My AnastasiaDate experience 2020: it is a scam

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  1. Chiompi says:

    Hi Guys,
    I am from Hungary, and had the same experiences with these sites. and are fully scammer sites.
    2 years ago at anastasia and now at uukraina-women I had the same experiences:
    Within 2 days over 100 very pretty, young, genuin and brilliant girls wrote me love letters (initially)! I’m over 55 y.o.! Even if she indicated on her profile up to 45 she is looking for….but mostly they were interested in men up to 70-76 y.o.! Alone that must make us suspicious! After 1.letter you are charged to read (!) and write letters to anybody of them! (At Anastasia I spent some $s writing letters, but not over 20 $s. It had no sense) If you try to tell them e.g.yr email, you will be banned/suspended. And at Ukraina-women I ‘ve learned you have to get min. 15 letters (and to be charged for) from a girl to get private email or of her! So at that point I deleted my profile, thus came out from this only losing time.
    I advice you, never registrate on these sites.

  2. Hello,
    I have proof that Anastasia Dating is a scam. I received an insider
    of an employee. She told me that between 100 and 200, men are visiting each year
    Odessa in Ukraine. Only one or two of these men marry women !!!
    It is all about creating a small income for girls, but much more for the site and
    a lot of people associated translaters to restaurants. It is an industry scam.
    I wonder if someone has already initiated legal action.
    We hope this helps someone

  3. Alanius says:

    I can only confirm what has been said.
    This site is a complete scam.
    The girls are paid lock you in at the side.

    I did phone many girls over the site and it happen always the same; very few contacts outside the site which breaks down very fast.

    They just earn some pocket money over the site and a lot of money for the imposters who run the site.

    Stay away!

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