My thoughts about if my woman from Ukraine is real or not

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  1. Milly says:

    When your trying to date a woman online from another country with the hope of marrying her someday its always wise to go and see her face to face, never part with money before hand and never take what she tells you as the truth, until you get to know her in person.

    Just use your common sense.

  2. Ralph says:

    Dear Chris,

    I strongly believe to not want any interpreter around while I’m on a date. That recent interview / blog post about the interpreter just confirms my belief.

    In regards to that news story from that interpreter, you have to take some of those things with a grain of salt. I’ve helped out people before and when I did it, I told the guy what the girl had written and then the guy told me what he wanted me to write to the lady.

    Please be aware that contacting a lady through Anastasiadate or similar services involving translators will most probably get you in touch with ladies which speak very little English. That means you need to learn some Russian beforehand (also helps getting around if you’re not the package tour type) and that you need to have some translation software in your cell phone / access to Google translate.

    As in my case, I asked my lady during the third or fourth chat for her last name and where she is working. Then I looked her up. Unfortunately her name is the equivalent to Jane Smith, looking for her Facebook and VKontakte profile proved to be futile. But with some advanced Google skills (you write her name in cyrillic and you use russian search terms) and knowing that she’s got some success in her career and where she’s working, I finally found photos of her in some local online newspapers and they matched.

    I then contacted her company for her contact details. You cannot ring up and say, I met this girl while dating online… if they understand you in the first place! I just saw that her company opened up a Facebook profile, I told them that by pure chance I will be in town how I could get in contact with her. The media intern responded that she sees what she can do and 10 minutes later I was in contact with my lady.

    One more thing, watch the Daria German Dating Videos on Youtube. And watch them more than once. Eastern European women tick differently. If you want to seduce a woman, you need to know what she wants…

  3. I have been communicating with a lady from Charmdate and really like her there is a large age disparity but she says no matter. I just informed her of serious financial issues short time. And her next letter asked for a $299 gift to help her with a sunburn issue from that morning. This is the 2nd time she has asked for fairly exspensive gift. She goes by Ellie and I really like her Can you find out any info on her for me Thank you.

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