Review: Scammers For a Fact

Hello Krystyna,

I am a member of and have firsthand seen very questionable things on that site.  But first let me tell you that I have met Russian women and even visited one for 5 years and I respect them and from my experience of know some of them I feel they are really woman that want to be happy.

CharmDate: Company Definition

Charmdate Review is a premium international online dating site connecting single Russian and Ukrainian brides seeking serious relationships with men from around the world.

At CharmDate, the women database is packed with a variety of verified and active profiles which are always up-to-date.

CharmDate Experience: Something that is wrong!

I have met some on that I can tell you are scammers for a fact! I don’t go into anything believing they are scamming me until I feel or see something that is wrong! And this one lady and of it is a woman who knows?

But she made me think she wasn’t real when she tried to tell me that she was getting her degree in law very soon but has never seen or heard of people using email!!!! With that in mind I kindly asked if she would send me a fresh picture and what you know!!! She can’t because she has no camera ok asked about phone well no cell phone and she said they don’t take pictures!

And she sent me some pictures but they was the same ones on her profile and I told her and she sent some more and they was the same as her profile too!!! One thing is taught about dating sites if you have question if this person is real or not ask for a picture with a newspaper and date and I asked her and she got upset so I never talked to her again but she keeps trying to talk to me and I also found many of the pictures there to be same ones posted for Russian scammer so please check for yourself before you start giving them a good review.

They are not a sound company

They are owned by a company in China and in the business world they are ranked at a 55% risk of losing your money! They are not a sound company and they are using women and it make me mad and should you too I would think because are you not from Ukraine or Russia? Why would you give a good review for a site that uses your woman?

Russia women and Ukraine women are strong when they need to be but this site has them thinking it is the best for them and if you cared about your own people then you need to go under cover and see the real story and I pray you or someone does before they get hurt or more!!!

Conclusion: Site is scam

Because if site is scam it will put all those woman in same place as the world will see them and it would be scammers and I really don’t think the most of them are! I think the site is and you or somebody that can do something needs to effort it’s too late if it’s not already.


Charmdate reviews

About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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58 thoughts on “ Review: Scammers For a Fact”

  1. Hi,

    i have to confirm what Jim has said in his post.

    The is absolute a scam internet platform.
    I was since 10 month a member there and first just for amusement and this cost me round about 3000USD..hahahah…yes i am a little crazy i agrree. But know i have to say, all that women there are fakes and you will never read from a man or men on the internet, who would tell you about a successful happy end. I believe strongly that even Krystyna is a fake… guys dont lose your money. Better is to go to a coffee shop in Moscow or in Odessa and try to meet a girl there.

    1. Hi Gringo,

      thank you for your comment. If you believe that I am a fake, look for another “real” dating blogger. Good luck!


      1. Dear Krystyna,
        I have been using for several months and have spent several thousand dollars. I have met a nice woman, want to sponsor her, but will not post confidential information on the website. I cannot move forward and she is told if she gives out personal info they will disconnect her. Please help.

    2. Hello, we have read all your reviews on this site. We’d like to thank all of you with all our heart for the support and thank you for all the feedback. We will keep improve the site and better your dating experience. As to some negative reviews, we think that it is our need to make an explanation here.

      At CharmingDate, we make every effort to ensure the safe and successful dating experience of clients and CharmingDate has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most trusted online dating platforms. The success of CharmingDate is not only due to the unrivaled dedication to customer service and the unique way in which we constantly adapt to an ever-changing world, but also comes from our firm commitment to take precautionary and remedial measures against potential harmful activities. Any kinds of scam or fraud are not tolerant and those individuals and agencies who misuse our system will be ferreted out immediately.

      CharmingDate ONLY cooperates with trustworthy and reputable local matchmaking agencies, who we also call the “CharmingDate Service Provider” or “Authorized Service Provider”. These agencies have been strictly chosen by following a number of rules on CharmingDate and finally authorized to become our service provider.And it’s very important to remind you that all the agencies are legally and economically independent from CharmingDate.

      CharmingDate comes out in front in the battle against online dating scams and fraudulent dating practices. Authenticity and sincerity of lady members tops the list of gentleman members’ concerns. The authenticity of ladies’ profiles are primarily in the control of the agencies. Ladies’ profiles go through a verification and validation process carried out by the agencies. The lady profiles were submitted AS-IS by the local agencies CharmingDate cooperates with. To post a profile, the ladies need to fill in an Application Forms, go through SMS verification process, submit their photos and their identity documents through the local agencies. Also, these data and documents need to be scanned and sent back to CharmingDate for backup. CharmingDate related department will verify these documents, if they find difference or problem, the profiles will be rejected and returned to the local agencies. Before we post them on our site, screening and verification process is also taken by our verification team. Only profiles which comply with our strict requirements are uploaded. Apart from the regulations for service providers and random checks on the ladies, CharmingDate adopts a series of standards and guidelines to prevent fraudulent and/or malicious cases potentially perpetuated by lady members. All profiles on CharmingDate have been verified by our local matchmaking agency and our experienced verification team that works hard to provide confirmed and updated information on each lady. We strongly encourage our members to immediately contact our Customer service team if they suspect anything in their correspondence or communication. Our customer service staff will investigate your ticket carefully and assure you safe and serious dating experience.

      If you have any comments or questions regarding our websites or using our services, please feel free to contact our Customer Service through the “Contact Us” link on the bottom of our homepage.

      CharmingDate Customer Service

    3. At CharmingDate, we make every effort to ensure the safe and successful dating experience of clients and CharmingDate has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most trusted online dating platforms. The success of CharmingDate is not only due to the unrivaled dedication to customer service and the unique way in which we constantly adapt to an ever-changing world, but also comes from our firm commitment to take precautionary and remedial measures against potential harmful activities. Any kinds of scam or fraud are not tolerant and those individuals and agencies who misuse our system will be ferreted out immediately.

      If you have any comments or questions regarding our websites or using our services, please feel free to contact our Customer Service through the “Contact Us” link on the bottom of our homepage at

      CharmingDate Customer Service

      1. Hello Ellen, I have been member of charmdate for over a year and, I do have my doubts that this site is a true link between men and women, why?: first of all when I’ve submitted my credit card for a single payment my bank called me asking me for three (3) transactions totaling almost $300 at he same time from outlets in Hong Kong and Macau, I’d remember that I just wanted to pay $50 don’t remember how many points, thank God my bank called me to authorize the transaction which I’ve declined it, so your payment receivables system is not trust worthy at all. Second time I’ve made a payment via Pay Pal of $20 to try the system, I did engage on a chat with a lady in which at 5 minutes the credit of the said amount was gone, and it was only a chat, the most expensive chat that I’ve ever experience ! so your system is a very expensive taxi rate, it shows that your aim is not to connect persons other than making money like a shark….shameful..

  2. As I know, is not the master of women profile but a provider who give a dating platform for men. The dating agency is the owner of the women profile!!!!So, just stop to attack any more!!!!

    1. Uhm, sir. There is a problem with that logic. Charmingdate like all of the “front-ends” for 1stinternational, protect the scammer from the person being scammed. Men have no way of verifying anyone on that site.

      I have proof that there are women there who are married or in relationships. But they continue to “work” for your company getting men to pay thousands in letter translation and forwarding fees. It is a shameful practice you run.

      And it is by far, the biggest scam site of all the romance dating sites on the internet. No one has more women with fake profiles, married/engaged, women with boyfriends than that site. The Stupid American.

      1. David,
        What proof do you have that there are women there that are married or in relationships? How did you get this proof?
        I’m curious because I’ve been corresponding with a woman for nearly 3 years and she keeps dodging me when it comes to meeting her for real. I even bought a plane ticket and she had to leave town for work, and she doesn’t want me to come to Morocco where she is working, and won’t give me any idea when she will return to Kiev, so I’m left hanging. Iv often wondered if she is married or in a relationship. Would you be kind enough to help me by seeing if my lady has a man? Could you get this proof for me? Thank you sir
        David M.

  3. Local agencies contract with model girls, they make up their pictures, and they do profile.
    You will never talk to her, you just chat commissioned by an agency pro chatter.

    He is usually a psychologist or psychiatrist will receive training in how to fool the men.
    Most people do not go to Ukraine.

    If a man travels to the Ukraine, the agency asks the model girl to go meet her.
    They teach him a lesson in some specific knowledge of the man.

    The models spend a few hours the man talk, asking for money, gifts, dinner or lunch,taxi.
    Then you will never see him again.

    She gives your phone number, which is not his!

    The money you paid in shares, together with the model daughter, and local agencies and dating sites.
    You pay a lot of hours of chat, email, and they make the money.

    You will never talk to the girl!Yyou’re talking to the agency.
    Most of the dating site so it works in Ukraine.

    Everyone is enriched, you lose your money.
    The model girls having fun in the evening a disco BAR, and you chat with the agency!

    1. Thanks Someone! The link you provided has given me a better idea of how some of these agencies / models operate.

      I used Google Translate to get an idea of how the agencies operate.

      Q: What guarantees the payment of money?
      A: Girl gets exactly 50% of the amount that a man spends on communication with her. Guarantee the payment of money – the conclusion of an Agreement, which clearly spelled out how many and for what is believed the girl. In a month will pay any amount: earn $ 20 a month – pay 20, 1000 $ – pay 1,000. It all depends on the willingness to work. Payment – after the first month of operation, without delay.

      Q: What is the timetable? Is there a minimum yield for a girl?
      A: Schedule a free, no minimum generation.

      Q: Can you describe the pricing details for the girls.
      A: The site
      For each incoming message from a man (except the first one) – $ 0.75.
      One minute chat with one person – $ 0.06.
      One minute video chat (optional) – $ 0.12.
      Also the girl receives gifts from men (roses, perfume, alcohol) in full.

      The site
      For every incoming and outgoing (whether reading his man) – $ 0.75.
      A 5-minute chat with one man – $ 0.5 (minimum order chat by men – 5 min.)
      5 min. chat-enabled web Cameo – $ 1 (minimum order chat by men-5 min.)
      The first presentation video download – $ 10.
      Each subsequent viewing a man – $ 1.5.

      Chat can lead to an unlimited number of men at the same time, the money earned from each client.

      Q: Tell us what you need to correspond with men?
      A: Correspond possible about everything (the weather, politics, fashion …). The main thing – to interest a man communication. Erotic, intimate topics prohibited by the site for violating the ban a girl (or a man who initiates such topics) is removed from the system.

      Q: What if a man wants to come and meet me?
      A: Such cases are taking place, because many men on the site really want to find a soul mate. Choosing the girl: she can politely refuse a man, explaining to him that he’s just a friend, etc., etc., and may agree to the appointment of the owner dearly 🙂 Of course, we guarantee an interpreter agencies to date, and payment 7 $ / h.

      Q: What do you want from all of this?
      A: If the girl is paid 50% of the correspondence that, oddly enough, the remaining 50% we are taking myself))

      Q: Why do you need an activation video? A scanned copy of the passport?
      A: I personally activation video girls to anything. However, the Western men require communication with real girls, and the site is goes out to meet them and forces us to shoot the video clip for the activation authentication profiles. A copy of the passport is needed in order to get the bank to you money and send them to you. At any official work in humans taking a scanned copy of the passport, and no one wonders why)))

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  5. Yes,some girls make money this site,but if she dont want chat,you chat instead of the agency!
    99% girls not chat,chat the agency!

    This site BIG BIG SCAM!

    You need ask webcam!

    If the girl not want webcam swich on,then she fake,and you chat with the agency!

    I found the girl in Ukraine, and he told me,she not to talk to me ever!

    I paid chat 7 months unnecessarily!!Usd 4000

    1. Hi Mike!

      A camera is not certain that you will talk with a honest girl!
      If she talk to you through a camera she certainly have already received instruction of how she must behave!

      I believe must exist honest girls there, but they are few, that is not worth your effort and investment of your money in this website whose unique purpose is to take your money, no matter how much you will get hurt this story!

      Maybe for all of us would be better to buy a ticket to fly to Ukraine and to go to the some place where we can meet some of these honest women to start an acquaintance.

    2. Ukraine is a poor place to live, women have little wealth and just want western mans money. Guys grow a fucken brain.

  6. I can’t believe that Krystyna hasn’t made more of an effort to shut this place down. She’s known for over a year about how bad they are yet she keeps advertising and reviewing them. They are the worst scam possible but as a blogger she does very little to inform or discourage people from going to this site.

    She let’s guys review them but does nothing else. I have to say her efforts seem to be apathetic at best and lazy at worst, I really liked her at one time but just like these girls she has become a big disappointment.

    I even saw where she has friended another huge scam site on one of her social network pages. I don’t know what’s going on but stay away from Ukraine and these people..

  7. Registered logo
    Scan your bills for fraud Summary

    I received an email from Delia at She had some additional questions for me regarding our resolution process along with our Business Resolve service. I addressed all of her concerns in detail and await her response. I will update everyone as the situation progresses.

    Information about was first submitted to Scambook on Feb 21, 2012. Since then the page has accumulated 37 consumer complaints. On average users reported $10081.32 of damages. Scambook’s investigation team reached out to this company a total of 10 times, Scambook Investigators last contacted them on Aug 08, 2013.
    Company Information
    Unit 1317-1318, 13/F, Delta House,
    3 On Yiu Street,
    Shatin Hong Kong
    Phone:Phone Number Not Yet on File
    [email protected]
    Additional Employees: No known Employees
    Outdated Info? Add company information suggestion

  8. OK I’ve looked at this site for awhile now and I totally see hte pooibility/probability that there’s just tooo many fakes. If that’s just a personal choice to lie about it or a company policy I have no idea. But something just ain’t right. MY question is how to spot them..? For instance. There’s one female I’ve talked to for awhile now. And it’s not like she’s asking for money or anything like that.

    But there’s the pictures. They’re too….. perfect. Plus if I were to guess by the pictures I’d say she’s 5′ 8″ or 5′ 10 maybe? But she says 5′ 1″. I doubt it. These pictures are like studio quality. And of course she never mentioned any modeling or anything like it. I thought maybe it was just me looking for a flaw or something.

    And the the last picture I saw. Posed in front of a window or a large picture frame. A pane of glass. And in the reflection in the glass? A photographer. And then ANOTHER profile. Basically the same thing. Too good to be true. But the kicker? They both have the same name and live in the same area.

  9. Slim, the women a real. I met one and yes, she was a perfect as her pictures. She was just a pro dater. A friendly pro dater, but a professional none the less. Four years ago, man. It was awesome. I lived through the prodate but fell in love afterwards.

    One of the worst experiences of my entire life.

  10. Hello Guys!

    I want to say thank you for all reply sent here!

    I am unfortunately a victim of this website! I have spent something near of US$ 5,000!

    I didn’t want to believe that almost all of girls are scammers or fake profiles until one of them named Anastasia told me about many of girls.

    These were the own her words: “… As I know, there’re a lot of girls on this online-dating, who just playing games ,whose words are empty as well as their souls, they think only about money , or what could be worse – working on agency to make a business .I can’t say something wrong about it, because everyone has his own opinion ,but one thing I know exactly – I’m not such girl. …”

    I also had received another one from Okasana which had written this: “…I don’t want to invent anything to interest you ‘cause you should know most letters which you received are contained 99% of lie. They’ve written with one purpose to catch you in woman nets. They are pushing to your weakness side, to your humanity and kind. …”

    Maybe there are few ladies with good intention there, but all of us will spend a fortune before finding some lady really honest!

    I tried for many time find that one, and I fell in love for a young lady. She had proved to me that was real through a camera. Her name is OLYA, PROFILE ID: C983055, 20 years old, from Svitlodarsk, Ukraine. I saw her for a couple of times and I found out that she was one of those who receive money from agencies and / or of own website. When I said I would request her personal information after 10 letters which we exchange, and I would like to meet her in her country, she stayed out from the camera field of vision for few minutes and I can perceived that she received instructions from someone or through an another computer. She was absolutely lost when she tried to convince me that the best thing to do, it was to continue to communicate through the website because she has not knowledge of English language enough to communicate with me.

    Unfortunately my dream was destroyed when I found out that she was a young scammer.

    I want to report to all of you who have intention to continue investing in this website, all of you certainly will loose a lot of money on this scam sponsored by!

    It’s a pit that perhaps there is no law to dismantle this criminal scheme and punish these women.

    It’s absolutely a case for Interpol!

  11. good day
    these girls fakie

  12. Hello everyone!

    I use the site but I know that for every 100 women 1 is real and I am already completing a site named which already have more than 40 users who gave me information about various perfils and soon put the site up, to sign up it and we will take down the site once

  13. Hey all

    I was dating a lady for the past 2 1/2 years. Thought she was the world. Till January when I received a letter from Charmdate telling me she was interested in me. I signed up and WOW. Not here at all , I get the introduction letter saying she has never felt love, yet she’s been totally in love with me since 2012, working on getting her back here, or so I thought.
    I just left Simferopol, where I spent a quiet two weeks in my apartment alone every night, despite all the passion she wrote to me about. It was an amazing 2 hours together, almost everyday. Good thing she took holidays, and driving lessons when she knew I was arriving. She spent a week in the hospital. But anyway, the woman I talked to had no idea what I was saying to her, about anything. Said she promotes pussy for the sites, not a prostitute cause she never meets anyone. When I asked about her manicure job , which she did as far as I knew for the past years, she said she makes way more money promoting women for the agency. That was just a hobby.
    When I asked Julia ID # C844666 on the phone if she was just talking with me, she replied, yes but bad translator, I said again “was I just talking to you on the site”. After a brief silence, she replied no it was a translator. I said ” so Ive been talking to strangers” no reply. Just wrote the next day, I hope we have no more misunderstandings. Not to mention getting more letters from different sites over and over and over. One the next day inviting me to Simferopol the city that she lives. I just left there like two weeks before, and visited her like 5 times.
    Found out she is dating/ engaged to one of the drivers that drove me around for the past two years.
    Only out somewhere between $50-$70,000.00
    Apartment , translator, driver and romance scammer. Pro dater extraordinaire.
    Told me she never dated or wrote to anyone but me. Admitted to translators writing sexual letters to me. But sticks to the story she never dated anyone but me. LOL. She was dating her man practically the whole time we were seeing each other.
    She’s on practically every site on the web.

  14. Here is the big problem, I have with the site. Who is real and who is fake.
    I do believe some are really, yes. Do I feel most are fake and just making money, yes. So, the big question is how to determine the real from the fake.

    I found communicated with a few women to try and figure this out. I did not chat, I let the letters come in to me first.. after just over a month on the site, there were over 500 letters in my box. This is enough to make your head spin around. I took the first 300 and went through pictures first. There were many duplicate letters from the same ladys. These were all the same, word for word no differences at all. I would take these as fake or a scam individuals. I did find a few from the same person and the letters were completely different.

    After weeding though the letters, I then went through and picked out 4 lady’s to watch the times they are online. I looked over the profiles to see what these people do for work.. something a little strange was seen. These women were online till very early in the morning Ukraine time and I mean late.. 4am to 5am in the morning. Looks like someone had lied on the profile haha.. go figure.

    A quick background on me. I am and internet security/forensic specialist. Easier way of saying, you can run but cannot hide. I will find you.

    Continuing on – I took 2 lady’s of different ages, one close to my age (49) and another one who is listed as 24. I sent letters to each of them and waited for a replies. After a few letters with each lady and various question for each, I found some truths, but also some lies as well. Both did send personal pictures of themselves outside of the charm photo’s and I do know what they look like in real life ahead of time, because I did look them up. The younger one was caught in a few lies and I did call her on these. Her profile said she works are a programmer.. bad place to go with me haha. I know she is in school and what school. She came clean about this one quickly. Another lie was over their Easter weekend. She told me she spent it with her family, because it was a special holiday there for them.. I asked her how she liked London. She told me that she was there 2 months before. I sent her a time and date stamped photo from London of her Easter weekend and of how far back she had been in London. But she keeps coming back with excuse after excuse. Them, she sent a letter addressed to me, but in the middle she had a line with another guys name listed haha. I called her on that one as well. But, again she came back and told me that other guys do write the girls letters but she meant this letter for me.. hmm thinking a good game player here making good money. She had explained to me that most guys treat the girls like whores, by sending dirty pictures to them and so on. Well, kind of sounds like they are whoring without spreading the legs.. does it not?

    The young one wanted to chat with me on camera to show me she is real and “True and honest”. The went out the door with all the lies. The older lady wants to video chat and we will see about that. One other thing I did was in chat, we sent voice messages over. The older lady’s was very clear, the younger one had peoples voices in the background. I asked about this and the next time there was no other sound but her voice.

    The other thing, I found was the information provided as to where these lady’s live.. They were living in a place other than what was listed, but this was no real big deal. This is for the lady’s protection and I get this.

    Another way to find the fakes, look at the number of letters you get daily. The younger lady would send about 5 letters a day. Now, figure this out money wise. If the lady is receiving 75 cents per every letter sent and 75 for all returns and she is doing this will 20 guys. Not a bad day making money. Chat, video chat, Lady call is another way they make money as well.

    So, it the site a compete fake/scam.. maybe. Are the owners waving cash in front of the lady’s faces? I would have to say yes to this as well. The owners of the company are exploiting/whoring these women for money in place where the economy is weak. I will not judge these woman for wanting to make money… there are enough suckers out here with more money than brains it appears. I tried to fall for it, but with my background the internet is not a good place to play. I read the reviews before going to the site, but I to look for myself.

    Be smart and if you are horny, so get a hooker. Will will spend less money and at least get something in return..

    Just my thoughts.

    Personally, I would say the 55% rating is high, but this is just me. I found too many things that were not consistent, when conversing with just 2 lady’s on the site.
    The lady near my age will send a letter every other day with a new picture of herself, outside from the charm photo’s.

    1. Magyor, to answer your question.. Yes. The Agencies provide computers to the lady’s for them to communicate with you and monitor the lady’s. If caught the lady’s loose big time all the way around. Now, even if the lady has a personal computer, they must sign into the Charm (Hong Kong) , the program installs a malware program to track the lady’s communications. Illegal but you are dealing with the Chinese, so nothing is going to happen to them, just you and the lady. Phone calls are routed through the Hong Kong office and monitored as well, so no chance of passing information to the lady or her to you.
      I love a good challenge, so I joined an Anti Scam site to help them prove Charm and others site like it are scamming men and the lady’s. Hit me up and I can show you a secret to prove about the communications. This can help you understand that these lady’s will not communicate with you outside of the site. Or you might get lucky.
      I am planning a trip to Ukraine in August to check this wonderful city out and meet the locals.
      If Krystyna was interested in really helping men find a woman in her Country, she would provide the right sites. You will read the BS stories about men finding love off this site and I have yet to meet one man, who has.. Provide email addresses, so men can find out the secret.. oh there is no secret, just taking your money from you.
      Check out this site I emailed the lady direct and she setup direct communications with the lady’s. She let and lady’s and I exchange contact information, and OMG it only cost 250 US dollars and 700 US dollars after meeting with the lady’s. If the lady’s do not show, guess what.. you do not have to pay the 700. You pay only, if you find someone.
      Phone calls are clear and Skype works great, yes you get to skype with the lady’s to meet them direct. What an amazing concept.


      1. Hi Bryan. Yep, you are dead right. Fortunately, it became obvious quickly (I was super cautious) because my questions were not being answered, and I suddenly got the same initiation letter from a different lady, and even my CMF list had faces changed for the same letters. For that to happen, the company is part of the scam as well as the ladies. I live in Australia and am thinking of going to Kiev to try to fing a palce to safely meet Ukranian ladies. Do you know of such a place, or will we again be ripped off? Victor

        1. Victor, just use or

          They are safe. You won’t find the models that are at charmingdate. These are real women with real jobs.

      2. Bryan if I supply names dob location and there I’d number could track them by that and tell me the information on it and what you found out about these woman I am that good on a computer I am from the old school look forward to your reply

  15. Bryan … just read your posts and it was like I was reading about myself !!!
    I found one of the ladys I was talking to on another website, , she was under a different name and the photos where different from the ones on charmdate but it was the same person. Within 24 hours of me finding this out, I was blocked from her profile on VK. She told me it was because charmdate do not allow access to her personal info. and said it was not her but the site that blocked me. She said that they control all her internet access which concurs with what you say …. or it could just be lies. She is still adamant that she wants to meet me… she is supposed to be arranging accommodation for me also. I am supposed to be flying out there in 2 weeks time but as things stand, I have no idea where I am stopping …. watch this space for further updates !!

    1. James, what city are you heading too? This is interesting, but it is the lady blocking you, not the agency. Be very careful and do not give her any money… none. Do not pay in US dollars, only local currency.
      Another site to check out is much much cheaper and you do not need to pay the agency for email addresses or phone numbers. These are in the persons profile.. and you can use skype to communicate with the women as well.
      Would like to hear back on how this goes for you. Wish you luck mate.
      There are options out there

      1. Bryan… update for you….. I am going to Simferopol in Crimea. I have all the correct docs/visa etc. plus rubles of course as this is a cash only society unless you have a Russian bank account. No credit cards excepted. She has never asked for any money. She has arranged accommodation for me and I have contacted the owner and he confirmed everything. Checked out Trip Advisor etc. also. She has arranged to meet me at the airport on arrival and says she has got me a SIM card for my phone that will work in Crimea. Again, she has not asked for any money for this…..

        1. We always get these stories about scam sites. Men who claimed to have found the 1 real woman out of 1000 scammers. They never come back and post about any wedding or engagement. Strangely, they seem to disappear forever.


  16. It is so easy to see that charmdate is a scam. The message from women are coming from a system that has a set set of automated messages.
    It is the same messages coming over and over again and it is not real women behind.
    So don’t spend your hard-earned money on this fake site
    Even the mail supposedly coming from women are true. It is easy to see that your profile has never been read because the questions from women often are things written in your profile.

    I have written I don’t have kids and I get questions about my non existing kids.

    Don’t give your credit card to this site


  17. If more confirmation of this scam site is needed, check out Angelina -profile number C347834. This is actually Ukrainian Supermodel Angelina Petrova – search Google and see for yourself. They also previously had a profile listed for Ekaterina (profile now removed!) which was actually supermodel Ekaterina Fetisova! If they look too good gents, then they probably are. And they will bombard you with EMF replies (even when you have no credit) in the hope you add more credit to read there pointless replies with no real substance – complete waste of time and money.

  18. All the above sites are scams, plus others. They all openly advertise on VK with the following (translated):

    Job for girls! 1. Ability to work at your convenience your time. 2. Access to the statistics. 3. Absolute anonymity. 4. Marital status does not matter. 5. Rapid and timely payment earnings. 6. Adequately possible and real! All questions in PM)))

  19. This is a copy of Nelly’s letter to me:

    Do you remember your words to me?

    Hello, my favorite happiness named Elbert!
    Your favorite baby wrote to you!! The one that loves selflessly only you!!! Loyal, honest, beautiful))) Who knows how to cook, take care, create comfort and celebration. The one who knows how to do surprises and those crazy things that you love so much !!!! Day by day, step by step we get closer to each other. Very soon we will fall asleep and wake up together. And when you’re being lazy in the morning to get up for work, I just got wet from the shower will pull you off from our bed. And you will laugh and say that I’m the craziest woman and that I filled with light your life !!! I’ll send on your phone my naughty photos when you will be at work and you will look forward to returning to me. We will make a wonderful, smart, beautiful children, and we will be proud of them !!! I miss you !! By every cell, every thought … and Im so badly want to make you happy !!! I know that you able to feel what I write to you now!!! In your dream you will see all that I wrote here and when you will wake up you will dream with all your heart to be with me now. We will always love each other) It will be always different love, but it will not leave us!!!

    Then this is what Nelly writes me after 6 months of talking to meet her parents, and my return trip to her this Christmas for engagement to marry.

    Then your shocking letter?

    You are a native Ukrainian woman and will live your life in Odessa, as you are happier now than for 16 years of darkness in Nikolaev. You told me that you are not interested in living abroad and also not interested in romantic relationship with foreign man or native man. You are happy now!

    Then I find,,,,,,,,

    Brand new photos taken in the summer time of you for Charming Date site. Same time you were asking me to support you financially as you were in treatments. I sent you money, again, and you were already on a dating site.

    I have no idea what prompted you to outright lie to me, and stab me directly in the back. But I will say, that is the worst thing, besides your direct insults to me that you can do to me,.

    So, you can see this lady, after I travelled to Ukraine, met her at the Odessa airport and stayed 2 weeks in Mykolaiv to be with her. SHe has taken me for bouqets of roses, gold pendants, food baskets while she was in the hospital, shopping for clothes in Kherson, perfumes, body lotions, and many many restaurants. In addition, she asked me for financial support while she was ill in the hospital and also due to Physiotherapy Clinic, which was a 5 week away from work for Nelly. She had no salary and needed my support. I supported her emotionally all through her injury and in addition, I sent money as I had done many times before, and also gave her money while I was in Mykolaiv as she asked for money then as well.

    I did all I could do to romance her, treat her as a special woman, the one and only, as I was offered sex by other ladies such as the interpreter we used. But I did not take offer of sex with another woman, as my heart was with Nelly, and I would not betray her!

    It is clear to me as we were talking about meeting her parents from February, when I was in Mykolaiv and til August 2015. This is a long time to plan my future with this lady as we already were in relationship for 1.5 years. We originally met on Anastasia Date. But since I was discussing romantic relationship and engagement trip, she then shut me down, ended our relationship saying she is not interested in living abroad or marrying foreign man. Nelly said she is native Ukraine woman, and since moving to Odessa from Mykolaiv, she could not be happier with family and friends. But after this information from Nelly, I find she has brand new profile photos taken in summer 2015, which is the same time she was communicating with me, while in the hospital and Treatment Clinic. And asked me for financial support. I just found her profile on CharmDate, in late November, as I have profile there since she ended our relationship and I am sincere and ready to marry Ukraine woman. So this was a complete lie she told me, and she stabbed me in the back. She is playing games, receiving gifts and money, and she just says lies to end the relationship then finds another victom to prey on.
    The scammer: Anelia (Nelly) Sakalyuk
    date of birth: March 16, 1978
    birth city: Odessa, Ukraine
    old employer March 2015: Roshen candy distributor in Mykolaiv, Ukraine
    present employer November 2015: Odessa Commercial Sea Port Medical Department/outpatient care/nurse
    height: 5’5″
    weight: 130 lb
    hair: black
    eye: hazel/green
    phone: +380 666 77 03 83
    email: [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Then shockingly, I find Nelly has registered a foreign dating profile ON:
    CharmDate ID C188006
    education; college
    English: little
    job; finance/accounting
    religion; Orthodox
    drinks; never
    height; 5’5″
    weight; 130lb
    grey eyes
    black hair ID 29956
    English; intermediate
    job; accountant
    height; 5’7″
    weight; 119lb
    grey eyes
    brown hair ID 158745
    education; University
    English; fair
    job; Doctor
    religion; Christian (Orthodox)
    height; 5’7″
    weight; 119lb
    grey eyes
    black hair ID 110815
    education; college
    English; intermediate
    job; Doctor
    religion; Orthodox
    height; 5’7″
    weight; 119lb
    grey eyes
    black hair

    I know for a fact Nelly is NOT 5’7″ tall, Nelly is 5’5″ tall, and she is definatly NOT 119lb, Nelly is 125-130 lbs

  20. I am back again! I have to admit I was wrong. The scam does not just use real women. They do have plenty of fake accounts like Masha Emets. My goodness, this entire industry is fake! Charmingdate, Anastasiadate, Uadreams, Natashaclub, HotRussianbrides, Behappy2day, Jump4love. . .the list is endless

    Gentlemen, please join with us. We have to end this romance scam industry this year!

  21. Hi Krystyna, I started communicating with a girl from CharmDate site and just wanted your comments as to if she is real or just a scam.
    Her name is Milana, profile:C202104 from Kiev, she is 29

    I have only exchanged a few letters and probably spent close to 150 dollars but now she requested we have a “Love Call” in a couple a days. I’m very doubtful if I should follow her lead.
    Your comments are much appreciated,

    1. Alfredo, you have just seen endless post about how Charmingdate is a scam. Either you are playing around or extremely naive. Just delete your account and move on. The entire site is a scam. NEVER USE A PAY BY LETTER SERVICE AGAIN. USE A FREE SERVICE OR ONE THAT COSTS ONE MONTHLY FEE.

      If men do not stop being stupid, they will lose their lives over in Ukraine. When you are at charmingdate, you are dealing with the most ruthless, cold hearted people on this planet.

  22. what happens when u get a ladies private email address then u email her and she emails u back on a regular basis? Now after a month and a half she gets her visa and now that the Chinese new year is about done she will again email me after she gets back from visiting her parents after this holiday to arrange her trip to the US for a month to visit me? no, she never asked for money one time in the 2.5 months we been communicating ok? Do any of u guys think she isn’t a fake but is legit for real?

    1. Robert, when you meet a woman at a scam site, 99% of the time she is a scammer. You have to trust yourself. But if you are the type of person who engages in fantasy, you could be in real trouble. I have talked to thousands of men who have the exact same story as you.

      Don’t lose your life, just because you think you are worthless. Scammer women are not better than you. You have to find a way to accept that truth.

  23. I been trying to remove my account on charmdate and the said i can ‘t remove unless i proof them that I cancel the chargeback cases and i sent that to them back in january, december and pay the $592 and I do not have the funds for that I want my account remove from that site now!!!

  24. I was badly taken on charming date by a young lady that I had spent a lot of time with and money her name was Kate C275596 I spen a year with this lady because I could never get her to go to Skype and any place like this I guess I was stupid but I loved her and she kept telling me that she was in love with me I tried to go to Ukraine for the past 5 months and she kept putting me off I found out that she was engaged to a man in Ukraine.

  25. Maryana Gamayunova (C617321) is the Ukrainian girl I’d been communicating with on Yesterday, I found that Maryana is married to Sergey Habeev since December 31, 2016. I do have a photo of their marriage certificate. The investigator’s went to her address and they were FAKE. The lady who answered the door never seen or heard of Maryana Gamayunova.

    Here are the link to her VK’s page and her husband’s:

    Maryana is making money to support her husband Sergey! I am sure of this. Once the money is gone, Sergey will probably roll out too. Karma is a bitch!

  26. A follow up after a few years of traveling to Ukraine to uncover this fraud.

    Took me some time, but I am a US Marines, plus a Scorpio, which is an extremely bad combination to piss off. I traveled to Kyiv, 9 times in the past 2 years, evening living there for 6 months. I was able to local a large amount of agencies in Kyiv. I took photos, research the people guys and girls working for the local agencies. I even friended 2 people who either worked for the agencies and one who’s sister was friends with the manager of one the agencies. I even dated a translator, who works for one the local agencies. The funny part is she has a profile up on Charm, and a few other PPL sites.

    For a country, where the average monthly income is around 250 to 300 USD, this is just a job. These people can make in 1 weekend what others make in month.

    Лицо, когда за выходные заработал больше, чем кто-то за месяц #работатакаяработа #переводчиканглийского #datingagency

    Translates to

    A person who earned more for the weekend than someone for a month # work such a job # a translator of the English #datingagency

    This is from a girl who is listed on Charm, but who is also a “translator” for one of the local agencies. Oh, and she has a long time boyfriend. Have the pictures.

    Stay away from this BS site, and the other PPL sites.

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