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I have been in Ukraine many times, in periods up to three months, and I can say I really like the country and the people. But not this agency, and also other agencies I have been to, all the same.

Single Baltic Lady: Company Definition

SingleBalticLady Company Description

Single Baltic Lady is a team with vast experience in this delicate and personal business going back to 1997.  Of course, over the years Single Baltic Lady have added a bunch of young, energetic, and talented managers. Single Baltic Lady says “We meet in person with almost all of the women who post their profiles on our site, and we also check their passports.  That’s just step one of many we take to ensure that what you see is what you get.

Single Baltic Lady Experience: Ghost-writers

I have been at this agency for two years now, it has become almost like hobby, and it is perfect if you just want to look at pretty girls. But let me tell some facts.

You never get a “smile” from someone; it is the computer fixing this. Also the computer tells when someone is online, and when last online. If you write one of the girls, you always get an answer. But not from the girl, it is professional “ghost-writers” doing this.

My Experience with Single Baltic Lady Pricing

Example, I paid 30$ for transport, when I go back, I go by ordinary train, and paid about 8$. I had agency translator once (driving a Lexus), in the most expensive restaurant (Monaco, in Kiev) I have ever been. I found later that I paid more than 40% above ordinary menu price, the whole meal cost about 500$ for the three of us. 

Conclusion: Videos are much more to be trusted

If you pass all this, and hold your head cool and be suspicious, you might meet a girl. But first, her lock is maybe some different from picture, fixed by photoshop, or pictures are many years old.

Videos are much more to be trusted. And many times it is a woman you don’t want to bring back to your family. They want you to spend as much money at them as possible, and ok, they pay a little back, with sex. Some of them.

One advice at the end, if you still want to go for a visit, stay away from bigger cities, good girls you find in smaller villages. I did.

Fritz Tuvik

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  1. ebi vali says:

    hi , i think Ukrainian women are very kind and very pretty and lovely

  2. olof wallin says:

    yeas i have the same feelings of this about whats behind answer letters from many of this lettercontagt on this page but you have also another named Anastasia where someone get in to my acount in that time and clear my acount of money and anastasia did not do anything about my lost
    it whas a calander with many nice girls on i took down and after that i get a dirty virus in my computer that clean my card acount in that time it disipere from my acount 300 $ and anastasia didnt care of that i wrighted some time but get no explaining from them ( but this page bltic single is not invovd in this ) i just think they are very expensive in here prices and i have get other mail adress to some of the girls but if they are real i cant check

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