Dream Marriage Experience: Is Dream Marriage Legit Or Scam?

As the saying goes BUYER BEWARE. Dream Marriage a scam dating agency.

I always had my suspicions regarding DM for some time, so before spending thousands of dollars on contact details I had to do my due diligence. So popped on to the internet It’s amazing what you can find out at a click of a button.

Dream Marriage: Company Definition

DreamMarriage Company Description

International dating site. Singles from around the world start their connections daily on Dream Marriage. Dream Marriage offers many communication features and ways to interact with members of the site. 

Creating an account with Dream Marriage is free. With an account you can start browsing profiles instantly. The basic memberships start at $9.99, or you can buy credits a la carte at your own discretion.

Dream Marriage Experience: 2000 messages a week

Right from the beginning I was getting over 2000 messages a week yes that right 2000 MESSAGE A WEEK !!! I didn’t even have my picture up then in the first 2 weeks but was still getting 2000 messages a week, I should of walked away then and there, 

Every single one of them from absolutely gorgeous Russian women not a single average woman amongst them, all bar none saying (in the very first messages) the exact same thing they all say, just different variations of the same message “they read my profile, ages is not a problem and I’m the most handsome guy on the website” (flattery will get you everywhere) not that I was looking for some one too young I’m 43 and I think the youngest woman I was in contact with was 29.

DreamMarriage Company logo

So I spent hundreds of dollars on emails back and forth only to find some of the replies I got back were nothing to do with the message I previously sent just a generic load of sentimental rubbish which was obviously copied and pasted for a external website sources. ALARM BELLS ARE RINGING.

Dream Marriage Review: Getting bulk emails

Including this for some reason I was getting notification from DM as in emails where I noticed that on several messages from women this %name% which is the coding for (insert user name) if you are sending bulk emails. How do I know this?

I use this exact same coding for my customer when sending them out bulk emails on a offer I have. So I sent DM Customer Services a message asking them what it meant and was told by there representative (Jenna) it was the translator fault. 

So I replied with both pictures showing them the message I got, as a email notification and the message I got when on there website, one showing %name% and the other one on there website showing my name.

The reply I got in the next email was “ohh it must be a tech problem then” which confirm to me that they are using a bulk emailer and there is some sort of coding fault. ALARM BELLS ARE RINGING.

Allarm bells are still ringing

When I did get a reply from a member they would alway include embedded in their message a link to watch their video, the only way to view the message text was to pay $20 to look at this 3 minute video of that lady prancing around a bit . I could go to the cinema and watch a BlockBuster Movie for that twice !!!! ALARM BELLS ARE RINGING

As well as when you are on their website on the right hand side are live notification where there female members try to get you to go on either “Live Web Chat’ or to go on “Camera Video Chat”, which will eat away at your money Supa Fast but I’m glad to say I NEVER did either!! as i might be an idiot but I’m not a fool. ALARM BELLS ARE RINGING.

Some notes about scaming

So there I was contemplating on which one of these lovely Russian babes to contact which i noticed in the early days (a few months of being on their website) DM were charging $600 for contact information and all of a sudden it shot up to $900 for the contact details for a member on their website ALARM BELLS ARE RINGING I don’t care how lovely you are hunni I’M NOT PAYING THAT.

So on 28/02/2017 I sent a email to DM Customer Services about my concerns getting no reply whatsoever. Only to find out that on the 01/03/2017 (under 12 hours later) without my authorisation they stole money out of my bank account for another months membership(which I now know is common practice for them to do) taking $100 out of my bank when they find out you know it’s a SCAM.

Yet again I was one of the lucky ones I’ve heard of some member loosing £2000 in one hit when they raised concerns on DM’s credibility ALARM BELLS ARE RINGING.

So I had to cancel all my credit cards and just to be on the save side changed my pass words on every single Social Media Website I was linked too, all my work emails, personal emails and any other associated platform I belonged too. They even tried to hack both my businesses websites how do I know this?

The internet security company I use sends me a report every time someone tries to hack them, even if they use a proxy, giving me the iP address and the location of the hacker, I’ll give you 2 guesses where the location was ??? … ALARM BELLS HAVE RUNG.

Starting my own game

So how could I make 110% sure that this is a SCAM website and use these messages I had to my advantage. So I sent every member that I had been talking to on a regular basis (about 7) and to over 100 members that had got in contact with me in the past the exact same message, of what I had found out about DM including asking the member to send me their contact information if they were really seriously interested in me as all of them at some point offered me their undivided love and intention to marry in one form or another. so we could talk off line and get to know each other and see if we definitely click……….



At this point I pretty much had enough. But I had another PLATINUM membership for 1 month on this SCAM website as I said costing me $100 (that they stole) giving me 50 “follow up message” and 100 “introduction messages”. So why not use them and play them at there own game so I did.

Top 10 excuses on Dream Marriage:

They had a few explanations why they couldn’t send them below here are my TOP 10 EXCUSES:

LOCAST !!!!! (OK I made that one up) but can you see where I’m coming from they will never give you there personal contact information WHY because their not interested in you it’s their job their only interested in your money. I’ll say again it’s their job for GOD SAKE….

However after I sent 22 “follow up message” and 65 “introduction messages” leaving me with 28 “follow up message” and 35 “introduction messages” with 20 days left before my membership run out, DM Customer Services (Jenna) sent me a email: verbatim:

Our Management has received some complaints about the correspondence you have been sending some of our Lady members. Consequently, because of these complaints it has been decided that Dream-Marriage is not a fit for you and so your account has been closed.

So I wrote back:

But of course you closed my account, because you have come to the conclusion that you’ll never get another single penny out of me, so i’m no use to you anymore am I and I’m not worth the hassles considering i’ve sussed you out as being a SCAM website.


Guys this is my own experience on DM which i’m soooooo glad that I found out this is a SCAM before spending thousands of dollars on contact information that I will not get, I count myself very lucky as I only lost $500-$600 I’ve heard of some people losing $8.000-$10,000… So please do your due diligence on them before loosing loads of money on this now obvious SCAM. 

As you will not be speaking to a real woman, more like a fat, bearded, overweight Russian fella who is just taking you for a ride.

As the woman on there are not looking for a future partners it’s their Job to write you messages get you on chat or video chat and take as much of your hard earned money from your pocket in the quickest time possible as they can until you suss them out yourself, hopefully sooner rather than later..



About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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  1. Hello Dear Krystyna what do you know of Dream Singles UA site …the girls sound sincere but I am skeptic too much money ? PLEASE reply asap

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