Meeting Baltic Brides: The Ultimate Baltic Dating Guide

The three Baltic nations are Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Baltic women are some of the gorgeous souls in the world. It’s no surprise that these three nations are popular for western men looking for Baltic brides and girlfriends. Men take trips to these countries in the hope of dating a lovely Baltic woman.

From my personal experience, their traits do not differ a lot from Russian women. If you are looking to date a Baltic girl, you’re going to love life. Apart from their looks, Baltic women are known for their style and class. Their culture is designed to breed loving and responsible wives out of young ladies.

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Why Dating Baltic Women?

Baltic women are outstandingly beautiful. The beautiful nature is typical of the region. Their physical features and blonde or brown hair makes them stand out. Baltic women are known for their gorgeous piercing blue eyes with various shapes and sizes. Their eyes are just amazing, and you’ll never get enough of that charming Baltic girl look.

As much as many Baltic women portray these traits, you will also find other various stunning ladies. Others have ginger red hair with the most alluring green eyes and the brown-eyed cuties with black hair.

baltic brides online

Apart from beauty, Baltic women are well educated. Baltic countries value education for both genders. They’re also naturally intelligent. Some studies have shown that more women than men are enrolled in universities. This fact is also due to the gender imbalance in the regions.

In addition to these traits, Baltic women are empowered and independent. A country like Latvia is renowned for female empowerment globally.

Why Western Men Want to Meet Baltic Mail Order Brides

Many western men will give anything to make a Baltic lady their wives. A typical Baltic order bride is a perfect wife not just because of their looks but also their support and loyalty in marriage. Here are some of the traits that make western men passionately desire to meet Baltic mail brides.

They are Very Social

It’s easy and enjoyable to have a conversation with these ladies. The first date might not involve many emotions, but it’s natural for ladies to need a bit of time to establish a connection. Once you are genuinely into each other, you will always relish a chat with them.

They are Supportive

Baltic mail brides are very supportive women. They’ll make you feel like you have not just a wife but a friend whom you can always count on. They are well aware of the importance of a supportive wife and are very loyal.

They Value Western Culture

The values of Baltic countries are almost similar to American culture. It means most of your views will align, which is vital for the success of any marriage. The two cultures have just a few differences.

Character and Mentality of Baltic Woman

Most Baltic women are known for their natural beauty. Nevertheless, this is just part of what makes them the perfect woman to date. These ladies have an ideal sense of humour besides stylish dressing. Despite most Baltic countries being traditional, they are open to exploring other cultures, and so are their women.

Almost all Baltic women are known to be wise. Wisdom is a perfect boost for a successful relationship. Their understanding is manifested in their mentality towards the essential aspects of life. Baltic women approach life with a positive attitude, family and relationships, notwithstanding. There are also strong in the face of challenges which is a vital trait for a wife.

Baltic girls are patient and make informed decisions that will favour both of you and the family. You can always depend on these ladies. They are responsible women who will always find time to take care of the kids and help you out with other chores. A Baltic woman prioritises their husband before anything.

You’ll always come home to a well-prepared home meal after a long day of work. They take their chores seriously; making sure the house is tidy, and your clothes are always clean and ready to be worn to work.

Baltic women always recognise your position as the head of the family. Nevertheless, they are still defensive about their perception in a disagreement. You can be at ease though because they’ll always accept the final decision made. They’ll ever share their opinion out their wisdom and support all the right choices you make.

A typical Baltic lady is known for her loving and hospitable behaviour. Their positive influence sweeps across the family. As strong as she can be, she will always need your attention. All her attractive traits will manifest well if you keep her jolly always. It’s your responsibility as the man to make sure you cheer her up when she’s down and try your best always to bring out that smile from her gorgeous face.

Coming from a region where women empowerment is on the rise, Baltic women need equality in most things. She likes to see you decide duties in the house. That way, she will perform her family duties and still have time to take up other responsibilities out there.

Typical Look of Baltic Women

Despite their different languages, Baltic women have a familiar typical look. They are usually tall and slim with adorable faces. A small number of them have a hipster element, mostly in entertainment areas. They grow a range of long to medium hair with a variety of natural shades. Most of them have light-skinned eyes.

Baltic women dating

The appearance resembles that of Scandinavian ladies. Their eyes vary from blue, green to brown shades. Their stunning appearance will undoubtedly make you turn your head.

The beauty of Baltic women is unique to this region. Their hair colours are incredibly gorgeous, as well. Brown, black and red shades are the most common colours you’ll notice in Baltic countries. Most of these ladies fall in the 7 and 8 ranges, a perfect look for a wife.

TOP3 Dating Sites to Meet Baltic Brides

In the past, the only way you could get a Baltic bride was by travelling to the region. Technology today has made it easier to meet these ladies in the present days. You can get your perfect Baltic bride at the comfort of your home by logging in to the many dating sites. These sites allow you to meet virtually in real-time through live video chats.

There are several sites available that offer these services. Nevertheless, not all of them will provide you with the best services. Below is a review of the top 3 dating sites to meet Baltic brides.

Also known as A Foreign Affair connects singles from all races. Although most of the women on this site are from Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, it’s membership runs across the globe. The site vouchers to have been in the business of pairing brides and grooms since 1995.

They have an exclusive event called the Singles Tour which occurs in series for pairing couples. They cater all that the event entails, which includes accommodation to massive parties.


Their free are service include:

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A fee of 95 USD is charged for Platinum Membership activation. The monthly payment, which is independent of the activation fee is 29.95 USD. Other charges include:

This site is entirely free for women.

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This site is open to anyone who wants to join worldwide. Its primary operator is the renown Cupid Media widespread in the niche dating sites sector. This site has hundreds of recorded success stories all over the world. Majority of its members originate from Eastern Europe, Latin America, Russia and Africa.

It’s also a social discovery site where you can interact with people internationally and make friends. Its programming allows for global communication. Its age limit ranges from 18 to 55+


Their free services are:

Their paid services include:

Their gold membership charges have three options

Platinum membership includes

You can pay via bank transfer, Credit Card, PayPal, Paysafecard or online bank transfer.

This site’s membership limited to ladies mainly from Asian and Eastern European countries. It’s made up of a simple and easy to understand set up. It’s one of the oldest sites in this business has been there since 1998.


It has several free services which are:

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They charge per credit. Their charges are as follows:

When looking for a partner online, socialise the same way you do in a face -to-face meeting. Meeting your special someone online can be the best experience if you keep it real.
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Why Are Women from Baltic Countries Looking for A Western Husband?

Baltic women are known to be fond of western men. This fact is due to several reasons for their countries men and their general perception.

Baltic countries are known to have a significant gender imbalance. The mortality rate for men is high as many men die young. A large number of women than men is evident in universities as well. For this reason, Baltic women look to western countries for companionship.

Gender imbalance is evident between the ages of 30-40 years.

It’s the perception of Baltic women that western men are the perfect husband material. Many Baltic women are highly educated and want a husband who will match their intellect. Western men are known to be well educated as well and fit the profile of these ladies.

Baltic ladies are family-oriented women and want a man who will put the family first before themselves. Western culture brings up men to just what these ladies would wish from a husband.

Random Facts that You Won't Believe Are True

Women live 11 years longer than men in Latvia which is one of the Baltic countries. Between the age of 30-39 there 3000 more ladies than men in Baltic countries.

Conclusion: Meeting Baltic Women Online

Baltic women are the jewel of the Baltic region. These ladies are easily attracted to jolly men. They appreciate simple gestures and love to connect with new people. Dating a Baltic lady is something to cherish. You have to first choose the right online dating site with a good reputation. Reading reviews might be helpful.

Keep in mind that these ladies are very private till they feel a connection with you. Making sure they are happy will help open up their emotions freely.

Love is what drives them to these relationships. For these reasons, they are very prudent when choosing a partner. There are members of these dating sites to find love. Be yourself whenever interacting with them, and you will meet someone you can connect with.

Last Updated: December 17, 2021

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