Meeting Polish Brides: The Ultimate Polish Dating Guide

Polish women are not only famous for their solid figure and stunning looks but also their good character. These attributes drive so many men to them, hoping to make them their life partners. If you desire to date a Polish girl, this article tells you everything you need to know about Polish women.

The post answers why you should date a polish woman, why most men want to meet them, Polish women’s character and mentality, average looks and dating sites you can meet them. Besides, I explain why Polish women want western men as their husbands and how you can meet a perfect Polish mail bride.

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Why dating Polish women – Top 3 reasons

Men are first attracted to looks. Polish women are not only beautiful but also have a curvy figure, which first attracts the eyes. Interesting to know, there are very few skinny women in Poland, so if you prefer women with fewer curves, Polish women may not be your type of women.

Polish women dating

Polish girls are educated and very open-minded. If you want a woman who will embrace your foreign culture, a Polish girl is your ideal woman. Though they are learned, these women value culture and are excited to learn new cultural values. Who wouldn’t want an educative spouse? Polish women are beauties with brains. They can maintain an educative conversation on most topics.

Polish women value family. Though they may travel miles away to work or study, these women will always make time to catch up with family members. Getting one as your partner means your kids will grow up with love and learning the importance of family.

Why do Western men want to meet Polish brides?

Polish women are loving and caring. Love and care are among the family values that Polish women grow up learning. Even when they are old enough, they will still show love to their families and when it is time to get married, love and care are extended to the new partner.

Besides, these women are elegant and will always take some time to check the mirror before leaving the house. They embrace their feminism and will always dress up to show out their beautiful looks.

What is the character and mentality of Polish women?

Most Polish women prefer to stay quiet and be observant in unfamiliar or public and are so cautious around new faces. Because of this, some people mistake them as detached and, in some instances, rude.

On the contrary, the Polish women’s character is very genuine. Instead of engaging in small talks with strangers, they pay attention to learn our actions and once they have trusted you, you will notice a warm and hospitable side.

These women have a positive mind towards life and focus on their education and careers. They are open-minded hence open to different cultures and always looking to learn new cultural values. They are known to be polite and humble to their spouses.

What is the typical look of Polish women?

All polish women have a similar appearance. However, they fall into a few distinct looks in terms of facial features. There are plenty of brunettes and blondes and a few red-heads among Polish women and these women are well endowed in their behinds and chest. Did you know? Polish women are curvier compared to their counterparts in Russia, Ukraine and Romania.

Polish brides online

In general, women in Poland are attractive and are described as cute since most men cannot resist their amazing curves.

Random facts that you won’t believe are true:

A wide range of Polish women fall into the six and seven range and you will rarely find a ton of them rated eight plus. Krakow has so many of these women due to women working in large cities and the university around. If you are looking to meet one in person, here is the place to start your search.

Our recommendation: Top 3 dating sites to meet Polish brides

Though polish women travel to the metropolis to study or work for better wages, they will always come back home to check at their parents and family. They grow up with a lot of family values and love, which always draw them back home. Due to this, most of them will prefer studying, working, or living close to home; thus, meeting them in person may not be that easy.

Luckily, a good number of them are on online dating sites where you can always meet your polish bride. However, not all dating sites provide an opportunity to meet a Polish bride. If you have always wanted to meet one online, here are the top three dating sites you can use. is a legalized online dating site that offers a variety of profiles for Polish women to choose from. The platform has a long application process to discourage applicants who are not serious, so only interested Polish women qualify.


Costs costs are in the upper range when compared to other dating sites. They offer two price levels, that is silver and gold. Your charges for every address for one or two addresses on one order are $12.00 but reduce to $9.00 for every address if you make three or more address of foreign brides like the Polish brides.

If you apply for a free basic membership, you get the chance to browse numerous Polish women profiles. Our advice to you is to upgrade to a Platinum membership for $95 the first month and then pay $29.95 for the next months and get the full marriage and dating package.

Advantages is a famous foreign dating site that is matching thousands of singles. For those looking for a Polish bride, this is the site for you as there are numerous of them here. You get to browse through a number of their profiles and settle for your favourite.

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Standard version in this dating site is free though it’s best to pay and get full access to the site. A three-month membership is about $69.98 or $23.33 every month. An annual membership will cost you $149.99 in total or $12.50 monthly.

Advantages selects its women carefully to give you the best and pretty Polish brides. There are numerous profiles to browse through to find your perfect match. This dating site has great innovative features and offers financial security to its users delivering excellent services while providing safety measures.


Costs charges slightly different from other dating sites. Instead of charging you for every girl you contact, the site offers you unlimited access to Polish brides’ profiles after paying $300. The site has succeeded in matching many partners through their amazing services at a low price.


To meet one, register in one legal dating site like the above mentioned, fill your profile with relevant data but leave out personal info. Add a nice photo, write your bio with your nickname. After creating a profile, proceed to search for Polish brides and use your impressive tactics to get one.
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Why are women from Poland looking for a Western husband?

Poland women are quite adventurous and like exploring the world to learn about new cultures. The excitement of meeting a partner from a different country and culture altogether puts them on the spot of looking for western men and settling with them.

Another reason Poland women prefer a western husband is how the western men present themselves. In most cases, expats who visit Poland are highly-qualified, so Polish women get the idea that these men are financially well. The thought of having a husband who can offer a lavish lifestyle is tempting for many.

Again, some Polish women are fascinated by the idea of having and raising bilingual kids. As a result, they register on dating sites in the hope of meeting a western husband who will give them these kids. Besides, marrying a western man means you get to be a permanent residence in their country. As a result, you get a work permit to work in foreign countries, an opportunity that most Polish women desire.

Putting it together: Meeting Polish women online

As much as Polish women are beautiful with a pretty solid figure, you can’t just meet them anywhere. These women are mainly working or studying in their country, making it difficult for you to meet them randomly. Luckily, so many of them have registered on online dating platforms giving you a chance to get that Polish bride you desire to have.

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