review and some experience by Fritz

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2 Responses

  1. ebi vali says:

    hi , i think Ukrainian women are very kind and very pretty and lovely

  2. olof wallin says:

    yeas i have the same feelings of this about whats behind answer letters from many of this lettercontagt on this page but you have also another named Anastasia where someone get in to my acount in that time and clear my acount of money and anastasia did not do anything about my lost
    it whas a calander with many nice girls on i took down and after that i get a dirty virus in my computer that clean my card acount in that time it disipere from my acount 300 $ and anastasia didnt care of that i wrighted some time but get no explaining from them ( but this page bltic single is not invovd in this ) i just think they are very expensive in here prices and i have get other mail adress to some of the girls but if they are real i cant check

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