Review by Brian: Fake Fake Fake



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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16 Responses

  1. I investigated this website, and I confirm the above.

    Stay away from this website and their sister websites “USSR-STAR” and “TOPLOP” and “MARMELADIES” (all sites from the same scam company)

    Don’t do it!

    • Garett says:

      What are the real serious website of dating for the Ukraine and for Russia ? …
      What do you think of UADream?
      Thank you very much.

  2. Johnnie says:

    Tend to agree with you Brian. Question that begs an answer is: ‘Why, after becoming acquainted with a female through chat/letter, are you not able to exchange personal contact information?’ Sites force you to purchase more message credits.

  3. Geza says:

    You are right Brain….

    Merry Cherry is a scam like Girls are probably get payed for writing letters. Why do I think this?

    I used VK (Russian Facebook) to find them. After writing “friendly” letters towards men at Merry Cherry, they don’t want contact through VK and persist to stay on Merry Cherry (same experience with women at Or they will not anwser on VK, even after writing more letters to me at Merry Cherry at the same time, or the anwser, one did, her reply was, “yes it was me, but you didn’t anwser me there, so I am not going to anwser you here at VK, bye”……

    It is clear they don’t want real contact after writing the usual “charming” letters.

  4. namdev says:

    i need a doctor for whole life or forever she should be smart and handsome lady for wife

  5. Rob says:

    I joined the site at the weekend and was about to start a complaint. It claims I can swap email addresses and phone numbers with the girls but when I give them these saying I could fly there for the price of 15 emails they still insist upon emailing me. One seems identical to a glamour model I saw and keeps sending messages with salacious subjects but virtually nothing within.

  6. DRAHOŠ says:

    Ahoj mám zkušenosti z MERRY CHERRY a věřím že je to podvod na lidi stálo mě to hodně peněz a neseznámil jsem se ze žádnou jen psát a víc nic .Holky jsou to hezké ale myslím si že je tam hodně podvodnic a nemají zájem se seznámit

  7. Börje says:

    I have been at I belive many girls are real but the sight us scam.the try to fraud you of any penny you have without help ing you to meet the girl. I did find a woman there and after a while I did find her on merry cherry and she is real. I shall meet her soon and I hope she is serious . She appears to be….

    • Börje says:

      Unforthunaly , I have change my opion:
      Merry-Cherry are fake, are fake and are fake.
      Maybe the woman are real…
      but they will not ever want you to stop Writing through the system.
      They milk Money so long it is possible. Does not matter if give them your privatemail- adress.

      stay away from

      I am surethetre must some serious Place to meet Girls out there but it hards to know the differnce between good and bad.

  8. karlo says:

    Yo estoy aún en Feliz cereza, no sé si habrá alguien de verdad.
    El punto es que yo actualizo mi perfil todos los días
    Yo coloco mi e-mail, y teléfono en mi perfil, y hasta pongo mis fotos
    En Feliz cereza, pero con mi e-mail o sea datos de contacto…
    El punto es, que a mí me borran mi descripción de perfil en menos de 24 horas
    Tal vez suene muy estúpido e ingenuo de mi parte…solo sigo por las chicas lindas o señoras maduras…Si feliz cereza es falso, falso, falso…lo mismo sucede con los sitios
    Anastasia date, ¿Qué podemos hacer?
    ¿Existirá algún sitio web gratis para buscar a estas personas?

    Si, alguno de vosotros ha encontrado a algún sitio web efectivo…
    Por favor entreguen la liga web.

  9. karlo says:

    I’m still happy cherry, do not know if there is someone real.
    The point is that I update my profile everyday
    I put my e-mail, and phone in my profile, and to put my photos
    In Happy cherry, but with my e-mail or contact is …
    The point is, that I deleted my profile description in less than 24 hours
    It may sound very stupid and naive on my part … I just follow by pretty girls or mature ladies … If cherry happy is false, false, false … the same happens with sites
    Anastasia date, What can we do?
    Will there be any free website to find these people?

    If any of you have found any effective website …
    Please turn the web league.

  10. Merry. cherry is fake. The women are real but even the older ones(over 40) are just writing letters to earn money. They have no intention of leaving their country. They claim not to have email but thats a lie.

  11. Rob says:

    Most off the women on merry cherry are on multiple sites which are fake but if you do your home work and look on vk and other Russian media sites you will find them on there also Facebook and instagram there sites are full off fraudsters and you can search there images on their profiles or what they send to you by using Google image search I can name a few female fraudsters

  12. Nick says:

    It is true they are a fake. Once I exchanged emails and then was told I must go back to the original Merry Cherry site. They refused to talk by our own email even though the first one took place. Don’t waste any money it is a fraud and they are desperate for US bucks!!

  13. Sean says:

    This site is a fake site in every way. I only met one girl for real, but she went and married someone in Italy anway. All others are fake and I confirm all the event and reasons the previous comments stated. They refuse to give out their personal emails and if they do, they only use it for sending you their photos. I met a girl recently and the relationship developed and I sent her voice message on her personal email, which always looks like an email set up purposely for this kind of use and not their original emails. she sent me voice mail back but never her phone number. Most of the girls speak English well but claim not to, to keep you sending letters on the site and it looks like they get a cut from every letter you send to them. She promised me love and marriage. I was so convinced that she is real.I sent up two dummy accounts on the same site and used them to send her an interest just to test her and was shocked to find her responding to both accounts with the same stamp letter but changed the name on the letters. Please stay away from this site. I spent a sum on it and got nothing out of it.

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