Review: an Incredible UA Dreams Experience

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7 Responses

  1. Levi says:

    I was thinking to ask something similar about uadreams… thanks Krystyna!!!

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi Krystyna, I’m using UAdreams in which I know is a scam but still I continue to use it. How can I stop this?

    • Krystyna says:

      Hi Andrew,

      you can cancel your membership. As simple as that 🙂

    • Andrew replace Uadreams with an honest date site exist several examples at our site of honest date sites etc, and some free honest Ukrainian and Russian date sites aswell you are able to date a girl in any country in world not just Ukraine or Russia etc.

      Please Andrew do not as so many guys get in love in the scam prodate working girls from Uadreams, all their girls are in on this scam, they do it all this date scamming for money.

      Understand its hard to resist, but most of their girls have local boyfriends in Ukraine and Russia and is only on Uadreams to get a salery on all faked correspondense and all other expensive services, Uadreams translate fee scam services offer.

      Dis you know Uadreams even work with some resturants of sushi etc and girls get a cut of the money if you eat there, if you go over and meet her in Ukraine or Russia.

      Run away from Uadreams. If you cannot resist Uadreams ask a godly pastor for help.

      Important to say outside the many types of date scams and scams it exist many good honest people both men and girls etc in Ukraine and Russia aswell in rest of the World etc.

      Thanks and God bless all and Thanks Krystyna Ukrainian date Blogger expert, excellent site yours etc.

  3. Rodolfo says:

    Then i just got scammed i am a lonly college student. Say what you want about my judgment even starting this but yeah im on the site and ive fallen hard so it really iscam then. I just need to hear it consedering ive invested quite a bit emotionaly and financially

  4. Paul Shannon says:

    Hi, I really liked the article. BUt I just wanted to know, is this Uadreams is completely free and no credit cards are required?

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