Ukrainian women are no dummies



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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  1. Krystyna for these post Beal, I need to say it might have serious women on the site jump4love but I discovered inadvertently a scam involving this website, I signed up on the VK social network where after researching I came across one of the women there site when I asked to become friends with her, she just blocked my access to your page, when I checked her profile on the site jump4love she was still there, turned away from the site for a while when I returned I found it more on the site and look she wrote me many letters to me, except I never answered her because the purchase of credit do not you think it strange to have me locked in VK. my conclusion I come to the site does not pass any trust for us, certainly has many men being deceived. I have turned away from the site. I confess that I am already discouraged, I think it would have to have a surveillance of these dating site to see who is working honestly do not you think?

  2. Bony says:

    I did the same thing on to VK and found the woman,she would not write to me on VK at all,just on the dating site-(RED FLAG)

  3. Eric Sanders says:

    It is properly made Web site.
    As soon as you join in you get so many stupid letters “like kiss my lips ” “Imigrate me to your arms ” you just name it . I think it is done by few people using hundreds of fake profiles
    Well played in regards to fooling people
    What they want for you it’s just write and chat and watch their videos and the rest
    I was curious to start with but after reading so many letters it is done by bunch of few people with a different level of englush
    I think they are have 500 profiles each to attract response from you if they have any luck. It is smartly done.
    If they would charge a monthly fee then it may be easier to spot but they know that so they can’t allow to be exposed cheaply while you sing models profiles

    • Glenn says:

      I understand that there might be a very small percentage of women who are sincere on this site, but small being the main thing here, I travelled around Ukraine in 2010 and met a nice woman who I have stayed friends with, she is an interpreter for such sites and I see from her side why she does it, it’s just a job, and so many men come there just looking to talk about sex with young attractive women, so if they are not serious why should the women feel any shame for ripping them off. As was said if you are serious then go to VK site and try there, you will find a few from these sites on this site but believe me, you will be lucky to get any responses from any of them. So basically all of these sites are a business, they are there to make money not help you find a wife, that they leave up to you, but why lonely men and women keep searching these sites they will continue to flourish, and believe me they do well, my friend makes a good living from replying to men who think they are talking to young attractive women, and this happens on live feed, the women are usually on skype or facebook so it looks like they are in chat with you, while my friend is doing all the chatting, I am all for her making money out of 50 year old men who think 18 year old girls are actually interested in them, my advice is wake up, unless you are stinking rich, and I mean very rich, stick to your own age group and be sensible, there are some really nice women in Ukraine.

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