MyPartnerForever Review by Scot: You’re getting milked milks you for money,.. you pay a dollar a credit to communicate with the ladies, separate from the membership fee, it uses up a few credits to read a letter from a woman, it uses up a few credits to write a letter to the woman, through the site, if you request her contact her info, it costs $80/80credits,…. absurd.

My Partner Forever Experience: What is enough?

Sharing that shouldn’t be at a cost. If you include contact info in your correspondence without the official channel used (a choice you can select, which would be allowed after 5 letters of back and forth correspondence), that contact info gets deleted.

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So, see, your communications are checked by a moderator before the lady/girl receives it. If you want the most honest straightforward least chance of a scam profile, subscribe to ElenasModels,…

It’s good, I’ve met women through it, and one with whom I may have truly found a long term/marriage partner, – and it’s purely individual person to person, for one basic subscription fee of your choice for 50 contacts,… and that’s way more than enough,… you’re well taken care of on this site,…

My Partner Forever Services Reviewed: Basic model

Plenty of relevant info given about the communications you’re doing and about the woman such as whether your correspondence was read or deleted.

Individual correspondence info can be freely shared at your prudent pace such as your email, or Skype, or phone number,.. at no fee,… and you can go right to communicating off site whenever you two feel it’s appropriate.


You only have your basic subscription fee for the totality of the website, for basic necessary communication purposes,… though there are different subscriptions options, the basic one is all you need.

I’m sure My Favorite Partner can work in making a long term/marriage relationship happen, but going on its business model,… it doesn’t feel right using this site,…


It just feels like you’re getting milked. It’s reliably more expense to use than Elenasmodels, due to the pay for credits system.

It would be way more respectable for MPF to just have a basic full use subscription fee, with no need for additional costs to make the full on connections through to private-individual communication such as email, phone, Skype,…


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2 thoughts on “MyPartnerForever Review by Scot: You’re getting milked”

  1. Scot, this is too funny. I just posted on here foranother person to checkout Elenasmodels. Much better site for him, but he is heading to Kiev to “meet” a lady from another site. Only message was for him to be very careful.

    Elenasmodels is very nice, simple and straight forward. They way the site is setup, you right away from the womam, if she is interested or not. Wish, I would have found this site much sooner..

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