Experience with MyPartnerForever: negative!

My experience with mypartnerforever has been terrible first person I was writing too got the hump and stop communicating she basically wrote the same letter twice about taking a break with her dad and it being a surprise. I just told her it should be a surprise as she went there last time, I check her email on google and it revealed her surname I told her I was aware of her surname and explained how. Maybe she thought I was being unkind but she stopped communicating.

My partner forever: Company Definition

mypartnerforever Company Description

Mypartnerforever top priority is to make sure every Russian or Ukrainian woman on website is real, single and honestly seeking a foreign husband.

There are hundreds of marriage agencies out there and unfortunately, many are scammers. The only way to make the difference between the good ones and the bad ones is to meet woman in their offices. Mypartnerforever verify their way of work, make sure they have met every Russian or Ukrainian woman in person and have a copy of her passport.

My Partner Forever Experience: My costs

I then was in communication with Elena Kutzensova for three and half years, I must of spent £2,000 on her. I would recieve letters ever fortnight, month or at longest two months.

On occasion at the end of 2014 I spent over £400 on Mypartnerforever and £200 on a trip to the Ukraine to meet Elena. I was told she was out of the country so was not available, I later recieved an email from Elena saying she was out of the country for 2, 5 or 3 months. I lost my deposit and cancelled my flight. I assume mypartnerforever stole my money.

I was disappointed so I started to look on Russiancupid.com I made a friend from the site which I am still in contact she comes into the story later. Later I noticed Elena had left the site and I was completely heart broken I wrote to mypartnerforever asking if there was a way still meet her etc. I received an email from Elena and was happy again her email was also quite sexual in nature.

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My Partner Forever Review - My messages was stuck

I noticed a while back she sent me a photo and left a link in the photo so I looked it up, I had both Elena’s Skype and her phone number. I didn’t try to contact her out of respect, I notice on vibe she had a different picture of her someone with dark hair. I was concerned about this and felt if she cares about me she would make more effort. 

I wrote to her less and one of my messages was stuck in drafts. I still wrote to her and she said that she needs to sort the relationship out as her previous messages said I was her soulmate and my name was the word of love.

I assumed she meant us, then her future letters got more and more distant until she told me she found her man and she was going to try him out. I have never been hurt so deeply someone I think is my soulmate stabs not just into my heart but my soul. She says I am only her friend and the passion she felt was friendship. All other letter have been moving on and I TOLD YOU basically she’s a complete stranger and I either still love her or completely hate her.

My feeling is that something is very wrong with the site, I just can’t trust any of the girls are real, there also been lots of discrepancies in the letters. I even wonder if I was talking to the same person on the phone for two different people.

I fell into a depression

I fell into a depression another thing they could get sued for is mental cruelity and I wrote to my friend from RussianCupid and she lives in Ukraine, she invited me over so I went and stayed over there for two weeks. I made a few new friends and it was a good experience. I would say with RC stick to verified members then standard and be aware of scammers. But as a gold member you can contact anyone and leave personal details.

I recently met some one on Okcupid which is free I just looked at Russian and Ukrainian profiles, I am now writing to someone nearly 20 years younger and she in the same city as my friend.

Staying in the Ukraine is no big deal but stick with registered taxi and check the fare before you pay as there is con men about. Also find someone attractive but avoid model their most likely be dodgy. Most people speak a little English in the Ukraine. 

Lviv is nice, Kiev has nice clubs which are busier at the weekend. Western men will easily pull with good manners and confidence, looking at a girl will usually cause interest they like to dance straight in front of men. They really like if you fancy them it usually get them to smile as a lot are single.


My advice is go to the Ukraine for holiday and at least meet real people…are all the women super models?? Do they like western men?? the sex industry quite high out there so be aware of people that want to take you to strip joints or erotic bar. I chatted two women both offer services in clubs rather then a relationship. Another club a woman gave me her number but she wanted me to pay her rent and she would be my girl friend or wife. A little extreme….

have fun, Peter

About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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  1. I use this site with no problems. I ran into a problem once,contacted the owners in Quebec and they found out and rectified the problem. I write a couple of letters then skype call, then personal information.Dont spend time writing letters,thats a waste. they dont want penpals.

  2. i namdev i need a girl form ukraine she should be good and hand some , she high ted and doctor or engineer
    she nose should be straight and she should be slim and not big i working in a college as librarian and guest lecturer thanking you

    [email protected]

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