Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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  1. Skyler says:

    I was looking at one of the girls profiles on one night and I noticed it had the photographers name, as well as the girl whose profile I was looking at her full name so I went to face book and ran it through there search engine .

    I got a hit the first girl on the list was her I was so excited .I thought wow these women are real people there not fake profiles then the disappointment set in . Well I looked through her profile there were pictures of her with countless 20 something guys who were most likely her boy friends this girl was not starving for affection that her 20 plus letters would have had me think .Further more she never accepted my friends request which was what I thought After looking through her profile anyway .

    In my opinon the site is a scam and the women who are on it are models who get payed for writing or talking with you .Do be fooled Here is link to verify this 😉

    I was going to post the veronikalove,com link to her profile however it’s being deleted gee i wonder why have fun in cyber land plp and don’t forget if it seems to good to be true it is ……………………………………………………………………

  2. Adam Black says:

    I spent several years with Veronikalove and corresponded with as girl for the (10) months. I asked her if she wanted to meet me and she said yes.
    So I booked tickets and accommodation and in the last weeks before I was due to arrive in Kiev, the administration deleted her profile for no reason (stating that she was not who she had claimed to be). Too late for me.
    I lost over $1000 cancelling plane tickets and never got a refund for the accommodation I had paid for up front (the whole country is in on it).
    Really guys. I have entered several of my 11 history here on this website. I cannot tell you what an elaborate scam this whole industry is. I know you are lonely and want to find love, but you are not going to find it in Ukraine.

  3. Pavel K. says:

    I too would like to warn those men who become captivated by these absolutely beautiful young ladies. I have writing more than 6 to 7 ladies over the past 3 yrs primarily because I have been interested in learning Russian and joined the site initially to learn the language through pen pals.

    I unintentionally in the process became taken by no fewer than 4 absolutely stunning young women. Two of them I corresponded with over one year time period writing 50 to 60 letters to each and one about 30 letters over 6-8 months. I actually being so serious in learning the language made three trips to the Ukraine to study Russian at local universities in the capital city of Kyiv (Kiev) for one month at a time each of three years .

    In EACH case when I suggested that we meet immediately excuses why they could not materialized. Some were quite lame including ” my sister of 27 yrs old has a cancer and is on her death bed and I have to take care of her 24/7 and could not possibly go out to dinner with you. ( I suggested I cater dinner into the home and we eat at her death bed to which suddenly she could not write letters any longer!) another suggested she could not because she might be sick with the flu and did not want to get me sick though this particular discussion was 2 months prior to the proposed meeting time! Another I caught in lies such as reminding them they told me they were an only child and suddenly 30 to 40 letters later a sister materialized clearly indicating some of the social history was all concocted. Another case after writing for 5 months and summer came along clearly another writer began sending letters in her name and profile. The original writer always wrote in Russian and now I was getting English letters that were very poorly written and clearly the style was different. I suspected the original lady was on vacation and out of town so likely some other author took over. They clearly did not read what we had discussed in the prior 4-5 months and were asking questions we had already gone over. It was so obvious that it was not the same Anna. The most recent one after one year of writing and who suggested I was someone special that she told her family about and who implied we were exclusive I found out from the internet from another male gentleman whom I did not know but found out I was writing this particular lady mentioned he had a writing relationship and even went to her home town in the Ukraine. He discovered that she was registered on 6 of these dating sites. He learned the girls sign up and then get a kick back depending upon the number of letters the men write back or videos they open. What was amazing about this particular young lady, who I have to admit was absolutely gorgeous, had a younger sister. She wrote me that her sister had just met a nice man from a foreign country and they got married on the spur of the moment in the Ukraine. Her sister was now waiting for papers to join her “new husband” and she reported to me it would take a year to get this special visa in order to leave the country and enter her new home. It turns out the sister now supposedly married was registered on this same website. ( Unbelievably after one year of writing this young lady her sister whom she stated she told her about me writes me after her so called wedding and sends me one of the standard flirtatious, sexually provcative letters trying to get me to open her letters. When I confronted the sister whom I had been corresponding all year and asked what her sister was doing now that she was married and did she not know who I was she basically became very defensive, angry , and in so many words wrote I had no right to judge these young ladies. To top this off I received a “new” letter from this young lady I had been corresponding through Veronikalove but from another site on which she was registered sent to me not realizing it was me with whom she was corresponding with for the past 60-70 letters! Clearly the agency at this other website (Single Baltic Lady) allows mass mailing of form letters to unsuspecting men just on opening their profile and photos even without writing them! I confronted her on this and clearly she ignored the letter. What could she say as she was caught red handed in an elaborate letter writing scheme. Unfortunately the young ladies and especially the older ladies and perhaps the younger ones who maybe are not as blessed with the striking looks of some of the girls, who are genuinely interested in meeting foreign men are looked upon as potential scammers as well. I did meet a very genuine lady in her 40s , who is just as beautiful and will be meeting her this summer. . . I hope. We will see if that relationship is real though she seems very different than the young ladies I had been involved with previously. Oh, well, I did learn a lot practical Russian vocabulary in the process which was my primary goal. Fellow men, be forewarned. Look to see if the ladies are on other sites and ask if they are writing other men in the process. Do an identity scan by copying a profile photo and running a cross check of that photo and see if it is on the internet. Offering to meet in a specific city on a certain weekend will weed out the scammers quickly. Be ware . considering all the problems in that poor country now maybe one of the ladies was correct in that we do not have a right to judge them as they are just trying to survive and make a comfortable living. Who knows. Good luck.


  4. tonilee says:

    hello krystina,can i find my forever lover Aleksandra(23 or 24,blonde,living in odessa,student in dental school) i lost her from closing of
    Oneday she said to me,”you’re my forever spiritual leader” so i can’t lose her permanence
    immortality words

  5. David Brunner says:

    Of course is a scam. Even now you can see the pictures on many of the profiles at the site come from a Model site call ModelMayhem.

    Most of the women have no intention of meeting you. They are simply there to get you to buy credits for reading/sending letters. Of course the big bread winner for every scam site is the chat feature.

    They want you on the site and chatting with these women who will never agree to see you. Now you might actually see a woman or two, but it will be the great professional date of your life. She will have you stay in an expensive apartment she gets kick backs from. You will be paying for her and her interpreter to go to restaurants and bars, etc.

    And all the while she will be asking you for money for this or that. If you want to feel like the worst piece of garbage on the planet, then is your site!!!!

  6. Bruce says:

    I am currently in Ukraine and spending my third week here. While I have some free time I decided to leave a review for and share my amazing experience with them. This is my second trip to Ukraine and I was aware and ready for anything that can happen here, since I have not met the lady I came to during my previous trip. This time I am spending the best time ever with beautiful, intelligent and just best lady Aleksandra. We met on veronikalove and talked for almost a year. As soon as I got my vacation time I came to visit her and I think she is the one I want to bring back with me! Veronikalove staff did the best job to arrange it all, they are very supportive during my whole stay here and even helped me to move to another apartment cause I did not like the hotel. I am looking forward to meet Aleksandra soon and have no words to express how happy I am!

  7. Andy says:

    i found this forum accidentally and it was interesing for me to read what other people think. I guess I’m lucky, cause I’ve met Olga there, and luckily I was brave enough to try this site. sure there are really hundreds of incredible beauties and some are so gorgeous that you hardly believe such beauty exists. but it does, I live with such beautiful woman now and no matter what, I recommend you to try

  8. Andy says:

    before creating an account at this site I didn’t read any pros and cons, actually i don’t have time for such things and especially for Internet dating. but one day something brought me to Veronikalove and I signed up. there are really hundreds of incredible beauties and sometimes it’s rather difficult to understand who you’re really looking for and what woman among them you want in your life. but I found Mariya among them. we are not married yet but we live together and enjoy life, she is the best. that is why I’m writing here – try, take your chance, make your step guys, it’s worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sam says:

    Great website! Very happy with the service. It’s not an easy task to start relations online but I knew what I wanted and I went for it. Guys who write negative reviews might be expecting something else out of it. I traveled to Ukraine to meet lady personally and I am glad I was able to choose her our of thousands cause she is just perfect!

  10. Peter says:

    I can see that some people from veronikalove staff, writes in the comments field
    🙂 Pathetic.

    If Krystyna is blogging about ukraine dating sites, then I’m very surprised that she doesn’t tell the truth about these non legal dating sites.

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Peter,

      thank you for your comment.

      The aim of is publishing reviews and comments written by everybody (who has gained experiences with the particular dating service, who thinks to use this service as well as the owner and staff of the dating service has a right to say their opinion).

      I posts EVERY (both negative and positive) review. Everybody has the right to say their opinion!


  11. Phillip Moon says:

    Once I visited this site and I was really impressed. There I find what I looked for so long time. One girl who I mat that day was very gentle and when we finished our chat I had only positive feelings. I think if you want to communicate with great woman you should to visit that site! I was really happy that I find such happy and positive girl there. Phillip Moon.Milan

  12. Jeff says:

    I hesitated so long cause a lot of people say that there are fake ladies. Well, it is not true i just tried and make one deposit and already in one week we exchanged our information and now preparing papers for her to US. Guys you are the best!!!! Thank you for everything you do for us.

  13. Ryan says:

    Usually I don’t write positive reviews, but this time I decided to let you guys know this website is the best of what I’ve tried and there were plenty.
    sign up is fast and easy, gives you an access to all pictures and information right away. I received few letters and even got a chance to reply without paying a penny! I am happy with veronikalove and sure to find here what I’ve been looking for.

  14. Stan says:

    I wanted to tell that I’m happy with the fact that once I found this site. Veronikalove brought something bright to my boring everyday life full of dull house-holding and caring only for my animals. I felt like I needed to change something, but kept on thinking that I’m too old in my 50s to look for somebody. But I occasionally received an invitation to my e-mail to join this site, and I thought that this is the sign. And I liked what I received! So much attention and communication, now I have something to wait for – for early morning when I can enter the chat and talk to those who I like the most (Yes, I have to wake up and 5 AM, as I have 8 hours time difference with Ukraine, and my woman can’t talk to me earlier or later, she has to be on work or to sleep after it). So, I think that only those who are tuned to the negative will have a bad experience, as I believed in best and received the best. Don’t be scared to experiment.

  15. Walter M. says:

    I saw that reviews here are quite old, and I don’t know what was on Veronikalove 1-2 years ago, as I’m its member for 3 months for now, but I didn’t feel myself being scammed. The woman I met here was real, after our communication we exchanged e-mails thorough the site, everything was official, and now I talk to her via e-mails and skype, and she looks quite real for me 🙂 And yep, this site requires some cash, but I guess that there if one doesn’t have it, so he shouldn’t come to this site to be upset with inability to communicate. But I think that if I pay, I’m protected. And it was worth meeting my girl.

    • Rudy.O says:

      Good for you, maybe you are the token customer that is meant ot lure the rest of us in. As for not having the cash then don’t come this site, kinna sounding like a john who got what he paid for, so yeah. I’d be happy too.

      Was this your first ever experience of online dating? Never had the pleasure of being played? WoW…, count yourself lucky and keep who you have and never let her out of your site, you may not be so lucky next time.

  16. Rudy.O says:

    All Slavic dating sites are scams. The women’s pictures can be found on every dating site you visit, some will be older, younger, Russian, Moldovian, Czech, their ages will differs but it’s the same people behind every site.
    Different place of birth, different occupation, yet, always the same woman, the same photos.

    They never want to email you or reply to emails outside the site, they never want to call you or give you their number, they are ALWAYS KEEN for you to visit them but will not visit your hotel when you arrive and will select the place to meet. EVEYRTHING is designed to part you from your money. Nothing is real.

    I have had 2 women confess to me that they are not the women in the profile and show me their ACTUAL photos. Now, whilst they were not ugly, there were NOT the women in their profiles. They all claim not to have webcam or cannot borrow a webcam, do not know people or friends who have webcam, it’s too expensive, it’s too far to walk to the public access to use webcam. They have a 1,000 and one excuses and beautiful BS about how much you are the one and their lives are now complete lol (*^_^*).

    The fact of the matter is, WE ARE ALL DUMB-PHUQUES, ALL US GUYS for thinking ANY OF THE CRAP written on these sites are real and we allow our dumb-asses to be played so. ANY SO-CALLED TRUE STORY you see is fabrication and if not…, put it to the test. Some sites will charge £60 to send y9u the details of your ‘chosen one’, other will require that you have at least 500 credits in your account. Whichever you do, obtain their details, send them an email, deactivate your account…, GUARANTEED you WILL NEVER GET AN EMAIL FROM THE WOMAN WHO CLAIMS TO WANT TO BE YOUR WIFE AND BEAR CHILDREN.

    They have your money – you can do what the hell you want, it’s like they give a crap. So…, this is my experience, my gripe, my bitch session and I’m done crying into my cereal )*^_^*(.

  17. Bob says:

    I think it is very useful site for people who want to find somebody to share life with. It is site for serious people. Never experienced dishonest girls here. Also there is good 24/7 support.

  18. shakil sagar says:

    I like this web site but I don’t know how to send message

  19. shakil sagar says:

    Please tell me how we send message.And what is meant by credit.what relationship between credit and message

  20. Estraniero says:

    If you have too much money, you should definitely open an account with VeronikaLove. The girls are amazingly beautiful. You can write without end. Read also. And everything is settled with credits. As an example, an easy day with little communication. Only 2 letters read, one letter written and 2 times 15 minutes chat. That cost about 70 USD. That’s multiplied by 30 days, that’s 2100 USD. Now you should extrapolate this to 1 year. That’s no small change anymore. If you reduce the communication to weekly, that is one letter per week, why are the girls constantly online? I could see that older ladies (40+) are much less online. Some only half an hour and not every day. When I opened my account, according to my age, I was looking for women over 45. I added them to my favorites. There were 6 women. In a whole month, only one single woman from my favorite list went online. Since I also wonder what’s going on there?
    It may well be that there will be a meeting every now and then through these dating sites. Mostly, I think it is impossible that it actually comes to real meetings.
    Unless you get the impression that this site-strategy works like a filter. A filter that filters out the less well-off. In any case, you have to earn very well if the monthly cost of $ 2100 is not a thing. As I said, reducing the conversation to once a week would make it more manageable. But why are the girls online every morning, afternoon and evening? Does not anyone ask this question?

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