UaDreams Review 2024: Is The Site Fake or Legit?

Considering to register at and asking if this dating site is a scam or legit? Is the dating site expensive or not?

Recently, has been receiving negative and positive feedback in contrasting measures.

This UAdreams review is aimed at explaining what is UaDreams, services offered at the website, and costs involved. Also, you will get to know what other members in the agency are saying at

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

What is UaDreams?

It is an online marriage agency created for single men from the United States, Canada, and Western Europe to meet and interact with Ukrainian women. It was established in the 2000s with an aim of offering dating services with men from every part of the world.

uadreams review

They have branches in more than 10 cities in Ukraine which not only facilitate going to Ukraine, but they also plan dates with Ukrainian women.

uadreams ladies

We did a research about the company WEBSTER ENTERPRISES LIMITED which owns the dating site They are based in Suites 21&22 Victoria House, 26 Main Street, Gibraltar. 

What does say about themselves?

According to their description on the homepage, is a Ukrainian online dating website that offers security to its users. The site hosts around 1,000 women from Ukraine, all of them being well screened. The women approved for this website must have a genuine interest in International relationships with a possibility of marriage in the future.

They do their best to protect their clients from scams by doing extensive background checks and marital statuses prior to approving the applications of all of their clients and available prospects. They also provide a very confidential setting for their clients. 

UADreams suggests you to become a member of their website and find your bride, which can fill the emptiness in your life and heart.

But how legit and relaible is UAdreams really? Let’s find out together.

What Services Does UA Dreams Offer?

UaDreams has numerous dating services. First, there is the email service where you exchange mails with women. Second is the video chat service.

With this disclosure, it is difficult for a client to dispute charges as they would have to make the action to warrant the debit amount. They have a variety of services stemming from scarves and blankets to flowers and wine. Travel costs are absorbed by the client that is coming to meet his potential bride.

The primary language is English. However, there is an in-built translation service to help non-English speakers. The dating service also checks the female members’ marital status regularly to ensure they are not get married or got into a romantic relationship.

Uadreams experience

Another service of is that you can share audio files and pictures. The last and best service offered by the agency is that they can organize a trip for you to visit Ukraine. argue that the necessity for charging members is because each member knows the value of what he is paying for.

Can I try for free?

There are no charges associated with joining the dating service. You can try it out to check if the services being offered are convenient for you. You can also use some features for free such as sending the first mail for free and getting unlimited access to women’s profiles. Other features you can use for free include:

The registration process will take a minute and even less if you register using your social media site such as Twitter or Facebook. You then confirm your profile and then you can start filling in your personal information. 

How much does UAdreams cost? Very expensive

For men, the first mail you send is free. Any subsequent mail is paid for and the charges that range between $3.49 to $6.99. The cost for a video chat starts from $1.15. The price can be reduced if you get a package with many minutes. Also, you can get bonus minutes if you buy purchase many minutes.

Sharing audios and pictures attracts a cost of $2.49. You can use photo credits to send audios to your lady, and vice-versa. For video files, the prices range between $2.99 and $5.99 for just one video file.

Trip packages to Ukraine start at $173 for a day and night. This price can go up to $557 depending on the features you want.

Review of the female profiles at

According to the company women on are real and have been screened and checked. The agency says that the number of female profiles is 1000. points out that they stringently evaluate and select the ladies that they accept on their dating service. According to UAdreams, they can ensure that the dating site is “working properly by testing the services, testing the features and testing the functionality of the website”. 

uadreams experience online

You can apply the advanced search feature to search the type of ladies they want using the criteria: age, children, religious affiliation, city, and even the number of kids the lady would like to have.

User Experience on SiteJabber - This Is How UAdreams Has Been Rated

The dating site UaDreams has a positive rating of 4.31 stars from 125 reviews, indicating that most UAdreams customers are generally satisfied with the service of the platform. Reviewers satisfied with UaDreams most frequently mention video chat, great job, and customer service. 

uadreams sitejabber

At UaDreams ranks 721st among online dating sites which is a positive sign.

Does UADreams Offer Legit Services?

You have to agree that it is almost impossible to find a dating agency that guarantees you the authenticity in the ladies’ profiles.

According to our research, offers a rather legit dating and matchmaking service. In recent years, the agency has received a lot of positive reviews on social media and If talking about negative reviews, most complaints from members include:

As a result, it is safe to say that UaDreams is quite secure.
krystyna trushyna
Blogger at Ukrainiаn Dating Stories

Our Verdict: Is UADreams a Good Dating Site?

You cannot do much on the site UAdreams if you’re a free member (but it is quite common in the International dating industry). The pricing structure of the marriage agency results in you having to pay for credits in order to be able to communicate and have video chats with the ladies. And the site is not cheap to use. appears to be a reliable and legit International dating site for men who are looking for a Ukrainian match.

Various reviews from and other review sites indicate positive feedback by clients. Many satisfied customers have shared their personal experience with using UADreams and finding a match through this service.

Here is our verdict: is a sufficient and trustworthy dating website to find a bride from Ukraine.

UA Reviews by Former Customers

These reviews were sent to Ukrainian Dating Stories. You find more reviews, experiences and opinions on UA Dreams in the comments below.

The goal of Ukrainian Dating Stories is to help our readers obtain reliable information about Russian and Ukrainian dating services that they intend to use. 

Your opinion matters to us!  By sharing your experience, you help other men find the legit dating sites and apps and avoid bad services.

honest and professional
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UA Dreams presents itself as a highly professional and trustworthy agency. Their communications are clear and transparent. They offer their services at prices that seem fair for the level of security and service provided.

The interpreters at UA Dreams demonstrate professionalism and proficiency in English. They effectively translate not only the language but also capture the essence and emotions of the conversation. This has been particularly beneficial in building a meaningful relationship with my lady over many months. The dedicated interpreter helped foster a familial bond between us. During my stay, I explored Sumy's beautiful parks, monuments, museums, churches, and top restaurants. The city offers a rich cultural experience.

Our 19 months of communication through letters and bi-weekly video chats laid a solid foundation of friendship and trust before meeting in person. This groundwork allowed us to use our time together to deepen our understanding of each other in a meaningful way. My experiences in Sumy, Ukraine, have left a lasting impression on my heart.

Having visited Ukraine multiple times, this trip, facilitated by UA Dreams, was the most enjoyable and successful. The agency’s reliability and professionalism stand out, making them a commendable choice for anyone seeking similar services.

My name is Tim from Washington D.C., USA, and I recently visited the Sumy branch of UADreams. The agency's professionalism was immediately apparent upon my arrival. Both the manager and the interpreter, who spoke excellent English, handled my introduction and meetings efficiently. My experience meeting my lady and exploring the city, including dining out and sightseeing, was heartwarming.

I appreciated the well-established rapport between the interpreter and my lady, which facilitated effective communication of emotions and meanings. The 10 days spent in Sumy, exploring the city and building our relationship, felt like becoming part of a big family.

I am grateful to UA Dreams for their significant role in making this relationship possible and look forward to future interactions with the agency.
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It's been nearly three years of communication with my Ukrainian girl Elena before I could finally meet her in person in Germany. We started communicating in April 2020, right at the start of the corona pandemic. We couldn't travel. And in February 2022 the war started and Elena could not stay in Kiev, so she left with her family to Berlin. Very hard times, which led to the fact that we could not meet for 3 years. But the patience and waiting was worth it.

Our patience during this time allowed us to truly understand and connect with each other. This journey has been nothing short of a miracle as two souls from afar came together, intertwining our hearts, minds, and spirits.

I would like to give special recognition to our translator, Iryna, who has been exceptional during our dates in Berlin (Elena speaks a bit of German, but no English at all). She skillfully bridged the gap in our communication, serving as our voice and helping us understand each other better. I'm immensely grateful to the agency for creating a safe and secure environment for my wonderful partner.

Our journey doesn't end here. The next step is to travel again to Germany to meet her family, taking our relationship to new heights. This entire experience has been a testament to the power of patience, love, and the wonderful support we've received along the way.

I wholeheartedly recommend UaDreams dating services. My experience with them has been quite positive, and it has the potential to turn into a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with a Ukrainian woman.
Service is good
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The service provided by UaDreams was quite good. Irina, my translator, was great in making my journey to Lviv a successful one and ensuring the authenticity of my commitment to Nina. However, it's essential to note that there were some drawbacks to the experience.

My trip to Lviv had its positive aspects. Irina, my translator, was proficient at her job, which added value to the trip. I had the opportunity to explore the city and enjoyed the local cuisine, historic landmarks, and cultural experiences. I had the chance to meet Nina who I believe has a genuine connection with me, just as I had hoped for when establishing contact online.

While there were positive elements to my trip, it's important to mention that there were also some challenges and potential areas for improvement. The experience, as a whole, had its ups and downs. The city offered cultural richness and history, but there were instances where communication barriers arose, making it a bit of a struggle at times. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that the process of proving the authenticity of the online connection was not without its uncertainties.

Nevertheless, I did stay in a hotel in the city center, and there was indeed a wide variety of food and attractions to explore. Despite the occasional challenges, my overall impression of the trip was positive. While there were some areas that could be improved, I'm open to the idea of returning to Lviv in the future.
Walter from Austria
Walter from Austria
fulfilling experiences
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I've had fulfilling experiences in all my travels to Ukraine to meet ladies there. My recent trip to Rivne went well in all aspects. I want to acknowledge the agency's service. Everything was well-prepared, and Olga, my translator, was sensitive and attentive. She swiftly handled the tensions of our first meeting, making me feel like she'd always been there. I've felt this way in all my travels with all translators.

Having traveled quite a bit, I've had really good experiences. Now, I've found a lady who captured my heart from our chats to our real meetings. It's hard to believe I'm just lucky, but I'll gratefully accept this gift made possible by uadreams service.
Visiting Ukraine in November 2023
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As I set foot in Ukraine during November 2023, I'm captivated by its hidden beauty. The Ukrainian people not only possess warm hearts but also hold onto meaningful values that resonate deeply with me. My trip serves a dual purpose: to soak in the breathtaking natural wonders and to embrace the freedom they hold dear and work tirelessly to protect.

Of course, there's another, more personal reason for my visit – to win the heart of a very special lady who means the world to me. Her love and affection are something I deeply cherish.

I must commend UaDreams for their role in helping foreign men like myself grasp the unique culture, mindset, and environment of Ukraine. While the path to finding the perfect match with the ladies may have its occasional twists and turns, such challenges are part and parcel of most dating agencies. These little obstacles we face along the way are akin to conquering small mountains, adding a touch of excitement to the journey.
I went to Ukraine to date women
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If you're unhappy with UADREAMS, it's a good idea to take a closer look at yourself first. The biggest challenge might be finding a woman who can communicate in English, but rest assured, many members can. Just remember not to expect someone who speaks English like a native speaker; otherwise, you might be in for disappointment.

Additionally, the company offers background checks, but this service comes at an extra cost. But it is ok, I do not mind.

I've personally traveled to Ukraine 2 times to meet women through Uadreams, and my experience taught me that Ukrainian women are genuine. The website can indeed be a valuable. it's crucial to set realistic expectations!!!!
I Look Forward to Further Quality Time Together
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I had a good time with the Ukraine woman I met through uadreams. She seems to be really special. We've been communicating for a year before finally meeting in person. For those planning a visit during wartime, I suggest heading to safer cities in West Ukraine (Lviv or Iwano-Frankiwsk).

Translation provided by Alona in Lviv is a game changer. She demonstrated professionalism and excelled in her communication. Alona was friendly, and helpful.

However, it's important to be aware of some less favorable aspects of the uadreams service. The service comes at a significant cost, which might be a deterrent for some guys looking for a Ukrainian lady online. Additionally, the responsiveness of customer support appeared to be somewhat slow at times. These are considerations to keep in mind when evaluating the overall experience.
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Visiting Ukraine amidst conflict was a unique adventure for me, offering insights into the local lifestyle. UaDreams provided a platform to connect with Irina, whom I had conversed with via emails and video chats. Elmira from customer service was instrumental, guiding me meticulously through trip preparations.

Despite concerns about the war, the Rivne branch, where Irina resides, felt safe and modern. Thankfully, we encountered no air raid alerts during my stay. The branch office was easily accessible, adding convenience to the experience.

However, a setback occurred when Irina fell ill on the eve of our meeting due to the flu. Initially disappointed, I appreciated the professionalism displayed by Olga, the interpreter, who ensured I still had an engaging day exploring the city.

The following day, when Irina recovered, we finally met. It was evident that UaDreams staff are genuine and committed to customer satisfaction. Their support extended beyond mere matchmaking, reflecting a genuine concern for their clients' well-being.

In hindsight, while challenges arose, UaDreams facilitated a memorable and meaningful encounter. The trip not only brought me closer to Irina but also allowed me to witness Ukraine's resilience amid adversity. I commend the team for their dedication and commendable service, ensuring a positive experience amidst unforeseen circumstances.
Considering a Return in the Future
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I'm grateful for the Uadreams team assistance provided in organizing my first trip to meet Natalia in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Spending a couple of weeks here with her was a memorable experience. I want to express my gratitude for the translator, Mrs. Liliya, who played a significant role in facilitating communication during my meeting with Natalia.

While the city has its charm, there are areas that could use some improvement.

On the positive side, Ivano-Frankivsk offers a unique atmosphere and interesting places to explore.

However, it's important to note that infrastructure and certain amenities could be enhanced. Perhaps, in the future, I might consider returning for a more extended stay when time allows. My overall sentiment leans toward liking Ivano-Frankivsk, but there's room for development in some aspects.
Great Experience!
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I want to share my UAdreams experience with you. Initially, I had my doubts and fears about coming to Ukraine in 2024, but all of that vanished once I arrived. I’ve met some of the kindest and most wonderful people here, and it’s been an amazing experience. The hospitality I've received is unparalleled. I’ve been treated exceptionally well, much better than I ever expected, with warm smiles and open arms. Every need has been taken care of, from meals to transportation, making me feel incredibly welcome. If you have any doubts about visiting Ukraine or finding the right person, I encourage you to reconsider. This experience has been truly memorable, and I’m confident you will feel the same.
A decent site
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uadreams is user-friendly and promising, but I would have preferred a more flexible membership model, as buying creadits can be very expensive. Nonetheless, I decided to give uadreams a shot after trying numerous dating sites without much success in finding a match. In 2022, I did find my lady through uadreams, and we are set to marry this December, suggesting some merit to the service.

Profile management is reasonably straightforward, although I needed assistance with uploading photos, as I cound not add more.

uadreams provides a good opportunity to connect with interesting people, but it's important to note that it's not without its drawbacks. Despite my positive experiences, I acknowledge the limitations in the payment models. Overall, I appreciate uadreams for enabling me to meet my lady here.
Rick H.
Rick H.
Service is legit
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I tried many dating sites, but they are all the same. It is difficult to find a good legit site. is another online dating service I tested. Here's what I observed:

My experience with had its ups and downs. On the positive side, the website is modern and easy to navigate, making it user-friendly. Customer service is responsive and helpful, addressing queries promptly. Additionally, claims to verify female profiles, which can provide some assurance regarding authenticity.

However, there are drawbacks to consider. The credit packages on can get rather expensive, especially for those who use the site regularly.

In summary, like many other dating sites, has its strengths and weaknesses. It's essential to weigh these aspects carefully when deciding if it's the right choice for you.
Reliable service
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For several years, I explored various dating platforms, such as UkraineBrides, UkraineDates, RussianBrides, among others, with the aim of connecting with Slavic women for serious relationships. Despite the considerable time and financial investment, these efforts did not yield any positive results. In pursuit of a meaningful relationship, I found that UA Dreams stood out as a more reliable option, in contrast to my experiences on other dating sites, which were ultimately unfruitful. Initially skeptical, my experience with UA Dreams eventually met my expectations regarding matches.
Daniel K.
Daniel K.
Good so far
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I've tried many sites but never had any luck. Realistically there have been many cases of scam and fraud. The sites themselves or mostly the women screwed me over. I didn't have much hope when I made an account on I like the site for its profile verification policy. It leaves a good feeling. I also like the live chat service as I don't like texting. Just a waste of time for me. The women on the site are very nice, the communication is going well. So far I have not found the one I am looking for. It takes time. But I am sure that for now I will stay in online dating and communicate, get to know women better.
trip to Ukraine
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I have a good experience with a trip to Ukraine that the uadreams team organised. Even though it was a short journey (only 4 days), I met many interesting women and had a good time. Liuba, my tour guide, was so helpful and kind every day. In my view, this is a trip I will never forget in my life.
Good so far
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I'm new to UAdreams, so my experiences are limited. However, I found it extremely easy to create an account and initiate conversations. I appreciate the information required to complete my profile. The site has well-chosen members, user-friendly menus, and noticeable data protection measures in place to ensure a safe experience.
I can trust UAdreams
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As someone who is naturally cautious and new to online dating, I was initially hesitant about using UaDreams. However, my busy work schedule left me little time to meet new people, and I was tired of being alone. After reading numerous positive reviews about dating Ukrainian women, I decided to give UaDreams a try. What impressed me most about UaDreams was their extensive network of 16 branches and a main office. Manager Ksenia provided detailed explanations about how the main office supervises all the branches and meticulously approves new client profiles. The requirement for women to submit documents verifying their identity and single or divorced status added an extra layer of trustworthiness for me. This thorough and professional approach reassured me, and I now trust this site. It's given me hope in finding a meaningful connection despite my initial reservations.
meet my beautiful lady in real life
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In December 2023, I met my lady and felt good about her. We chatted online for many months. We planned to meet in April 2021, but the pandemic stopped us. I thought she might move on, but she stayed committed to us. In 2022, things got better. I got vaccinated so I could visit her in Lviv. Finally, I arrived and met her and our interpreter Natalia. Meeting her in person was amazing. She was even better than her photos and chats. This is just the beginning for us. I'm grateful to UaDreams and Natalia for making my stay comfortable. Also, thanks to my lady for showing me around Lviv. I loved exploring the city, and I want to come back soon. During my trip, we had a great time together. She was exactly as I expected - beautiful and smart. We spent time with her family and visited many places. I enjoyed every moment and want to spend more time with her.
Meeting a Woman of Charm, Intelligence, and Exceptional Beauty
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After completing my visit to Western Ukraine, I am pleased to provide a recommendation for the excellent service I received from the branch of Ua Dreams. Natalya, who served as both my office contact and interpreter during my trip, was friendly, helpful, and attentive. She facilitated my experience and even assisted in obtaining a local SIM card to prevent excessive charges on my UK phone. The person I met was pleasant, intelligent, and notably attractive. We enjoyed many enjoyable moments, shared laughter, and dined at some of Lviv's finest restaurants. I found the value for money in Ukraine to be very satisfactory. I intend to return and will stop by to say hello when I do.
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I've never really liked German women. They're just not my type, you know? That’s why I started trying international dating ages ago. First, I gave Thai women a shot, but honestly, they were way too shy for my taste. So, I kept searching and stumbled upon uadreams after reading Krystyna’s articles. She knows her stuff, so I thought, why not?

One thing that really stood out to me is that uadreams takes things seriously. They interview every Lady personally before she joins the community and check all her documents, even her marital status. It feels reassuring, like you’re dealing with real people, not just profiles.

They've got this video chat thing that’s super smooth and easy to use, whether you're on your computer or your phone. It’s reliable and fast, which is a big plus in my book. And man, they offer a bunch of cool services – you’ve got emails, video chats, SMS, photos, and videos all in one spot.

I’m just excited to meet my lady now. Let's see where this adventure takes me!
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let me tell you something about uadreams, IT’S A PERFECT ELABORATE PROFESSIONAL SCAM AGENCY !!!! the very best, as in the scam and as in the service what they provide,there is no doubt. I have been a customer for more than two years at this agency,and i lost about $ 10,000 !!! in these two years. I have long talked with only one girl at first, as others have written before me, the girl was so romantic so eager to know me,we change letters every single day and chat every week.

She wrote me many times that she found me very attractive, indeed i’m a good looking man in a very good shape but not that is the point. The point is that she want to see me so tremendously she feel connected to me she feel so attracted to me, and so on etc etc. And when we finally met, I literally dropped my face to the ground I did not have words I was so stunned,because she was so cold with me,It was like she put a wall between us.

I did not understand why she did that at that time, but now i know a lot of things how uadreams works. After that fail with the first girl, i meet another 5 girls and none was seriously interested or commited, but everyone was interested in video chat or letters.

From these six girls 5 have a relationship.The sixth girl was from Ivano Frankivsk Tatiana and i find to late that she have also a boyfriend , i gave proof to the agency and they kick out Tatiana .after that i wanted to close my profile ,but uadreams convince me to try with another girl ,so i try with Nastya 3141 from Kremenchug ,she tell me that she is interested in me,so we change leters and talk in video chat.

After a time i find Nastya profile on VK and her boyfriend profile also ,WTF yes she have a boyfriend,i gave prof to the uadreams agency ,but they not close Nastya profile because she is in heavy intense chat with other 4 or 5 man so she is generate a lot of money to uadreams .

All man must know one thing ,these girls are the golden goose to uadreams !!!!. i think one girl can generate from one man between 150 and 1000 $ a month. And yes a girl can have multiple video chat in the same time ,she can chat with 4 man if the translator is very good ,if not they can chat with two man in the same time. Some men complain that the video connection is slow in chat ,well its not slow its very good , but the translator need a little time to translate for both man.

The girls also receive money from uadreams 5 five percent from what you pay to uadreams , chat ,letters ,meetings, ect.And a lot of girls are friends in branch,if you find a girl profile on VK or facebook you can be sure that she have 2 or 3 friend in her profile from the agency also. so if you talk in uadreams with more girls from the same branch, you can be sure that they talk and know.

Another thing is that no matter in which branch you will go, you will never see an advertising billboard ,not even on the agency door!!!!!,because uadreams and what they do is illegal in Ukraine. At most you will see writing on the door ” modeling agency.” Also true that the very big majority of the girls have boyfriend ,i find a lot of girls on VK .

i made a little experiment before i close my profile on UAscamdreams,i talked with several girls 15 ,20 girls , and all that girls was eager to talk with me , i wait 2 weeks and i find all that girls on VK and i sent friend invitation, which followed did not surprise me at all, they block me on their page or never respond and ignore me. They have 600 girls but the real chance to find your wife on UAscamdreams is way more less than 1 one percent, and that is not a joke gentleman!!!!!

About – anti scam policies, that is the bigest lie . They do not care whether a girl has boyfriend or not ,if you find that the girl who fools you have a boyfriend ,only in that case they do something ,but even when i gave proof they dont care, if the girl is very beautiful and talk with a lot of man she generate a lot of money ,and that’s just what matters.

They are very proud that they have more than one million customers worldwide,now everybody can make their own calculation how much money they rip off out of man’s pocket.They are masters in what and how they do.I think is stupid to talk about that the girls are real or not , the girls are very real ,everything is very real in UAscamdreams yard, because they roll the perfect scam,so if the girls are real ,video chat with the girls are real ,service everything is made in a high level ,that is the perfect way to a perfect scam.

If you want an ukrainian wife ,you take your vacation for 3 weeks then take your ass and go to ukraine,you will spend far less than on the site.Ukrainian girls are very Nationalist they love their country ,they don’t really want to leave their country,and a lot of these girl have a good live in ukraine especially from uadreams ,they thrill on your money .

You think that because they live in a poor country they want so much to leave ? nothing more wrong, but they are interested if you are rich and not an usual random normal guy,they want a careless life in a high level, if you can offer that ,than you are their man.the girls are the golden goose and the men are the milky cow for uadreams.
Appreciate the moments spent on here
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I keep coming back to Uadreams, even though I've tried other sites. The women on Uadreams are the main reason I stay. But sometimes, it's a bit much to handle all the messages and likes from so many pretty women there.

When I was going through a tough time with my health, I needed something to take my mind off things. Chatting on Uadreams helped me with that. It gave me something nice to look forward to during my regular days filled with work and stuff I can't control.

I've learned that hard times can help you figure out what you really want, even though things might not always turn out the way you hope. Reconnecting with people on Uadreams has been easy, even when it feels like a bit of a distraction.

It does cost quite a bit to reply to all the emails I get, and sometimes it's hard. But that's just how life is sometimes. I'm going to keep talking to people on Uadreams, hoping to find that special person who will make me really happy and bring good things to my life.
The future looks bright
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I'm writing about my time at uadreams, where I've tried online dating for the first time. Meeting women this way was new and interesting to me. Sometimes dating works out, and sometimes it doesn't. But I've learned that being honest from the start is important.

At first, there were a lot of empty promises and small lies in my experiences. But I know who I am and what I stand for, and eventually, the right person sees that. Is online dating real? I think it is, especially with video chats where you can't hide who you are. Trust takes time to build. All I can do is be honest and see how things develop over time, leading to meeting in person.

Can online dating work? Yes, for some people it does, and for others, it doesn't.

I'm not here to judge. All I know is meeting Anna felt like a blessing or maybe fate. I trust her enough to travel across the world to be with her. It takes a lot of bravery for both of us to take this step, but we did it. Now we're together and looking forward to spending time and getting to know each other better. We want to learn about our strengths and weaknesses and support each other.

I've always been willing to follow my heart, even though I've made mistakes. But finding someone like Anna is like planting a seed that grows into a strong tree.

I once told Anna that all I needed was a woman worth fighting for. I hope this letter reaches you, Anna. I see a bright future for us.
Great service
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I've always wanted to have a girlfriend from another country, but I never had the time to try online dating. Like everyone else, I wanted to find love too. Sometimes, I worried that I might end up alone forever, and that thought made me really sad. I even started to think that maybe nobody liked me. But then, I found out about this website called UAdreams, which is all about online dating with Ukrainian girls. I had some questions, and their customer support team helped me understand how the website works. A few months ago, I met a girl on there, and now we're friends. I hope I can be more confident and things will turn out great.
A good place to find a Ukrainian woman
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I've been a member for a while now because I truly believe that UADREAMS provides a way for Ukrainian women to find the man they've been searching for. I've found the woman of my dreams here, someone whose beauty surpasses anything I experienced in my previous marriage. We all have doubts and misconceptions, but until you take that trip, just one trip, you won't understand the care and attention this agency provides. They arrange everything for your meeting, from accommodations to safety, and I experienced a true romantic connection that I've never felt before. I understand that this might not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who embark on this journey, enjoy every moment! For me, Ukraine feels like home, a place where family and warmth abound. It's a place that evokes feelings of Christmas romance. If you open your heart to it, you can find happiness here.
Simple and Honest
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I'm glad I signed up for A friend recommended it, and I decided to give it a try. If I don't try, I'll never meet a Slavic girl. Just like the saying goes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a princess. The service is reasonable, but it's important to keep your expectations realistic. I met some nice ladies through the site. This year, I even went to Poland and met a wonderful lady with similar intentions. Overall, my experience with UaDreams has been positive.
Ukraine is a hidden treasure
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Before my trip to Ukraine, I had some concerns. However, after a few weeks of exchanging letters and chatting with a wonderful girl, I decided to go. Since my visit was sudden, I arranged most of my travel and drove myself to Rivne (though I only recommend this for experienced drivers).

Initially, I was hesitant about having a translator with me, but I quickly realized I was mistaken. My translator and guide, Elena, was professional and pleasant company. She made my time with the girl I was visiting truly enjoyable. This trip exceeded my expectations, and I discovered that Ukraine is a hidden treasure. I am optimistic about my future with the girl, and I am definitely planning to visit Ukraine again!
John Moten jr
John Moten jr
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I want to thank for the service and support I've received. The team was helpful, especially during a difficult time when I was worried about my lady. They helped us stay in touch until everything was resolved on my end. Their dedication and concern were appreciated.

The communication was prompt and professional, making it easier to navigate through the challenges. I felt reassured knowing that there was always someone available to assist me with my concerns. The platform itself is user-friendly, and the overall experience has been positive.

While there is always room for improvement, I found the support to be reliable and the staff to be genuinely caring. If you are looking for a service that provides solid support and good communication, is worth considering.
My story can serve as an example
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Over the course of the past year, I've had the privilege of using this dating platform, and it's been quite the journey. I've been extended numerous invitations to Ukraine and have hosted ladies from there in my home. Through countless email exchanges, live shats, and Skype calls, I've interacted with some women on UaDreams (and also found my girl). What stands out is the genuine nature of these interactions and the thorough verification process in place.

Never did I imagine that I'd find love with someone living so far away. My story began when I first learned about this dating site. So, I decided to give it a shot. Of course, it took time until I found my girl. My patience eventually paid off. I met the woman who would become my partner on UaDreams. Her profile caught my eye, listing qualities that resonated with me. Without hesitation, I reached out, and to my delight, she responded, sparking the beginning of our correspondence.

As we shared our thoughts, dreams, and stories, our connection deepened with each passing day. We soon exchanged contact information, and after four months of chatting, we arranged to meet in Poland. It was a momentous occasion, given that I live in Austria, and she still resides in Kiev. Our first face-to-face meeting was amazing.

In the time that has passed, we've managed to maintain our connection, visiting each other whenever possible. I'm profoundly grateful for the path that has led me to this point. My heartfelt thanks extend not only to my partner but also to the UAdreams team behind this site for facilitating our meeting. If my story can serve as an example, I hope it encourages others to remain persistent and patient in their quest for love, regardless of the dating platform they choose to use.

What I didn't really like was the rather expensive credits and no mobile app.
Mike G.
Mike G.
Positive experience
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In the vast expanse of dating websites available today, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. UAdreams, however, distinguishes itself by offering a premium service. The platform boasts an extensive selection of profiles. The website's filtering system is user-friendly, making it simpler to narrow down your options.

If you're seeking a life partner, spouse, or girlfriend, UAdreams is worth considering. It serves its purpose as a dating site, although it doesn't promise any extraordinary features beyond that. It's worth noting that this premium service comes with a price tag, and some may find it on the expensive side. However, it's important to clarify that this cost does not necessarily equate to any fraudulent activity on the part of the website.
John / USA
John / USA
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After almost two years of chatting with my sweetheart, I finally got the chance to meet in person. Our patience paid off as it allowed us to truly get to know each other. This journey has been nothing short of a miracle, bridging the gap between two hearts and minds separated by distance.

Our translator, Luda, deserves a shout-out for making our conversations flow effortlessly. I'm so grateful to the agency for creating a safe space for my wonderful darling and me. Our next adventure? Meeting her family in Germany! Exciting times ahead!
Karl-Heinz / Germany
Karl-Heinz / Germany
Finding Love in Cherkassy: My Experience with UaDreams
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My name is Karl-Heinz, and this is my first trip to Lviv and my third trip with UaDreams. I spent four days in Lviv, and I can confidently say that West Ukraine is quite safe at the moment. The people I met here were incredibly friendly, and I had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful individuals. Most importantly, I met the lady of my dreams.

The service provided by the agency and interpreter was excellent. We had a fantastic journey and an even better time in the city. During my two days here, I had the opportunity to explore Lviv, visit important places, and dine at several great restaurants.

The food here is delicious, and the restaurants are top-notch. UaDreams and the agency took exceptional care of me, and I am thrilled to have met the lady of my dreams. I highly recommend UaDreams to anyone searching for their perfect match.
Good site
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UaDreams is a platform I've recently tried out, and it's specifically geared towards those who are serious about connecting with Ukrainian women. One of the features I've found quite useful is the chat function. Instead of spending my evenings mindlessly gaming or scrolling through social media, I've been able to engage in some interesting conversations. Now, I'll be honest, it's not the cheapest option out there. However, I've found that the quality of the service matches the price. The customer support team is responsive and helpful, and the chat interface is user-friendly. It's definitely been worth it for me to invest a bit more for these features.
Like it
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I'm not sure how to put it, but I'm really hoping things get back to normal. I've been dreaming of visiting Ukraine. I know there's some negative stuff about UaDreams online, but my experience has been totally different – it's been amazing.

Visiting the site always puts a smile on my face. Reading the letters, I feel like I'm on top of the world. I'm just a regular guy, but UaDreams makes me feel special. They never forget my birthday and their wishes are always so heartwarming. It gets me emotional.

I've been with UaDreams for 10 years now, and they're like a best friend to me. The thing about life is, you've always got to have hope, and UaDreams gives me that. It's my go-to place whenever I'm feeling low or going through tough times. Just dropping by the site lifts my spirits sky high.

I want to say a huge thanks to UaDreams for bringing joy and hope to an ordinary guy like me. Ukraine is a land of angels – home to the most beautiful, polite, charming, friendly, and smart women.

I'm really looking forward to visiting Ukraine soon.
It feels safer
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I've tried a lot of dating websites for meeting people from other countries, but I didn't have much luck. Every site has good and bad things, but they can be expensive, and sometimes the girls are just looking for gifts. But then I found UADREAMS, and it seems like they really thought about how to make a good website. It's more appealing to people who know their way around online dating, which I appreciate. There are fewer fake profiles, and it feels safer. I've met someone here, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.
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I really want to thank the agency Uadreams for setting up my meeting with such a beautiful and nice lady.

Hmm, it’s hard to visit Ukraine safely these days, right?

But made it possible for us to meet in Poland instead. They took care of everything, and it was a truly nice and relaxing experience. Have you ever felt that kind of relief when things just go smoothly?
Cherkassy was an incredible experience!
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My trip to Cherkassy exceeded all my expectations, and I can't wait to visit again. The city has a unique charm, and the food was truly exceptional. I had a fantastic time with a wonderful girl, who made every moment special. Our conversations were easy and enjoyable, thanks to the excellent translator who ensured smooth communication. I also got to explore some beautiful local sights, adding to the overall experience. Cherkassy has left a lasting impression on me, and I look forward to creating more wonderful memories there.
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My experience with UaDreams has been quite positive. Through their assistance, I had the opportunity to meet an incredible woman. The agency was responsive to all my inquiries and even assisted in arranging a thoughtful gift for my partner's parents. Both my partner and I are filled with excitement about our future together. I can confidently recommend UaDreams to others. Their email translation service is excellent, and their pricing structure is transparent, ensuring you are fully aware of the costs involved.
Dennys Fernando
Dennys Fernando
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My name is Dennys Fernando, and I've been with UaDreams since November of last year. Over that time, I've received around 1000 letters, and among them, I found a wonderful girl. We've been communicating frequently, and I'm really hopeful that the war will end soon so we can figure out a way to be together. I appreciate the agency's help with translations and the video calls, which have been essential for us to share our daily lives. I'm looking forward to visiting her country someday and thanking everyone personally.
Lluis / Spain
Lluis / Spain
A Journey to Remember
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After 3 months of exchanging messages and video chats, we decided to meet. My lady, her son, and I want to thank you for your help. Thanks to you, we met in Poland in June 2023, and spent 5 unforgettable days together. It was very touching, and we are now certain we have found deep and sincere love.

I never believed something like this was possible through a website. I was afraid of scams and doubted the reality of web agencies, but now I know it's real.

We've already agreed that she will come to France after the summer, and we have great hopes and expectations for the future.
Positive Experience with UADREAMS
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I recently used UADREAMS and had a positive experience. Everything was good, and the site has some really useful features. The Live Video Chat was a highlight, making it easy to talk to beautiful Ukrainian women. The profile verification process was reassuring and made me feel confident that the profiles were real. I met a lovely lady named Tanja, and she was very nice. The translator provided by UADREAMS did a great job and made our conversations smooth. Overall, I was happy with my experience and would recommend UADREAMS to anyone looking to meet Ukrainian women. The useful features, genuine profiles, and helpful staff made it a great experience.
Cool experience with UAdreams
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I've been using UaDreams for quite a while now, and it's been a decent experience. The site runs smoothly, which is a big plus – no crashes or annoying tech glitches. The video chat feature? Works without problems. It's been a good way to meet women, and I've actually connected with a couple of amazing ladies through it. There's this one girl I've really hit it off with. We've got this chemistry, you know? We're even talking about planning a trip together in summer 2024, which is pretty exciting. It's nice when something starts feeling real like that. The customer service team deserves a shoutout too. They're quick to respond and always on the ball if there's ever an issue, which honestly isn't often. Overall, I don't have any major complaints about the site.
Time chatting with girls
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Upon reading these uadreams reviews, one might get the impression that it's been the worst experience ever. It's a bit perplexing why there are such negative customer reviews. Personally, I found interacting with the women on uadreams to be enjoyable and fun, and they certainly didn't strike me as fake. I've been on this website for a few months, and it's a decent option if you're looking to have conversations with potential matches. It's no secret that for someone who has been single for a while, finding a dating site can add some interest and meaning to life. However, it's worth noting that uadreams does have room for improvement, particularly in terms of speed and usability. Every time I tried to view a lady's picture, I had to endure around 1 minute of waiting before the photos loaded completely. It would be beneficial if this issue could be addressed, as it can have a noticeable impact on the user experience.
Richard / United Kingdom
Richard / United Kingdom
Meeting outside Ukraine
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I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team at UaDreams for their exceptional service. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful they have been in arranging a meeting between myself and my partner, who is currently a refugee outside Ukraine.

When I inquired about the possibility of meeting outside Ukraine, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a positive response. It felt like a dream come true. Moreover, they managed to organize this meeting on very short notice, accommodating both my work schedule and my partner's return to Ukraine.

Amidst the travel restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic and the current invasion, I had begun to doubt whether a personal meeting would ever be feasible. However, thanks to the dedication of the UaDreams team, it has become a reality.

I must give special recognition to the service assistant who guided us through the entire process. Numerous messages were exchanged to make this meeting possible, and each one was met with helpful, resourceful, and prompt responses. From my interactions, it is evident that the staff at UaDreams are genuinely committed to providing professional and friendly service to their clients.
Do not send money
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During my time on uadreams, I had the opportunity to connect with several women. One aspect I appreciate about uadreams is that they actively work to mitigate scams. Unlike some other sites I've used, I didn't encounter these scammers at this site. It's worth noting that other scam sites collaborate with these women who engage in fraudulent activities. In contrast, the women on uadreams are not paid, so they may eventually request money from you, typically within a few weeks of communication. As you become more familiar with the site, you'll also develop the skill to identify and avoid these situations.

At uadreams, a universally sound principle is to never send money to someone you haven't met in person. This cautionary approach can help safeguard your experience and minimize potential risks.
Exploring Poltava with Hope
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I traveled to Poltava to meet the woman I've been chatting with for over a year. We chose Poltava due to the current situation, and it turned out to be a memorable experience.

Spending two days together, I got to know her better. She's a remarkable person, smart, and fun to be around. Meeting her in person was truly special, and I hope we can keep in touch and meet again in Ukraine.

The trip arrangements were smooth. The manager of the Poltava branch welcomed me warmly and took me to the hotel. Later, my translator showed me around the city, making my stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Exploring Poltava was a delight. The food was tasty, and the locals were friendly. Now, I'm considering learning Ukrainian to improve our communication and see where things go from here.
Frank O.
Frank O.
My Positive Experience with UAdreams
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I've used a few dating services before, and unfortunately, I had my fair share of encounters with Ukrainian gold diggers. My experiences left me quite skeptical about online dating, but my experience with UAdreams has been different, and I wanted to share my thoughts for anyone considering this path.

Before UAdreams, I tried several other platforms. Many of them seemed overrun with insincere people looking to take advantage of foreigners. It was disappointing and made me wary of trying again.

When I signed up for UAdreams, I noticed some positive differences right away. The profiles seemed more genuine, and the women I interacted with appeared to be truly interested in building a relationship, not just looking for financial gain. The verification process they use gave me more confidence that I was talking to real people. Plus, the staff were helpful and seemed to care about my experience, offering advice and support, which was a nice touch.

They offer translation and video chat services, which made communication much easier and more personal. I met a wonderful woman through UAdreams, and our relationship has been developing steadily. I feel optimistic about our future, and this experience has been much more positive compared to my past attempts on other sites.

If you're thinking about trying UAdreams, I suggest taking your time and being patient. Building a genuine relationship takes time, so don't rush it. And be honest in your interactions; it goes a long way in establishing trust and a real connection. Overall, I'm grateful to UAdreams for making this possible and would recommend it to anyone looking for a sincere connection in another country.
Actually quite satisfied
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In fact, I am a rather satisfied uadreams customer and have connected with several women via messaging and live chatting. For a few weeks, I have been in a committed communication now and it has went well so far. Good support and super fast response to complaints! I think here everyone has the chance to find his match here.
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk
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My name is Steve, and I want to share how much I value the service here. My time in Ivano-Frankivsk was great. I felt a mix of excitement and nerves at first, but everything turned out well. Meeting the lady I connected with was a memorable experience. It was challenging, but sometimes the best things in life come from overcoming difficulties.

I had a wonderful experience with UaDreams. Maria, my translator, was fantastic. She listened carefully and made me feel at ease both before and during my meeting with my lady. Her calm, friendly, and professional attitude was greatly appreciated.

I wish the best for myself and everyone using UaDreams. I especially want to thank Maria for being so kind, comforting, and sincere. She made the whole process smoother and more enjoyable.
Language helps me connect with my lady
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Dealing with people can be tricky, and it's important to communicate well. Ludmilla was very helpful at and good at adjusting to our needs. I'm thankful to her for helping me and my lady understand each other better. We should appreciate Ludmilla's efforts in helping me and my lady have a strong relationship. Sometimes, I felt like I didn't fully understand what my lady was saying. This might be because they are close and I'm still learning Ukrainian. I'm currently in Poland, seeing many Ukrainian women and their children. Sometimes they call their husbands or family who are soldiers. I'm trying to live a "normal" life amidst all this, not focusing only on the tough parts. Ludmila has been great in helping me and my lady talk more directly and positively.
my trip to Lviv
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I enjoyed my trip to Lviv, and my visit was nice. My girl doesn't speak English, so I had the assistance of interpreter Irina, which I'm truly grateful for. Irina was not just an interpreter; she also provided valuable guidance and support throughout. I want to thank all the Lviv staff of uadreams for their understanding and help, especially since I'm a foreigner in this country, especially during these challenging times of conflict. I genuinely appreciate this agency for going above and beyond to assist me. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in search of their life partner in Ukraine.
Good overall
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Uadreams is a place where you can meet women from Ukraine who are really looking for a relationship. It's not too expensive, and there are a lot of women to choose from. Some other websites seem like scams and charge more for less. I'm thinking about going to Ukraine in 2024 to meet some of these women and see if there's a connection. Uadreams can help with everything for the trip, like finding a place to stay, translating, and setting up dates.
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I can't stop thinking about what the people of Ukraine are going through. The troubles I might face seem insignificant compared to the terrible ordeal millions of innocent people are enduring. As an American, I can only imagine the immense challenges they are facing.

War is incredibly brutal. Leaders like Putin, who only heed their own voices and those who agree with them, are causing immense suffering. His use of the threat of nuclear weapons over NATO is utterly terrifying!

There's a saying, "Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely." It's painfully clear how true this is in Putin's case.

My heart also goes out to my partner, who is suffering. It's difficult for me, but I know it's far worse for her. She, along with everyone in Ukraine, has had her life torn apart by the cruel actions of a dictator. We all hope and pray for an end to this unjust war.

I'm doing my best to stay informed and support Ukraine and my partner in any way possible.
Good site
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I decided to sign up for after a friend recommended it to me. I thought, why not give it a shot? If I didn't try, I'd never have the chance to connect with a Ukrainian girl. It's often said that you have to go through many experiences before finding the right one, and this holds true for men seeking their perfect match as well. So, I made the decision to give it a try.

After using the uadreams service, I noticed both positive and negative aspects. On the positive side, the service was legit, although it's essential to keep your expectations in check. I did have the opportunity to interact with some pleasant ladies, and I even had the chance to meet some of them during a trip to Kiev last year, as they shared similar intentions.

However, there were some drawbacks to the platform. One notable issue was the high volume of initial messages received, which could be overwhelming. Another concern was the pricing of credit packages, which I found to be rather expensive. Additionally, while the profiles featured attractive pictures, they sometimes appeared too polished, making it challenging to determine if they accurately represented the women behind them.

In conclusion, my experience with had its ups and downs. It's important to approach the platform with realistic expectations and an understanding of its cost structure. While I did have the chance to connect with some nice women, it's essential to be prepared for a large influx of initial messages and the financial investment required to use the service.
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UA Dreams is a complete and total scam. The “translators” coach the women, you will very rarely meet any of them, as they fly out of country for work or holiday (oldest scam in old Soviet Russia). I would love to meet but I have to be out of town…….

Very sad that they do this.
Hi OREST SWYSTUN, thanks for your feedback.

I talked to UAdreams to check about the scam issue. They assured me that all the women on the site are verified. UAdreams has rather strict rules. Nobody else can write for members or use other people's photos on their profiles. Also, getting paid for using the platform is not allowed. If they find anyone breaking these rules, they will ban them and refund your credits.

UaDreams makes sure its members are safe by:

1.) Not letting agencies control profiles or payments.

2.) Making sure the photos and people on the site are real.

3.) Doing background checks on female members.

4.) Checking passports and personal info.

5.) Keeping personal info safe and not selling it.

6.) Not allowing women to ask for money.

7.) These steps create a safe place for members.

You can find more details on the UAdreams terms and conditions page:
krystyna trushyna
Blogger at Ukrainian Dating Strories
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I've tried a lot of dating sites and marriage agencies. Without much success. I met a couple of women on I immediately paid attention only to ladies who did not look like top models, so I wrote to profiles with ordinary photos. I wanted to meet an ordinary pretty woman from Ukraine. I have been corresponding with three ukrainian women for a couple of months now and I am planning my trip to Lviv in 2-3 months. This site offers a modern international service with excellent usability and good customer support. They answer all my questions within 24 hours. Yes, the site is quite expensive but it is worth it.
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Hello Krystyna,

I am a 55-year-old man from Germany, and I want to share my straightforward experience with Uadreams. No fancy words, just the facts.

I started using Uadreams, dipping my toes into the online dating. Before that, I checked out GenerationLove and Interfriendship. Uadreams seemed promising, so I decided to give it a shot.

Messaging women was easy, and some conversations felt not bad. After chatting with a few, I took the next step – I went to Lviv to meet them in person. It was nerve-wracking, especially considering the ongoing war.

But here's the thing: the managers, Iryna and Olena, were a big help. They assisted with everything, from logistics to translation. Their support made the whole journey less intimidating.

Now, let's talk about the not-so-great parts. Uadreams has its drawbacks. First, there's no German customer support. No German communication with the women. For someone like me, more comfortable in German, this was a bit frustrating. Communication became a puzzle at times.

Then there's the payment system. Uadreams uses credits, which felt a bit complicated. Also, it's not the cheapest option out there. You need to be prepared to spend some money.

On the positive side, Uadreams does verify women's profiles. This was a big deal for me. Knowing the profiles were checked added a layer of trust to the whole experience. It's a plus for anyone looking for genuine connections.
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let me tell you something about uadreams, IT’S A PERFECT ELABORATE PROFESSIONAL SCAM AGENCY !!!! the very best, as in the scam and as in the service what they provide,there is no doubt. I have been a customer for more than two years at this agency,and i lost about $ 10,000 !!! in these two years. I have long talked with only one girl at first, as others have written before me, the girl was so romantic so eager to know me,we change letters every single day and chat every week.

She wrote me many times that she found me very attractive, indeed i’m a good looking man in a very good shape but not that is the point. The point is that she want to see me so tremendously she feel connected to me she feel so attracted to me, and so on etc etc. And when we finally met, I literally dropped my face to the ground I did not have words I was so stunned,because she was so cold with me,It was like she put a wall between us.

I did not understand why she did that at that time, but now i know a lot of things how uadreams works. After that fail with the first girl, i meet another 5 girls and none was seriously interested or commited, but everyone was interested in video chat or letters.

From these six girls 5 have a relationship.The sixth girl was from Ivano Frankivsk Tatiana and i find to late that she have also a boyfriend , i gave proof to the agency and they kick out Tatiana .after that i wanted to close my profile ,but uadreams convince me to try with another girl ,so i try with Nastya 3141 from Kremenchug ,she tell me that she is interested in me,so we change leters and talk in video chat.

After a time i find Nastya profile on VK and her boyfriend profile also ,WTF yes she have a boyfriend,i gave prof to the uadreams agency ,but they not close Nastya profile because she is in heavy intense chat with other 4 or 5 man so she is generate a lot of money to uadreams .

All man must know one thing ,these girls are the golden goose to uadreams !!!!. i think one girl can generate from one man between 150 and 1000 $ a month. And yes a girl can have multiple video chat in the same time ,she can chat with 4 man if the translator is very good ,if not they can chat with two man in the same time. Some men complain that the video connection is slow in chat ,well its not slow its very good , but the translator need a little time to translate for both man.

The girls also receive money from uadreams 5 five percent from what you pay to uadreams , chat ,letters ,meetings, ect.And a lot of girls are friends in branch,if you find a girl profile on VK or facebook you can be sure that she have 2 or 3 friend in her profile from the agency also. so if you talk in uadreams with more girls from the same branch, you can be sure that they talk and know.

Another thing is that no matter in which branch you will go, you will never see an advertising billboard ,not even on the agency door!!!!!,because uadreams and what they do is illegal in Ukraine. At most you will see writing on the door ” modeling agency.” Also true that the very big majority of the girls have boyfriend ,i find a lot of girls on VK .

i made a little experiment before i close my profile on UAscamdreams,i talked with several girls 15 ,20 girls , and all that girls was eager to talk with me , i wait 2 weeks and i find all that girls on VK and i sent friend invitation, which followed did not surprise me at all, they block me on their page or never respond and ignore me. They have 600 girls but the real chance to find your wife on UAscamdreams is way more less than 1 one percent, and that is not a joke gentleman!!!!!

About – anti scam policies, that is the bigest lie . They do not care whether a girl has boyfriend or not ,if you find that the girl who fools you have a boyfriend ,only in that case they do something ,but even when i gave proof they dont care, if the girl is very beautiful and talk with a lot of man she generate a lot of money ,and that’s just what matters.

They are very proud that they have more than one million customers worldwide,now everybody can make their own calculation how much money they rip off out of man’s pocket.They are masters in what and how they do.I think is stupid to talk about that the girls are real or not , the girls are very real ,everything is very real in UAscamdreams yard, because they roll the perfect scam,so if the girls are real ,video chat with the girls are real ,service everything is made in a high level ,that is the perfect way to a perfect scam.

If you want an ukrainian wife ,you take your vacation for 3 weeks then take your ass and go to ukraine,you will spend far less than on the site.Ukrainian girls are very Nationalist they love their country ,they don’t really want to leave their country,and a lot of these girl have a good live in ukraine especially from uadreams ,they thrill on your money .

You think that because they live in a poor country they want so much to leave ? nothing more wrong, but they are interested if you are rich and not an usual random normal guy,they want a careless life in a high level, if you can offer that ,than you are their man.the girls are the golden goose and the men are the milky cow for uadreams.
Many Pretty Women
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There are very many interesting women here. Most profiles are quite expressive for a start. There are many ways to contact girls via messaging and live chats. The offer is quite serious. The security of the subscribers is very important.
Lovely trip to Ukraine to meet a lady
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I went to Lviv and met a lady through uadreams, and I'm really happy with it. The service was great, they answered all my questions fast. I'm pleased with everything. I suggest it to others.

During my trip to Lviv, I had a fantastic time exploring the city's beautiful sights and tasting delicious local cuisine. The atmosphere was wonderful, and I enjoyed every moment of my visit.

Moreover, I found the credit payment system at to be convenient and easy to use. It allowed me to manage my expenses efficiently and securely while using their services.
Meeting the Ukrainian Lady Was Made Possible Thanks to UaDreams
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I had an outstanding experience with UaDreams translator service during my trip to Ukraine. The translators were consistently punctual, courteous, and extremely helpful throughout my stay. Their professionalism and dedication made my journey to Ukraine smooth and comfortable. Their timely assistance not only helped bridge the language barrier but also ensured that my interactions with the locals and my special lady were meaningful and enjoyable. It's reassuring to have such reliable support when you are in a foreign country, and UaDreams truly delivered in this regard.
In reality, I shouldn't have been worried at all
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After seven years in countries that aren't exactly buzzing with potential matches, I thought, why not give UaDreams a shot in my quest for the ukraine lady? Eastern European culture has always fascinated me, and I believed that, with a bit of patience, the right lady would eventually cross my path.

Fast forward 2 years and 2 months, and enter a woman from Zaporozhye who knocked me off my feet. Our communication, a mix of letters and chats, allowed us to navigate our relationship step by step. Call us old-fashioned, but both of us are romantics with a side of practicality. We aimed for our connection to grow naturally. Despite a series of failed attempts to meet due to work and travel constraints, this week marked the moment when our paths finally converged.

My nerves weren't about meeting my lady but rather about how things would unfold in Ukraine. Turns out, I needn't have fretted. Artem, my interpreter and guide, met me at the airport, ensured a good night's sleep at the hotel, and the next day, I finally came face to face with the lady of my dreams. She not only met but exceeded my expectations, and the perks of over 2 years of correspondence became palpable. Her humor, laughter, and smile – elements that can't fully translate through mere chats or photos.

My seven days in Zaporozhye turned out to be the best holiday in eons, all thanks to my lady and Artem. While my lady spoke some English, she preferred Russian, and Artem's presence was pivotal in ensuring crystal-clear communication. With Artem translating our letters, he truly grasped the depth of our feelings.

Between my lady and Artem, they orchestrated each day with precision, letting me delve deeper into her city and country – a crucial step in any serious relationship. Our days were a blend of incredible outings and a sprinkle of silliness along the way.

Meeting my lady exceeded expectations, and credit where it's due, UaDreams played a role in fostering this wonderful relationship. As I bid farewell to Zaporozhye and Ukraine, a heaviness lingers, knowing I won't be with my lady tomorrow. Yet, the reassurance of daily communication keeps our spirits high, anticipating our reunion.

For those hesitating about giving UaDreams a shot, my advice is simple – chase your dreams. The staff genuinely wants to assist you in finding your dream, and for that, I'm grateful. Thank you for everything!

P.S. After spending 7 days with Artem, my lady and I did jokingly consider giving him the boot! Sometimes it felt like having a third wheel, but he's here to help you realize your dream, and he excels at assisting and supporting you!

Original UADreams Review by Jeffrey from the USA

uadreams review
Important to be cautios
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I found the Ukrainian women I connected with on uadreams to be genuinely honest and straightforward. Having previously explored other dating websites like UkraineDate, I often encountered platforms primarily designed to exploit the goodwill of both men and women. In contrast, uadreams appears to be a cut above the rest.

Nonetheless, it's essential to exercise prudence when communicating with ukraine women who seem overly ideal or request to send them money. While it's important to be cautious, the platform does offer the opportunity to connect with legit and authentic ladies.
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I want to say thanks to the agency for setting up my meeting with my lovely lady. Right now, it's hard to go to Ukraine safely, so the agency helped me meet her in Poland. They arranged everything, and it was an amazing and peaceful time.

In addition to arranging the meeting, the agency also provided excellent customer service throughout the entire process. They were responsive to my inquiries and ensured that all my concerns were addressed. Moreover, the staff members were friendly and professional, making the experience even more enjoyable.
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I'm not one to trust easily, and diving into online dating is totally new territory for me. But lately, feeling lonely and swamped with work, I figured it's worth a shot. I stumbled upon UaDreams after hearing good things about dating Ukrainian girls. What hooked me? Well, they've got 16 branches and a main office, which seems legit. Plus, when I chatted with Manager Ksenia, she explained their thorough verification process for new profiles. It's that kind of serious approach that got me onboard. So here I am, giving UaDreams a shot in my search for my lady.
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Exploring Ukraine has always been a dream of mine, and my recent registration with UaDreams has brought me closer to that dream. While it's still early days for me to consider a visit, I find solace in the genuine experiences shared by men who have met the girls in person through this ukrainian dating site. Despite initial reservations about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, seeing recent testimonials from men who visited cities like Rivne, Lviv and Kyiv in 2023 instills confidence in both the agency's operations and the authenticity of the girls.

As I navigate through the chat rooms, I'm struck by the beauty of the women. While I haven't yet found the one I can envision a serious relationship with, my trust in the platform grows with each passing day. UaDreams has provided me with a platform to explore possibilities and forge meaningful connections, and I'm excited to see where this journey leads me.
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First of all, I would like to thank you for interesting reading about dating in Ukraine. I hope you have the time to read my letter and help me with some thoughts and advice.

I live in Sweden and my age is 37 years old, been separated for a couple of years back. I have been a registered member on a few different dating sites in Ukraine since 2 years ago, but I guess the last couple of months I have dedicated more time into it on a more serious level.

I have been to Ukraine 4 times this year, and had some meetings with ladies from these sites. Of course, I know some basic things about what to do and what I should never do, I have been exposed to scammers many times, but it is common sense. serious level.

Why should I send money to a girl I never met and don’t know if she exists?! So I never put so much energy on such letters. When I ask them about webcam chat they always say that they don’t have camera, haha! Every time.

Anyway, I want to tell you about my thoughts about a special website I have been member at over one year – This is a site where men pays for sending letters and pays for introduction meeting and such things.

At first when I registered I did not believe that these girls were honest or even existed in real. But I took contact with a few girls and corresponding with them, and I thought I could give it a try. So I booked an introduction to two of these girls who I felt I had best connection with, and they really wanted to meet me.

I came to Nikolaev, and meet the first lady and we had a great time, but it didn’t feel like it was that girl I have been writing letters with. And also it felt strange with the other girl also, which I met the next day. One of them I got contact details from, but I never heard from them again after our date. Maybe it was no chemistry between us, or maybe their mission was only to meet me so agency got paid for all letters and introduction meet? I don’t know.

But some other things I wonder about also, almost none of these girls on this site don’t speak English. Why? Many of them have nice educations and jobs in travel and international business. For an example, one of the girls is manager of a travel agency, and she doesn’t know English?!? Strange… And one other thing is feel is strange, every time I send a letter to a girl I get always back and nice letter with many nice words about how happy they were to see a letter from me, and so on. Often the day after I send letter.

Many of them says that I am the only guy they corresponding with, but I have doubts about it!

I don’t think I can attract 100 women if I send letter to 100 women. I mean, why should EVERYONE answer? Or is there a just paid letter writer who only is interested of me to send more letters I pay for? And why is letters coming during daytime when they are at work? If I send a letter late at evening, I often got letter back next day. They need translation also, what they say.

And one more thing is also strange, the girls at this page never find their husband it seems! Same girls are there month after month. How can hundreds of incredible beautiful girls never find a man to be with? There must be hundreds of men writing them.

I know these girls exist for real, I have met a few of them in real and I have met them in video chat also. But my concern is, are they at this site for honest intentions or are they paid to meet men and write letters?

Have you heard about this site or can you recommend me a serious site where I meet real girls who want to find love?

Hope for your answer.

Have a really nice day!

Best regards //

Jocke, Sweden

Have you used What are your experiences with this site? Please share your feedback and reviews in the comments below!

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142 thoughts on “UaDreams Review 2024: Is The Site Fake or Legit?”

  1. Hi Shane,

    If you read this and want to compare note on Irina Bashuk, you can email me at roffyoung at hotmail dot com. I really don’t want to believe I’m getting scammed, but after reading you comment above, I sure of it. Irina seemed like such a wonderful girl. I wish I could get here home address so I could write to her there.


  2. Had a great time reading your post. One of my hobbies is checking at people’s profiles on dating sites and make fun about them. I have seen worse than these.

  3. to whom it may concern,quite a few of you i am sure. How can UAdreams have girls on video chat at all hours of the morning,i have had chat messages at 2am UK time.

    How is this possible if the offices are closed ? This happens even during the work week,how can working woman be available on video chat,when the local time is 3am,

    UAdreams are not very intelligent ????

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your feedback. Should you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to the customer support team at They are known for their prompt and helpful assistance, addressing all concerns efficiently.

      I recently held an interview with this company, and you can find it here:

      During the interview, when I inquired about security measures, they assured me that they prioritize the safety of their clients. Scam within the Ukrainian dating industry poses a considerable challenge, with scammers fabricating profiles to exploit individuals for financial gain. UaDreams implements several measures to shield its members from scammers, including:

      1.) Prohibiting women / agencies payments for correspondence.
      2.) Ensuring the authenticity of photos and individuals on their website.
      3.) Conducting background checks on female members.
      4.) Verifying passports and personal information.
      5.) Strictly prohibiting money requests from women.

  4. Hi Krystyna-

    I can’t believe how wide spread this is. I spoke to a girl named Irina ZherZherunova born May 27, 1989 from Donetsk, Ukraine on I can not re-iterate this enough.

    Read Krystyna’s books and blogs – eduction is really your only weapon. These websites especially are the biggest scams on the planet and they will ruin you emotionally and financially.
    VK is not much better and your search for a girl should be cautious and careful. Follow this blog, Krystyna’s advice has been invaluable and I am now “in the know” about what really goes on out there and the proper way to finding love with a foreign woman. Do not be too persistent.

    I did the same thing- I found her profile on VK and she ignored me but wanted me to come to see her in the spring. She lied, lied, lied and lied. She lied about lies. There was nothing that would stop her from being deceptive if it got her what she wanted. If they don’t respond to you on VK all I can say is run- they don’t want anything to do with you.

    You are nothing more then a means of money for them which is why you get the sudden personality change when you talk to her while she is getting paid.

    Also- they all have profiles on VK- do not believe for one second when she says she doesn’t. Guys spread the word- it’s a jungle out there and you have to arm yourself with knowledge. The ignorant nice guy will be eaten alive.

    Be careful and the best of luck to you all-


    1. Hi Brian,

      First, I want to thank you for those kind and warm words about my blog and dating guides. Very nice! 🙂 I hope that I can continue to help Western men hoping to find their destiny in Ukraine with my Ukrainian dating advice and tips.

      Brian, you did the right thing, namely: you registered on and tried to make contact with the woman through this social network. I am sure that if the woman takes the initiative to communicate with you only through online dating sites (e.g. via paid messages or chat), it should be in any way considered as a red flag. From my dating experience, I can mention that Ukrainian and Russian women who have really serious intentions to find their love abroad wish to have more PERSONAL contact and are ready to communicate via Skype or ISQ or SMS.

      If the woman tells you that she has no money to send you a sms or to write mails to you, so my advice is run away. Just think about it: how many persons are dating in Ukraine? Millions! Just believe me: Ukrainian women in love call or write sms to their Ukrainian and Russian lovers each day. And then your Ukraine lady says that she has no money to send you one or two per day? Nonsense! Yes, Ukraine is a poor country, but not so poor!

      Use your common sense – so you can increase your chances to recognize scammers and send them to hell! 🙂

      Good luck!


  5. Hello Saul,

    can you tell me where did you find Yana #2411 on vKontakte???
    I’m just in deep relation with her on UADreams!! Oh my God!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Antonio,

      interesting to hear you are in a deep relationship with Yana 2411. If I may ask when did it start? I have been in a so called deep relationship with her for a year! Have you been to Ukraine to see her? I have been to Kharkov once and I am going again to see her this weekend!

  6. Eduardo López Guevara

    Hola krystyna, yo soy de México y te mando un saludo por todo mi país.

    No quería yo comentar algo de mi vida, y de lo que viví durante cuatro años, me sentí completamente un tonto y me reí de mi mismo, al leer el articulo de Ron, sobre Irina Bashuk (8120), y que él estaba enamorado de ella.
    En Agosto del año pasado había cumplido cuatro años de comunicarme con Irina Bashuk , anteriormente había tenido dos discusiones con Irina, sobre sus actitudes y como ella me trataba, no me sentía correspondido por ella y en Octubre del 2011, desidia terminar con la relación. pero en enero del 2012 ella me busco, por le que le dije, que si me buscaba era por que yo solo le importaba.

    Empezamos bien la relación, pero yo intuía que las cosas no iban bien, en varios ocasiones yo le pedía tener una vídeo conferencia, pero ella se negaba, solo teníamos vídeo chat, te diré que aveces sentía que también se comunicaba con otra persona al mismo tiempo, ya que sus movimientos no correspondían a nuestra comunicación.
    En agosto del 2012, deje de escribirle, estaba perdiendo el interés por ella y me sentía mal, estaba decidido a ir a verla, con mucho sacrificio junte dinero, junto con mi amigo Jorge, pero otras circunstancias ajenas a los planes ya hechos no pudimos ir, y también la temporada de frió se llegaba, y en octubre del 2012, pedí a la agencia darme de baja definitiva.

    La agencia solo se preocupo por hacerme un descuento o si uno de sus servicios estaba mal, nunca me preguntaron, como me sentía emocionalmente o como iba el trato con Irina, eso mas me molesto, al ver que solo era negocio.

    Me di cuenta que, di todo mi tiempo dinero y esfuerzo y los mas importante di mi corazón por ella, he ir a verla, pero me di cuenta que ella no dio nada o un motivo, para que yo fuera a verla, solo quería recibir sin dar nada a cambio.

    Y que a Ron le dio comunicación por otros medios, me sentí, defraudado, por ella, le escribí muchas cartas, la verdad no se, si le dijeron todo a ella o solo lo necesario.

    Pero creo que cuando alguien te interesa se demuestra desde el comienzo, afortunadamente, he aprendido de las experiencias de mi vida, y soy responsable de lo que yo hice, se que esto es así, pero como le dije a Irina, así como te trate con el corazón, lo voy hacer con la mujer que en verdad quiera estar conmigo, a nadie se tiene a la fuerza.

    Hoy en día estoy tranquilo, debes en cuando, se me sale de mi boca el nombre de ella, y digo, se estará acordando de mi, se que fui un tonto el enamorarme de una mujer, que nunca tuve frente de mi, que no la conosi realmente.

    Nunca me despedí de ella, nunca le reclame lo de Ron, ya no quería discutir con ella, preferí solo dar la vuelta.

    Krystyna, esto es algo de lo que viví durante cuatro años con Irina Bashuk, como veras fueron muchas cosas que le escribí a ella, muchas cartas, yo también reconozco mis errores, y se pedir perdón y perdonar.

    gracias por tus atenciones


  7. Has anyone noticed that the title that everyone is talking about is UA dreams. Not Uadreams there is no Capitol a??? Could they be different sites, I have used Uadreams before and had no problems?

  8. hello to my dear krystyna my dear friend
    You have very good weblog…I really Thank you

    dear miss krystyna i am a man 27 years old my name is eissa

    i rally really really I would like to marry a Ukrainian girl Because they are very beautiful and I think that people are good&kind…My problem is that I do not know how to get familiar with a real girl in ukraine.
    There are many dating sites for marriage but Some of them are happy and some unhappy!!!
    I am really confused I do not know what to do !!!!

    I really would love to marry a Ukrainian girl I would like to start a happy family…

    What site is reliable?
    Is marriage agencies in Ukraine are real?
    Can we go in person to marry in Ukraine?

    Whether for dating and marriage agency in Ukraine there in person?
    please help me Thank you for your help dear friend and good women.
    i really soooo much love people ukraine and i think they are very good and kind.
    marriage with a blonde ukrainian girl is a my dream my wish…

  9. hello I am a french man in contact with a woman in uadreams agency and I wanted to know if some people here have information on Natalia 2629 ? and if it’s as serious agency ? But I read some reviews and it’s scary to trust him ? I have not spent a lot of money at the moment only some letters because I am suspicious and I know Ukraine 🙂 It’s amazing all these agency !!!! Mikael

  10. Hola Krystyna y hola a todos. Mi nombre es Edwin, soy de Panamá, he estado como miembro de la página Uadreams, muchas mujeres me han chateado, escrito cientos de mensajes, pero solamente Dos muy hermosas han sido muy insistentes conmigo, una de 26 años, rubia, alta, delgada, y otra de 32 años, rubia, alta, y solamente tengo a esas dos como “FAVORITAS”.

    Pero he decidido DARME DE BAJA de esa página, por razones personales. He decidido tratar de recuperar a un “Amor Imposible” o difícil en mi país Panamá. que creo que es mucho mas complicado que hallar a una pareja en Uadreams, pero he decidido poner Todo en manos de Dios.

    ¿Cómo hago para DARME DE BAJA en esa página Uadreams?, porque lo he intentado y no me ha sido nada fácil salirme de esa página. Necesito que POR FAVOR alguien me oriente y me digan Cómo hago para ya NO ser o NO aparecer como miembro de esa página.
    Muy atentamente a Krystyna y a Todos,

  11. A lady ended up communicating from another site and then she lures to come and join ua dreams. Her plan is to send video chats and desires constant letter writing. When it comes to a meeting she gives excuses to say her mother isnt well. I will get her user ID and shame her here. The other scammers to avoid are Anastasia 7278 Anna7488 Marichka 8812. They send video chat requests and when it comes to meeting, just excuses. Anastasia is a scammer. Anna left the site mid communication then to request chats and letter writing. Marichka couldnt handle stress so she left the site. Shame on UA dreams. I wonder what screening you do to allow scammer ladies to join your site who want nothing but video chat requests and letter writing. No wonder Ukraine is a mess! I am thankful I didnt communicate with these ladies for long and kept myself right and refused chat requests. Good riddance to these 3 scammers.

    Also UA dreams keeps increasing their pricing. The cust service lady said its due to currency exchange. Only someone stupid enough will believe this scam and rubbish. They are more stupid then they think. These scammer ladies deserve naming and shaming. Good riddance.

  12. oN offence, well yeah there’s plenty of it. there’s no easy way of saying it, she wasn’t attracted to you. Go hit the gym, play some sports ,learn an instrument, and do all these well, Then you will be able to go play these scammers.Even get one to fall for you.

  13. Those are very big claims. Can you actually prove them? Do you have any evidence supporting your claims? For example, screenshots of your wife’s profile from UADreams? Would you be intrested having a video chat (skype)?

    I’ve been investigating a possibility for UADreams scamming for a while. There is many claims (and suspicions) that UADreams scams, but when I ask if accuser can proof his claims or give me any kind of evidence supporting those claims or even evidence that accuser did use the services of UADreams, I get nothing. I also find it somewhat surprising, that a man who has found his partner is still looking for the reviews of the site, or surfing in a blog which reviews dating businesses.

    As with every bad review, there is always a possibility that those are from competiting business just trying to bash the reputation of their competitor…

    1. Hello T.
      No, what he said is the truth.
      I met a person who married a girl in UaDreams and they basically told me the same things. I can provide you with the evidence if you want.

  14. all the Ukrainian women are there for the money on the paid dating sites they have no interest in any man coming to see them nor do these people have any morals or ethics

    they will bleed you dry and just waste your time its just a business where these women become rich
    pity chernobyl didnt clean up more of them

    1. When addressing stereotypes suggesting that Ukrainian and Russian women are solely seeking sugar daddies on dating sites, it’s fair to counter with the stereotype that Western men are searching for a beautiful, submissive woman from Ukraine or Russia or Thailand who lacks opinions and is ready to cook borscht or red curry around the clock.

      However, I’ve come across numerous positive stories where men have connected with Ukrainian or Russian women on International dating sites, including UADreams, as well as through marriage agencies.

      In our time, many people remain cautious when it comes to Ukrainian / foreign dating sites or apps. Concerns about scams, catfishing, and financial risks contribute to this hesitancy. Yes, it’s understandable that people ponder the potential pitfalls of online dating. Determining the legitimacy of information about a particular company often relies on personal judgment. I can empathize with these concerns—completely understand them.

      UAdreams emphasizes their commitment to showcasing client reviews and testimonials on their website, Trustpilot, Sitejabber and their YouTube channel. The main emphasis is in understanding how customers discovered the service, what initially piqued their interest, and ultimately, the factors that led them to register and embark on a dating journey. UAdreams provides this information on their website to assure potential clients that the profiles undergo verification, ensuring authenticity. It highlights the modern dating features and real experiences to offer transparency.

  15. Hello there, I’d like to share my experience with Uadreams. Initially, I had doubts and fears about this experience. It’s natural to feel that way when venturing into something unfamiliar. However, as time passed, my concerns diminished. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some genuinely kind individuals – both men and women. For those contemplating a visit and worrying about finding the right person, I’d say it’s worth considering. The experience may not be extraordinary, but it’s a unique journey that might resonate with some. I won’t forget the moments spent here, but I wouldn’t term them as life-changing. Personal encounters varied, and I did receive a level of hospitality that stood out. People here welcomed me warmly, and their generosity was noteworthy. They made efforts to ensure my comfort, from providing breakfast in the morning to arranging transportation.

    Comparing the treatment abroad to that in my home country is subjective. It’s a different kind of hospitality, not necessarily better or worse. The hospitality extended to me here has its merits, and I appreciate the gestures made on my behalf. I want to emphasize that my experience is just one perspective, and it’s essential to approach such endeavors with an open mind. It may not be the best or the most fantastic thing I’ve ever done, but it’s a unique chapter in my life.

    If anyone has doubts and wishes to connect with me for an honest discussion, feel free to reach out. I’m open to sharing my perspective as an American who went through this experience. It’s not about labeling it as the best or worst; it’s about presenting a balanced viewpoint. My time with Uadreams has been an interesting experience, but it’s crucial to manage expectations and approach it with an open mind.

  16. Hi, I really liked the article. BUt I just wanted to know, is this Uadreams is completely free and no credit cards are required?

    1. No, UA Dreams is a paid online dating site. You can only register for free and upload free photo.

      All other dating services are paid. One e-mail price is from $3.50. Other dating services include, e.g. Introduction service costs $100 and it includes 1 hour of translation service and а bunch of seasonal flowers FREE of charge in order to make your first date as romantic as possible.

      UaDreams charges $25 fee to coordinate the meeting with the lady. If you, the lady and the interpreter mutually agree to extend your meeting, each additional hour of translation service is $15.

      You can pay by credit card. If you don’t have credit card, debit card (Visa or/and Master Card) you can pay with the help of Western union (Money Gram) or Bank Transfer.

  17. based on my experience all dating sites are pretty much fraud and the chance to actually meet someone is probably less than winning a large lotto prize

    1. Tom Napier then you completely wrong exist tons of honest date sites and honest matchmakers online with higher success rate then over 90 percent to find a soulmate for life especially in a honest matchmaker.

  18. Using is easy, and they explain everything well. The website looks nice, not too much stuff there. I never liked online dating sites, especially the “free” ones, they are all full of fraud and fat women. Uadreams costs more, but it is worth it if you can find your girlfriend there.

    But, I don’t like that I get lots of messages from women who aren’t a good fit for me. It makes it hard for me to find Ukraine women who I would really get along with. For now I am in touch with some women, hopefully one of them is a match.

  19. I want to express my gratitude to UaDreams for their invaluable support during my recent two-week trip to Western Ukraine. I truly appreciated my lady Maryna making the long hour journey from Kiev to Lviv by train to spend a fantastic 2 weeks with me. I’m pleased that I was able to arrange accommodations for her in a fine Lviv hotel. We will see how it will go in future.

    I’m particularly grateful to the UADREAMS managers in Lviv for arranging an excellent apartment for me to stay in. I do regret not visiting the agency to express my gratitude in person. Kate, our trip coordinator, has been outstanding, as always. I find it exciting to visit Western Ukraine, where I can enjoy both the cuisine and the company of its wonderful people.

    I do not know how the long-term future with Maryna will develop, but I can confidently say that my trip there has been among the best experiences of my life. To be completely honest, leaving Ukraine was the last thing I wanted to do. The comfort and happiness I experienced during my visit were awesome, and I felt more at ease there than in my American hometown. This speaks to something special about Ukraine and UaDreams. I regret not picking up Ukrainian in Lviv.

  20. Olga and I first connected in December 2019, and right from the start, I had a good feeling about her. We communicated through chats and emails for many weeks. I had initially planned to visit her in April 2020, but the corona pandemic disrupted our plans, preventing our first meeting. Despite my concerns, she stayed true to her word, expressing no interest in starting communication with someone else.

    Throughout 2020, we continued our communication, and as 2021 arrived, things began looking up. I got vaccinated, hoping it would ease my travel to Odessa to finally meet her. Fortunately, circumstances allowed, and I booked my flight, hotel, and arranged for our meeting with an interpreter. Upon arriving in Odessa, I met my interpreter and, of course, my lady. To keep it short, meeting Olga in person was truly amazing. She’s even more attentive, beautiful, and incredible than the photos and chats conveyed. It feels like the beginning of something special, but only if she’s ready.

    However, it’s worth noting that the pandemic disrupted our initial plans, causing some uncertainty. Additionally, it’s crucial to approach such international connections with realistic expectations and considerations for both parties involved.

  21. Taka prawda panowie bo mam profil na darmowym portalu i tam nikt mnie nie zaczepia.Nie placic za oszustwo

  22. Hello Krystyna!
    Can we definitively conclude that UaDreams pays women? They contradicted themselves by posting this message from their Telegram group.

  23. I’ve been chatting on the uadreams site for a few months, and it led me to actually meet up with a lady Natalia in Estonia. The meet-up was a good experience. Meeting someone face-to-face after getting to know them online can be nerve-wracking, but this one turned out well. I’ve got to give props to the customer service at Uadreams – they’ve been pretty good and helpful whenever I needed assistance. Having reliable support on a dating site is a big plus, and it makes navigating the platform much easier. Here’s a akward thing that happened during my time on the site – I got quite a few messages from these beautiful women. It’s flattering, right? All these gorgeous ladies reaching out to an average-looking 50-year-old like me. Not sure about this.

    Overall, I wouldn’t say the service is bad. There’s a chance to meet Ukrainian women through Uadreams, and my personal meet-up in Estonia was a positive experience. But, and there’s always a but, it’s important to keep your mind clear. While there are opportunities, it’s crucial to stay realistic and approach things with a clear head.

    Cheers to all!

  24. Hello to all the people accidentally or not accidentally stumbled upon my review and decided to read it. By the way, I advise you to do it)). Useful or not, you decide. And my story will be long. So sit comfortably in your chair and read it).

    My first acquaintance with Uadreams was 4 years ago. I was looking for a Ukrainian girlfriend. Broke up with my ex-girlfriend, totally depressed. I have been grieving for a long time, but I realized that recluse and tears of grief cannot really help.

    And what is the first thing to do after a breakup? Of course, distract yourself and switch to something else. Well, if banal. And so, by simple analysis I came to the conclusion that I need to register on a Ukrainian dating site (just because Ukrainian women are so pretty and hot). I will immediately disclose that the goal was “not to find the love of my life forever”, but just correspondence, communication and surely some flirting.

    I registered – it was quick and easy. The dating platform has a simple and clear interface, I liked it. Uadreams is quite user-friendly, and I appreciate the option to reach out to someone off the dating service while also receiving support from the site itself. Based on my experience with Uadreams, the women there are authentic and genuine. I’ve interacted with several of them who also have active Facebook and Instagram profiles.

    When I registered, I posted a photo and wrote some words about myself. And after about 5 minutes messages started to pour in. At first I tried to answer everyone, looked through the profiles. Contingent wrote differently. I patiently answered the same questions to each and every one of them.

    Patience is really important. Why it is most important: because there will be a lot of attention from Ukrainian women there, and not all of it will be pleasant to you. There are some outright inadequates out there. And if you will be in a bad mood because of one inadequate, you can pass by those adequate people who ARE THERE. So, how exactly can you save time and nerves. Don’t reply to simple “hi/how are you”, because the person on the other side of the screen is sending such messages to 100 men right now. You have to recognize the significance of understanding the cultural perspective of Ukrainian women, show respect to their traditions and values, and you’ll navigate the situation smoothly.

    Luckily for me, I met a lot of adequate girls from Ukraine on Uadreams who are really looking for a man for serious relationships. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the one for life till the grave. I’m still in an active search. :)))))

  25. I have been lucky to communicate to a translator that is actually working for uadreams.
    August 2022.
    Through a PI which provides consultation services for American men from not being victims of romance scam.
    They told me that such PI agencies in Ukraine hire translators from several dating website in order to learn new scam techniques.
    I have made up a list of questions and I paid the translator for these answers.

    Q.1 How ladies join uadreams ?

    A.Same procedure as with many dating agencies. Uadreams manager, not translator, has to have a meeting with lady either in the office or online before joining to explain how everything works.
    They also sign agreement, but agreement stays with the agency, there is no second copy for the girl. In that agreement it is stated that girl should not disclose any information about her relationships between agency and her.
    They join agencies by word of mouth, by recommendation. Ads are not needed and sometimes such ads are not very legal in Ukraine.

    Q.2 Ladies are found on other websites. Is a translator that create these profiles on site such as Russiancupid, My Parterforever, CuteOnly ..? Is a lady aware of these profiles ?

    A.No, technical department of agency is responsible for that.

    Q.3 How much money a lady makes from letters, video chat, gifts, meetings and photosessions ?

    A.It depends on popularity of a girl’s profile. New profiles earn 25% of what man spends for video chatting. Photosessions are free for girls and agency does not pay anything for photosessions.

    If profile is popular, girl is paid up to 45% from what man spends on videochats.
    Difficult to say how much lady earns in a week as everything depends on popularity of account. Translator with whom we work does not want to say how much she earns from uadreams , but says most girls earn 1,000 USD to 1,500 USD per month whose profile is somewhere close to middle popularity on average and who spend online about 20 nights per month. However some accounts earn more than 3,000 USD per month.

    Q.4 Are girls paid in cash or by bank account ?

    A.Depends on where lady lives. If there is a representative office in the city where girl lives – payment can be made in cash once per month,if there is no office – lady will be paid as a transaction on her bank card 2 times per month if lady’s profile is popular or once each month if profile is not popular.

    Q.5 During a meeting ladies did not know anything about any topic discussed in the letters. Can a translator manipulate video chat and letters ?

    A.That’s because letters are almost never answered by ladies. Operators who are on outsource answer those letters.
    Girls are not aware of those answers. That is why they are unaware of topics discussed between clients and operators who are in Pakistan or in India.

    Q.6 What are the consequences for a lady if admits she gets paid ?

    A.Ladies sign an agreement where it says it is prohibited to disclose any info between her work with agency. They have some strict rules such as they will bring that lady to court or something.

    Q.7 OK there is an agreement. Do you have a copy of it ?

    A.No, such contract is signed in one copy which stays with the agency. Ladies do not have a copy of it.
    Agency does not give out a copy of agreement to girls nor to translators. It is signed in 1 copy which is left for the agency. No way to get it easily.

    Q.8 Do lady have to play a script during a meeting ? Are they pressed to use video chat even if they are not interested to a man ?

    A.They do not have to do that, no script is necessary either. But everybody chats usually because they are getting paid for each video chat from 25% to 45% what man pays to an agency.

    Q.9 Could you list rules and obligations that a lady is asked to follow ?

    A.There are no rules nor obligations except to be kind to everyone and keep clients chatting and engaging with agency as often as possible.

    Q.10 Is a translator or ladies that launch video chat? Do you use a bot software?

    A.Lady or translator can launch videochat. They both have possibility to do it from their accounts. Not aware of bot software.

    Q.11 Ladies chat with multiple men. Can ladies block a man from not seeing them online video chat ?

    A.Yes, it is possible to block and unblock men’s profiles by ladies from their accounts.

    Q.12 Is possibile to quantify number of men that are invited just by reading a range time video chat ?
    I.e. If a lady is gonna be online from 8.00am to 9.00am is for one man? Gonna be online from 8.00am to 10.00am is for two men?

    A.Not possible to estimate as sometimes there may be 10 or more men invited especially during weekends.

    Q.13 The wording ‘online in 1 hour’ is when lady has invited a guy or if she has just scheduled to be online without inviting anyone ?

    A.Many men are invited automatically by special software from Web site. Sometimes it invites randomly men from all over the world.
    Usually ladies just log online and wait for men to start chatting. Many girls including translator,
    who has a profile on uadreams just log on and stay there most of the night logged in (Ukrainian time).

    Q.14 Is a translator that set ‘free chat’ mode or ‘paid one’ for a lady’s account ?

    A.No, managers of agency do that and lady may do it herself from her account.

    Q.15 What is the difference between an operator and a translator ?

    A.Operators are based outside of Ukraine and usually answer letters. She is not sure if they are in India, Pakistan or elsewhere.
    Translators discusses with girls when they want to chat and coordinate time of chat with translator.
    Translators do not answer letters usually, only to confirm to client desired date and time of videochat.

    Q.16 What is the website that ladies use to login ?

    A.Translator told us that ladies log on through the same Web site – .
    They just have their own interface to chat with men, but logging in is through main Web site – .
    There has been much speculations and doubts about the legitimacy of this agency over years.
    uadreams is a scam agency.

    Feel free to share this post to all platforms over the Internet.

  26. Reviews about UADreams vary, and while some raise concerns about the platform, there’s still potential for genuine connections. Discounts and promotions on UaDreams are appreciated, as they make it more affordable to access services. Recently, I took advantage of discounts, specifically for the SMS service, which helps me stay in touch with my contact, Olga from Ternopil. The ability to send quick messages is a convenience. Planning to meet in person is feasible, but it’s worth noting that certain services can be costly, particularly the live chat feature, which may not suit everyone’s budget. Nonetheless, it’s encouraging to encounter dating agencies with sincere individuals seeking life partners. Ukrainian girls, in particular, have made an impression.

  27. Im super glad I found this website. I was talking to this very nice lady at International, Maria. After a few days messaging each other, she asks for my email so we can keep in better touch and, lol and behold, all I get is a backlink for me to register at the site through her profile. Funny thing is that if I try to sign up there directly, it says that my email is already registered, THEY PRE-REGISTERED ME there. Fun, huh?

    Anyway, imagine my surprise when I find her profile there and there are DOZENS of super glamorous and sexy modeling photos and videos from this girl who “was still new at this, just registered”. So I decide to poke around and find this website here, and all I have to say is thank you SO MUCH for the service.

    It is so cruel tho, to see that so many girls would poach and scam and take advantage of people for being lonely and sad. The world is truly a savage place…

  28. I’ve been on various dating platforms, but uadreams truly stands out. The site ensures all profiles are authentic, which gives a lot of confidence in the process. Customer service, particularly Irina, is commendable for their prompt and helpful responses to any inquiries. The site is quite active, offering a many choices, making it a bit challenging to narrow down to the one perfect match. This site is highly recommended for those who are fed up with encountering fake profiles and are serious about finding a meaningful connection with a Ukrainian woman. It’s a solid choice.

  29. So, I decided to give a shot after a friend mentioned it. Figured, why not? If I don’t try, how will I ever connect with a Ukrainian girl?

    The site’s pretty decent, with modern features that suit my lifestyle. The search and live chat options work fine for me.

    I realized it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. The service is okay, not over the top. But hey, I did end up meeting some nice ladies from Ukraine. This year, I even traveled to Iwano-Frankivsk and hung out with some cool girls who had the same intentions as me. It’s not all perfect, but it worked out for meeting genuine women.

  30. The website seems really good and professional. The layout is simple and easy to work with. I haven’t seen anything bad yet. There’s feedback and lots of details you can click on freely. On other dating sites, you can only click on a few things, and there’s no feedback. I keep getting really nice suggestions and have chatted with some pretty Ukrainian women. Everything’s going well. I like that uadreams really care about privacy. The profiles are real, and if you ever need help from the service, they assist you right away, and they’re really nice about it if needed.

  31. I like that uadreams offers reliable service and you can also immediately make contacts. I have received helpful information on my question regarding security … I am satisfied …! I like that some fakes are then quickly recognized by the moderators and removed. There are actually women who want to find a partnership. In total, clear dating site, registration is very easy, many features, you are informed by e-mail if you get any messages. Matching system with suggestions but also the possibility to search yourself.

  32. After just a few days, I have already made a few contacts. The good thing is there are no fake profiles spotted (possibly due to the strict verification procedures), you can make real contacts, there is the possibility to define search filters and to determine the display order according to a few criteria. Uadreams keeps its promises for me so far. Sophisticated ladies in my age where I think that maybe after the short time the right one could be there. I have tried other platforms that were either only good for sexy online communication with bots or were pure rip-offs. Uareams, on the other hand, is absolutely top. I like their service, professionalism, and the assistance they provided me have been really good.

  33. When it comes to Ukrainian dating sites, I’ll vouch for Uadreams, no doubt. I’ve been hanging out there since August 2022, and I’ve got some mixed feelings to share (but more positive ones).

    First off, you’ll find plenty of lovely Ukrainian women on the site. But here’s the deal – you gotta sift through the options and put in some effort to vibe with them. The upside? There are loads of real girls who are more than happy to chat with you and even take the conversation outside the site. I managed to score a successful relationship through Uadreams. My lady and I have met a few times in Ukraine and Germany, and she’s now wearing my engagement ring. We’re planning to tie the knot next year.

    Big shoutout to UAdreams for making the intro and providing this dating journey. But, hold up, there are some bumps in the road too, so don’t get too starry-eyed.

  34. The specific recommendations for suitable matches at uadreams are beneficial, as well as the availability of communication with the support, and up-to-date information is noteworthy. seems to be legit and reputable. I have had rather positive experiences, as the majority of women respond, which differs from other dating platforms. The authenticity of profiles seems consistent. It is puzzling to me that there have been numerous negative experiences reported. The cost-to-benefit ratio appears to be reasonable.

    Ultimately, it’s crucial to keep in mind that finding a partner hinges on your personal profile and your REALISTIC expectations. uadreams strives to assist you in your search. It’s essential to communicate your specific wants and expectations clearly.

  35. UADreams has several good aspects. The authenticity of the girls is one of them. The support center manager, Elmira, is responsive and assists with technical issues promptly. The availability of real video chats is another positive feature. However, it would be preferable if the platform offered service packages rather than charging for each letter. The pricing, especially for live chat, might be considered expensive and might not be affordable for everyone. Good thing is whenever I visit the chat gallery on UADreams, I would chat with all the online girls due to their beauty. Video chat invitations, where a girl’s video is shown, are great, I like them. I was curious about their natural look without makeup, and it’s reassuring that they still look good in the chat. The site’s real video chats are a significant advantage for assessing a person’s true appearance, as photos often fall short in depicting reality.

  36. Krystyna Trushyna

    Thank you for your comment and your interest in our website and this article.
    We always encourage our readers to be careful when choosing an online dating site for a long-term relationship.
    Choose a dating site consciously and confidently, consider whether the site meets your criteria and desires, whether there are girls you like, whether the price is right, etc.
    And of course, you need to consider whether the online format is right for you.
    If online is not your cup of tea, then choose only offline, use all possible methods and ways of meeting girls.
    I wish you good luck in your search!

  37. Hey there, I’ve been giving a try for some time now, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. It’s been quite a journey, I’ll tell you that. First off, the whole idea of connecting with girls from Ukraine was new to me, but it was exciting. UAdreams got a bunch of ways to chat with women – you can email, video chat, all that stuff. It makes the whole ‘getting to know someone’ part more interesting. But it’s not all smooth sailing. You’ve got to be pretty careful with who you connect with. Not everyone’s on the same page about what they’re looking for, and sometimes it feels like the connection’s more about the novelty of chatting with a foreigner than actually getting to know me. It’s a bit of a hit or miss, to be honest. One thing I realized is that you need to keep your expectations in check. The cultural differences are real, and they can make things challenging. It’s not just about finding someone you like; it’s about understanding where they’re coming from, their life, their culture. That part’s been a real learning experience for me.

    So, would I recommend It’s hard to say. If you’re curious about meeting girls from Ukraine and are ready for something that’s a bit out of the ordinary, it could be worth a shot. Just go into it with your eyes open, and don’t rush into anything. It’s more about the experience and the women you meet along the way than finding the perfect match right off the bat.

  38. I was very satisfied here, Uadreams don’t promise too much. The site is very clear and helpful, the service was pleasurable and the messaging and live chat features are really modern and game changes. There are many worse Ukraine dating sites, but few better ones – this is all normal. The site is a recommendable portal. I had many great and funny online dates with Ukrainian girls and in the end the right one was there (we are still in the online communication stage but in 2 months I am going to Lviv to meet Marina there). Remember, online dating is a lot of work (especially international online dating). You have to write all the time and keep at it. But it’s worth it!

  39. This site is a SCAM, RUN away.
    A woman that is was on your site writes to me and is now here in Canada. We have seen one another numerous times. I help her navigate through our Canadian immigration policies and procedures.
    She stated that Uadreams is a site where for every paying customer that they bring on to the site, there is a commission that is given to the ladies.
    With letters that are from translators, she has no idea who she was actually seeing on the receiving end of the letter. So very deceitful on the part of UA Dreams. They take your heart and your money.

    1. Hi James, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      If you have concerns, it’s important to contact UADreams management to get clear answers. Serious allegations need to be explained.

      I’ve talked to UADreams about the issue of paying girls for online communication with customers. They strongly say that no one else are allowed to write for members or use other people’s photos on their profiles. Getting paid for using UAdreams is also not allowed. If anyone breaks these rules, they will be banned, and you’ll get your credits refunded.

      You can find more details on the UAdreams terms and conditions page:

      I also recommend to read my interview with UAdreams to get more insight about their services:

      Based on UAdreams statements and reviews, they are a trustworthy Ukrainian dating platform that doesn’t allow scamming. It keeps users safe from fake profiles and scams. The good thing is that there are thousands of genuine single women from Ukaine looking for a soulmate. So you can have a safe search on this site. Just remember some basic rules when dating online. UAdreams wants to ensure your online dating experience is safe. Their aim is to make your search for a partner successful. If we or any users have doubts about certain actions, they thoroughly check those cases.

  40. I am satisfied with uadreams, you can chat with nice girls, the site itself looks good and is fast. I have been on this site for about 6 months, I am now actively chatting with 2 girls. One lives in Kiev, the other in Ireland. She moved there in March 2022. We’ll see what comes out of this communication, but I hope one of these girls will become my wife in the near future.

  41. Alright, folks, gather ’round for a tale of my journey through the wild world of online dating, with a little pit stop on

    So, I decided to give a whirl, and boy, was I in for a ride. Whether it was my lucky day or my veteran online dater status, I can’t say, but things started off pretty smooth. The registration was as easy as pie – no hassle, quick as a flash. The site’s interface was pretty user-friendly, and I was off to the races, scouting Ukrainian women’s profiles faster than a speeding bullet.

    Once I was in the thick of it, the site’s filters were like my trusty sidekicks. They let me hone in on what I wanted – age, interests, location, you name it. With these tools at my disposal, the hunt for the perfect match (let’s call her Olga) became a piece of cake.

    But here’s the real kicker, folks: the live chat feature. It was a game-changer. Olga and I could chat in real-time, and it felt way more authentic than the usual back-and-forth text exchange. You could say it was like having a face-to-face chat without the actual face-to-face part.

    To top it off, the support team was like the unsung heroes in the background. They were quick to respond and surprisingly friendly. Any question or concern I threw their way got sorted faster than a squirrel on an espresso binge. Knowing they had my back added an extra layer of comfort to the whole experience.

    Now, I’ve gotta lay down the bad news, folks. ain’t exactly cheap. It’s not the budget option on the block, that’s for sure. For those of us watching our wallets, it might be a tough pill to swallow. But here’s the deal – you usually get what you pay for. In this case, the premium cost felt justified by the quality of service, legit profiles, and the peace of mind that they ain’t messing around with security.

    So, there you have it, my friends, the tale of my adventure. A mix of luck, experience, and some investment, but ultimately a worthwhile journey in the online dating game. Cheers to finding love, wherever it may be!

  42. After seven months of exchanging messages and having video chats, we decided to meet in person. My lady Olena, her son Andrij, and I wanted to express our gratitude for the uadreams support we received. Our meeting took place in Poland on September 22, 2023, and those five days will remain etched in our memories forever. The experience was incredibly emotional, and we now both firmly believe in the authenticity of our deep and sincere conenction – something I once doubted could be found on a website, given my concerns about scammers and the credibility of online dating agencies. I can confidently say that my apprehensions were unfounded.
    We’ve already made plans for her to visit Italy next year, and our hopes and expectations for the future are high. This is just the beginning of our journey together.

  43. Hello sirs,
    From 10 years, I have learnt Russian language and tried to find my russian speaking wife.
    I just can tell you that the free websites are better because the women are not paid for their replies.
    If you receive a letter she wants to write you.
    Then I can tell you that the best, on that side is, After, then, then
    I met 3 women but not my bride.
    It was hard for my heart but you have a real chance there!

  44. I have already tested a lot of platforms. I have known uadreams since 2022. Absolutely good platform if you are looking for a woman from Ukraine, fake profiles are removed immediately, many pretty women who write back or make a nice gesture even if they are not interested. is well structured and offers a lot of possibilities and features, only if you want to make contact you have to pay. And the price is also ok.

    So I had also started right after the registration and searched well as as man from Germany I had not so much choice to meet a woman in Germany. I also had a lot of messages from women from Ukraine after a few days, many of them in English (no German), of course it is very difficult to make real contact with a meeting, if only because of the distance and all the travelling stuff, but if you are really looking for a woman from Ukraine you are guaranteed to find one here.

  45. My experience with over more than 2 years has been as follows: The girls who communicate with you in writing and through video calls are genuine. The site is well-designed for men seeking Ukrainian ladies. It allows you to search for matches based on specific criteria. The fact that all the girls undergo passport verification and are videotaped to confirm their identities is a positive aspect. The video chat feature is also available. However, it’s challenging to distinguish who is genuinely seeking a relationship and who is merely looking for casual interactions among the girls I’ve encountered. When I reached out to the support center for clarification, Manager Ksenia provided a questionnaire and inquired about the type of girl I was interested in meeting. This service is referred to as “personal match,” and I’m hoping it will help me find a suitable match in the future.

  46. Alright, guys, let me share my honest experience with First off, I’ve gotta say, if you’re dissing the site, maybe take a minute to reflect on yourself before pointing fingers. There’s no shortage of sketchy ukraine dating sites out there, but in this sea of fishy ones, stands out as a legit and serious player. So, here’s the lowdown: I found my woman through this site, no doubt about it. Sure, it wasn’t exactly budget-friendly, but I’d say it was worth the investment.

    Now, let’s talk about the hurdles. One thing to bear in mind is that English-speaking partners aren’t a dime a dozen here. You won’t be chatting with a CNN anchor, so don’t get your hopes up too high in that department, or you’re in for a letdown.

    Bottom line, keep your expectations real and be real yourself. No one can hand you a guarantee for a successful match here. And yes, like in many places, you might run into some shady characters. Uadreams does offer background checks.

    Here’s my two cents: the girls on are real people, and the website can be your wingman if you play your cards right. If I were to give you a nugget of wisdom, it’s this: the younger and prettier they are, the harder your quest might be. Prince charming seekers are out in full force. For a smoother ride, try your luck with small-town girls. They appreciate the old-school charm – dressing up, bringing flowers, and avoiding money talk. It goes a long way.

    All in all, take it slow, keep your expectations in check, and remember that real connections take time and effort.

  47. Uadreams has a straightforward design that’s easy to navigate. The sign-up process is user-friendly, and UADreams provides clear guidance at every stage. The women’s profiles include standard information on appearance, hobbies, occupation, education, and their goals. There’s a substantial variety of profiles available. I reached out to customer support with a couple of queries, and they clarified the agency’s operations. A good one.

    Having spent over three years on UADreams, I’ve interacted with some women and met a few in Ukraine and Poland. Unfortunately, these encounters took place during a challenging time due to the war. While I’ve explored other websites in the past and considered giving up, I ended up recommending this site.

  48. Despite the lengthy 21-hour bus ride from Warsaw to Cherkasy, my trip has been quite OK. The hotel was also good and the Ukrainian food, especially at the meat place near the hotel, was excellent.

    My translator Aljona did her best to bridge the gaps in time that I couldn’t spend with my lady. While my lady is really cool, and I credit UaDreams for introducing us, it’s important to acknowledge a few critical points. The limitations on our time together were challenging, and relying on a translator posed communication barriers at times. The way the dates were organized by uadreams impressed me; everything was well-planned. It was tough to witness Ukraine during the war, but the people are resilient. Despite the challenges, it is good to see that the marriage business seems to be thriving, even in such times.

  49. It is very difficult to find an honest Ukrainian woman. I tried a lot of things, went on a romantic tour to Kherson before the war, tried marriage agencies and dating sites. When I started using uadreams, I didn’t have any special expectations or any hope at all to meet someone.

    A lot of women started writing to me. I chose only three to communicate with. First of all, I paid attention to how women communicate. I don’t need surface communication. I met one woman in the Czech Republic. It didn’t work out.

    The second woman came to see me in Marseille, where I’m from. The communication was very cool and we started to make plans for the future. Unfortunately, I cannot go to Ukraine now. But we plan to meet again in France or somewhere in Europe. I stopped communicating with the third woman myself, as Tamara was exactly what I was looking for.

    Regarding uadreams, I want to say that it’s not bad for online communication. The prices are the same as everywhere else, neither lower nor higher. The customer service works perfectly, they answer quickly.

    1. Each girl is paid 1000 uah for keeping active her profile in UaDreams.
      Additional money are earned from ladies with videochat, meetings, video and ridicolous sexy photos you accept.

  50. Here are my 2 cents. Been giving it a go for a few months….. First off, the ladies on this site? Too perfect to be true. I mean, we all want a catch, but these profiles feel like they stepped out of a fantasy movie….. It’s like they photoshopped perfection onto every pic. Smells a bit fishy, if you ask me.

    Now, let’s talk chatting. Been trying to move the convo outside uadreams, you know, to Whatsapp or Telegram. But no dice. It’s like the ladies here have a secret club where leaving the site is a big no-no. Been a few months, no personal contact…..

    Using uadreams ain’t cheap….. Every little move, every chat, every blink – you gotta buy credits. Expensive credits….. VERY EXPENSIVE….

    It’s like paying for every breath you take.

    Wallet’s taking a hit, and I’m not sure if it’s worth it………. Probably NOT….

    Sure, uadreams has a history. Supposedly a rep in the bride industry…….. But Loveme, AnastasiaDate, AmourFactory – you name it – they’re all cut from the same cloth. Different names, same game. Where’s the special sauce that makes UAdreams stand out? Still searching.

    Alright, let’s throw in a bone for the good stuff………… The site looks slick, modern, easy on the eyes……………..
    Navigating through it is easy….. I think I will quit here.

  51. So, I tried out Uadreams, and here’s the lowdown. The whole experience was okay. They helped set up my trip to meet someone in person, which was cool. I spent a couple of weeks in Ivano-Frankivsk. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not some fairy tale. There are genuine people, and I did have a good time, but it’s not as perfect as they might paint it. The city is nice, sure. The site’s setup is a bit old-school, and sometimes it feels like the profiles are curated. But, to be fair, they did assist in making the meet-up happen.

    In the end, it’s not a love-at-first-sight story, but it’s not a horror tale either. If you’re realistic and keep expectations in check, you might find it worthwhile. Just be cautious and take things as they come.

    1. Another fake review written by uadreams.
      They used to spam only positive reviews, describing their company as the best at handling any process which the poor victim doubted.

      Now they have started writing soft reviews ‘some things are good and others need improvement’ to make it less noticeable.

      Needless to say, the same pattern also applies to trustpilot, which wrote that this agency did not play by the rules
      and other related fake reviews written in sites such as like sitejabber, wot, etc

  52. I joined UaDreams because it looked too good to pass up, thinking I could easily unsubscribe later. Luckily, I used a fake email, but now it’s bombarded with about 100 repetitive love letters daily from different ‘ukrainian girls.’ I suspect it’s either robots or men behind these messages. Bottom line: it’s all fake. In my experience, uadreams is filled with scammers. Some people on webcams don’t match their photos. If you suggest meeting in a woman’s hometown, she insists on having her own interpreter, claiming they both need money.

    I’ve been to Ukraine through another dating agent, and the women I met there didn’t behave as dishonestly as those on uadreams. This raises serious concerns about the authenticity and integrity of the platform.

  53. Fake positive review written by owner uadreams

    I have no idea what it’s about but I was contacted by the owner uadreams in trustpilot to write a fake positive review written by them. Therefore I wouldn’t trust the company or any positive review of the company.

    1. You are more than right, I do not trust them neither. Uadreams is a disappointment. I joined with hopes of a positive experience but ended up feeling scammed and out of pocket. The high costs associated with the service make it an expensive venture, and the prevalence of fake profiles and chat bots only adds to the dissatisfaction. The financial aspect of Uadreams left me far from content. The expenses piled up quickly, and I found myself questioning the value of the services provided.

      The issue of fake profiles looms large on Uadreams. Numerous profiles that seemed too good to be true. The pictures and information presented did not align with reality. Authenticity is crucial in such platforms, and Uadreams falls short in providing it. Chat bots further compounded the problem. Instead of engaging in meaningful conversations, I found myself interacting with automated responses that lacked the depth and sincerity I was seeking. It became evident that the conversations were not with real individuals, but rather programmed algorithms.

      I also faced was the inundation of messages from seemingly attractive women. However, these messages turned out to be nothing more than a façade. The entire Uadreams experience felt like a waste of time. The initial allure quickly faded as the reality of the situation set in. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend Uadreams to anyone seeking authentic connections. The combination of high costs, fake profiles, and chat bots makes it an unfavorable choice for men. My experience with Uadreams was far from positive, and I advise others to approach with caution.

      1. Costs are high as all pay per letter site, the money are distribuited between agency, translator and girl.

        Establishing a direct and pure connection with the girl is utopian though site. It is the translator who manages the communication

        yes you can travel to Ukraine and they welcome you to the meeting in a kind manner but this is because you paid the arrangement minimal 1500-2500 dollars 🙂

        Translator handle letters and the video chat session. They have always the control of girl’s profile.
        Girl before meeting knows almost nothing about you, the translator might write a summary of who you are so that she learns something and the game keep going on.

        Girls sell their lives on the internet, in exchange for money.
        There is also a contract for which they authorize them to spam their photos on other sites too
        and by which they use as bait to catch new customers on uadreams. Girls cannot marry for the duration of the contract because it must appear that their marital status as single

        Ukrainian girls by their nature never initiative the first step. It’s the translator or the bot who addresses some letters to men.
        Take a test, register on some free slavic site or at most where you pay a very low monthly subscription. No beautiful girl approaches you first
        but on uadreams you are flodded by a lot of attentions. Only a simp would believe it.

        We have several testimonies from some girls who say uadreams is fake and pays women.
        I will later post videos of some girls with whom we communicated outside the site and who had already left it.
        They tell the truth about how it works and it is a high level scam!

        The only thing uadreams can do is write a lot of fake positive reviews to mitigate the bad ones, like it does on and

        For istance, have a look at there is a fake message from Owens Anie female photo November 14, 2023, that is funny! since when does a woman pay uadreams to chat with a women? 🙂
        They are not even able to make their reviews genuine in an effective way.. they are simple villagers hungry for money.

  54. Just came back from Lviv. The trip organisaion by Uadreams is really awesome. My translator Iryna was more than helpful.
    Victoriya, the trip manager, was organizing the details to ensure my trip was as safe and comfortable as possible, especially during these uncertain times in Ukraine. Meeting Marina (we were communicating for a 6 months) in person was a joy, moving beyond digital communication.

    Lviv city is beautiful, rich in history and culture, and I recommend visiting. Regarding the hotel, it’s genuinely a 3-star accommodation, so nothing special. Not sure if I liked it. It could enhance the traveler’s experience with a few additional services. The food and culture are great in Lviv.

  55. Men, this is a very well-known scam site. This high rating is made up. I was cheated by a scam woman on this site. This is true experience. Anyway, please leave this place. It is really dangerous. You will only lose your money and your love. It is really dangerous. I warn you.

  56. The first clue is every single woman on the website is hot. Women that are not attractive are not profitable on this website…
    The second clue is it’s going to cost you $6.99 per text message. Every other additional form of communication also costs money.
    These women will string you along as long as possible to get every dollar they can out of your wallet.
    WHY would you spend that kind of money when there are multiple other alternatives that do the exact same thing at no cost.
    These women are not looking for relationships they’re looking for money and they get a PERCENTAGE of every dollar that is spent on them.
    Many of these women have boyfriends or husbands and the only relationship they’re going to have with YOU is to be taking your money.
    There is a saying that a fool and his money are easily parted and this is going to be an excellent place if you’re going to be a fool!

  57. The women want constant video chats, emails, but no possibility of meeting. Most women have been on the site 1 yr+ and not a single one wanted to have a meeting. Shame on them. Not a single woman wanted to meet. They sau nice things and promise stuff of wanting a meeting but when this is asked, they then disappear and run away. Stay online. You ladies deserve no happiness. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    1. Do not go anywhere near this website. Most of the girls are being paid to sit there in front of the camera and answer your emails – around $400 a month which is higher than the average monthly salary in Ukraine – so you can see why they do it. But they are not answering you… the agency interpreters answer you.

      And if you do meet a girl. Good luck. She will milk you dry for what she can get. They are professional scammers.

      They all have friends working on the site too. Friends of the interpreters. Most of them with boyfriends who know what’s happening.

      This site is 100% a scam!!!!


  58. Just scammers. Used It 5 years ago and I see now (the 22th December 2023) that many of girls I was chatting with are still there. For example Julia5486, Maria4588 and Jaroslava4434. They look like supermodels and you may figure out how many men every day (every day!!!) have been contacting them but incredibly they have not foud yet their “”soul mate””. It’s clear that this is a job for them and what uadreams is selling is just a dream indeed…..please stay away from this

  59. I’ve only joined a handful of sites like this with speculation. For the people that send money do they not photo check the person they allegedly are talking to to see that that picture is connected to 30 different accounts isn’t on the blacklist!? Apparently not there are plenty of real profiles, however there is always the cash angle trying to get money I didn’t cough up one penny other than my short membership! But they have every angle call me on this phone number for $79 for what if you wanted to talk to somebody and it wasn’t a scam what am I missing? 9 out of 10 girls look like supermodels do people really think that’s the girl that they’re talking to? I am sorry for the victims however with nothing more than a Google search and a little bit of homework there’s no reason to ever get scammed… I turned the tables hack into any information I do have to connect them have everything slammed with spam, most importantly take the picture and any names on blacklist and any type of negative publicity you could possibly give that account.
    Don’t bother trying to contact the company they work together obviously Total scam!

  60. I’ve been with this agency and here are the hard fact 1st I never see the lady’s write on their computer it’s the translator that takes control of the whole conversation from start to finish you really have no saying in reality what is being translated back to your girl they are 100 percent in control of everything from the letters you get to the one you write back they only translate what they want the women to know
    2 the translators intise you all the time making you think it’s the lady written by you but it’s n reality it’s them trying to get you to chat
    3 they use Ámbra law and use it to their advantage to make more money off you
    4 please notice the letters you get from the lady’s are vague they will never tell you private matters just basically the same stuff all the time in reality it’s the translator talking to you not your lady total scam
    I’ve been here long enough where it’s so funny you will notice the same women all day long 6 yo 7 days a week in the chat room must be making a good commission
    The women are real but not with you they smile at you but nothing else they are good at what they do all day it’s all about the chat room multi million dollar business they don’t care about marriage just having you on the chat room
    If your lucky to have a lady want to meet you in real life we’ll good luck with that you spend 4 to 5 thousand dollars before it’s over just to get disappointed
    Just look at how many different pay methods they have and overseas bank they operate totally mob control don’t fool yourself big buisness
    My advise is be careful because they got it all figure out you as a customer have zero control of anything just spending money on chats
    Stay away from this place unless you enjoy giving away your money that you just don’t care
    Good luck

  61. I started using a few months ago and I’ve really liked it so far. It’s fun and easy to use, many beatiful profiles – the chatting helps me relax and take my mind off things. Now, I’m hoping to find someone special on uadreams, someone to share my life with. It’s exciting to think about who I might meet each day.

  62. Three months on this site and nothing but Ukrainen fraud. Beware and know all dating sites in Ukraine are fraud Girls bounce around to seduce men and Olga behind the desk answer your letters leading you down a rabbit hole and lots of loss dollars. If you are scam by contact your bank to get you money back. US banks hate Ukraine dating fraud sites. Men need to band together. Lesson learn for me.

  63. I wanted to share my Ukraine journey to meet my girlfriend. We had connected through UAdreams and chatted quite a bit via video calls, thanks to the website’s handy feature. After some discussions, we decided to meet up in person, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her in real life – she looked even more beautiful!

    Things clicked right away, and we decided to exchange phone numbers. Now, we’re texting each other daily and have agreed to keep things going. I’m planning to go back soon to take our relationship to the next level. Overall, it’s been a great experience so far, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for us.

  64. Ask yourself.
    Even a desperate guy has to ask himself:
    1- Why do all the women bios seem the
    2- Why are these beautiful women still on
    the site? Shouldn’t they have matched
    with some guy by now?
    3- If everything at agency is above board,
    why have fake reviews?
    If you can’t answer these with confidence, then stop sending $$$

  65. Dimitry admin anti scam Ukraine dating

    Uadreams is a scam dating site with a success rate about 2%.

    To get in the 2% you have to be wealthy, to be lucky and to have realistic search criteria.

    To hide and camouflage their scams they have a whole team what is posting fake reviews on all the forums where uadreams is mentioned.

    We don’t delete those fake reviews to show how realistic they are and how they help to mislead hesitating men.

    While most of scams victims are ashamed to post the details about how stupid they were to spend so much money for nothing, Uadreams orders hundreds of fake reviews about positive experience.

    The only true information about Uadreams is that all the ladies profiles belong to real women.

    But the goal of the beautiful girls is to serve as bait to make men pay money.

    Contact our team is you have any particular questions about Uadreams and any other dating site.






    NOPE 🙂







  67. Mr Johannes De Klerk

    The site has a business model that works very well for them, not for you. In no time they will manage to relieve you of your hard earned money. I was contacted by a woman on another dating site and effectively lured to There are lots of freebies that run out very quickly, then it’s time to pay exorbitant prices for a single email it will be over $6 , no wonder the company has $6.5 million accrued in capital. Maybe it is time to get the banks and governments around the world involved in closing this site down.

  68. Not a chance to meet anyone. Considering i paid a lot of money compared to free dating sites, it’s a total scam and I even wonder how many of these Ukrainian women shown are fake. Horrible!

  69. I had very bad experience with this site. The prices are insane, they want more than $70 for 60 minutes video call (why? whatsapp is for free). I have the feeling that the woman don’t even want to find someone.

    I get constantly emails, I didn’t even sign up for emails. A woman from a other datingsite wanted send me a email, but instead sended me uadreams.

  70. I got into because of someone I met online. But I realized pretty quick that the site’s all about getting your money. It’s really sad. People go there looking for love, and the site takes advantage of that. Like someone else said, you can lose your money fast if you’re not careful. Don’t fall for stuff that looks too good to be true. The uadreams site isn’t just bad for your wallet. It’s not fair to the women and men who join for different reasons. My advice? Stay away from it. You’ve got to be extra careful. I still think everyone can find someone special, but we’ve got to use our heads and not get tricked by these kinds of sites.

  71. I have to be honest here, my experience with uadreams left me pretty frustrated. It seemed like many of the women were more interested in live chats, video calls, and receiving gifts rather than actually pursuing a relationship. It’s disappointing when you end up spending a lot on this and then consider going all the way to Ukraine for a date.
    Let’s talk about expenses – you have to pay for translators, fancy dinners, and gifts, all while wondering if these ladies are really interested in you. It can feel like a waste of time and money.

    My advice? Save your money and look elsewhere if you’re serious about finding a real woman. This place might not be the best bet for that.

  72. Endless upsells to get even a tiny bit of interaction with the lady. Profiles are real but women are actors and the translators write the text for them. Sophisticated scam, buyer beware

  73. So, I’ve been on UaDreams for a bit now, and I’ve gotta say, it’s been pretty cool in its own way. Just the other day, I had this chat with Natalia from Kharkov – she’s someone I’ve been talking to on the site. She was out with her little girl, Dasha, and they decided to video call me from this kid’s play area they were at. It was super sweet, honestly. Dasha was running around, playing with other kids, and every now and then she’d come up to the camera to show me some toy she was playing with. Felt like I was right there with them, part of their day, you know? That’s something special, not something you’d expect from a regular chat on a dating site. It’s moments like that, seeing a slice of someone’s real life, that makes this whole online dating thing feel more genuine. I mean, it’s easy to forget there’s a real person on the other side of the screen sometimes, but this… this was different. It was like a real, live window into their world.

    So, yeah, UaDreams has its ups and downs, but it’s these real, human moments that stick with you. It’s not just profiles and messages; sometimes it feels like you’re really connecting, even from miles away.

  74. I’ve been using uadreams for a while now, and I’m happy with it. I’ve been talking to a lady from Kiev for about six months, and it was her birthday recently. The website gave me a list of gift options, but I was worried about how they would deliver them with everything going on. I really wanted Elena to get the gifts on her birthday. What got to me was the video Elena sent me. It showed her opening the presents I chose. I appreciate the agency for making that video happen. It made me feel closer to Elena on her special day.

  75. Absolute scam! Almost all women look beautiful. It’s very unlikely alle women show interest, but at UAdreams you’ll never complain about lack of attention. The communication is totally controlled by employees of the company, ‘translators’ as they call them. For example, a woman mentioned in a letter I like gardening. I never communicated with her before! I told another lady I liked gardening.
    Another example. I wanted to unsubscribe and erase my profile. The company doesn’t cooperate, so I changed my name. I received a letter from a woman I communicated with and she addressed me by my changed name, without any question.
    Like a lot of people allready mentioned. The women probably receive a commission. Even if some women have serious intentions, this is not a good base to start dating.
    Further the prices are unreasonable.

  76. Yes, right all people in here..maybe almost all the ladies here are scam. Why do I say this….when I chat with lady, they don’t even do anything, don’t even type, just smile, strange gestures and even their mouth doesn’t say anything to reply to our chat.

    Exactly today I was scammed for the second time by this site through a girl whose ID 8872, the first two years ago(her girl id 5051).

    This is very sad, because they create scams under the guise of dating sites, using women as bait. Prices for gifts are also unreasonable.

    So I say for sure, this is a scam dating site.

  77. Scam site

    Was chatting with a woman doing manicures.
    Asked her why she was not typing.
    Her translator writes for her.

    I told her do not see mask move you talking.
    Translator asks me why I am suspicious.


    Do not waste your time or money

  78. is a complete scam operation. The messages sent by foreign male subscribers are never received by the profiled women. They are received by the Orwellian “translators” who simply fabricate the responses that appear to come from the profiled women. Foreign male subscribers are having romantic dialogues with a “translator” located somewhere in the United Kingdom, often other men. The profiles of the most beautiful women contain purchased photos and videos from professional models and actresses. Even the video chats are fake. There is no audio. The video chats are actually prerecorded and just replayed during the supposedly “live” video chat session., however, operates a very sophisticated scam operation as some of the profiles are real, but only to create a patina of plausible deniability. The profiles featuring women as beautiful as super models that seem too good to be true are just that. You must remember at all times that the messages you send to never reach the profiled woman. She has long since left the stage. Those messages go to a male “translator” (i.e., fabricator) who concocts responses out of whole cloth the fabricator then falsely attributes to the profiled woman. This website hosts an elaborate bait-and-switch scam that warrants formal investigation by law enforcement authorities and a class action civil lawsuit.

  79. Although not obviously a scam, you will notice that it isn’t possible to meet these girls since the war began in February 2022. So whoever writes a review here and says he met a girl, this is not true. No plane will bring you to Ukraine at the moment since at least 15 months. I’m on the site since 2008 and didn’t have the chance to meet a girl once. Most of the time they write they are unsure to meet you and/or won’t be able to make it. They use soley the site and you pay for everything: photos, videos, letters; you name it. Even if you get credits for free which seldom happens, these credits are gone after some weeks if you don’t use them. I was also scammed via my credit card company – it was a new credit card and UADreams was the only site I used it to pay internationally. I tried to reach out to the customer service and warn them: they didn’t take it seriously. Also they use four or five different credit card processors – also a sign they are not taking it seriously. Don’t get me wrong, there are fine girls and women there but this site won’t bring you near meeting an Ukrainian woman. Go there, do a holiday and just talk to them: they are open to foreigners. Always were. Don’t use this scam site ever.

  80. Been on this site for quite some time and finally realize they run a very sophisticated Ukraine scam site. Some girls may be serious but you have to go through a maze of deception and greed of this agency and the woman who are like vipers seeking a victim to drain their wallet of chat, letters and free stuff. Many of these girls have no job that is why they may be online everyday trying to get paid. You will notice are bouncing around trying to seduce men to chat and send photos in first letter with bikinis on big red flag if you get this in first letter like Karina 7992. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and you wonder why they are in the mess that they are in with war and the loss of 20% of the country. If been scam call your bank let them know you got scam and the bank will claw back your money. My best advice stay aware from

  81. My experience in UaDreams as of September 2023. I met a gorgeous brunette there…Ira 28 y.o. We had many letters and video calls (and btw this last one is HORRIBLE because you need to pay far more attention to the chat instead of viewing your beautiful lady…anyway..). I started to become disappointed for the costs and for the HEAVY censorship applied in the site…in EVERY interaction there is a GESTAPO checking on you >> absolutely horrible this. To make it shorts I found my Ira in another site (ladadate) and wanted to start a communication cycle with her of 15 emails just only have her personal contact. We broke because every time she was bounding me back to communicate in uadreams… Suspects arises until I discovered in a review of a guy ,I believe here, saying that ladies are tied BY CONTRACT to uadreams and they do not have right to make offsite communication from uadreams.. It suddenly make me sense viewing the behavior of the lady (that she is continuously inviting me in video calls in uadreams and a part she told me I will give you my personal contact once we arranged for a real meeting to know each other (and uadreams prices to organize a real meeting are above U$2,000 dollars). Immediately I understood she was heavily tied with uadreams policies If I want to meet a girl , for how much precious gorgeous she is, I need to see her in my phone in a video call and AFTER I move on for a real meeting. So guys be aware because uadreams stinks a LOT!

  82. I used UADreams. Went to and met the lady I messaged and videochatted for 7 months in 2018. She was real, but it was clear they were seeking gifts at a mall from me and dinners. Not genuine. And the lady walked with the translator and left me early on the second day of our dates to enjoy the view from atop a castle in Lutsk alone. A bad sign for sure!
    And the messages, video chatting, and all the photos they market you with is way too high priced including their package for you to stay in their apartment and use their taxi driver. With war in Ukraine now, it may not matter. And avoid giving them the high priced gifts and flowers. That is a scam! But I found and married my Ukrainian lady after 7 trips through 2 different companies to the UA and brought her to the USA. Guys…UADreams are just marketing you and sucking your bank account dry. If you do use them, do so for one to two months at most and then meet the lady to avoid overpaying for services from ladies that likely get paid to be available to you. And require the lady you meet to start messaging and video chatting you only on Viber, Telegram, or other method by the conclusion of the second date or you will continue to be soaked by UADreams exorbitabtly expensive messaging and video platform. And stop using UAdreams translator after a couple of dates with the same lady. Use Google Translate with caution and meet/date your lady alone to prevent further being scammed from your $. If she is interested in you and genuine, you may well find the best dates with these ladies occur without a translator! If she won’t meet with you this way, she either doesn’t like you or she is just using you. Move on to the next lady and seek a different outcome…

  83. I recently tried online dating with UaDreams and liked how easy it was to use their site. They have lots of different profiles, so you can find people with all sorts of hobbies and likes. It was easy to move around the website, and their support team was really helpful and quick to answer any questions or solve any problems.

    But, I should say that chatting on UaDreams costs more money than on some other dating sites. This might make it hard for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money. UaDreams is a good place to meet new ukrainian people, but the cost might be too much for some.

  84. Kremenchuk office is a scam as for all offices of this agency .

    Found a page on VKontakte

    Message posted on board by Natalia Zavadskaia ex translator from Kremenchuk office.
    You can search for it by clicking on other information that is under number of follower page.

    Брак с иностранцем – реально ли это?
    Реально! Наше брачное агентство поможет вам в этом, у нас вы сможете познакомиться с иностранцем и устроить свою личную жизнь за границей.
    Дело в том, что, например, американские мужчины (по статистике, около половины американцев не обременены семейными узами)
    в большинстве своем мечтают о тихом семейном счастье, о домашнем уюте, о жене, ориентированной на семью и воспитание детей.
    Русская женщина на их взгляд, в этом отношение, близка к их идеалу.
    В настоящее время cотни девушек и женщин выходят замуж за иностранцев и уезжают за границу используя международные брачные агенства.

    Безопасность клиентов. Мы не помещаем контактные данные девушек в Интернете,
    это конфиденциальная информация и она используется только внутри агентства.
    Переписка ведется через наше агентство, поэтому попадание к Вам писем оскорбительного либо несерьезного содержания совершенно исключено.
    Услуги оплачивают сами мужчины – поэтому среди наших клиентов-мужчин только люди, настроенные на серьезные длительные отношения и брак.
    Никаких «дружбы, путешествий, проведения отпуска с приятной девушкой» и т.п. Этим занимаются бесплатные сайты знакомств,
    у нас же совершенно другие цели. Платные услуги для мужчин также гарантия того, что по сайту
    с фотографиями не будут бесцельно блуждать случайные посетители, только те, у кого есть конкретная цель –
    познакомиться с девушкой для создания семьи.

    *******Mилые девушки предоставляем отличную возможность ,получить дополнительный доход, без интима,без всяких обязательств ,
    общение с иностранцами. Знание английского не обязательно (но приветствуется).Для девушек все услуги бесплатны.******


    Marriage with a foreigner – is it real?
    Really! Our marriage agency will help you with this; here you can meet a foreigner and arrange your personal life abroad.
    The fact is that, for example, American men (according to statistics, about half of Americans are not burdened with family ties)
    Most people dream of quiet family happiness, home comfort, and a wife who is family-oriented and raising children.
    A Russian woman, in their opinion, in this regard, is close to their ideal.
    Currently, hundreds of girls and women marry foreigners and go abroad using international marriage agencies.

    Customer safety. We do not place contact details of girls on the Internet,
    This is confidential information and is used only within the agency.
    Correspondence is conducted through our agency, so it is completely impossible for you to receive letters of offensive or frivolous content.
    The services are paid for by the men themselves – therefore, among our male clients there are only people who are committed to serious, long-term relationships and marriage.

    No “friendship, travel, vacation with a nice girl,” etc. This is what free dating sites do,
    We have completely different goals. Paid services for men also guarantee that the site
    Random visitors will not wander aimlessly with photographs, only those who have a specific goal –
    meet a girl to start a family.

    *******Dear girls, WE PROVIDE AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TO EARN ADDITIONAL INCOME, without sex, without any obligations,
    communication with foreigners. Knowledge of English is not required (but is encouraged). For girls, all services are free.*******

    All girls get additional income. I notice same ladies online same time each day making good $money$

  85. Before I tried uadreams, I didn’t like online dating at all. I was worried because I couldn’t be sure who I was talking to. But then I learned that sometimes, you get good things when you’re willing to pay a bit, just like in other parts of life. Now, I’m okay with using a website to find love.

    I never thought I’d like online dating, but I had to give it a try. And I’m glad I did. I’ve had some really good chats and great dates. I met a lady. She’s pretty and things are easy with her. That’s what I need. It’s too soon to be sure, but I feel like this could turn into a really happy love story.

  86. Hi everyone,

    I actually met my wife through this site, and the only reason probably why we are together is that a month after we met each other in the chat I went to meet her.

    She later on admitted that all of the girls in fact work for the company. The letters are written mostly by translators and the girls in the agency do not receive any money from them. But the video chats are the ones from which the girls receive a commission from every minute/credit spent.

    Many of the girls do not speak english but they are in the agency just to work, and the company actually searches for these working girls through vk and, and girls them selves do not search for marriage agencies. You might find a girl, as I did, by chatting with the girls and most importantly by going to meet them.

    If you are a nice guy, the lady might very well be interested in you once meeting face to face. Take into account that I am 26 years old, well educated and own my own business, it might be difficult for much older guys to find someone on the site. My advice is, do not correspond with these girls with letters as you will never be corresponding with the girl you think you are, but with a translator, who gets a commission on every letter sent by you.

    In this way, uadreams is a scam. The ladies are real, but the corresponding sure is not. And just a cautious warning, I got lucky that my wife was single at the time I went to see her, but many of the girls do have boyfriends/husbands.

    So if you do meet a nice girl on the chat, and you want to go meet her, at least find her profile on Vkontante and check whether she is a available, otherwise you are just wasting your time and money. Hope this gives some light to you guys about UaDreams.

  87. I don’t enjoy using Instagram and Facebook for dating because it’s too loud and doesn’t feel genuine. That’s why I hardly ever go on there. But I really like because it’s simple and not overwhelming with too much stuff. It feels comfortable to talk to real ukrianian women here, not robots. The website is easy to use and doesn’t have annoying ads or spam. You can quickly find what you need without any distractions.

  88. My time with was okay, but there were some problems. It helped me talk to ukrainian women and answer my questions, but sometimes it took a while to hear back. Also, the prices were a bit confusing because the credit pricing is quite high I didn’t expect. They said they could help with gifts, but it didn’t always work out well. Sometimes the help wasn’t as good as they promised.

    Even though can be useful for meeting women of ukraine, there are things to watch out for. It’s important to know about these issues before using the website.

  89. This is my fourth trip to Ukraine, and every time I’ve had Elena as my translator. She works really hard and does everything possible to make sure my visit goes well and that communication with my lady is perfect. Elena isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs it, especially if something’s difficult to explain, and she always makes sure she understands everything before translating.

    She’s also helped me with some problems that were my fault during my visit, and she sorted them out perfectly. No matter how stressful it got, Elena stayed positive and cheerful, and she was really fun to be around. Both my lady and I had a great time with her, and I feel really lucky to have her as a friend and translator.

  90. I finally arrived in Lviv, Ukraine to visit my lady. After exchanging letters and using video chat for almost 15 months, I managed to take some time off from work to meet her in person. Although it was cold in March since I couldn’t make it in the summer, I absolutely enjoyed my time in Ukraine (despite the war). I was impressed by my lady’s presence and beauty, and she was a wonderful guide. The translator, Ira, was also amazing and provided many recommendations while helping us communicate smoothly.

    My only concern was the overall pricing of services offered, but I understand that running a business involves many costs. Despite this, I would love to visit Ukraine again.

  91. UaDreams distinguishes itself from other ukrainian dating sites by prioritizing the authenticity of its members. While many sites may appear similar, UaDreams ensures that only genuine women are registered, providing users with a trustworthy environment for building connections.

    My personal experience with UaDreams has been rewarding, particularly in my correspondence with a woman from Kiev. Through our interactions, she has shared insights into her daily life, creating special videos exclusively for me. Our frequent video chats offer views into her everyday life, I also met her young son, who waves hello during our conversations. We’re talking about meeting up in person, and I’m really excited about it. It’s like a whole new adventure, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

    UaDreams is awesome for real connections! They’re all about keeping things genuine, so you know you’re talking to real people, not fakes. My experience has been super cool.

  92. Here’s my honest take on, from a guy who’s never really tried online dating before. So, first things first, chatting and messaging on uadreams? Not bad at all. Even for a newbie like me, it was pretty straightforward.

    Now, onto the big step—I decided to meet some of these women in person over in Poland. And you know what? They’re legit. No fake profiles or anything sketchy like that, which was a big relief. But here’s the kicker: uadreams doesn’t come cheap. Their services can put a dent in your wallet, so you gotta be prepared for that. And another thing, not all the women are fluent in English. It can be a bit tricky to communicate sometimes.

    But hey, it’s not all drawbacks. Their customer support is top-notch. I had a question, shot them a message, and got a speedy reply. So, if you’re willing to invest some cash and can handle a bit of language barrier, uadreams might be worth a shot. Just go in with your eyes open, and you might find what you’re looking for.

  93. My experience with UaDreams was pleasant overall. I met the lady and translator at the agency before heading to my flat in Kiev. It was my first time in such a setting, and it allowed us to cook together, which was enjoyable. We also went out for walks in various shopping centers, had coffee, and exchanged small presents. One highlight was a lovely dinner with her sister and sister’s husband, which added a personal touch to the experience. The agency facilitated our interactions smoothly, and I appreciated the opportunity to get to know the lady in different settings. Overall, it was a positive experience, and I felt comfortable throughout.

  94. I really appreciate how UaDreams supports clients affected by the war who had to move to different cities. In the chat, girls talk about leaving their hometowns and relocating to Western Ukraine. They mention that they can reach out to the local office manager with any concerns, and she always helps with finding apartments or clothing. I also learned that it’s possible to arrange meetings abroad. I’m planning to travel to Europe soon for work, and I want to meet my girlfriend Lyudmila. Since Australia is too far for her to visit, we’re considering meeting in Germany. I’ve already sent a letter asking to arrange a meeting in Dresden.

  95. I went to the UaDreams office in Lutsk recently. It was a cool trip, but what I liked the most was their service. Translator Yulia was great! Even though I didn’t buy a full trip package, she stayed in touch with me the whole time. I had trouble finding the office at first, but Yulia helped me out patiently. The girl I met, Victoria, was really pretty and looked just like she did in our video chats. I didn’t expect to have a translator, but Yulia was awesome and made everything smooth. Big thanks to the agency for all their help!

  96. Hi there! I’m Tim from the USA, Washington DC. I want to share my thoughts about my recent visit to the UADreams agency in Sumy. I spent about 10 days here to meet someone special.

    First off, I was really impressed by how professional the agency was. From the moment I landed in Sumy, I had great communication with my interpreter and the agency manager. They handled my introduction really well. When I met my lady for the first time at the office, the manager and interpreter welcomed me warmly. The interpreter spoke excellent English, which made things much easier. Then, my lady and I went out for a walk in the city and grabbed a bite to eat. It was a wonderful experience.

    I especially appreciated the bond between my lady and the interpreter. They had been communicating for months, so the interpreter understood us both really well. She translated not just words, but also our emotions, which made our conversations more meaningful.

    During my stay, I went on tours of Sumy and saw all the beautiful parks and monuments. Sumy is a lovely city.

  97. Big shoutout to the UAdreams agency for helping my girlfriend learn English! They hooked Svetlana up with some great courses in Kyiv, which I happily covered, and she’s over the moon about it. Just the other day, she sent me this cool video of her trying to speak English, and it warmed my heart. It feels good to be able to do something helpful for her, you know? And I reckon it’s just as important for keeping our relationship strong.

  98. UADreams is a solid site! Let me share how I got into it. It all started when my coworker Tony tied the knot with a Ukrainian lady named Inna from Lutsk, out in the West of Ukraine, about five years back. Initially, I had my doubts about their relationship, given the significant age gap between them. But Tony insisted I give the site a shot. Still, I hesitated; I wasn’t entirely convinced that Ukrainian girls were serious about genuine relationships, and I remained wary of Inna.

    However, as time passed and I saw how well Tony and Inna were doing, my perspective shifted. It’s rare to come across such a genuine girl like Inna here in Australia. So, I finally took the plunge and signed up. Since then, I’ve had a few chats with different girls, and I must say, I’m quite impressed with the service. Ksenia, the support manager, has been a lifesaver whenever I’ve had trouble navigating some features.

    In today’s dating scene, it’s tough to find someone genuine, and many sites out there are just too darn expensive. But UADreams seems different; it feels like I’m on the right track to finding my soulmate.

    So, here’s hoping for the best!

  99. I’m happy with UaDreams. I never thought international online dating sites were serious. I tried some local ones and went on a few dates in my city Berlin, then I found UaDreams. I like the site’s design, but I don’t like when they change things because I struggle to find what I need. I’m a bit old-fashioned that way. But I like everything else, especially the real video chats, which I haven’t seen on other sites. I’d chat with almost every girl on the site; they’re so pretty! By the way, I met a lovely lady named Vika from Cherkasy. She told me her cousin moved to Germany to meet her boyfriend. Vika and I joked about her doing the same. I wish we weren’t so far apart.

  100. Having had negative experiences with Ukrainian dating sites before (many scam sites…), I approached UaDreams with big caution. Despite the prevalence of scam sites, I found UaDreams to be reliable, but quite pricey. I’ve developed a good connection with a woman Marina I met there (I met some girls but Marina is special). Despite our language differences, I’m committed to learning Ukrainian to improve our communication. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the agency’s support. The customer service team is responsive, professional, and friendly. Their assistance has been invaluable in navigating the site and arranging meetings. Overall, my experience with UaDreams has been positive.

  101. My first visit at the Ivano-Frankivsk office was great. Our translator, Olga, did an excellent job; she speaks English well. We had a lot of fun during our visit, grabbing coffee and enjoying a meal together. It was a quite good experience!

  102. I’ve always found it difficult to communicate with women from Canada, where I’m from. Their character and mentality just didn’t suit me… You can watch the series “Working Moms” to get an idea of what I mean. I’ve always been attracted to Ukrainian women for their warmth and beauty. I tried several sites like Find Bride, RoseBrides, as well as a few matchmakers. None of the services particularly impressed me. With matchmaking, they introduce you to five women who, in the matchmaker’s opinion, are a good fit for you. I like UaDreams because they offer modern features on the site for communication. Of course, their service comes at a cost, but you have to pay for quality. Currently, I’m talking to three ladies and planning my trip to Western Ukraine.

  103. James from USA

    I recently had the pleasure of using UAdreams, and my experience was very positive. The agency organized a delightful meeting between my Lady Tamara and myself in a city in Poland. Vlada, our translator, did an excellent job facilitating our conversation, making sure everything went smoothly.
    The meeting was well-organized and exceeded my expectations. Tamara and I had a wonderful time together, and I felt very comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. Thanks to Vlada’s excellent translation skills, communication was seamless, allowing us to connect on a deeper level.
    I hope to continue my communication with Tamara and see where our relationship leads. My experience with UAdreams has been great, and I appreciate the effort they put into making our meeting special.

  104. I found some really genuine Ukrainian girls on UaDreams who are looking for partners worldwide. There are great choices with people of different age groups available to start a relationship. The site has made it really easy to find a partner from Ukraine. If I could, I would give it 4.5 stars. It has a simple layout that’s pleasing to navigate.

    I travel a lot, and uadreams has helped me meet nice and pretty ukrainian women around the world. I believe one day I will get married to one of them, but until then, I enjoy their company. However, be careful as I have been cheated by some ladies occasionally. It’s a part of the experience, so stay cautious.

  105. My experience with UaDreams had its ups and downs. Irina, the translator, was fantastic and really helped make the meeting go smoothly. I couldn’t have asked for better support. However, the lady I met in Poland, while nice, didn’t seem very interested in me, which was a letdown.

    The site offers some good features, but the prices are definitely on the higher side. The whole process was quite challenging, but I’ve always believed that difficult experiences help us grow. While it wasn’t perfect, I appreciate the effort from UaDreams and wish the best for anyone using their services.

  106. I found some really genuine women on UaDreams who are looking for partners. The site offers a wide variety of choices, with ukrainian women of different age groups ready to start a relationship. Overall, the site’s structure is good, though the response time of customer support can be slow, possibly due to high demand.

    I haven’t been able to communicate directly with any matches yet. But once I have my plan in place, I expect things will take off. Until then, I’m enjoying browsing through the profiles and having a chat with women.

  107. uadreams is a scam and pay girls here new evidences

    frist screenshoot the translator from uadreams Kiev office is looking for girls to WORK online STABLE PAYMENTS

    second screenshoot the translator from uadreams Kiev office is also looking for english translator.

    the girl in the background heart emoticons texting is Xenya from Kiev id #8182

    frist screenshoot with english translation

    second screenshoot with english translation

  108. I visited Ukraine to meet some nice and not really nice ladies and was assisted by Alina, who translated our conversations. She was a friendly and professional interpreter, with excellent English skills and impeccable manners.

  109. There are both real and fake profiles on the website. Some users claim to be in Ukraine, the USA, or other countries, but use photos of models or other women. I recently encountered a profile using photos of a friend I know, and have requested a refund for this fake profile.

  110. Before discovering UaDreams, I was hesitant about online dating due to concerns about the authenticity of ukrainian women on the other side. However, my experience with UaDreams has been positive. The platform has made dating and chatting enjoyable. The women on UaDreams are not only stunningly beautiful but also friendly and engaging. Although the service is on the pricier side, it is worth every penny. Overall, UaDreams has made meeting women in Ukraine online much easier and more pleasant for me.

  111. I don’t want to repeat what others have said, I was lured on to this site by a woman from Ukraine date, I knew it was a scam straight away because you have to pay for everything, and it’s very expensive, I have been on so many pay to do everything sites,and they are all FAKE, they take your heart, feelings and money,

  112. I recently visited Lviv and met a wonderful lady through UaDreams. I am quite satisfied with the experience. The service was highly professional, and the UaDreams team responded to all my requests promptly. I was very pleased with the level of care and attention provided. Overall, it was a really good experience, and I recommend UaDreams for anyone considering their services.

  113. There are mixed opinions about UaDreams, but my experience has been positive. Some users claim the agency is a scam, but I believe it’s essential to recognize red flags yourself. UaDreams offers real opportunities to find a match, and many negative reviews don’t reflect the full picture. The site features real girls, and the chat gallery allows you to see them on video in real-time, which adds to the authenticity. For me, this is strong evidence of the agency’s honesty. The support center consists of real people, and I frequently receive helpful responses from Ksenia or Elmira.

    While no dating site can guarantee success, UaDreams stands out because the profiles are genuine. If you approach it with realistic expectations and vigilance, it can be a valuable platform for meeting new people.

  114. I’ve been on for a while now, and it’s been quite the rollercoaster. The organization is definitely legit, and they really do set up actual meetups once you get to Ukraine. I was surprised by how smoothly everything was organized. Yes, some girls seem more interested in chatting for the money, which can be a bit disheartening. But there are genuine ladies on the site. I started chatting with one and felt a real connection. Though trying to move the conversation off-site didn’t go as planned, it taught me the importance of patience.

    A lot of guys have successfully gone to Ukraine and met their ladies. The process is real and very well-organized. You can tell they’ve got their system down, which is reassuring. I have a lady friend who I really care about. Despite a few red flags here and there, I’m optimistic. She’s sweet, caring, and there’s a real connection. Sometimes I notice little things that make me question, like the timing of a video she sent, but overall, the experience has been more positive than negative. While it’s a good business and we do pay for the services, I believe the potential rewards are worth it.

  115. I’ve been on UADreams for several months now, and let me tell you, it’s been quite the ride. At first, I was skeptical, thinking, “Is this just another scam site?” I mean, come on, all these young, beautiful girls can’t be real, right? But then, part of me thinks, “Hey, maybe there are actually women here looking for true romance. Am I totally off base here?”

    Honestly, it’s a mixed bag. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a fairy tale, other times, I’m like, “Who am I kidding?” But the interactions have been genuine enough to keep me around. I’ve had some great conversations and laughs – some of these ladies really know how to make you feel special.

    So, yeah, still figuring it out. But isn’t that the fun part? Or maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic.

  116. STAY AWAY!!!

    I have been caught on UeDreams by my fault. Actually, I was hooked into it.
    It all started from a dating app which I am recently using, EuroCupid. There is nothing wrong with this app, but yes, many profiles are fake and will led to people trying to scam you. You just need to pay attention and never ever send money if someone starts asking!

    What happened is that I saw a beautiful Ukrainian girl on the app, and I liked her. Her profile was very well made, with complete info and what she was looking for. She eventually like me back and we started chatting on the app. There was actually something weird about the conversation, that is she used to reply to me only on the evenings and sometimes on early morning, with long messages. She eventually told me that a “friend” was helping her with translations……and then yes, she asked me for my email address……I usually directly refuse anyone who asks me for it because I know the dangers, but that time I have to admit that I was completely hooked, and thinking to myself “well, I just need to pay attention if she sends me some weird links, and that’s it”……I was dead wrong!!!

    What she, ehm THEY, did with my email address, was creating a profile for me to start chatting with the girl!!! But again, I was so into it because of my need to find a girl, that I continued exchanging letters with her (or well, most proably with the translator, i.e. another person that works for UaDreams). Finally, thank God, my brother helped me realise that there was something deeply wrong about it. So I made my research, and also by looking at reviews on Trustpilot, I decided to let them cancel my profile. What was also happening is that I ran out of free mails to send to the girl, that to continue the conversation I needed to pay something like 5$ for a single mail. Plus, I started receiving invitations for videochat with the girl, and the prices for videochatting are just insane. As I found out making my research, you can really have a chat with the girl, but it seems that it is not her writing the messages, but another person!!!

    So, for conclusion, it seems that the UaDreams team get in touch with Ukrainian women and let them create their profiles on the platform (they also provide them with top quality photgraphic service), thus it seems they make a deal with them and will probably divide the money. Plus, they create profiles also on other dating apps to hook desperate men into their main site.

    My points to support my suspicion about UaDreams are that:
    1. The girls (or the translators) only reply at certain times during the day, which are always the same
    2. They create a profile for you without your consent (I only received an invitation for chatting that led me into the site and realise that I had a profile there!!!)
    3. After I started exchanging mails with the girl, she suddenly disappeared from the meeting app where she first found me
    3. Ultimately…..after having my profile removed from UaDreams, I was contacted by another Ukrainian girl on the app (EuroCupid), and listen……she was acting on same way as the previous one and even used the same exact phrases on the messages!!!

    So yes, stay away and don’t waste your money!

  117. I’ve used many dating sites, including OkCupid and Match, with varying degrees of success. Each site has its pros and cons, and is no exception. Overall, I’ve had a good experience here. The site is easy to navigate and offers good services like video chat, which is a nice feature.

    One of the things I liked most about uadreams is the ability to control what you’re looking for. You can choose age, ethnicity, religion, and distance to match your preferences, which made my search more focused and effective. The women on the site are beautiful, and I’ve had some meaningful conversations. However, there are a few critical points to mention. The prices are higher than many other sites, which might be a drawback for some. Another issue is that planning my trip to meet a woman from Ukraine has been challenging. Due to current circumstances, traveling to Ukraine is not an option for now, which has put a hold on my plans.

  118. My account has been blocked my uadreams without my consent and I can’t login now. Anyways does not matter. I must admit I still not came out of shock yet. I regret and still can’t believe I was trapped by uadreams. That’s what one sided blind love, romance makes you!! You loose your IQ level and face consequences.
    Never seen systematic fraud like this anywhere. Only God can save men here.
    Couple of reasons men console themselves by assuming that the path they have chosen may land at right place some day. But that one day will never come if you are associated with scam agencies like uadreams. After spending big money men don’t want to accept they got cheated !! So men go on and on….until they feel all savings gone!! Second thing difficult to console your heart!!
    By the time you realize what you lost actually it will be too late.
    Loosing big money, time and heart breaks!!!
    I have already given couple of end to end detailed reviews about uadreams.

    Just to recall, I stopped buying their services when I finally realized it was just a scam! Long back now.
    I deactivated my account last year.

    But lately, I saw many testimonials which triggered me to check again wheather these scammers still alive and surprisingly they grown more and more now. Upgraded website and looting hell out of men.
    I decided to activate my account again by logging in and found ladies whom I had been seeing for many years still there! LOL!!! So shameless creatures all these ladies block you immediately if you try to contact them on free sites like vk, Instagram.
    One more shocking information I found one former uadreams girl from Dnipro city on some Ukrainian adult sex chat website. I consistently communicated with this lady till last year when I finally left the site. Not sure I communicated to only translator or this lady!!!!!!!!?? When I asked this lady for real meeting she said she will move to Bulgaria for temporary work not sure it was truth or a lie. Whenever I asked her for real meeting she always gave false reasons..
    On website her pictures were in different seductive poses can be viewed on adult sex chat portals.. shocking for me!!!

    Uadreams many other scammer ladies still come online everyday spend 5-6 hours to make money..It’s a daily paid job for them.
    No surprises they are still single(LOL) giving different photo shoots, happily cheating and playing emotions of dumb men. Enough it’s enough!!

    As you all know uadreams introduced new feature 5min free chat service. I had a random chat with several ladies and many times my camera was off as I tried using mobile. However I could see girls.. No surprises 80% of time I saw girls both hands were up doing something on mobile and neither they were talking over earphone nor typing on keyboard. Entire command was taken by the translator. Translator keep writing seductive phrases which can be easily determined. No girl will talk so freely on day 1 with any stranger.
    Hilarious!! one girl between chatting left her seat as it.seemed she had to rush to another room for some emergency and her chair was vacant. She took 2-3 minutes.
    And what I saw translator writing seductive messages in absence of her. Even translator did not realize girl not in front of screen. Even the lady must have felt I am not seeing her..
    Can you just imagine!! What level of hypocrites they are!!
    No words to narrate!! Further during chat I wrote on chat box to translator that “lady no on seat”..after that message he/she(translator) went on silent!! No responses!! Because I caught translator red handed!! No justification left. After longer pause I got one message “sorry”.
    I know many of us already know these dirty tactics of uadreams to make money. Men like goats fall trap everytime despite being awareness spread!!

    Now after few days of reactivation of my account from last two days I am unable to login. I am sure uadreams blocked me this time as they didn’t like my bitter questions and recent past I didn’t spend even $1 for their garbage services!!
    So understandably they annoyed and blocked me.

    Never mind!! Even I was keen o
    to see, lowest level someone can fall just to make money!!
    When you have such a deaf dumb men around anything can be possible!!

    If you are still using uadreams just try using free chat service and talk to various girls to determine how this video chat scam happens openly.

    Closing now with a hope there will be end to such nonsense dating services.

  119. I’ve had quite a few women write to me on UaDreams, and I genuinely believe this site is trustworthy. Unlike other dating platforms that feel fake or are just out to make money (like charging to send a simple wink), UaDreams seems authentic. If you’re not having a good experience, maybe take a moment to reflect on how you’re using the site. I met my better half through UaDreams. Yes, it cost me a fair amount, but it was totally worth it. One of the biggest challenges is finding someone who speaks English well, but there are plenty of women who do. Just remember to keep your expectations realistic and be yourself. Of course, no site can guarantee you’ll find the perfect match, and scammers can be everywhere. UaDreams does offer background checks, though, which can add an extra layer of security if you’re willing to pay for it. Overall, my experience has been positive, and I’d recommend UaDreams to anyone serious about finding a genuine connection.

  120. fraudulent and extremely expensive to video “chat”. There is no voice!
    I paid for a video chat after receiving an email letter form one of the women…of course notice that ALL of the women are really hot. That should be your warning of a scam. So I paid for 2 video credits which was $12 thinking it would give me a little time to chat. The payment thing doesn’t even show how many minutes you are buying, which is a total fraud. So she pops up and looks all bashful, and we she is typing all her comments. No voice at all. She is not even trying to talk. I am talking and getting only a bashful smile. Then after only 3 minutes, that is it, it cuts off. Unbelievable ripoff and my bank is reversing the charges because of the very real fraud here. Stay away from these crooks and thieves. And their reply is a lie…when I paid $12 for VIDEO chat, that is exactly what it should be. Video implies voice also. Fraud. These guys are liars, and any real Ukrainian singles site reflects real Ukrainian women, not actresses all looking like big boobed models. Anyone with any brains knows these guys a rte scam. And they probably make big money leading on poor men that are needy. Shame

  121. I’ve been using for a while now, and I have to say, it’s a pretty nice website. The sign-up process was straightforward, and they made sure I felt comfortable joining their service, explaining what to expect at each step. Setting up my profile was easy, with fields for marital status, occupation, drinking habits, education, women search and more.

    It took a few tries, but I finally found the right woman for me here. Have you ever felt frustrated with online dating? I certainly did, but uadreams changed that. You can talk to everyone on the site, and there’s even an option for video chat, which I found really helpful.

    My results with uadreams have been excellent, far better than any other site I’ve tried. Yes, the financial costs are a bit higher than some other ukrainian dating sites, but in my opinion, the outcome makes it worth it. Have you ever wondered if paying a bit more would actually yield better results? For me, it did.

  122. My experience with Ukrainian dating has been a mix of hope and disappointment. I have tried many other dating sites before, but many of them turned out to be scams. They promised meetings with women, but these meetings never happened. I spent a lot of money and time, but it was all wasted.

    Then, I decided to give UaDreams a try. I was cautious at first because of my past experiences. However, I found UaDreams to be different. The usability of the site is very good. It is easy to navigate, and I could find everything I needed quickly. The chatting feature works well, and I was able to communicate with several women without any problems. The women on UaDreams seem genuine and interested in finding a real relationship. They are beautiful and have good profiles, which helped me to know more about them before chatting. I have been chatting with two women for a few months now, and our conversations are very nice. We talk about many things, and they seem sincere.

    Now, I am planning to go to Lviv in September to meet these two women. I am excited but also a bit nervous. Will it be like our chats? Will we have a good connection in person? These questions are on my mind, but I am hopeful. UaDreams has been a positive experience so far, and I feel more confident about this trip than any other before.

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