Experience: Scam on a High Level


Let me tell you something about uadreams, IT’S A PERFECT ELABORATE PROFESSIONAL SCAM AGENCY!!!! The very best is as in the scam and as in the service what they provide, there is no doubt. I have been a customer for more than two years at this agency, and I lost about $10,000!!! in these two years. Company Definition

Each Russian bride, registered on the online dating site UaDreams, has hope to find a man of her dreams. Russian and Ukrainian brides from their online dating service believe that with help of UaDreams will find a Western partner.

UADreams suggests you to become a member of their website and find your bride, which can fill the emptiness in your life and heart.

UADreams Experience: A Beautiful Start

I have a long talk with only one girl at first, as others have written before me, the girl was so romantic so eager to know me, we change letters every single day and chat every week.

She wrote me many times that she found me very attractive, indeed I’m a good looking man in a very good shape but not that is the point. The point is that she want to see me so tremendously she feels connected to me, she feels so attracted to me, and so on etc etc.

And when we finally met, I literally dropped my face to the ground, and I did not have words I was so stunned because she was so cold with me. It was like she put a wall between us. I did not understand why she did that at that time, but now I know a lot of things how uadreams works.


Communnication with 5 Brides & None Was Interested

After that fail with the first girl, I meet another 5 girls and none was seriously interested or committed, but everyone was interested in video chat or letters. From these six girls 5 have a relationship.

The sixth girl was from Ivano Frankivsk, Tatiana, and I find too late that she has also a boyfriend, I gave a proof to the agency and they kick out Tatiana. After that I wanted to close my profile, but uadreams convinced me to try with another girl, so I try with Nastya 3141 from Kremenchug, she told me that she is interested in me.

So we exchanged letters and talk in video chat. After a short time I find Nastya’s profile on VK and her boyfriend profile also. WTF! Yes she had a boyfriend, I gave a proof to the uadreams agency but they did not close Nastya’s profile because she is in a heavy intense chat with other 4 or 5 man so she has generated a lot of money for uadreams.

Girls are the golden goose for UADreams

All men must know one thing, namely: these girls are the golden goose for the uadreams agency!!!!. I think one girl can generate between 150 and 1000$ per month from one man. And yes a girl can have multiple video chats at the same time and she can chat with 4 men if the translator is very good. If not they can chat with two men at the same time.

Some men complain that the video connection is slow in chat. Well, it’s not slow, it’s very good. But the translator needs a little time to translate for both men. The girls also receive money from uadreams, namely: 5 (five) percent from what you pay for uadreams (chat, letters, meetings, etc.)

Uadreams experience

Another thing is that no matter in which branch you will go, you will never see an advertising billboard, not even on the agency door!!! because uadreams and what they do is illegal in Ukraine. At most times you will see a sign on the door “modeling agency.”

The majority of the ladies have a boyfriend

Also it is true that the very big majority of the girls have a boyfriend. I find a lot of girls on VK . I made a little experiment before I close my profile on UAscamdreams, namely: I talked with several girls (15-20 girls), and all that girls were eager to talk to me.

I waited 2 weeks and found all that girls on VK. Then I sent a friend invitation, which followed did not surprise me at all, they blocked me on their page or never responded and ignored me.

They have 600 girls but the real chance to find your wife on UAscamdreams is a way more less than one percent, and that is not a joke gentlemen!!!!!

UADreams anti-scam policies is the biggest lie

About anti-scam policies, that is the biggest lie. They do not care whether a girl has a boyfriend or not. If you find out that the girl who fools you have a boyfriend only in that case they do something.

But even when I gave a proof they did not care, because if the girl is very beautiful and talks with a lot of men she generates a lot of money, and that’s just what matters.

They are very proud that they have more than one million customers worldwide, now everybody can make their own calculation how much money they rip off out of man’s pocket.

They are masters in what and how they do. I think it is stupid to talk about that the girls are real or not, the girls are very real. Everything is very real in UAscamdreams yard, because they roll the perfect scam.

Conclusion: The perfect way to a perfect scam

So if the girls are real, video chats with the girls are real, service is also real. Everything is made on a high level that is the perfect way to a perfect scam. If you want a Ukrainian wife you take your vacation for 3 weeks. Then take your ass and go to Ukraine, you will spend far less than on the site.

Ukrainian girls are very big Nationalists as they love their country. They don’t really want to leave their country. And a lot of these girls have a good live in Ukraine, especially from uadreams as they thrill on your money.

You think that because they live in a poor country they want so much to leave? Nothing more wrong, but they are interested if you are rich and not an usual random normal guy, they want a careless life on a high level. If you can offer that you are their man. The girls are the golden goose and the men are the milky cow for uadreams.


About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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9 thoughts on “ Experience: Scam on a High Level”

  1. Sorry for being rude but you are really stupid if you lost 10 k
    In my opinion you can find out that its TOTALLY scam site after spending 5 minutes

    1. Denis the only stupied ones is the scammers and scam agencies and prodate scam Girls and you are also very evil and stupied do not bash the innocent victims more do not sink so low to the scammers levels.

      Its very easy for people to get trapped into dats scam sites spending 10 k does not make anyone stupied.

      According to the Police all blame is on the scammers victims Always innocent this is also so according to the law around World.

      To find out at first glance that uadream is the sca sites actually taken investigators several years but now its truelly confirmed by ads in Ukraine and the prodating Girls onfessed the scam and so on that its a total scam Uadreams many other sites in dating business is also scams from Ukraine and Russia not all but many.

  2. You’re not the only one mate. Plenty of people get suckered in by these women. For me, I only wasted 20 credits. It was their one time offer for a few bucks. I can see a lot of people saying it’s a scam but ultimately seduced by these unscrupulous professionals. Yes they’re professionals at manipulating someone’s emotion and that’s why they’re called emotional whores/prostitutes.

    You can check this lady out in uadreams. Her id #6596 and goes by Kate, 27 yo from Kremunchug. She was a beauty pageant contestant in Miss Tourism Universe 2015. As you can see, she’s a stunner and she’s a real professional and sites like these won’t delete her profile. On the site, she has over 16,648 letters with guys since 2015. You can click on her stats there.

    Anyway, guys often think with their other head so girls such as this will attract them. Thinking that they have a chance to score a Miss Ukraine. Don’t get star struck guys. She has no empathy whatsoever. It’s all an act to keep you spending on these sites.

    She frequent about a dozen of these pay-per-letter sites and often switch around these sites. She’s normally online on 2-3 sites at the same time to maximise her earnings. Switches around in sets of 3, so that it’s not obvious she’s online over 16 hours a day.

    I found her instagram and messaged her there. She turned from super girlfriend to greatest enemy. Lucky it just cost me a few bucks but you can see that the average guy would be spending a fortune. On her off days, according to her instagram, she’s gogo dancing on some club. She has thousands of followers on instagram as well.

  3. I know this woman Ekaterina Koretska or Ekaterina Koretskaya quiet a lot. Actually most of her profile are inactive now, except on uadreams and bridge-of-love. I was also in chat and live video chat with her, where any operator showed prerecorded videos of her. After a while of communication over email, I could arrange a personal meeting with her. And although she was nice and sweet in her communication, she was reserved and cold at our meeting in december 2016. It was like an escort service what she did, but not showed that interest in me what she talked in chat and emails before….
    And when I tried to communicate with her after about half a year in skype, she always had any excusions. Only two time I had a skype chat with her together with her translator girl. When I asked her in skype for a second meeting, she told my again any excusions like classical ones of ill grandmother, whom she had take to care and that she will not be given any holiday from her company so soon. But on her instagram account (@miss.personality.25) you can see that she travelled a lot in 2017 to different places for holiday or visited her sister, who is married in Belgium…Also when I arraged from time to time a phone call with her, so I obvisously talked to any other girl as it was the number of her agency… I could tell a lot about this professional SCAMMER woman, who is protected very well from her local dating agency in Kremenchug, where she lives….see (Международное агенство знакомств “Anzhelika”)

  4. Hello,
    I was in email and chat contact with this woman Ekaterina Koretska for about half a year before I met her at a personal meeting in december 2016 in her hometown Kremenchug/Ukraine. She not showed herself in life video chat, only prerecorded videos of her. I can only confirm that she totally changed her behaviour on the meeting and it could be seen that she was not interested in my person, only to get her gifts, she treated me like she did an escort service for her agency. From the agreed three days of meeting she only spent some hours with me. She only made me the fool and as sweet es she was in chat and in her letters and private videos she sent me, as cold she was in personal contact. She is not more then an emotional prostitute! There is a longer story about all the scam she did to me, I will post it here in detail soon.

    she also arranged FAKE DATINGS over her former agency „Anzhelika „ (Адрес: г. Кременчуг, ул. Пролетарская 24\37, Офис 509, Agency Anzhelika. Международное агентство “Анжелика” ) in Kremenchug, where she isn’t meanwhile anymore registered according to statement of agency manager Anzhelika Nesterenko (datingscammer by her own!), but it cannot be confirmed !‼
    Meanwhile she is cancelled on many sites she had a profile, it seems that only uadreams .com keeps her profile for profit. there some regular photos changes in her profile can be seen. Her instagram account was changed several times, now you can find her under @__miss_personality__
    For me as a western european man, it is not understandable that such scammer cannot be punished by law in
    ukraine, same the fake agencies, where she is registered do her fake-live-video chats!

  5. Thank you very much for digging out the information that the girls are paid. This would explain many things about my interactions with the the ladies of this agency. It will also mean an end to my using their services. These girls are not truly authentic then, they are in it for the money.

  6. Hi,

    I registered with a few years ago. However, I had my doubts from the first day and I put some rules to use their services. Never buy pictures , If she is too good to be true, Then buy one or two. Never go on a chat unless I have come to conclusion that she worth it. Chat is just for ID confirmation and not for discussing weather condition or routine conversations. Letters are considered to be a better device to fulfill that purpose and also are cheaper!, Never trust young girls with huge age gap! Never trust a girl who is always online for chat and she has a job in her profile! Never trust a lady who ignores your questions in first letter! Never miss the opportunity to find out about your questions in first letter which is free! Never waste your time and money on something that is not workable for you! Never accept invitations for chat from an unknown girl , I can assure you that nothing extraordinary will come out of it other than an empty pocket . If you feel lack of socialising, just go to your local pub and have a drink insead ! If you feel lonely at least use online chat with your locals who speak the same language and help your own economy.

    I never took the letters coming from young girls seriously . Thre were just one who was upset and said Goodbye! last year! I had always my doubts regarding the girls . You might ask why? Becasue I knew Russian language and I knew alot about their culture ! It is just impossible for a Ukrainian or Russian girl to fall in love with a foreigner if she can not understand directly what he says! These girls are not interested in marrying to foreigners at all ! So don’t waste your time and stop reading about how wonderful housewives are Ukrainian girls! The family oriented girls and real housewives never come to a dating agency for marriage! You should always remember that you are an alien ! unless you speak the language! If not , you are just a silly foreigner deserve to be ripped off and broken hearted! Don’t read false testimonies o fake stories about marriages. they are all made up by the agencies. They never tell you the truth. Never rely on other foreigners testimonies. So far, what I see are lonely , miserable retired or low income western men with lack of sex who confuse a travel agency with marriage agency! I went to 3 countries in 20 days and I can assure you that I spent 1/3 of their travel cost to Ukraine which they paid to the agency. They might also had some fake kisses on the cheeks for the money they paid comparing to my real experience !:)

    I decided finally to take some time and travel to Ukraine and take them by surprise and see their reaction. They should be really happy and impressed to see their love traveled thousand of kiloleteres to answer to their love letters!

    I got bad news for you Guys! Unfortunately everything I doubted about was fake! You can not even imagin how deep the rabit hole goes! I didn’t tell anybody that i knew Russian language, so that was my wining card ! I contacted 2 girls through the agency and let them know that I am in town to meet them!. one said that I have stopped communication with her long time ago and she is not evn interested in me anymore! The second one said that she has works to do which she can not postpone and wished me to enjoy the sight seeings! Can you imagine that? The second girl was insisting that we are a good match with 25 years of age gap! The first one wanted to look after me becasue she is a caring person by nature! I couldn’t accept that.

    So I started digging and I found lots of nasty things that even me after living 10 years in that culture couldn’t believe! I found the first girl in a few hours! without the help of the agency or any other agency! Just to prove myself that she is fake! I couldn’t do that since she was real! I even found her phone number and working place in an institute . The fact is that regardless of the their age or job or family status or city , The whole thing is set up to milk foreign men by selling photoes, letters and chat sessions! They might even provide you with some real stories to convince you that everything is real ! which is not! Even the local people confirm that the whole thing is a scam. I explained the girls attitute in regard to my meeting request and they all said that they are all scam becasue the girls with genuine intentions would react differently!

    I even sent floweres to the first girl and she was terrified ! that what people around her would think if they find out ! My question was that why is she so scared? I forgot to tell you about the third girl who was living in another town.

    I sent her a letter asking if she is really serious about the relationship. She had already confirmed in her previous letters that we need to meet up to be certain about our feelings. I asked her what would be her reaction if I want to meet her tomorrow. I didn’t mention that I am in Ukraine. She replied back with excuses that we need to have a few chat sessions and we need to know each other before meeting! She completely changed her words and I am sure that the agency informed her or manipulated the reply.

    Guys, This is a sophisticated system of scamming you with the help of trained translaters , fake single girls looking for marriage and manipulation of your feelings , situations and everything else that might not even comes to your imagination! So prepare yourself before starting the journey! and don’t blame anybody but yourself becasue you are dealing with bunch of villagers who are also con artists with no self respect or shame ! They beleive that they have the right to take away your money by all means!

    This is a long story and everyone case is different. I can help you if you got more questions or doubts. drop me a note at farhadyat hot*mail and I will answer your questions. Please just don’t ask me training materials since I am not here to teach you anything but I do my best to be provide you with real experience and stories.

    Got save you all from scammers !

  7. If you search the many agencies ,you will find the same profiles from the same women. One went from no kids to having kids,one had a different profession . If you chat on live video you will find they chat with multiple men. I too was taken by one.She sent OLD videos and photos of her actually naming some one else and had a child appear who she claimed was a cousins yet you could tell she was pregnant in videos. I even confronted one who was on multiple sites and set on up with a friend,THEY ARE ALL VERY GOOD AT LIEING AND PLAYING MEN.

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