International dating from Ukraine & Russian women’s point of view (Part 1)

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  1. Keith says:

    I am not sure why I respond to this site but I guess my interest to provide accurate information to those who want a truthful response to the reality of bringing home your Russian spouse. This is from someone who is currently going through this. I am a Canadian citizen legally married overseas to a Russian Citizen. The process to bring my spouse home to Canada is time consuming, frustrating, expensive and full of heartache while you wait for governments to process our sponsorship application. At this current time it is a 30 month waiting period. Don’t be fooled about popping over for a visit to meet and spend time together. Our visitors visa was rejected after an extensive legal application was submitted. Not a single thing in our numerous pages of documents satisfied the CIC. If the Russian spouse is very wealthy, you might be granted a visa to visit. As well, because you are married to a Canadian Citizen plays no importance, neither does your Russian Spouse being highly educated.

    The reality is, having a spouse come to North America is difficult. Expect 3 -4 years apart from beginning the Sponsor Application to the issuing of a Permanent Resident Card.

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