Myths about Russian and Ukrainian women from dating sites

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  1. Brenton says:

    After reading numerous articles and comments on this dating topic, thought it might be nice if something positive was mentioned.
    I initially visited Odessa in September 2011 as a solo tourist and NOT as a dating exercise. I had several months earlier experienced the traumas of a long term relationship ending, and decided a holiday to a location outside my comfort zone was needed. A travel agent suggested Russia, but living in Australia and given the time of year and season, I thought that would be too cold and chose Ukraine as a better alternative.
    I arranged and booked my own guide/ interpreter through Liliyan Royal Travels , who also made my accommodation booking and prepared necessary documentation to apply for a visa.
    I had heard all about Russian dating sites, non of which was good, so I had absolutely interest in becoming involved.
    Liliya met me at the Odessa Airport was fantastic as a guide/ interpreter, explaining customs and showing me so much of the beautiful city Odessa. She had a New Zealand boyfriend so was familiar with my “Australianisms”. We became good friends, nothing more. We still maintain contact. While in Odessa however, I noticed many signs advertising “Anastasia Date” and questioned Liliya. She advised against doing anything, explaining how bad it was and imparted some of her own experiences. She was quite emphatic it would be a negative experience. I left Odessa with only good memories.
    Upon arrival at home I found my curiosity about Anastasia Date still present, so I “invested ” some money to join and see what the fuss was about. Mistake! The saying “curiosity killed the cat” was never truer!
    Being a mature aged Australian male in his late 40″s who thought himself reasonably shrewd to life’s pitfalls, I soon found my ego massaged with the numerous chat requests from attractive young ladies. Although caution to the cost involved existed, it was easily forgotten when caught up in the moment and my ego felt good. After considerable cost and realizing that chatting was merely expensive “television watching” I decided to return to Odessa and meet 3 ladies. One of these ladies had been happy to exchange contact details to communicate off site with emails and limited Skype communication.
    I arrived Odessa in March 2012, being met at the airport by one of the ladies and her interpreter. I soon fell victim to an Anastasia date of expensive restaurant meal with the interpreter consuming as much food and alcohol as the “lady”. I was even asked to buy phone credit for the “non English speaking lady” so she could communicate with me! Go figure that one!
    There was no second date.
    There was however some good from that holiday. The lady who communicated off site met me in front of McDonalds, alone. No interpreter. She had requested a day off work to meet me and we had a wonderful day together. She spoke English well, but I still had to be careful what and how I said things in case of misunderstandings. As she said, English is not her native language. She asked for nothing, and in fact paid our taxi and bus fares. I initially had reservations because of our 20 year age difference, but soon felt completely at ease and unaware of the difference until I saw photos of us.
    All that was in 2012. Since then I have returned 7 times to see her, and in 2014 we began a partner/ fiance’ visa. I am returning again to Odessa at the end of September with my 16 yo son so we can be a ” family” for a limited time.
    What the future holds, who knows? Will the age difference become a problem, who knows? All we both know is that even after difficulties and issues we have experienced to date, including distance and time, we still communicate often everyday and want to be together. I know I will be a happy and very lucky man.
    If it all fails, I know that my life has been enriched by all the wonderful people I have met there, and now call friends.
    I hope this adds another dimension to the discussion 🙂

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