Review: Is UA a good dating site?

What does say about themselves? is an International online dating website that offers security to its users. The site hosts around 1,000 women from the Ukraine and Russia, all of them being well screened. The women approved for this website must have a genuine interest in International relationships with a possibility of marriage in the future.

They do their best to protect their clients from scams by doing extensive background checks and marital statuses prior to approving the applications of all of their clients and available prospects. They also provide a very confidential setting for their clients. 

UADreams suggests you to become a member of their website and find your bride, which can fill the emptiness in your life and heart. Company Definition scam review

Each Russian bride, registered on the online dating site UaDreams, has hope to find a man of her dreams. Russian and Ukrainian brides from their online dating service believe that with help of UaDreams will find a Western partner.

UADreams Experience: Company Description

It is free to upload your own profile picture. They do allow the first email to be sent for free to the lady of your choice. Each email sent after that first one is $6.99, and is automatically debited from the credit card that you have on file, or a client can purchase email credits. 

With this disclosure, it is difficult for a client to dispute charges as they would have to make the action to warrant the debit amount. They have a variety of services stemming from scarves and blankets to flowers and wine all at varying, affordable prices. Travel costs are absorbed by the client that is coming to meet his new, potential bride.

Uadreams experience doesn’t guarantee that a marriage will occur, but they do strive to keep their marriage rates high. Translators are provided if you should select a lady with little knowledge of the English language. strives to provide the best possible situation for each client making it easy to communicate with the lady that they wish to pursue.

UADreams users reviews:

Sharon says:

Recently I came across one profile in the site of Uadreams. She is a girl of 22 y.o. I decided to make experiment and wrote her a letter and see if I get answer. Surprisingly she answered. We exchanged several letters for a month.

Since I have long experience with that agency, including two long correspondence and two trips to Ukraine to meet with nothings, and after wide research in the internet about them, I was suspicious. With whom I was writing actually? How can I know?

Since I read now the book Russian bride guide, I followed the advice to insert her data in Google. I put Angelina 22 from Poltava. She appears in 20 different dating sites. I picked up one, registered and wrote her, asked if she knows me from somewhere. She answered. It was bad start. She didn’t understand what I’m talking about.

She didn’t understand me and became more hostile and in her second letter she dumped me. I didn’t want to hit the subject right away, but I decided to drop the bomb. I informed her about it. In turn, instead of thank me for that I warn her about misuse in her ad, she killed the messenger.

Here is her last letter:

Hello, Sharon. This is my last letter to you. I don’t see us as a couple in future and just don’t want to waste your money here. ))) I see that you don’t trust anyone here and I guess you don’t trust people in real life. I am not such kind of girl and want my man trusts me and all people. 

It is one of reason why I don’t see us together. Yes, I am a member of local agency as all girls on this site. I know that my profile is on many sites, because agencies work not only on this site.

 I know about all my letters to men and their letters to me, because I write them myself. I am not sure that ready listen to offend words from you now and in future. I don’t cheat anyone. I don’t work on agency and it is my choice whom answer or not. I could write that love you already and keep writing to earn money on this.

However, I don’t do this. I wrote you that I wish you good luck in your search in previous letter, but you wrote me again. Why? What a sense to waste our time on each other? Thank you for sending me letters and messages which “I wrote you”. I didn’t know about them and it was big surprise for me. I will go to know what that was and who wrote you such lovely letters.

I am not going to continue our communication on this site. If you want to get lovely letters form me , then write there where you go them from me. ))) However, it will not be mine letters. ))) I am sorry if I have done something wrong. I didn’t want to offend you in any case. I just try to be always honest with men here, because they spend much money on such correspondences. I wish you good luck in your search. Angelina

I didn’t tell her what the name of this agency is. She wasn’t seemed interested to know.
I thought maybe she guessed who they are and contacted them and asked them to stop using her ad to cheat on men. I made more experiment and sent another letter to her profile in Uadreams (I have few credits left there. I don’t purchase any new). A few days later I received this letter from “her”:

You make me to feel a Woman when looking at you……
24 February 2012

Hello my dearest Sharon ,

Thank you very much for your wonderful letter , I am so glad to get it . so tell my how are you doing ? How is your day going ? I hope that is great . If not I am here to make your day much more brighter with my letter and I want to see smile on your face )) Will I be able to do this? I hope so ))))
OK, my dear Sharon , first of all I want to thank you for asking about my granny , yes she feels much more better . And she says you hello )))

Yes, it is wonderful idea as for bank . It would be great if we will work near each other. We could for example meet for a cup of coffee in the middle of the day . What do you think about it ?)))
I just want to be a minister of finance and it is not important in which country ))))do you have any propositions ? ))

My dear Sharon and why do you think that woman has to count money in the family ?))
I fully agree with you and I am really happy that we have met each other here and that we have mutual understanding now .   

My darling Sharon , it is great idea to meet each other in two or three months . Yes, i do really want to meet with you . I will get all information from my work , when it will be the most comfortable time to come and then i will write you everything in next letter . Is it OK for you ?)))
Hmm what I would like to do when you come? I even do not know)) . And what do you want to do ? do you want to see my city ?))

OK, I will end my letter here and I will be looking forward to your soon answer.
As ever yours,


As you see, these letters are slightly different. You also see that the agency letter is translated while the real girl is fluent in English.

Can you imagine what would happen if I wouldn’t contact the real girl? It already happened to me twice before: Two long correspondences and two trips to Ukraine. If I only would know about it before I’ve lost few years of my life…

My dear Sharon and why do you think that woman has to count money in the family ?))
I fully agree with you and I am really happy that we have met each other here and that we have mutual understanding now .   

Anyway now I have the ultimate firsthand experience proof of their deceiving methods.

Any of your comment is welcome.

Good day


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6 thoughts on “ Review: Is UA a good dating site?”

  1. to whom it may concern,quite a few of you i am sure. How can UAdreams have girls on video chat at all hours of the morning,i have had chat messages at 2am UK time.

    How is this possible if the offices are closed ? This happens even during the work week,how can working woman be available on video chat,when the local time is 3am,

    UAdreams are not very intelligent ????

  2. Has anyone noticed that the title that everyone is talking about is UA dreams. Not Uadreams there is no Capitol a??? Could they be different sites, I have used Uadreams before and had no problems?

  3. Hello all to avoid the date scam translate fee sites from Russia and Ukraine etc as Uadreams that also operates from USA and Cyprus hiding their illegal funds money avoiding the taxes authorities.
    Uadreams should be prosecuted by the highest extent by the law for all its scammings and frauds and for tax scams.
    To find honest free date sites from Russia and Ukraine aswell as honest paid ones of the best in the industry tips here:


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