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Is it possible to find a love abroad? Ukrainian and Russian online dating is real?
It is a known fact that online dating bussiness booms (especially International dating). The dating services and matchmaking companies make a huge of money with love. 

TYT NETWORK discusses: Mail Order Brides - Real Love or only Bussiness?

Well, the opinions are very controversial. In my personal opinion, International online dating is a big chance to find a match. And everything has its price. Western men pay not to buy women, but different services of the online dating agency.I know some Ukrainian/Russian-German couples. They had been married a long time and were perfectly happy. While that might sound bad, a happy marriage is a happy marriage.

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Interesting Facts That will Blow Your Mind

Mail order brides continue to arrive in the USA from Russia, Ukraine, Central and Latin America, as well as Asia. But the Philippines leads the pack. The Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business estimates that 20,000 women from the Philippines go abroad to marry foreigners each year!

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