I decided to pick someone else for my next test. I had noticed during chatting to various ladies that there was the option with some of them of a video link which I assumed might be live so I thought I would test this out. I asked the woman with whom I engaged in chat whether the video was live and she said yes it was so I asked her to wave her right arm . It appeared that I had upset another woman since not only did she not wave but the chat ended rather quickly so I concluded from this that I was either just getting good at upsetting women or perhaps the video wasn’t live.


I have been comparing the number of women who are online at Charmingdate with the number online at what I believe to be a genuine site, Ukraine*****com. It was interesting to note that at 3.30am here(5.30am Kiev) there were 140 online at Ukraine ****** and 280 At Charming and at 6.30 here (8.30 Kiev) there were 450 at Ukraine***** but still only 329 at Charming.

You would expect there to be a substantial increase at around this time I think but Charming date didn’t increase notably until a bit later. This has led me to conclude that either all at Charmingdate get up very late or perhaps they are not communicating with me from Ukraine at all but somewhere much closer in time to the UK.

I have also noticed that whilst on the genuine dating site I have received around 30 emails from women and no invitations to chat. This is over about a 4 day period and would be logical because a woman would be more likely to want the first contact to be the slightly less intimate email rather than a chat , I would have thought.

Conclusion: Clever money making fraud.

On Charmingdate on the other hand I was virtually swamped with chat requests (some very suggestive in nature ) from the moment I started on the site. I measured it and I was getting roughly 6 requests per minute at peak times , which is the equivalent of thousands per day, which when compared with the 7 or 8 a day of the genuine site , is just not believable.

I think most if not all of the women are professional chatters employed by the company to get you talking and therefore spending money. That’s all it is , not a dating agency , but a clever money making fraud.


Charmdate reviews

About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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7 thoughts on “ Review – 30 emails from women and no invitations to chat”

  1. Exactly!
    Things I saw as suspicious –
    1 – I was able to send my phone number by doing it one digit at a time in a chat but when I asked her about it in a letter she said she did not write it down. She acknowledged at the time she had seen all the numbers. The editting doesn’t edit single digits and she had been begging me to start doing phone calls. (Have you checked out how they can charge you anything they want and that you agree whatever they charge is what you have to pay?)
    2 – I was able to take screenshots of things like terms and policies when I would explain to her things were not as she was saying and she was disputing. I used snipping tool and Paint from Windows, and attach them as a photo as proof. She then wouldn’t understand or agree what that meant
    3 – I was able to also put my email directly on one of these snipped screenshots when I did Paint editting. I put my email right in the middle of text I had whited out. Right in the middle of their own document and then sent it back as an attached jpeg picture. I saw the picture I had attached had been delivered with my alteration, and she denied knowing what I was talking about.
    4 – She said her eyes were green and I then sent her HER OWN profile pictures that showed clearly they were blue and she said the photographer must have done that. How does she not know what “her” own pictures show?
    5- I got past the 10 letters and did a request for information, but the reply said she had not provided any information – EVEN THOUGH her profile said “verified” and EVEN TOUGH charmimgdate says they verify every person who makes an application. DEAD LIE and contradiction.
    6 – then I created a second profile and contacted her with that one and she confirmed she was not presently in a relationship and was ready to go for love kind of thing, while on my original profile she was talking about me sending her perfume and flying to Kiev.
    7 – Finally I went on the affiliated China site and started a chat with a lady that was about 45; not too attractive; and who had a profile that said she spoke English and didn’t need a translator. I assessed she was real. I basically said we were both here for the same thing and that I was dating a lady but needed some advice. I offered to help her with questions about western men if she would help me figure out my lady. I didn’t tell her it was in Ukraine. I let her assume it was in China and I think part of this was that she wanted me to know that she was not like those scamming china girls!
    I was able to send her digits in chat that she said she received and wrote back. One at a time. I was able to do the picture edit thing and she wrote back she saw my email. After only 3 credits she was writing me direct to my personal email that I had posted in their page, and validating everything. I also answered her questions about western men and she seemed more that happy that we worked together. She actually was very pleased to be helping a human being who was concerned about love being fake.

    So for a bit of work you can save yourself potentially plenty of stress and cash.
    It is not too difficult to find out if you are being led on.

    But yes – the pictures are fun to look at and the sleuthing to catch lies and inconsistencies is sometimes worth a few bucks just for entertainment to see how far they will keep denying.

    Krystyna – good videos but I also think you could be a bit tougher. Just tell us which site you would “tell your brother” to use if he asked you one day.

  2. Interesting comments on this site. After a few letter and only about $500 US dollars, it was easy to figure the scam artist. Very short letters (back to back to back), pushing for phone calls and everyone knows the list.

    I narrowed the list of people I was sending letters and chat to 3 women to find a pattern. I was looking for a pattern in the letters to see, if these are generated with the guys name entered in to certain fields. There is a pattern in the letters, but not all of them, but some.

    It appears there must be someone at the agency or a program in place to general a generic letter to the man, when his credits get low. Noticed this pattern quickly. The other item I noticed was that these women do not pay attention to whom is writing them… a lot of the same type letters repeat over and over on the same day. Most of these women may be honest with their profiles and some may not. A lady and I were sending letters back and forth.

    I will not say what I do for a leaving but I was able to find 90% of these woman by just their pictures. Easy way to figure out, if there scammer artist is to confront them on open ground. Very interesting to see how they react.. It is the internet and no one is safe, do not care what country you are located.

    Here is the bottom line… If a lady is making $1000 or 3K US (an example) a month, do you really think she would screw that up for some foreign guy?? The answer is no, money will bring her more happiness and less headaches, but if you have money to blow… go for it and play the game. Maybe you might get lucky and find that 1% honest girl.

    Just think with your head and not your little head.

  3. When I recieved a spam mail from charmdate that my girlfriend of two and a half years was interested in me. I joined to see what the hell was going on. I signed in wrote my profile, based on her (C844666)
    I wrote and told i came because of her and the invite. That she knew I would follow her wherever she asked me too. She wrote as though she just met me. Talked to her in chat, told me she promoted pussy for the agency. Her job that I knew of for three years as a manicurist, was only a hobby. Makes far more money at charm date.
    It was only two weeks after I left her in simferopol, but when I told her about our time together. How I loved her. She said how can you love me when we’ve never met, but she thought I was sweet. The lady did not know what I was talking about when i mentioned her week spent in the hospital while I was there. She said she was never in hospital.
    She didnt recognize the nickname I had for her, or any questions that only Julia could know.
    I called my lady immediately to ask her if she was talking online to me. She said yes but is bad translator. I asked her where she was. She said work. I said again ARE YOU TALKING TO ME, to which she replied NO.
    When I asked who I’m talking to , she said a translator, please dont say anything, i dont want any trouble. She was being paid $300 a month to use her profile.
    Suddenly I aquire a ransomeare virus that wiped out my computer stole my passwords and identity. Asked 1000 bitnotes to get it back.
    Found out my lady was a prodater running apartment, driver and translator scams with her fiancee that she lives with.
    When addressing this to charmdate. My reply from a chinese lady is that “the language barrier between you both, pose challenges. Sometimes it causes difficulties in understanding each others words. Best to be more patient in future if you have misunderstandings. ”
    Hard to misunderstand watching your gf shove her tongue down someone elses throat, while typing I love you on a message to you.

  4. Hello,first I was on this site the incoming mail. Was a slow build up.I’m 54.the only woman that contacted me age range 18 to 28.without question one of the ladies she is under contract for a year.strict wordingvthat all ladies personal data is owned by website.she honestly made every attempt to encodebher email past the site.I was very surpitised at the levelbof code security.we tried and she was perfectly willing to try and get around strict security work a rounds on was tried googls just first name and I’d number for her on site.she wrote every day knowing I am in the hospital.never missed a day for two straight months now and bits 21 bucks to buy credits to talk. 3 credits 4 minutes each credit. Is there any way to grlt past this security for email.I have cancer and I have no idea why she would write for 2 months.perhaps once ibwss compelled

  5. All I can say is that I have had a number of amazing chats with women on CharmDate and agree that CharmDate is gouging men. If you converse for 1- EMF mails you CAN get their contact information. I have actually gone to the Ukraine (from the U.S.) and met with two of the people I corresponded with.

  6. Jean d'Armagnac

    This is for S Potts.
    Did you really meet any of the women on the site? In spite of all the comments put on this blog, the only defining moment is :if we can really meet the women we talked to or selected through the process demanded by CharmDate. The company is in for the money, but trying to circumvent their rules is also unethical. I am in business myself and does not like poachers. On a long trip through Eastern Europe, it might be nice to meet some of them, even if only for a dinner. Jean d’Armagnac

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