CharmingDate Review: It is a fake, Spent near of US$ 5,000

Hello Guys!

I am unfortunately a victim of this website! I have spent something near of US$ 5,000!

CharmDate: Company Definition

Charmdate Review is a premium international online dating site connecting single Russian and Ukrainian brides seeking serious relationships with men from around the world.

At CharmDate, the women database is packed with a variety of verified and active profiles which are always up-to-date.

CharmDate Experience: Just games

I didn’t want to believe that almost all of girls are scammers or fake profiles until one of them named Anastasia told me about many of girls.

These were the own her words: “… As I know, there’re a lot of girls on this online-dating, who just playing games ,whose words are empty as well as their souls, they think only about money , or what could be worse – working on agency to make a business .I can’t say something wrong about it, because everyone has his own opinion ,but one thing I know exactly – I’m not such girl. …”

I have proves of scamming!

I also had received another one from Oksana which had written this: “…I don’t want to invent anything to interest you ‘cause you should know most letters which you received are contained 99% of lie. They’ve written with one purpose to catch you in woman nets. They are pushing to your weakness side, to your humanity and kind. …”

Charmdate reviews

Maybe there are few ladies with good intention there, but all of us will spend a fortune before finding some lady really honest!

When I said I would request her personal information after 10 letters which we exchange, and I would like to meet her in her country, she stayed out from the camera field of vision for few minutes and I can perceived that she received instructions from someone or through an another computer.

She was absolutely lost when she tried to convince me that the best thing to do, it was to continue to communicate through the website because she has not knowledge of English language enough to communicate with me.

Unfortunately my dream was destroyed when I found out that she was a young scammer.

Conclusion: Scam sponsored by!

I want to report to all of you who have intention to continue investing in this website, all of you certainly will loose a lot of money on this scam sponsored by!

It’s a pit that perhaps there is no law to dismantle this criminal scheme and punish these women.

It’s absolutely a case for Interpol! Another proof


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3 thoughts on “CharmingDate Review: It is a fake, Spent near of US$ 5,000”

  1. Soon and very little will bring to light all the hidden truth on social networking sites and especially in sites and where Anastasia is 100% SCAM and charmingdate only 2% of the actual profile with concrete and real evidence of real management sagencias and own site system. where I together with more than 40 people for the actual evidence, or this site will be brought down by us or should change and enter the anti scamer rules.

    I am Hox –

    I’m the terror of relationship sites, the Avenger of stolen and deceived society, we are one and all at the same time, the time has come where the lie will have more space or truce, where the truth will reign over darkness, where agencies should close the doors of terror that will promote because the full truth!

  2. Beware of the profile Valeriya C663955. It only depends on money. He has accounts on various dating sites. Now playing in Cyprus for your money. You will find it also on Facebook, VK.

  3. To all MEN here, it is time to wake up and use your brain,not the stick in your pants to eradicate the Internet of such online scams and agencies. If you truly want to make a difference, spread the word, get the word out to as many online men as possible to start shutting these nuisance sites down. AFA, make MILLIONS off us guys and our hopes just for finding love. It’s appalling they still exist but yet millions of men continue to believe the bogus hype they spread. I have been doing this for over 17 years (married 6 to a Belarusian) and now I use my vast knowledge and experience to tell as many men who will listen, 99% of the dating sites out there are pure scams. I can name only a few I would ever recommend myself out of thousands online. Online dating has become all about MONEY.

    I hope to change that in the coming months! Remember as a future site to seek 100% REAL MARRIAGE MINDED WOMEN! No scams if I can help it (I reported over 1100 myself over the years). I have found someone who is willing to help introduce real women to men like us! working on the site now, just a slow process! But always, when an Agency or woman does you wrong, stand up, fight back and hold them accountable and still spread the word! is a good reporting site!

    don’t believe me just ask Krystyna!

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