FAQ3: Are all Ukrainian and Russian marriage agencies dishonest?



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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2 Responses

  1. Angel says:

    Hoe can i know if my girflfrien from russia is real can how i scan her pictures? I apreciated u attention tanks .

  2. Sam. Malikyar says:

    To Ukrainian Dating Service : Hi Krystyana :

    My name is Sam. American Citizen and love Ukrainian ladies. Because they are beautiful , lots of charm and sophisticated and different then all counties of Europe. I had been. Four times in Kiev each year stay two weeks. I know Imspent a lot of money. But so far I did not find a lady to real love or want to live with me., I am a little bit old. 62 years of age. 5.8 hight and 70 kg still active my job is Interior Design and Intravellnevery three month out of Californis. I have been in contact more the four dating& Marriage agency and dated more the 10 women from age 25 to 45 but useless. I will be in Kiev. Again on July 25th for a week and will meet another three ladies . Can you advise me what should Indo ? Sam

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