Review: an Incredible UA Dreams Experience

First of all, I would like to thank you for interesting reading about dating in Ukraine. I hope you have the time to read my letter and help me with some thoughts and advice.

I live in Sweden and my age is 37 years old, been separated for a couple of years back. I have been a registered member on a few different dating sites in Ukraine since 2 years ago, but I guess the last couple of months I have dedicated more time into it on a more serious level.

UaDreams: Company Definition

Each Russian bride, registered on the online dating site UaDreams, has hope to find a man of her dreams. Russian and Ukrainian brides from their online dating service believe that with help of UaDreams will find a Western partner.

UADreams suggests you to become a member of their website and find your bride, which can fill the emptiness in your life and heart.

UaDreams Experiance: Is UaDreams legit?

I have been to Ukraine 4 times this year, and had some meetings with ladies from these sites. Of course, I know some basic things about what to do and what I should never do, I have been exposed to scammers many times, but it is common sense. Why should I send money to a girl I never met and don’t know if she exists?! So I never put so much energy on such letters. When I ask them about webcam chat they always say that they don’t have camera, haha! Every time.


Anyway, I want to tell you about my thoughts about a special website I have been member at over one year – This is a site where men pays for sending letters and pays for introduction meeting and such things.

Is UaDreams a good dating site?

At first when I registered I did not believe that these girls were honest or even existed in real. But I took contact with a few girls and corresponding with them, and I thought I could give it a try. So I booked an introduction to two of these girls who I felt I had best connection with, and they really wanted to meet me.

I came to Nikolaev, and meet the first lady and we had a great time, but it didn’t feel like it was that girl I have been writing letters with. And also it felt strange with the other girl also, which I met the next day. One of them I got contact details from, but I never heard from them again after our date. Maybe it was no chemistry between us, or maybe their mission was only to meet me so agency got paid for all letters and introduction meet? I don’t know.

But some other things I wonder about also, almost none of these girls on this site don’t speak English. Why? Many of them have nice educations and jobs in travel and international business. For an example, one of the girls is manager of a travel agency, and she doesn’t know English?!? Strange…

And one other thing is feel is strange, every time I send a letter to a girl I get always back and nice letter with many nice words about how happy they were to see a letter from me, and so on. Often the day after I send letter.

Many of them says that I am the only guy they corresponding with, but I have doubts about it!
I don’t think I can attract 100 women if I send letter to 100 women. I mean, why should EVERYONE answer? Or is there a just paid letter writer who only is interested of me to send more letters I pay for? And why is letters coming during daytime when they are at work? If I send a letter late at evening, I often got letter back next day. They need translation also, what they say.

And one more thing is also strange, the girls at this page never find their husband it seems! Same girls are there month after month. How can hundreds of incredible beautiful girls never find a man to be with? There must be hundreds of men writing them.

I know these girls exist for real, I have met a few of them in real and I have met them in video chat also. But my concern is, are they at this site for honest intentions or are they paid to meet men and write letters?

Have you heard about this site or can you recommend me a serious site where I meet real girls who want to find love?

Hope for your answer.
Have a really nice day!

Best regards //

Jocke, Sweden

Uadreams experience

UaDreams Services Reviewed: Krystyna answers

Hi Jocke,

First I would like to say you thank you for your message and nice words about my blog. Very nice 🙂

To your questions.

I hope I can help you with my point of view and experience with Ukrainian marriage agencies. There are dating sites with good image; there are dating sites with a plenty of negative reviews. Moreover, a lot of marriage agencies work suspicious.

Honestly, I know NO Ukrainian online dating site which may be scam-free. On each International dating site you can get scammed (either of the dating agency, or scammers and professional pro-daters). There are very many Russian/Ukrainian online dating sites which do not work seriously or there are a lot of scammers and professional pro-daters on them.

I have heard about UADreams but have never used their services, therefore I cannot say you if the girls are real or not. There is no evidence if the site works unseriously or the girls who have their profiles on this dating site are scammers and professional pro-daters.

Scam-free Ukrainian dating sites

Sometimes, the whole teams of scammers work on base of fake profiles. In my opinion, all your arguments seem to be logical and I understand why you are sceptical about the sincerety of the girls on the dating site and especially about the work of this agency UADreams.

I have read on different Russian & Ukrainian women forums that the dating site system encourages you to pay for letters from attractive Ukrainian girls “with genuine intentions for marriage”. Unfortunately, these messages are not written by the girls but by the company staff (probably men!!).

Honestly, I know NO Ukrainian online dating site which may be scam-free. On each International dating site you can get scammed (either of the dating agency, or scammers and professional pro-daters). There are very many Russian/Ukrainian online dating sites which do not work seriously or there are a lot of scammers and professional pro-daters on them.

Some men share their experiences with UADreams ( and tell that they have received and paid for many messages through this system but by chance met a number of girls through other agencies and discovered that they had never heard of them!!!

There are free alternatives, like the dating social networks. I would like to recommend you free dating sites:

These sites are simple to use and totally free. You can loose only your time (but not your money).
Moreover, you can use social networks, odnoklassniki. ect

My next advice is be optimistic. I know it is not easy. Optimism is also important for success, isn’t it? I have experienced that most Western men are scared about the fact of getting been scammed. This fear does not give them the opportunity to be happy about their communication with the Ukrainian woman who can be their match for life.


Online dating is like offline: sometimes you have luck, sometimes you do not have luck… sometimes you meet a woman for life after just two days, sometimes you have to look for your match a few years. I have heard about negative and positive experiences. And I made bad and good online dating experience, as well.

About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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7 thoughts on “ Review: an Incredible UA Dreams Experience”

    1. Andrew replace Uadreams with an honest date site exist several examples at our site of honest date sites etc, and some free honest Ukrainian and Russian date sites aswell you are able to date a girl in any country in world not just Ukraine or Russia etc.

      Please Andrew do not as so many guys get in love in the scam prodate working girls from Uadreams, all their girls are in on this scam, they do it all this date scamming for money.

      Understand its hard to resist, but most of their girls have local boyfriends in Ukraine and Russia and is only on Uadreams to get a salery on all faked correspondense and all other expensive services, Uadreams translate fee scam services offer.

      Dis you know Uadreams even work with some resturants of sushi etc and girls get a cut of the money if you eat there, if you go over and meet her in Ukraine or Russia.

      Run away from Uadreams. If you cannot resist Uadreams ask a godly pastor for help.

      Important to say outside the many types of date scams and scams it exist many good honest people both men and girls etc in Ukraine and Russia aswell in rest of the World etc.

      Thanks and God bless all and Thanks Krystyna Ukrainian date Blogger expert, excellent site yours etc.

  1. Then i just got scammed i am a lonly college student. Say what you want about my judgment even starting this but yeah im on the site and ive fallen hard so it really iscam then. I just need to hear it consedering ive invested quite a bit emotionaly and financially

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