CharmDate Review: My ideas about Ukraine dating on this site


I have been on for some time now (about 8 months, I think I spent around 300€) and mostly talked to a single woman mostly because I still can’t say for certain she is a fake.

I went into this knowing it was likely a scam, I mostly wanted to distract myself after a breakup. Now 8 months in, here are a few things I have learned.

CharmDate: Company Definition

Charmdate Review is a premium international online dating site connecting single Russian and Ukrainian brides seeking serious relationships with men from around the world.

At CharmDate, the women database is packed with a variety of verified and active profiles which are always up-to-date.

CharmDate Experience: Chat messages are automatic

Chat messages that you get constantly are all automatic, even a girl you talk with regularly will at times spew out a copy paste usually sexual message. I have asked the woman I’m in contact about it, and she recognized it and said she had no idea that her agency used her profile like that.

Even after talking about it and showing it to her, it continued for some time. *** If you answer one of these automatic messages, your 5 minute per credit count starts right there and then!! If you start a conversation without any prior messages it only start counting when/if she answers ***

I have seen some women trying to abuse the system a lot in the chat, so be very careful! For example reply to your first message instantly with a quick hi (to start counter) and then take forever for all subsequent answers.

No direct contact with Ukrainian brides

Women cannot contact you directly. They can’t send the first mail, and I suspect the admirer mail is also automatic. Same with chat, they can’t write you before you write them. If you read a mail (and pay) they are then allowed to send another.

Using a free chat voucher

If you use a free chat voucher to chat with a Ukrainian woman, she will always send an emf mail right away. (You can’t use bonus points for first free mail duh).

Refund possible

If you got any problems even a little contact their customer service and complain say you lost credits or something. They often refund for some extra credits …

I haven’t really tried the call and cam services at all due to prices, I did try my hands with a few of the vouchers for the cam, but never really worked out. SO no comments on those things.

As for my situation, I have talked to a Ukrainian woman there for 8 months or so and as far as I can tell she could be legit. But there are so many red flags and suspicions that I just don’t know! At this point we are mostly communicating over e-mail (outside the site) and in a private chatroom that we quickly setup. I rarely hear from her, and usually only in short sessions (less than 1 hour).

Charmdate reviews

Some of the things that makes me think she is legit are:

Why I doubt her:


So I am pretty torn between some giant red flags and some pretty convincing (green flags?). I probably hope deep down that she is real and sincere, but I somehow don’t think so. She seems like an amazing woman, very smart, very interesting life, funny and of course gorgeous (as they mostly are on charmdate) So would be cool if this turns out to be true. But i intend to keep it running until I have a definite answer which I hope shouldn’t be too long … but i have hoped that for ages now.

My suspicion is that I’m talking to the woman on the photos sure. But she has no real interest in being with me. I wonder how things will play out now that gradually we are phasing out charmdate. She said she had no idea about any money making for women through the site, and was generally unaware how the site worked. But I think she is making money off of charmdate, every chat and mail, and she’s just been playing along as long as she could.

I hate to have such suspicions and I try hard to dispel those without insulting her either. She didn’t like I asked for the first 2 rounds of photos, so gotta be creative for third try 🙂

If anyone wants to ask questions about my experiences on charmdate so far or anything feel free to contact me at marc.sublett(at)

So yeah, I’m great at making walls!


About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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2 thoughts on “CharmDate Review: My ideas about Ukraine dating on this site”

  1. Bryan Ohlsson

    Charmdate, just like the other extremely large fake “dating agencies” is a scam.

    After I was burned back in September 2015, I return to Kyiv in November 2015 and stayed for a month digging into the scam/fraud/theft.

    I then returned to Ukraine every few months, until living there for 6 months in 2016. I took 100’s of photos of the employees and compared these to profiles on the various “dating site”.

    The 2 major sites are Charm and Anastasia. I have posted reviews on many sites, with photos. I have gotten almost 1 million view on these in under 3 years.

    Men need to spread with work more and more about this scam sites.

  2. Hello Krystyna,

    I find your articles intersting and informative. Thanks

    I have been on Russian Love Match site now for about 6 years, but lately some wierd stuff happened to my profile and experience with the ladies. Everything seemed to went well and I received between 100 and 150 vletters a day. I could not even read them all and did not even think about answering a lot of them.

    I did correspond with a few ladies and then I started receiving mail from two ladies which was vulgar and unoppropiate. I wrote an email to the customer care service and they took both of them off the site. But all of a sudden my received mail dropped to about one letter a week instead of 100/150 per day.

    Do you know anything about this site? Or any of your readers? It seems that those 100/150 emails a day was fake correspondece.

    Please – I need help. I am really serious of marrying a Ukrainian lady and even moving to Ukraine. I have visited UA in the end of 2011 and was very impressed with the hospitality and friendliness of the UA people. I am planning on visiting again within the next 12 months.

    Kind Regards,
    Peet Nell.

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