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Finding love is a difficult thing to do for some people. You long for it, but you do not know how to go about it. Sometimes we feel ugly or lack the confidence to talk to the person who makes our bodies tingle. Whatever obstacle that is blocking you from finding love, here is an activity you should consider: an AFA tour.

AFA stands for A Foreign Affair. AFA is a dating and marriage agency that assists American men to meet women from China, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Russia. The company was founded in 1995 and has remained operational to date.

This article aims to help men connect with women from diverse nations. You only need to be able to fly around the world since AFA conducts international tours. Later on, we will highlight some of the requirements you need so that your AFA tour can be successful. Before that, let us pick on one dating site that conducted international tours.

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

International dating singles tours by services reviewed

The company does its best to ensure single men meet the right women (s. also LoveMe (A Foreign Affair) Review 2023: Is it worth joining Some women join online dating platforms without any intentions to date anyone.

Typically, they will enjoy receiving compliments from men reminding them how pretty they are. They, therefore, like the idea that they can attract men by being adorable. To curb the lack of seriousness some women may have, expects them to fill a registration form. After filling the form, they get interviewed.

This tour is an opportunity single men should take. Not only do you get a chance to meet beautiful women from many nations, but you also get the chance to visit a new country.

Before you date a woman from a particular country, it would be better for you to spend some time in that country.

Staying in a new country is an effective way of understanding the host’s culture and customs. Dating a foreign woman is exciting, but unintentionally offending her due to failure to observe her country’s culture spells doom for you.

Main destinations of marriage trips in 2023

We have identified the regions covers, but there are seven central countries they hold their tours. The seven countries include the Philippines, Costa Rica, Columbia, China, Thailand, Peru and Ukraine. You can watch each video testimonials of these countries on their website in

The Philippines

Since AFA caters mainly to American men, the Philippines is an ideal country for them. Of the seven countries, it is the only English-speaking country.

The men do not need to worry about language barriers. If you take a tour around this country, you can expect to find beautiful cities and islands. Apart from the beautiful landscapes, the women are friendly. Some men fear dating women they deem intimidating, but they will feel confident with Filipino women, even for a man who has never dated.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has beautiful beaches and exotic wildlife. These are ideal vacation destinations for a date with Costa Rican women.

Women in this country can quickly meet foreign men since AFA has its office in San Jose. Any person who wishes to attend social dating events can visit their offices in person. Costa Rica strongly believes in family and strengthening it. It is no wonder that their women look forward to being a man’s wife.


If you ever want to meet several women at once, then Colombia is the place for you. During the tours, you will have an opportunity to visit Cartagena.

In the town, they hold a beauty contest every November called the Colombian National Beauty Pageant. After the pageant, some other parties and festivals follow. This pageant is an opportunity to interact with the models for a potential match.


Not only are the Chinese women beautiful, but they also have an entrepreneurial mindset. As a man, you get beauty with brains.

Also, 25% of women between 25-29 years of age are unmarried. Women focusing more on their careers may be the reason for the projection. You can be sure of settling with a Chinese woman because they are always ready to meet a man. Furthermore, the Chinese are family-oriented hence prepared to settle.


In Thailand, you will have to attend a meeting with interpreters first. Interpreters will assist you in interacting with the women, thereby translating from Thai to English.

Since the interpreters are primarily locals, they can also connect you to a Thai woman who speaks English. During the tour, you will have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with Bangkok. In their office, you can stop by and ask for the management to schedule a date for you.


Peru has beautiful Latinas, and the country is generally very welcoming. The tour will take place in Lima. The city has a collection of diverse activities you can engage in, such as beaches, museums, restaurants, sunset walks, and so on. There are many family-oriented and friendly women in Lima.


The Ukraine tours are unique because you will have an opportunity to visit its ten major cities. Most Ukrainian women do not get a chance to meet foreign men, so the women will be open to dating you.

The best single tour destination to find a foreign bride

The best destination to find a foreign bride would be the Philippines, at least in my view (MORE INFORMATION HERE).

The country has one of the lowest cases of divorce. Filipinos take marriage very seriously. It is even uncommon to hear incidences of adultery or polygamy.

The country is primarily Catholic, so their faith enables them to take marriage seriously.

Filipina girls are caring and supportive, particularly towards their family members. If you take a walk around the country, you will hardly encounter a retirement home or an orphanage centre. That is proof that Filipinos don’t institutionalize their parents in homes or dump their unplanned babies in orphanages.

In their country, Filipinas are trained to be composed even in the face of conflict. They are trained not to quarrel or argue since they will not appear lady-like. That explains why most of them appear reserved and soft-spoken.

Although the Filipinas have desirable traits, I would encourage the men not to take that as an opportunity to treat them like doormats. They may appear soft-spoken, but they are also educated. The country prioritizes schooling. Their education level empowers them to fight back in case of mistreatment.

How much does an AFA tour costs?

European Individual Club Tour

  • 7 Days of Tour Services – $1095.00
  • 10 Days of Tour Services – $1295.00
  • 14 Days of Tour Services – $1495.00

Learn more and sign up for free HERE

Asian Individual Club Tour

  • 7 Days of Tour Services – $1095.00
  • 10 Days of Tour Services – $1295.00
  • 14 Days of Tour Services – $1495.00

Learn more and sign up for free HERE

Latin Individual Club Tour

  • 7 Days of Tour Services – $1095.00
  • 10 Days of Tour Services – $1295.00
  • 14 Days of Tour Services – $1495.00

Learn more and sign up for free HERE

Since the tours are conducted internationally, you will, first of all, need a visa. The visa will cost you roughly $100. If you already have it, you will only need to worry about paying a membership fee for the AFA tours.

To benefit from the tours, you will need to log on to You will be required to pay an activation fee for a premium membership at $95. After that, you will pay $29.95 each month. The card linked to the membership is automatically billed every month.

The advantage of this membership is that you will incur low costs flying all over the world. You may end up using $200 to travel around the world as opposed to typical air tickets that go for $600. Additionally, you have the freedom to travel anywhere regardless of the distance. So, if you want a cheaper way of dating, join the membership.

Things to consider before going on the AFA tours

Here are a few things you should have considered before going on an AFA tour:

The executive plan

To understand just how successful AFA has been, here is a brief executive plan to help you understand how they function:

Executive summary: AFA is one of the largest marriage tour agencies situated in Phoenix, Arizona. Its primary function is to organize international tours for singles hoping to date someone outside their nationality.

Market: It connects single men and women as long as they are adults. Some singles prefer a certain age bracket and that is information you would know through dating the person.

Keys to success: Most online dating platforms ask for premium membership fees so that you can chat online. AFA, however, organizes tours using the membership fee you pay. The tours have thus driven more singles to join AFA. Every year, people document successful marriages.

Management: The Arizona branch communicates with the management of other departments to organize the international tours.

Mission: Trust drives this company. When you submit your details to AFA, they do not disclose your data anyhow. Remember, not everyone is comfortable with others knowing they are in a dating site.

AFA Single & Dating Tours:
Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few frequently asked questions about AFA romance and marriage tours. If you have questions of your own or need more information, write me a message (s. ASK ME QUESTIONS).

Truthfully, human beings are wired to notice good looks first. However, good looks can only take you so far. Statistically, people treat good-looking people as sex objects. Most pretty women have complained that men only want one-night stands with them and vice versa. On the other hand, women have been married to men who are deemed not handsome. It is because they realized the man in question was loving and intelligent. Do not worry about your looks; work on a fantastic personality.

In most Asian countries, women value having a family a lot. It is not far-fetched to assume that most would desire a wealthy man for that reason. A man usually is considered the provider, so the woman would expect him to cover rental costs, water bills, school fees, etc. However, most women joining AFA hope to fall in love, so some of them may love you as you are.

Yes, it is. The company has been running since 1995. You can find testimonials of successful marriages that have occurred due to joining the company. If you wish to speak to them, you can call them on this number (602) 553-8178, and they will link you to successful couples.

Somewhat. Most women associate older men (in their thirties) with maturity and intelligence. However, men in their twenties can still push their luck.

You would need to meet her in person since the company cannot legally release their contact details.


The world of dating has undergone a continuous evolution, making it easy for men to marry foreign women.

Before the internet, you could only consider marrying from your own country. AFA and other online dating platforms like it have promoted diverse marriages. Gone are the days when your parents would insist on marrying someone from the same nationality or race.

You only need to familiarize yourself with the culture of the person you are marrying.

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