CharmDate Experience: Most Ukrainian Women Are Not Lonely

The majority are not lonely at all. The older 35 up, might be a little lonely or just tired of being “humped & dumped”. Sorry to say it that way, but know this oh so well personally.

CharmDate: Company Definition

Charmdate Review is a premium international online dating site connecting single Russian and Ukrainian brides seeking serious relationships with men from around the world.

At CharmDate, the women database is packed with a variety of verified and active profiles which are always up-to-date.

CharmDate Experience

After living in Kyiv for 6 months, and living in an apartment there, I saw real life in the capital city, plus a few other cites, Dnipro, Kherson, Kremenchuk, and Odessa.

There are real women there to meet. Trust me, makeup, photoshop, and sometimes hair extensions do wonders for photos. I met real Ukrainian women, and even am engaged to one now, by just living there getting out into the city.

Sad this lady tried to blackmail. What she should have done was post the fraud out there for all to see. But, the really sad fact is Ukraine will do nothing to these sites, because it is bring in HUGE money to Ukraine.

Uncover a fraud

A follow up after a few years of traveling to Ukraine to uncover this fraud. Took me some time, but I am a US Marines, plus a Scorpio, which is an extremely bad combination to piss off. I traveled to Kyiv, 9 times in the past 2 years, evening living there for 6 months. I was able to local a large amount of agencies in Kyiv.

I took photos, research the people guys and girls working for the local agencies. I even friended 2 people who either worked for the agencies and one who’s sister was friends with the manager of one the agencies. I even dated a translator, who works for one the local agencies. The funny part is she has a profile up on Charm, and a few other PPL sites.

Just a job

For a country, where the average monthly income is around 250 to 300 USD, this is just a job. These people can make in 1 weekend what others make in month.

Charmdate reviews

Translates to “A person who earned more for the weekend than someone for a month # work such a job # a translator of the English #datingagency”

Conclusion: Stay away from!

This is from a girl who is listed on Charm, but who is also a “translator” for one of the local agencies. Oh, and she has a long time boyfriend. Have the pictures.

Stay away from this BS site (, and the other PPL sites.


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5 thoughts on “CharmDate Experience: Most Ukrainian Women Are Not Lonely”

  1. I thought those women was working hard for something.thanks a lot for the on dream singles and I know there getting paid. I Googled how to make a living in Ukraine and a article pops up . A woman talking about working for the site tells all. About working for dream singles. I asked the women if they making money and they all say oh no.bunch of bullshit.

  2. from my experience I believe 99.9% of the women on dating sites are either scammers imposters or are working for the site to be paid for the communication I think the odds are better of winning the lottery than finding a real woman on any of these Ukrainian Russian dating sites

  3. Hi

    I want to know anything and everything concerning the real facts and the facts only about CharmDate, including documents, photo’s, official intelligence from reputable sources, names, dates, I.D. Numbers of scammers, fakes, abusers, or just plain ole onsite deceivers of men. How about we all collect credible intelligence and form a Fuck Charmdate intelligence pool to share with all unsuspecting persons. Have a winner member to brag about, share that too. Let’s differentiate the good from the bad bitches and tell all! Sound interesting? Seems as though Brian could be a respected resource. Hey Brian, how about a Brian Reveals the Naked Truth of Charmdate’s morally criminal actions column and post? Does anyone have any intel on Olga I.D. 804515? please reply today!

    1. Hey Lee, I completely wish we could form that group, I have been scammed more than once by that bear-trap. Many of those who scammed me disappeared after doing it, I have a photo to prove it for one of them, Anastasia, maybe we could make a discord channel? Or whastapp or viber or instagram or vkontakte? Not facebook please, it’s so bad…
      I don’t know about your Olga, but I knew few other things about other ladies, especially the insta model from the east, victoria apanasenko, daria dereviankina, olya konicheva, anastasia kaminskaya and few other. Let me know anyone if you wanna team up to make some true evidence of the ugly side of this website, and more.

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