UaDreams Review 2023: Is The Site Fake or Legit?

Considering to register at and asking if this dating site is a scam or legit? Is the dating site expensive or not?

Recently, has been receiving negative and positive feedback in contrasting measures.

This UAdreams review is aimed at explaining what is UaDreams, services offered at the website, and costs involved. Also, you will get to know what other members in the agency are saying at

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

What is UaDreams?

It is an online marriage agency created for single men from the United States, Canada, and Western Europe to meet and interact with Ukrainian women. It was established in the 2000s with an aim of offering dating services with men from every part of the world.

uadreams review

They have branches in more than 10 cities in Ukraine which not only facilitate going to Ukraine, but they also plan dates with Ukrainian women.

uadreams ladies

We did a research about the company WEBSTER ENTERPRISES LIMITED which owns the dating site They are based in Suites 21&22 Victoria House, 26 Main Street, Gibraltar. 

What does say about themselves?

According to their description on the homepage, is a Ukrainian online dating website that offers security to its users. The site hosts around 1,000 women from Ukraine, all of them being well screened. The women approved for this website must have a genuine interest in International relationships with a possibility of marriage in the future.

They do their best to protect their clients from scams by doing extensive background checks and marital statuses prior to approving the applications of all of their clients and available prospects. They also provide a very confidential setting for their clients. 

UADreams suggests you to become a member of their website and find your bride, which can fill the emptiness in your life and heart.

But how legit and relaible is UAdreams really? Let’s find out together.

What Services Does UA Dreams Offer?

UaDreams has numerous dating services. First, there is the email service where you exchange mails with women. Second is the video chat service.

With this disclosure, it is difficult for a client to dispute charges as they would have to make the action to warrant the debit amount. They have a variety of services stemming from scarves and blankets to flowers and wine. Travel costs are absorbed by the client that is coming to meet his potential bride.

The primary language is English. However, there is an in-built translation service to help non-English speakers. The dating service also checks the female members’ marital status regularly to ensure they are not get married or got into a romantic relationship.

Uadreams experience

Another service of is that you can share audio files and pictures. The last and best service offered by the agency is that they can organize a trip for you to visit Ukraine. argue that the necessity for charging members is because each member knows the value of what he is paying for.

Can I try for free?

There are no charges associated with joining the dating service. You can try it out to check if the services being offered are convenient for you. You can also use some features for free such as sending the first mail for free and getting unlimited access to women’s profiles. Other features you can use for free include:

The registration process will take a minute and even less if you register using your social media site such as Twitter or Facebook. You then confirm your profile and then you can start filling in your personal information. 

How much does UAdreams cost? Very expensive

For men, the first mail you send is free. Any subsequent mail is paid for and the charges that range between $3.49 to $6.99. The cost for a video chat starts from $1.15. The price can be reduced if you get a package with many minutes. Also, you can get bonus minutes if you buy purchase many minutes.

Sharing audios and pictures attracts a cost of $2.49. You can use photo credits to send audios to your lady, and vice-versa. For video files, the prices range between $2.99 and $5.99 for just one video file.

Trip packages to Ukraine start at $173 for a day and night. This price can go up to $557 depending on the features you want.

Review of the female profiles at

According to the company women on are real and have been screened and checked. The agency says that the number of female profiles is 1000. points out that they stringently evaluate and select the ladies that they accept on their dating service. According to UAdreams, they can ensure that the dating site is “working properly by testing the services, testing the features and testing the functionality of the website”. 

uadreams experience online

You can apply the advanced search feature to search the type of ladies they want using the criteria: age, children, religious affiliation, city, and even the number of kids the lady would like to have.

User Experience on SiteJabber - This Is How UAdreams Has Been Rated

The dating site UaDreams has a positive rating of 4.31 stars from 125 reviews, indicating that most UAdreams customers are generally satisfied with the service of the platform. Reviewers satisfied with UaDreams most frequently mention video chat, great job, and customer service. 

uadreams sitejabber

At UaDreams ranks 721st among online dating sites which is a positive sign.

Does UADreams Offer Legit Services?

You have to agree that it is almost impossible to find a dating agency that guarantees you the authenticity in the ladies’ profiles.

According to our research, offers a rather legit dating and matchmaking service. In recent years, the agency has received a lot of positive reviews on social media and If talking about negative reviews, most complaints from members include:

As a result, it is safe to say that UaDreams is quite secure.
krystyna trushyna
Blogger at Ukrainiаn Dating Stories

Our Verdict: Is UADreams a Good Dating Site?

You cannot do much on the site UAdreams if you’re a free member (but it is quite common in the International dating industry). The pricing structure of the marriage agency results in you having to pay for credits in order to be able to communicate and have video chats with the ladies. And the site is not cheap to use. appears to be a reliable and legit International dating site for men who are looking for a Ukrainian match.

Various reviews from and other review sites indicate positive feedback by clients. Many satisfied customers have shared their personal experience with using UADreams and finding a match through this service.

Here is our verdict: is a sufficient and trustworthy dating website to find a bride from Ukraine.

UA Reviews by Former Customers

These reviews were sent to Ukrainian Dating Stories. You find more reviews, experiences and opinions on UA Dreams in the comments below.

The goal of Ukrainian Dating Stories is to help our readers obtain reliable information about Russian and Ukrainian dating services that they intend to use. 

Your opinion matters to us!  By sharing your experience, you help other men find the legit dating sites and apps and avoid bad services.

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Let me tell you something about uadreams, IT’S A PERFECT ELABORATE PROFESSIONAL SCAM AGENCY!!!! The very best is as in the scam and as in the service what they provide, there is no doubt. I have been a customer for more than two years at this agency, and I lost about $10,000!!! in these two years.

I have a long talk with only one girl at first, as others have written before me, the girl was so romantic so eager to know me, we change letters every single day and chat every week.

She wrote me many times that she found me very attractive, indeed I’m a good looking man in a very good shape but not that is the point. The point is that she want to see me so tremendously she feels connected to me, she feels so attracted to me, and so on etc etc.

And when we finally met, I literally dropped my face to the ground, and I did not have words I was so stunned because she was so cold with me. It was like she put a wall between us. I did not understand why she did that at that time, but now I know a lot of things how uadreams works.

After that fail with the first girl, I meet another 5 girls and none was seriously interested or committed, but everyone was interested in video chat or letters. From these six girls 5 have a relationship.

The sixth girl was from Ivano Frankivsk, Tatiana, and I find too late that she has also a boyfriend, I gave a proof to the agency and they kick out Tatiana. After that I wanted to close my profile, but uadreams convinced me to try with another girl, so I try with Nastya 3141 from Kremenchug, she told me that she is interested in me.

So we exchanged letters and talk in video chat. After a short time I find Nastya’s profile on VK and her boyfriend profile also. WTF! Yes she had a boyfriend, I gave a proof to the uadreams agency but they did not close Nastya’s profile because she is in a heavy intense chat with other 4 or 5 man so she has generated a lot of money for uadreams.

All men must know one thing, namely: these girls are the golden goose for the uadreams agency!!!!. I think one girl can generate between 150 and 1000$ per month from one man. And yes a girl can have multiple video chats at the same time and she can chat with 4 men if the translator is very good. If not they can chat with two men at the same time.

Some men complain that the video connection is slow in chat. Well, it’s not slow, it’s very good. But the translator needs a little time to translate for both men. The girls also receive money from uadreams, namely: 5 (five) percent from what you pay for uadreams (chat, letters, meetings, etc.)

Another thing is that no matter in which branch you will go, you will never see an advertising billboard, not even on the agency door!!! because uadreams and what they do is illegal in Ukraine. At most times you will see a sign on the door “modeling agency.”

And a lot of girls are friends at the branch, if you find a girl profile on VK or Facebook you can be sure that she have 2 or 3 friends in her profile from the agency as well. So if you talk at uadreams with more girls from the same branch, you can be sure that they talk and know about each other.

Also it is true that the very big majority of the girls have a boyfriend. I find a lot of girls on VK . I made a little experiment before I close my profile on UAscamdreams, namely: I talked with several girls (15-20 girls), and all that girls were eager to talk to me.

I waited 2 weeks and found all that girls on VK. Then I sent a friend invitation, which followed did not surprise me at all, they blocked me on their page or never responded and ignored me.

They have 600 girls but the real chance to find your wife on UAscamdreams is a way more less than one percent, and that is not a joke gentlemen!!!!!

About anti-scam policies, that is the biggest lie. They do not care whether a girl has a boyfriend or not. If you find out that the girl who fools you have a boyfriend only in that case they do something.

But even when I gave a proof they did not care, because if the girl is very beautiful and talks with a lot of men she generates a lot of money, and that’s just what matters.

They are very proud that they have more than one million customers worldwide, now everybody can make their own calculation how much money they rip off out of man’s pocket.

They are masters in what and how they do. I think it is stupid to talk about that the girls are real or not, the girls are very real. Everything is very real in UAscamdreams yard, because they roll the perfect scam.

So if the girls are real, video chats with the girls are real, service is also real. Everything is made on a high level that is the perfect way to a perfect scam. If you want a Ukrainian wife you take your vacation for 3 weeks. Then take your ass and go to Ukraine, you will spend far less than on the site.

Ukrainian girls are very big Nationalists as they love their country. They don’t really want to leave their country. And a lot of these girls have a good live in Ukraine, especially from uadreams as they thrill on your money.

You think that because they live in a poor country they want so much to leave? Nothing more wrong, but they are interested if you are rich and not an usual random normal guy, they want a careless life on a high level. If you can offer that you are their man. The girls are the golden goose and the men are the milky cow for uadreams.
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You’re not the only one mate. Plenty of people get suckered in by these women. For me, I only wasted 20 credits. It was their one time offer for a few bucks. I can see a lot of people saying it’s a scam but ultimately seduced by these unscrupulous professionals. Yes they’re professionals at manipulating someone’s emotion and that’s why they’re called emotional whores/prostitutes.

You can check this lady out in uadreams. Her id #6596 and goes by Kate, 27 yo from Kremunchug. She was a beauty pageant contestant in Miss Tourism Universe 2015. As you can see, she’s a stunner and she’s a real professional and sites like these won’t delete her profile. On the site, she has over 16,648 letters with guys since 2015. You can click on her stats there.

Anyway, guys often think with their other head so girls such as this will attract them. Thinking that they have a chance to score a Miss Ukraine. Don’t get star struck guys. She has no empathy whatsoever. It’s all an act to keep you spending on these sites.

She frequent about a dozen of these pay-per-letter sites and often switch around these sites. She’s normally online on 2-3 sites at the same time to maximise her earnings. Switches around in sets of 3, so that it’s not obvious she’s online over 16 hours a day.

I found her instagram and messaged her there. She turned from super girlfriend to greatest enemy. Lucky it just cost me a few bucks but you can see that the average guy would be spending a fortune. On her off days, according to her instagram, she’s gogo dancing on some club. She has thousands of followers on instagram as well.
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I know this woman Ekaterina Koretska or Ekaterina Koretskaya quiet a lot. Actually most of her profile are inactive now, except on uadreams and bridge-of-love.

I was also in chat and live video chat with her, where any operator showed prerecorded videos of her. After a while of communication over email, I could arrange a personal meeting with her.

And although she was nice and sweet in her communication, she was reserved and cold at our meeting in december 2016. It was like an escort service what she did, but not showed that interest in me what she talked in chat and emails before….

And when I tried to communicate with her after about half a year in skype, she always had any excusions. Only two time I had a skype chat with her together with her translator girl. When I asked her in skype for a second meeting, she told my again any excusions like classical ones of ill grandmother, whom she had take to care and that she will not be given any holiday from her company so soon.

But on her instagram account (@miss.personality.25) you can see that she travelled a lot in 2017 to different places for holiday or visited her sister, who is married in Belgium…Also when I arraged from time to time a phone call with her, so I obvisously talked to any other girl as it was the number of her agency…..

So I could tell a lot about this professional SCAMMER woman, who is protected very well from her local dating agency in Kremenchug, where she lives….see (Международное агенство знакомств “Anzhelika”)
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I registered with a few years ago. However, I had my doubts from the first day and I put some rules to use their services. Never buy pictures , If she is too good to be true, Then buy one or two. Never go on a chat unless I have come to conclusion that she worth it.

Chat is just for ID confirmation and not for discussing weather condition or routine conversations. Letters are considered to be a better device to fulfill that purpose and also are cheaper!, Never trust young girls with huge age gap! Never trust a girl who is always online for chat and she has a job in her profile!

Never trust a lady who ignores your questions in first letter! Never miss the opportunity to find out about your questions in first letter which is free! Never waste your time and money on something that is not workable for you!

Never accept invitations for chat from an unknown girl , I can assure you that nothing extraordinary will come out of it other than an empty pocket . If you feel lack of socialising, just go to your local pub and have a drink insead ! If you feel lonely at least use online chat with your locals who speak the same language and help your own economy.

I never took the letters coming from young girls seriously . Thre were just one who was upset and said Goodbye! last year! I had always my doubts regarding the girls . You might ask why? Becasue I knew Russian language and I knew alot about their culture ! It is just impossible for a Ukrainian or Russian girl to fall in love with a foreigner if she can not understand directly what he says!

These girls are not interested in marrying to foreigners at all ! So don’t waste your time and stop reading about how wonderful housewives are Ukrainian girls! The family oriented girls and real housewives never come to a dating agency for marriage! You should always remember that you are an alien ! unless you speak the language! If not , you are just a silly foreigner deserve to be ripped off and broken hearted! Don’t read false testimonies o fake stories about marriages. they are all made up by the agencies.

They never tell you the truth. Never rely on other foreigners testimonies. So far, what I see are lonely , miserable retired or low income western men with lack of sex who confuse a travel agency with marriage agency! I went to 3 countries in 20 days and I can assure you that I spent 1/3 of their travel cost to Ukraine which they paid to the agency. They might also had some fake kisses on the cheeks for the money they paid comparing to my real experience !:)

I decided finally to take some time and travel to Ukraine and take them by surprise and see their reaction. They should be really happy and impressed to see their love traveled thousand of kiloleteres to answer to their love letters!

I got bad news for you Guys! Unfortunately everything I doubted about was fake! You can not even imagin how deep the rabit hole goes! I didn’t tell anybody that i knew Russian language, so that was my wining card ! I contacted 2 girls through the agency and let them know that I am in town to meet them!. one said that I have stopped communication with her long time ago and she is not evn interested in me anymore!

The second one said that she has works to do which she can not postpone and wished me to enjoy the sight seeings! Can you imagine that? The second girl was insisting that we are a good match with 25 years of age gap! The first one wanted to look after me becasue she is a caring person by nature! I couldn’t accept that.

So I started digging and I found lots of nasty things that even me after living 10 years in that culture couldn’t believe! I found the first girl in a few hours! without the help of the agency or any other agency! Just to prove myself that she is fake! I couldn’t do that since she was real! I even found her phone number and working place in an institute .

The fact is that regardless of the their age or job or family status or city , The whole thing is set up to milk foreign men by selling photoes, letters and chat sessions! They might even provide you with some real stories to convince you that everything is real ! which is not! Even the local people confirm that the whole thing is a scam. I explained the girls attitute in regard to my meeting request and they all said that they are all scam becasue the girls with genuine intentions would react differently!

I even sent floweres to the first girl and she was terrified ! that what people around her would think if they find out ! My question was that why is she so scared? I forgot to tell you about the third girl who was living in another town.

I sent her a letter asking if she is really serious about the relationship. She had already confirmed in her previous letters that we need to meet up to be certain about our feelings. I asked her what would be her reaction if I want to meet her tomorrow.

I didn’t mention that I am in Ukraine. She replied back with excuses that we need to have a few chat sessions and we need to know each other before meeting! She completely changed her words and I am sure that the agency informed her or manipulated the reply.

Guys, This is a sophisticated system of scamming you with the help of trained translaters , fake single girls looking for marriage and manipulation of your feelings , situations and everything else that might not even comes to your imagination!

So prepare yourself before starting the journey! and don’t blame anybody but yourself becasue you are dealing with bunch of villagers who are also con artists with no self respect or shame ! They beleive that they have the right to take away your money by all means!

This is a long story and everyone case is different. I can help you if you got more questions or doubts. drop me a note at farhadyat hot*mail and I will answer your questions. Please just don’t ask me training materials since I am not here to teach you anything but I do my best to be provide you with real experience and stories.

Got save you all from scammers !
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Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning

I confirm and approuve what all of you said.

I’m just ending my relation with a girl at Ua dreams she is dentist 24 years old.

She is the one who wrote me first, and because of the pandemic we stayed together for 2 years , spent more than 15000$ on video chat, letters, buying videos and pictures and above all on the gifts I offered to her.

Last April 30th, 2021 ,I’ve announced to her my desire to meet with her……She didn’t come to chat from that time, just exchanging letters and we are to our 10th letter, to finally annonces to me «She is no more interested in our relation»

Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning
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I used the agency and was in Ukraine in June this year to meet a girl. Yup this is a scam that doesn’t look like a scam. Used online chat for a few months leading up to the visit, and then exchanged the personal info after meeting in person in Ukraine.

And once I came back from Ukraine, almost no contact/no response. I was somehow forced to write and help post a positive review on the site while I was there so please don’t even believe in reviews published by the site. I can’t think of any worse business living off from deceiving people’s feeling.
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The saddest thing that was revealed through a few pages of a friend of mine is that girls have available – “invisible presence” – against desired profiles, i.e. when you visit the site and see that your girl is not on the site but at the same time she is in Video Chat but you don’t see it or the fact that she’s coming for some time in Video Chat, but you just see that she’s not active – fair, isn’t it and and you think your girl is waiting / is only interested in you 🙁

And at the same time, the girl is spying on you and your visits to the UA pages.

I felt really stupid when it became clear to me.
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UA Dreams is a complete and total scam. The “translators” coach the women, you will very rarely meet any of them, as they fly out of country for work or holiday (oldest scam in old Soviet Russia). I would love to meet but I have to be out of town…….

Very sad that they do this.
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Hello Krystyna,

I have been in contact with a girl named Irina (8120) at UaDreams for over a year now. I have fallen in love with her and want to go to the Ukraine and meet her, but a few things bother me and I’m worried I may be getting scammed.

After doing many searches on the internet, I learned her last name, phone number and found her web page. I joined and asked to be her friend. She didn’t reply, but she let me follow her for a while.

After I sent a few messages to her telling her who I was with some pictures, she blocked me. I also found her facebook page and have tried to friend he there, but I don’t think she uses the site any more. I sent her text messages to her phone and I know she gets them or at least one that I sent during a chat session at UaDreams.

I saw her reading a text shortly after I sent it and then she waved her finger at me saying no, no! She told me in one letter that she’s not allowed to have any contact with me other than UaDreams until we me and that she had to sign a contract.

She’s a model and funk-jazz teacher and I have found the website of the school she teaches at and a modeling website she has a portfolio on. So I know she a real person and what she’s told me about herself is true. Do you think she would block me from her page because of the contract with UaDreams? Do you think she’s working for them and get’s paid to have chats with me etc…

I’ve been thinking about hiring a private investigator to help me find out if this is all a scam.

Is there anything you can do or recommend I do. I am really afraid my heart’s in for a huge let down.

When I read her comments on, she seems like a good person and I can’t believe she’d be scamming people on UaDreams.

Thanks You,

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#6853 is Anastaisa Zhorova, dancer, model? Nope the ugliest human being….animal in the world! total internet whore and scam artist! Must be a total inspiration to parents and niece. Wow what a total prostitute employed by UA!! Never ever join!!
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Recently I came across one profile in the site of Uadreams. She is a girl of 22 y.o. I decided to make experiment and wrote her a letter and see if I get answer. Surprisingly she answered. We exchanged several letters for a month.

Since I have long experience with that agency, including two long correspondence and two trips to Ukraine to meet with nothings, and after wide research in the internet about them, I was suspicious. With whom I was writing actually? How can I know?

Since I read now the book Russian bride guide, I followed the advice to insert her data in Google. I put Angelina 22 from Poltava. She appears in 20 different dating sites. I picked up one, registered and wrote her, asked if she knows me from somewhere. She answered. It was bad start. She didn’t understand what I’m talking about.

She didn’t understand me and became more hostile and in her second letter she dumped me. I didn’t want to hit the subject right away, but I decided to drop the bomb. I informed her about it. In turn, instead of thank me for that I warn her about misuse in her ad, she killed the messenger.

Here is her last letter:

Hello, Sharon. This is my last letter to you. I don’t see us as a couple in future and just don’t want to waste your money here. ))) I see that you don’t trust anyone here and I guess you don’t trust people in real life. I am not such kind of girl and want my man trusts me and all people.

It is one of reason why I don’t see us together. Yes, I am a member of local agency as all girls on this site. I know that my profile is on many sites, because agencies work not only on this site.

I know about all my letters to men and their letters to me, because I write them myself. I am not sure that ready listen to offend words from you now and in future. I don’t cheat anyone. I don’t work on agency and it is my choice whom answer or not. I could write that love you already and keep writing to earn money on this.

However, I don’t do this. I wrote you that I wish you good luck in your search in previous letter, but you wrote me again.

Why? What a sense to waste our time on each other? Thank you for sending me letters and messages which “I wrote you”. I didn’t know about them and it was big surprise for me. I will go to know what that was and who wrote you such lovely letters.

I am not going to continue our communication on this site. If you want to get lovely letters form me , then write there where you go them from me. ))) However, it will not be mine letters. ))) I am sorry if I have done something wrong. I didn’t want to offend you in any case. I just try to be always honest with men here, because they spend much money on such correspondences. I wish you good luck in your search. Angelina

I didn’t tell her what the name of this agency is. She wasn’t seemed interested to know.

I thought maybe she guessed who they are and contacted them and asked them to stop using her ad to cheat on men. I made more experiment and sent another letter to her profile in Uadreams (I have few credits left there. I don’t purchase any new). A few days later I received this letter from “her”:

You make me to feel a Woman when looking at you…… 24 February 2012 THIS LETTER WAS TRANSLATED BY SVETLANA S. FOR ANGELINA I.


Hello my dearest Sharon ,

Thank you very much for your wonderful letter , I am so glad to get it . so tell my how are you doing ? How is your day going ? I hope that is great . If not I am here to make your day much more brighter with my letter and I want to see smile on your face )) Will I be able to do this? I hope so )))) OK, my dear Sharon , first of all I want to thank you for asking about my granny , yes she feels much more better . And she says you hello )))

Yes, it is wonderful idea as for bank . It would be great if we will work near each other. We could for example meet for a cup of coffee in the middle of the day . What do you think about it ?)))

I just want to be a minister of finance and it is not important in which country ))))do you have any propositions ? ))

My dear Sharon and why do you think that woman has to count money in the family ?))

I fully agree with you and I am really happy that we have met each other here and that we have mutual understanding now .

My darling Sharon , it is great idea to meet each other in two or three months . Yes, i do really want to meet with you . I will get all information from my work , when it will be the most comfortable time to come and then i will write you everything in next letter .

Is it OK for you ?)))

Hmm what I would like to do when you come? I even do not know)) . And what do you want to do ? do you want to see my city ?))

OK, I will end my letter here and I will be looking forward to your soon answer.

As ever yours, Angelina


As you see, these letters are slightly different. You also see that the agency letter is translated while the real girl is fluent in English.

Can you imagine what would happen if I wouldn’t contact the real girl? It already happened to me twice before: Two long correspondences and two trips to Ukraine. If I only would know about it before I’ve lost few years of my life…

My dear Sharon and why do you think that woman has to count money in the family ?))

I fully agree with you and I am really happy that we have met each other here and that we have mutual understanding now .

Anyway now I have the ultimate firsthand experience proof of their deceiving methods.

Any of your comment is welcome.

Good day

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First of all, I would like to thank you for interesting reading about dating in Ukraine. I hope you have the time to read my letter and help me with some thoughts and advice.

I live in Sweden and my age is 37 years old, been separated for a couple of years back. I have been a registered member on a few different dating sites in Ukraine since 2 years ago, but I guess the last couple of months I have dedicated more time into it on a more serious level.

I have been to Ukraine 4 times this year, and had some meetings with ladies from these sites. Of course, I know some basic things about what to do and what I should never do, I have been exposed to scammers many times, but it is common sense. serious level.

Why should I send money to a girl I never met and don’t know if she exists?! So I never put so much energy on such letters. When I ask them about webcam chat they always say that they don’t have camera, haha! Every time.

Anyway, I want to tell you about my thoughts about a special website I have been member at over one year – This is a site where men pays for sending letters and pays for introduction meeting and such things.

At first when I registered I did not believe that these girls were honest or even existed in real. But I took contact with a few girls and corresponding with them, and I thought I could give it a try. So I booked an introduction to two of these girls who I felt I had best connection with, and they really wanted to meet me.

I came to Nikolaev, and meet the first lady and we had a great time, but it didn’t feel like it was that girl I have been writing letters with. And also it felt strange with the other girl also, which I met the next day. One of them I got contact details from, but I never heard from them again after our date. Maybe it was no chemistry between us, or maybe their mission was only to meet me so agency got paid for all letters and introduction meet? I don’t know.

But some other things I wonder about also, almost none of these girls on this site don’t speak English. Why? Many of them have nice educations and jobs in travel and international business. For an example, one of the girls is manager of a travel agency, and she doesn’t know English?!? Strange… And one other thing is feel is strange, every time I send a letter to a girl I get always back and nice letter with many nice words about how happy they were to see a letter from me, and so on. Often the day after I send letter.

Many of them says that I am the only guy they corresponding with, but I have doubts about it!

I don’t think I can attract 100 women if I send letter to 100 women. I mean, why should EVERYONE answer? Or is there a just paid letter writer who only is interested of me to send more letters I pay for? And why is letters coming during daytime when they are at work? If I send a letter late at evening, I often got letter back next day. They need translation also, what they say.

And one more thing is also strange, the girls at this page never find their husband it seems! Same girls are there month after month. How can hundreds of incredible beautiful girls never find a man to be with? There must be hundreds of men writing them.

I know these girls exist for real, I have met a few of them in real and I have met them in video chat also. But my concern is, are they at this site for honest intentions or are they paid to meet men and write letters?

Have you heard about this site or can you recommend me a serious site where I meet real girls who want to find love?

Hope for your answer.

Have a really nice day!

Best regards //

Jocke, Sweden

Have you used What are your experiences with this site? Please share your feedback and reviews in the comments below!

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90 thoughts on “UaDreams Review 2023: Is The Site Fake or Legit?”

  1. Hi Krystna

    Well well, I.m glade I found this site! and this post! I’ve been witting to this girl Irina 8120 for a month now on uadreams. the first 2 weeks on live chat! and she said she she’s had dance camp from 10th to 29th july 2012.but I found that the camp goes from the 23rd to the 29th! I think she was meetting some poor guy thats been fooled!

    I found her on too and she don’t add me ether!
    I did have that feelin she might just be being paid to chat to me!

    If It’s to good to good to be true then it is!
    Her full name is Irina Bashuk, from Donetsk, Ukraine.

    birthday 28th january 1987. I could write more. but yeah if she really want me she would jump at the chance to add me on right!
    I find you can find other girls on from uadreams that have writen to me & tjey dont add me and wont write back but one did and keep saying uadreams! there being paid! why is the ukrainian police not shut this site down!

    I hope other guys out there don’t fall for this site! we gota get the word out!

    Thanks for your time

  2. Hi Shane,

    If you read this and want to compare note on Irina Bashuk, you can email me at roffyoung at hotmail dot com. I really don’t want to believe I’m getting scammed, but after reading you comment above, I sure of it. Irina seemed like such a wonderful girl. I wish I could get here home address so I could write to her there.


  3. Wow!

    I just found this doing a search on I can see that I’m not alone. After 3 failures at this agency one in which I went to Lutsk to meet a lady live. That’s a whole another story.

    But after 2 years another lady from this site named Yana member #2411 from Kharkov wrote me. I was skeptical at first and probably should have heeded my intuition. Anyway after telling Yana my concerns and what I already went through we ended up corresponding.

    Previously I was told that the ladies on the site were not allowed to be on any social networking sites so that they could keep there anonymity. So to my horror just like Ron did above, I also found Yana on vkontakte.

    And like Ron I also followed her and wrote to her and like Irina, Yana didn’t respond back to me either. Also on UADreams her letters to me immediately stopped after I wrote her on Vkontakte. I then tried to find a place so I could delete my profile there and could find no way to do so.

    I wrote to there support people and asked them to do it. I sure hope they comply.

    If they don’t, what recourse do I have?

    1. Hello Saul,

      can you tell me where did you find Yana #2411 on vKontakte???
      I’m just in deep relation with her on UADreams!! Oh my God!

      Thank you!

      1. Hi Antonio,

        interesting to hear you are in a deep relationship with Yana 2411. If I may ask when did it start? I have been in a so called deep relationship with her for a year! Have you been to Ukraine to see her? I have been to Kharkov once and I am going again to see her this weekend!

  4. Had a great time reading your post. One of my hobbies is checking at people’s profiles on dating sites and make fun about them. I have seen worse than these.

  5. Hi Krystyna

    I wrote to a lady 80 letters for 18 months even though she went to Germany to work as a nanny. “Wishing I could find you”

    Visa would not pay for the next 20 letter credit and I think the agency thought I had no money as the last paragraph in the last letter finishing with me did not appear to come from the same pen as the first 3 or 4 paragraphs. OK I said that I would got to Donetsk to meet her but think out that the translator had inferred that she had return when in fact she had not.

    For over 3 years now it appears as if she is following my blogs from Germany but does not come forward so I wonder is the agency a mafia that has threatened her is she contact me directly, or even her family?

    I am 99% sure that it is her “friendly stalking” it could be called
    during F1 season (think she has a feedburner)
    quite a bit

    have a nice new year

    saludos Juan

  6. to whom it may concern,quite a few of you i am sure. How can UAdreams have girls on video chat at all hours of the morning,i have had chat messages at 2am UK time.

    How is this possible if the offices are closed ? This happens even during the work week,how can working woman be available on video chat,when the local time is 3am,

    UAdreams are not very intelligent ????

  7. Visa returned the money that I paid but it did not compensate the emotional damage of writing to a lady from the Donetsk Office 80 letters over 18 months.

    I think that the lady concerned has realized that it was a scam herself and her profile has been romoved thank goodness

  8. Hi Krystyna-

    I can’t believe how wide spread this is. I spoke to a girl named Irina ZherZherunova born May 27, 1989 from Donetsk, Ukraine on I can not re-iterate this enough.

    Read Krystyna’s books and blogs – eduction is really your only weapon. These websites especially are the biggest scams on the planet and they will ruin you emotionally and financially.
    VK is not much better and your search for a girl should be cautious and careful. Follow this blog, Krystyna’s advice has been invaluable and I am now “in the know” about what really goes on out there and the proper way to finding love with a foreign woman. Do not be too persistent.

    I did the same thing- I found her profile on VK and she ignored me but wanted me to come to see her in the spring. She lied, lied, lied and lied. She lied about lies. There was nothing that would stop her from being deceptive if it got her what she wanted. If they don’t respond to you on VK all I can say is run- they don’t want anything to do with you.

    You are nothing more then a means of money for them which is why you get the sudden personality change when you talk to her while she is getting paid.

    Also- they all have profiles on VK- do not believe for one second when she says she doesn’t. Guys spread the word- it’s a jungle out there and you have to arm yourself with knowledge. The ignorant nice guy will be eaten alive.

    Be careful and the best of luck to you all-


    1. Hi Brian,

      First, I want to thank you for those kind and warm words about my blog and dating guides. Very nice! 🙂 I hope that I can continue to help Western men hoping to find their destiny in Ukraine with my Ukrainian dating advice and tips.

      Brian, you did the right thing, namely: you registered on and tried to make contact with the woman through this social network. I am sure that if the woman takes the initiative to communicate with you only through online dating sites (e.g. via paid messages or chat), it should be in any way considered as a red flag. From my dating experience, I can mention that Ukrainian and Russian women who have really serious intentions to find their love abroad wish to have more PERSONAL contact and are ready to communicate via Skype or ISQ or SMS.

      If the woman tells you that she has no money to send you a sms or to write mails to you, so my advice is run away. Just think about it: how many persons are dating in Ukraine? Millions! Just believe me: Ukrainian women in love call or write sms to their Ukrainian and Russian lovers each day. And then your Ukraine lady says that she has no money to send you one or two per day? Nonsense! Yes, Ukraine is a poor country, but not so poor!

      Use your common sense – so you can increase your chances to recognize scammers and send them to hell! 🙂

      Good luck!


  9. Hi Krystyna,

    I decided to start using the UAdreams site in January 2013. Since then I have been using video chat and writing letters almost daily with Zhenya#1633 from Zaporozhye. She seems very sweet and genuine but I have many suspicions about her and the site in general.

    I also found her on when I found her full name. I sent her a friend request and messages in Russian using google translator. She completely ignored my friend request and private messages. Zhenya has asked me to come visit and meet her in Zaporozhye. I am wondering if anyone else out there reading this has had any communication or similar experiences with Zhenya1633?

    I really suspect that she can not even see me during chat but just the translator. I have experienced scam attempts and deception in the past from a few different Russian women but nothing this organized and elaborate.

    If I am being scammed by UAdreams then I am going to do everything in my power to bring them down.

    Looking forward to getting some feedback on this issue.

  10. Eduardo López Guevara

    Hola krystyna, yo soy de México y te mando un saludo por todo mi país.

    No quería yo comentar algo de mi vida, y de lo que viví durante cuatro años, me sentí completamente un tonto y me reí de mi mismo, al leer el articulo de Ron, sobre Irina Bashuk (8120), y que él estaba enamorado de ella.
    En Agosto del año pasado había cumplido cuatro años de comunicarme con Irina Bashuk , anteriormente había tenido dos discusiones con Irina, sobre sus actitudes y como ella me trataba, no me sentía correspondido por ella y en Octubre del 2011, desidia terminar con la relación. pero en enero del 2012 ella me busco, por le que le dije, que si me buscaba era por que yo solo le importaba.

    Empezamos bien la relación, pero yo intuía que las cosas no iban bien, en varios ocasiones yo le pedía tener una vídeo conferencia, pero ella se negaba, solo teníamos vídeo chat, te diré que aveces sentía que también se comunicaba con otra persona al mismo tiempo, ya que sus movimientos no correspondían a nuestra comunicación.
    En agosto del 2012, deje de escribirle, estaba perdiendo el interés por ella y me sentía mal, estaba decidido a ir a verla, con mucho sacrificio junte dinero, junto con mi amigo Jorge, pero otras circunstancias ajenas a los planes ya hechos no pudimos ir, y también la temporada de frió se llegaba, y en octubre del 2012, pedí a la agencia darme de baja definitiva.

    La agencia solo se preocupo por hacerme un descuento o si uno de sus servicios estaba mal, nunca me preguntaron, como me sentía emocionalmente o como iba el trato con Irina, eso mas me molesto, al ver que solo era negocio.

    Me di cuenta que, di todo mi tiempo dinero y esfuerzo y los mas importante di mi corazón por ella, he ir a verla, pero me di cuenta que ella no dio nada o un motivo, para que yo fuera a verla, solo quería recibir sin dar nada a cambio.

    Y que a Ron le dio comunicación por otros medios, me sentí, defraudado, por ella, le escribí muchas cartas, la verdad no se, si le dijeron todo a ella o solo lo necesario.

    Pero creo que cuando alguien te interesa se demuestra desde el comienzo, afortunadamente, he aprendido de las experiencias de mi vida, y soy responsable de lo que yo hice, se que esto es así, pero como le dije a Irina, así como te trate con el corazón, lo voy hacer con la mujer que en verdad quiera estar conmigo, a nadie se tiene a la fuerza.

    Hoy en día estoy tranquilo, debes en cuando, se me sale de mi boca el nombre de ella, y digo, se estará acordando de mi, se que fui un tonto el enamorarme de una mujer, que nunca tuve frente de mi, que no la conosi realmente.

    Nunca me despedí de ella, nunca le reclame lo de Ron, ya no quería discutir con ella, preferí solo dar la vuelta.

    Krystyna, esto es algo de lo que viví durante cuatro años con Irina Bashuk, como veras fueron muchas cosas que le escribí a ella, muchas cartas, yo también reconozco mis errores, y se pedir perdón y perdonar.

    gracias por tus atenciones


  11. Girls are real, but it’s impossible to have private contacts with them.
    After mails, chats and 2 meetings, I found her adress. But she NEVER answered !
    I sent a gift at home, she thanks me but always through UADREAMS site and never with a private mail, although I wrote it with the gift.


  12. Girls are real, but it’s impossible to have private contacts with them. After mails, chats and 2 meetings, I found her adress. But she NEVER answered ! I sent a gift at home, she thanks me but always through UADREAMS site and never with a private mail, although I wrote it with the gift.

    I met 5 girls in total, but they all look under the control of the agency… As if they signed a contract with it !!!


  13. Has anyone noticed that the title that everyone is talking about is UA dreams. Not Uadreams there is no Capitol a??? Could they be different sites, I have used Uadreams before and had no problems?

  14. Hi Gents, I have posted (some) of my own 11 year long experiences on Krystyna site (see under HotRussianBrides and Anastasiadate links).
    I also used Uadreams of two (2) years. But to be honest I saw nothing suspicious during this time. Just never got the chance to get back to Ukraine during those years.

    One (1) thing you should ALL understand…

    If you post yourself on Russian’s biggest social networking site (with millions of clients). You will NOT get even one (1) request or contact from ANY Russian or Ukrainian girl/woman wanting to know you.

    So why when you join ANY of this Russian or Ukrainian dating sites do you get 100’s (even 1000’s) of girls/women who are so, so interested and so keen to know you better and are ALL so open, sexy and familiar with you.


    Go to Thailand or anywhere else but do not go to Russian or Ukraine. Your chances are sooooo slim, they are almost no existent. Save your money, time (and most importantly)… your heart.

    Take Care and Be Aware!!!

  15. Hello I just want to relate my experience with Diana at UA dreams 9799.I was corresponding and chatting with her for nearly a year and really grew to like her, only to find out I had been scammed, she even uploaded a xmas video 2012 I was on my way to meet her in Poltava and then she started to try and find things wrong with me, like saying a came across as being angry with her etc on the chat and told me I couldnt come to her flat when I arrived in Poltava,all sorts of excuses so I cancelled my trip losing 100s of dollars.

    I wated close to $1000 dollars on UA, and also found Diana on VK, wouldnt make friends, could only follow and eventually blocked me completely.

    I would like to upload a pic of her so other guys can stay away from her lies.


    1. Hi John,

      I too chatted with Diana # 9799 at UA dreams for over a year. I had planned to go to Ukraine to meet her but she deleted her profile from UA Dreams. I was beginning to have suspicions about her. I am sorry about to hear you wasted money too. I always wandered what happened to her. Just out of curiosity, do remember her VK profile #


  16. Hi, David

    I’m with uadreams 3 years, I have to say that I vk recording a total of 70 profiles found in women who are with the agency, some women know English and some are employed by the agency.

    there is a girls call VIKA #2460 and I found that the letter the she send me are all “copy-paste” and I have proof and actually make a website so that they can observe any real information it you can find the information of VIKA and other girls



    Its Much worse my friend then that proberly more then 90 percent works and get paid for chat letters , even that some gets married it still a scam why? Because they proberly got paid for chatting and emails and also scam because sometimes translators write letters without women, or mimick them with womens consent or not…

    If you need any help getting money back contact me at youtube channel mess me:






  18. hello to my dear krystyna my dear friend
    You have very good weblog…I really Thank you

    dear miss krystyna i am a man 27 years old my name is eissa

    i rally really really I would like to marry a Ukrainian girl Because they are very beautiful and I think that people are good&kind…My problem is that I do not know how to get familiar with a real girl in ukraine.
    There are many dating sites for marriage but Some of them are happy and some unhappy!!!
    I am really confused I do not know what to do !!!!

    I really would love to marry a Ukrainian girl I would like to start a happy family…

    What site is reliable?
    Is marriage agencies in Ukraine are real?
    Can we go in person to marry in Ukraine?

    Whether for dating and marriage agency in Ukraine there in person?
    please help me Thank you for your help dear friend and good women.
    i really soooo much love people ukraine and i think they are very good and kind.
    marriage with a blonde ukrainian girl is a my dream my wish…

  19. hello I am a french man in contact with a woman in uadreams agency and I wanted to know if some people here have information on Natalia 2629 ? and if it’s as serious agency ? But I read some reviews and it’s scary to trust him ? I have not spent a lot of money at the moment only some letters because I am suspicious and I know Ukraine 🙂 It’s amazing all these agency !!!! Mikael

  20. I also had a run in with these scumbags. I gave my e-mail address to go a girl I talked to on another site (International Cupid). After exchanging a few messages she seemed legit. So I gave her my e-mail so that we could write directly (as my paid account was about to expire).

    but I then got all kinds of e-mail from about being signed up for an account. I have repeatedly asked them to delete my personal details. I just got responses back with more sales talk. I did a whois search and found their registrar. I have just e-mailed their registrar (GoDaddy) complaining about this site and I have asked them to force to delete all the personal details about me they may have on file.

    This kind of crap is why I generally avoid profiles from Slavic girls on international dating sites. They are almost always fake. I thought this one seemed legit, but that will teach me. 😛

  21. Hola Krystyna y hola a todos. Mi nombre es Edwin, soy de Panamá, he estado como miembro de la página Uadreams, muchas mujeres me han chateado, escrito cientos de mensajes, pero solamente Dos muy hermosas han sido muy insistentes conmigo, una de 26 años, rubia, alta, delgada, y otra de 32 años, rubia, alta, y solamente tengo a esas dos como “FAVORITAS”.

    Pero he decidido DARME DE BAJA de esa página, por razones personales. He decidido tratar de recuperar a un “Amor Imposible” o difícil en mi país Panamá. que creo que es mucho mas complicado que hallar a una pareja en Uadreams, pero he decidido poner Todo en manos de Dios.

    ¿Cómo hago para DARME DE BAJA en esa página Uadreams?, porque lo he intentado y no me ha sido nada fácil salirme de esa página. Necesito que POR FAVOR alguien me oriente y me digan Cómo hago para ya NO ser o NO aparecer como miembro de esa página.
    Muy atentamente a Krystyna y a Todos,

    1. Hi Andrew,

      You should cancel your membership at UA Dreams and stop using this site.
      I cannot recommend it as it is blacklisted due to poor reputation.

      Kind regards and stay safe,

    2. Andrew replace Uadreams with an honest date site exist several examples at our site of honest date sites etc, and some free honest Ukrainian and Russian date sites aswell you are able to date a girl in any country in world not just Ukraine or Russia etc.

      Please Andrew do not as so many guys get in love in the scam prodate working girls from Uadreams, all their girls are in on this scam, they do it all this date scamming for money.

      Understand its hard to resist, but most of their girls have local boyfriends in Ukraine and Russia and is only on Uadreams to get a salery on all faked correspondense and all other expensive services, Uadreams translate fee scam services offer.

      Dis you know Uadreams even work with some resturants of sushi etc and girls get a cut of the money if you eat there, if you go over and meet her in Ukraine or Russia.

      Run away from Uadreams. If you cannot resist Uadreams ask a godly pastor for help.

      Important to say outside the many types of date scams and scams it exist many good honest people both men and girls etc in Ukraine and Russia aswell in rest of the World etc.

      Thanks and God bless all and Thanks Krystyna Ukrainian date Blogger expert, excellent site yours etc.

  22. Hey!
    We all expect so much for money..
    it is money.. that is the fault..

    it effects us all..
    you can not buy love..

    it is not natural..
    money is distorting family love..
    and desire..
    yup 🙂

    forget about money?
    it has no worth towards true love and care!

    If you truly want something..
    it is not money..
    it is desire and affection..


    1. Sean people used Uadreams or any other dating site does not do it to try buy love or girls for money….
      But to find honest girl for marriage because they tired on Western feminism.

      Good honest girls from Ukraine and Russia and Crimea is usually more family minded and serious about marriage of the few honest girls and people over there.

      The problem is that Uadreams is a mafia translate fee scam agency and all their prodate scam girls in there is only after earning money by correspondence on all expensive UAdreams scam translate fee services exist several others aswell almost all pay per letter dating sites is scams.

      Tell this to the scam translate fee agencies with their prodate scam all their girls that life is not all about money as its them and the russian mafia behind it that does the scamming on their scam date sites.
      We western guys knows love is not all about money and none of us tried to buy love on Uadsreams or any other scam date site or date sites….

      Incorrect we all do not expect all things for money…

      We western guys is the innocent ones here Russia and Ukraine and Crimea and those scam agencies and their scam prodate girls and scam translators by their mafia russian evils is the guilty ones here of scams and fraud and hiding money on cyprus period.

      Exist honest people girls and guys outside the date scams and scams in Russia and Crimea and Ukraine too.

      Love of money is root of all evil true but none forced the scammers in Ukraine and Russia in date scams and scams to do this they are entierly guilty and unless they repent they deserv to go to the very dark place.

      Sean understand this none of the Western men tried to buy love for money if you wanna give someone a lesson tell the scammers that all is not about money instead of bashing innocent victims of the scams and date scams…

  23. Hola lectores como están todos yo soy eceptico acerca de estos sitios conocí a una chica en una página hablamos a los días me dijo que le habían recomendado este sitio uadream y que mejor aclaramos por allá y le Di vuelta ala página y la sigo no sabía que tenía que pagar 7dólares por correo y pagar 20 dólares por vídeo día y de 10 minutos todos los días escribía y aveces teníamos vídeo chat deje de escribirle y ya pasaron dos meses y no eh resivido ni un correo de ella pienso que nunca le interese por que nunca me envió un correo para preguntarme si estaba bien eh residido muchos correos electrónicos de chicas de 19 a de años todas muy lindas y me escriben hasta dos cartas cada una ya ni las leo por que pienso que es una mentira los mismos traductores que trabajan ahí supongo contestan las cartas,por que yo enviaba una carta y en 2 horas ya tenía la repuesta ahora sólo quiero eliminar mi perfil y no se co.o hacerlo y también lo que no me gusto es que le cambian las letras ala carta y yo me queje servicio al cliente los mandé a comer mier da ..

  24. If you search the many agencies ,you will find the same profiles from the same women. One went from no kids to having kids,one had a different profession . If you chat on live video you will find they chat with multiple men.

    I too was taken by one.She sent OLD videos and photos of her actually naming some one else and had a child appear who she claimed was a cousins yet you could tell she was pregnant in videos. I even confronted one who was on multiple sites and set on up with a friend,


  25. oN offence, well yeah there’s plenty of it. there’s no easy way of saying it, she wasn’t attracted to you. Go hit the gym, play some sports ,learn an instrument, and do all these well, Then you will be able to go play these scammers.Even get one to fall for you.

    1. Cathy Hooper these scam prodate girl and agencies already have boyfriends usually in Ukraine or Russia, they are only on date scam agencies sites to earn money for scammy translate fee services by email and chats get a cut of it, these girls are not attracted to anyone they only want the money…

      So it would made 0 diffrence who the victim were a well trained person nice looking or not…
      Only way to avoid beeing scammed is avoid the scam agencies and scam sites as plague.

      All blame on scammers victims always innocent.

      Only by help of God one can find a honest girl in a date scam site angency scam site, but that is not for all, best is to find an honest girl in an honest matchmaking service or date offline through common friends etc.

  26. Oh My God-

    The girl Irina’s Name is Irina ZherZherunova. She is from Donetsk, Ukraine and is one of the most evil people I’ve been in contact with. She lies about everything, she told me she was a lawyer- LOL.

    She tried to continue things for years (2012-2015). She will try and Con you out of every sent you own. Get her name out there, she is a professional.

    She also told me she was in a sanatorium because she lost a baby. The truth is she’s married and I have everything you could possibly need to prove it- stay AWAY from her. Stop saying they’re sweet- they just have one thing in mind- getting your money.

    Krystyna told me a long time ago if they don’t get in touch on VK or block you- they are scammers. Don’t go into Eastern Europe naive, it’s a very scary place. If you are that interested start a VK page and meet normal Ukrainian girls who actually want to talk to you. I have no idea how Irina keeps up with all these guys.

    Another thing to look for is her Russian translation of her name: Ирина ZherZherunova. Thanks for all your help Krystyna. By the way people from these agencies have posted articleson VK asking women to join these agencies for great cash, regardless if they’re married, to scam everyone.

    Do not go near these sites. Krystyna if you want me to send you any of this I have it all.

  27. Hi everyone,

    I actually met my wife through this site, and the only reason probably why we are together is that a month after we met each other in the chat I went to meet her.

    She later on admitted that all of the girls in fact work for the company as Krystyna also said above. The letters are written mostly by translators and the girls in the agency do not receive any money from them. But the video chats are the ones from which the girls receive a commission from every minute/credit spent.

    Many of the girls do not speak english but they are in the agency just to work, and the company actually searches for these working girls through vk and, and girls them selves do not search for marriage agencies. You might find a girl, as I did, by chatting with the girls and most importantly by going to meet them.

    If you are a nice guy, the lady might very well be interested in you once meeting face to face. Take into account that I am 26 years old, well educated and own my own business, it might be difficult for much older guys to find someone on the site. My advice is, do not correspond with these girls with letters as you will never be corresponding with the girl you think you are, but with a translator, who gets a commission on every letter sent by you.

    In this way, uadreams is a scam. The ladies are real, but the corresponding sure is not. And just a cautious warning, I got lucky that my wife was single at the time I went to see her, but many of the girls do have boyfriends/husbands.

    So if you do meet a nice girl on the chat, and you want to go meet her, at least find her profile on Vkontante and check whether she is a available, otherwise you are just wasting your time and money. Hope this gives some light to you guys about UaDreams.

    1. Those are very big claims. Can you actually prove them? Do you have any evidence supporting your claims? For example, screenshots of your wife’s profile from UADreams? Would you be intrested having a video chat (skype)?

      I’ve been investigating a possibility for UADreams scamming for a while. There is many claims (and suspicions) that UADreams scams, but when I ask if accuser can proof his claims or give me any kind of evidence supporting those claims or even evidence that accuser did use the services of UADreams, I get nothing. I also find it somewhat surprising, that a man who has found his partner is still looking for the reviews of the site, or surfing in a blog which reviews dating businesses.

      As with every bad review, there is always a possibility that those are from competiting business just trying to bash the reputation of their competitor…

      1. T hello you must be really blind or naive it exist ton of proof that Uadreams is a scam all Uadreams complaints is from their clients beeing scammed by Uadreams translate fee mafia scam.

        Many of Uadreams clients will not give you or anyone all their evidence why the pain of their past hurts remembering seeing their loved one on uadreams with local boyfriends from Ukraine and Russia on social media hurts too much.

        I also know by experience Uadreams is a big mafia translate fee scam that hide all their illegal money on Cyprus bank to avoid tax authorities.

        Uadreams lies about all their girls names and all their scammy prodate working girls are in on it earning money on all correspondence get a cut from it and all other expernsive translate feee scammy services Uadreams has etc.

        Its only a job for all Uadreams scammy girls to scam western men in false promise a false uadream of a marriage, all uadreams girls is only there to make an income they have real lives outside uadreams with local boyfriends and some are even married and with children as seen on social media.

        T I highly suspect you yourself are the fraud working for UAdreams.

        Yes it has been proved a long time ago uadreams is a completely fraud.

        T the way of your writing is exactly as Uadreams trying to explain away the truth about Uadreams mafia scams with silly and stupied responses.

        Hope you wake up and repent missleading teh public t or employee of Uaderams or sympathy with uadreams ….

        More info here:

      2. Post again so my comment shows.

        Hello T you must be really blind or naive it exist ton of proof that Uadreams is a scam all Uadreams complaints is from their clients beeing scammed by Uadreams translate fee mafia scam.

        Many of Uadreams clients will not give you or anyone all their evidence why the pain of their past hurts remembering seeing their loved one on uadreams with local boyfriends from Ukraine and Russia on social media hurts too much.

        I also know by experience Uadreams is a big mafia translate fee scam that hide all their illegal money on Cyprus bank to avoid tax authorities.

        Uadreams lies about all their girls names and all their scammy prodate working girls are in on it earning money on all correspondence get a cut from it and all other expernsive translate feee scammy services Uadreams has etc.

        Its only a job for all Uadreams scammy girls to scam western men in false promise a false uadream of a marriage, all uadreams girls is only there to make an income they have real lives outside uadreams with local boyfriends and some are even married and with children as seen on social media.

        T I highly suspect you yourself are the fraud working for UAdreams.

        Yes it has been proved a long time ago uadreams is a completely fraud.

        T the way of your writing is exactly as Uadreams trying to explain away the truth about Uadreams mafia scams with silly and stupied responses.

        Hope you wake up and repent missleading teh public t or employee of Uaderams or sympathy with uadreams ….

        More info here:

      3. Hello T.
        No, what he said is the truth.
        I met a person who married a girl in UaDreams and they basically told me the same things. I can provide you with the evidence if you want.

  28. Uadreams Reviewer

    Hello all to avoid the date scam translate fee sites from Russia and Ukraine etc as Uadreams that also operates from USA and Cyprus hiding their illegal funds money avoiding the taxes authorities.

    Uadreams should be prosecuted by the highest extent by the law for all its scammings and frauds and for tax scams.
    To find honest free date sites from Russia and Ukraine aswell as honest paid ones of the best in the industry tips here:


  29. Then i just got scammed i am a lonly college student. Say what you want about my judgment even starting this but yeah im on the site and ive fallen hard so it really iscam then. I just need to hear it consedering ive invested quite a bit emotionaly and financially


    Yes they are a complete and total scammers. UADREAMS is complete fake.

    Yes I saw the results and even convinced several of the girls to confess.


  31. Hello.

    let me tell you something about uadreams, IT’S A PERFECT ELABORATE PROFESSIONAL SCAM AGENCY !!!! the very best, as in the scam and as in the service what they provide,there is no doubt. I have been a customer for more than two years at this agency,and i lost about $ 10,000 !!! in these two years. I have long talked with only one girl at first, as others have written before me, the girl was so romantic so eager to know me,we change letters every single day and chat every week.

    She wrote me many times that she found me very attractive, indeed i’m a good looking man in a very good shape but not that is the point. The point is that she want to see me so tremendously she feel connected to me she feel so attracted to me, and so on etc etc. And when we finally met, I literally dropped my face to the ground I did not have words I was so stunned,because she was so cold with me,It was like she put a wall between us.

    I did not understand why she did that at that time, but now i know a lot of things how uadreams works. After that fail with the first girl, i meet another 5 girls and none was seriously interested or commited, but everyone was interested in video chat or letters.

    From these six girls 5 have a relationship.The sixth girl was from Ivano Frankivsk Tatiana and i find to late that she have also a boyfriend , i gave proof to the agency and they kick out Tatiana .after that i wanted to close my profile ,but uadreams convince me to try with another girl ,so i try with Nastya 3141 from Kremenchug ,she tell me that she is interested in me,so we change leters and talk in video chat.

    After a time i find Nastya profile on VK and her boyfriend profile also ,WTF yes she have a boyfriend,i gave prof to the uadreams agency ,but they not close Nastya profile because she is in heavy intense chat with other 4 or 5 man so she is generate a lot of money to uadreams .

    All man must know one thing ,these girls are the golden goose to uadreams !!!!. i think one girl can generate from one man between 150 and 1000 $ a month. And yes a girl can have multiple video chat in the same time ,she can chat with 4 man if the translator is very good ,if not they can chat with two man in the same time. Some men complain that the video connection is slow in chat ,well its not slow its very good , but the translator need a little time to translate for both man.

    The girls also receive money from uadreams 5 five percent from what you pay to uadreams , chat ,letters ,meetings, ect.And a lot of girls are friends in branch,if you find a girl profile on VK or facebook you can be sure that she have 2 or 3 friend in her profile from the agency also. so if you talk in uadreams with more girls from the same branch, you can be sure that they talk and know.

    Another thing is that no matter in which branch you will go, you will never see an advertising billboard ,not even on the agency door!!!!!,because uadreams and what they do is illegal in Ukraine. At most you will see writing on the door ” modeling agency.” Also true that the very big majority of the girls have boyfriend ,i find a lot of girls on VK .

    i made a little experiment before i close my profile on UAscamdreams,i talked with several girls 15 ,20 girls , and all that girls was eager to talk with me , i wait 2 weeks and i find all that girls on VK and i sent friend invitation, which followed did not surprise me at all, they block me on their page or never respond and ignore me. They have 600 girls but the real chance to find your wife on UAscamdreams is way more less than 1 one percent, and that is not a joke gentleman!!!!!

    About – anti scam policies, that is the bigest lie . They do not care whether a girl has boyfriend or not ,if you find that the girl who fools you have a boyfriend ,only in that case they do something ,but even when i gave proof they dont care, if the girl is very beautiful and talk with a lot of man she generate a lot of money ,and that’s just what matters.

    They are very proud that they have more than one million customers worldwide,now everybody can make their own calculation how much money they rip off out of man’s pocket.They are masters in what and how they do.I think is stupid to talk about that the girls are real or not , the girls are very real ,everything is very real in UAscamdreams yard, because they roll the perfect scam,so if the girls are real ,video chat with the girls are real ,service everything is made in a high level ,that is the perfect way to a perfect scam.

    If you want an ukrainian wife ,you take your vacation for 3 weeks then take your ass and go to ukraine,you will spend far less than on the site.Ukrainian girls are very Nationalist they love their country ,they don’t really want to leave their country,and a lot of these girl have a good live in ukraine especially from uadreams ,they thrill on your money .

    You think that because they live in a poor country they want so much to leave ? nothing more wrong, but they are interested if you are rich and not an usual random normal guy,they want a careless life in a high level, if you can offer that ,than you are their man.the girls are the golden goose and the men are the milky cow for uadreams.

  32. I was recently scamed too by UADreams.

    The “fake lady” was Marian 6661.

    UADreams changed her profile in a way I can*t see when she requested a “Want to Chat” because I was not agree with her multiple Want to Chat each week, when she said that she loved me and I was her best friend. UADream manipulated her profile to remove the yellow label “Want to Chat” only for me. I could test with another user in a hiden Chrome session that all others users from UADreams were able to read this label.

    UADreams has scamed more than 7000 EUR, about $8000 in a bit less than 5 months, dayly letters, 2 or 3 chats of 1 hour or more by week, multiples gifts and chocolates, dress, and many other things. Last weeks she used SMS service (56 EUR pro SMS) as a chat service. Ever making me spend a lot of money.

    UADreams is a Scam site.
    100% SURE.

  33. Same experience in uadreams but luckily was only for 20 credits. Which got me 20 messages, 40 if you count the replies. It was their once off promotion offer so I took it. Naturally I will try to get as much info and contact before the credits runs out.

    Was talking to this girl, Kate (#6596) a 27 yo from Kremenchug. Google reverse image search and found that she is Ekaterina Koretska and she won Miss Personality in the Tourism Universe 2015 beauty pageant. Naturally that makes it easy to find her social media profile. Found her instagram… it’s a no brainer actually. Very easy to find. Message her from that and she turn from a loving flirty girlfriend to public enemy number one.

    She claims to be a lawyer. Yeah right. But after a while you’ll soon find a pattern on how she operates. From approx 6am to noon (ukrainian time), she’ll be on find-bride (#29016) and victoriyaclub (#48003) and after lunch she’ll be on fiance (#143804) and bridge of love (#118789) till god knows when. Sometimes when I log on to these site at about 3am or 4am ukrainian time, she’s still online chatting. I’m in Australia and it’s daylight during those times. hehehe.

    She’s on approximately a dozen of these pay-per-letter sites. She switches around sometimes. Most likely not to arouse suspicion. She spend more than 16 hours online chatting up men. Days she is off, according to instagram, she’s gogo dancing for some club, somewhere. Not bad for a qualified lawyer right?

    20 credits is not much but even so, being taken for a ride is not a good feeling. So beware boys, she has absolutely no empathy whatsoever. She’s in it for the money. I’ll admit she’s beautiful and would have no problem reeling in guys with all her pretend love and flirts. Running out of credits kinda saved me 🙂

  34. I have experience with FDating: Both the women with Slavonic names stating their place of living as Western Europe and the women stating Eastern Europe ignored my messages, no one woman at FDating sent me a message by herself, regardless of whether I actually also was a member of UaDreams.

    I stated my place of living Eastern Europe, I had put a nice photo of me, I was about 40, highly educated. Salaries here, as generally known, are much lower than in Western Europe. From this all follows the primary purpose of some of them dating at international dating websites: to get away from poor Eastern Europe (which is their real permanent place of living), and so not primarily to get love.

    And the others redirect you, men living in rich countries, from free e. g. FDating to charged e. g. UaDreams or AnastasiaDate dating sites, while me living in a poor Eastern country they logically ignored. Well, at least I was not robbed, unlike you western men. By me, the only non risc and the most hopeful dating is within your locality.

  35. all the Ukrainian women are there for the money on the paid dating sites they have no interest in any man coming to see them nor do these people have any morals or ethics

    they will bleed you dry and just waste your time its just a business where these women become rich
    pity chernobyl didnt clean up more of them

  36. David Brunner

    Looks like the guys in this forum are wise to Uadreams. Good.

    Avoid all pay per letter sites for dating.

  37. Hello every body,

    I also experienced story like this. Maybe, It will be good to give you website’s address (

    For example; you can not sent your e-mail address, any social media IDs, etc.

    You can chat in that website only. And you have to pay money too much.

    But, there are really honest dating websites.
    I want to advise that find real dating web site.


  38. Hello,

    I was in email and chat contact with this woman Ekaterina Koretska for about half a year before I met her at a personal meeting in december 2016 in her hometown Kremenchug/Ukraine. She not showed herself in life video chat, only prerecorded videos of her.

    I can only confirm that she totally changed her behaviour on the meeting and it could be seen that she was not interested in my person, only to get her gifts, she treated me like she did an escort service for her agency. From the agreed three days of meeting she only spent some hours with me.

    She only made me the fool and as sweet es she was in chat and in her letters and private videos she sent me, as cold she was in personal contact. She is not more then an emotional prostitute! There is a longer story about all the scam she did to me, I will post it here in detail soon.

    she also arranged FAKE DATINGS over her former agency „Anzhelika „ (Адрес: г. Кременчуг, ул. Пролетарская 24\37, Офис 509, Agency Anzhelika. Международное агентство “Анжелика” ) in Kremenchug, where she isn’t meanwhile anymore registered according to statement of agency manager Anzhelika Nesterenko (datingscammer by her own!), but it cannot be confirmed !‼

    Meanwhile she is cancelled on many sites she had a profile, it seems that only uadreams .com keeps her profile for profit. there some regular photos changes in her profile can be seen. Her instagram account was changed several times, now you can find her under @__miss_personality__

    For me as a western european man, it is not understandable that such scammer cannot be punished by law in
    ukraine, same the fake agencies, where she is registered do her fake-live-video chats!

  39. Guys,

    I have been with UADreams since 2015 , so long story short , these are my experiences :

    – Don’t try to divide girls as honest or tricky or good or bad , they are simply all the same , they work with the agency and they are accomplices with this professionally designed scam box ! There is no bride here ! This is just a source for making money for the girls !

    Even if there are some honest ones , they are never allowed to meet a guy or talk to a guy directly , these are all controlled by the agency ! So don’t waste your time and money on a super scam agency which has no sympathy or Empathy for you!

    I have said that before in my 2019 trip to Ukraine , everything is designed to milk you guys by all.means ! You are dealing with a bunch of nationalists who have no dignity or morals , they look at foreigners as a lorry full of paper notes and there want their share by all.means ! there is no emotions or conscience involved !

    – I just came back from Ukraine and I did try to meet up with some who were in love with me and wanted to build a life !, None of them accepted the invitation for meeting and they just ran away as soon as they found out that I am already in Ukraine !

    – I know many girls who have been with the site for almost 6-7 years ! So ask yourself if they are genuine with their intentions for having a family ! Many of the new girls have already left the site after finding out that this train is going nowhere ! So the left overs are only scammers and gold diggers ! Be my guest, carry on with your adventures and you will be insulted and humiliated !

    Why because you are scammed by a bunch of emotional prostitutes ! They don’t worth nothing and you are paying to have love with somebody who can not spell LOVE! You will be amazed when you find out that LOVE doesn’t really play a role in their family life in Ukraine ! They are just good imitators ! They mimic what ever western people say or do to create the sense of genuity, and the loser is you to believe them !

    – You probably heard about the Schengen zone in Europe and European economical countries , and that Ukraine has been denied to Join with Europe for many years ! You know why ? Because Ukraine is the source of scam.and corruption in Europe and I can assure you that is the main reason for not being accepted by Europe ! So European governments are aware of what type of people they are dealing with ! Be careful !

    – Always remember this when decide to join a dating agency or marriage agency in Ukraine and particularly Uadreams and victoriyaclub, that even local people on streets in Ukraine will laugh at you and how naive you are ! These scam activities are well known and popular in Ukraine !

    – I have said this before , I have been living and working in Russian speaking countries for 10 years and after that I have had many trips to again Russian speaking countries . You as a foreigner and particularly from the US and Europe , are just like infants to these people ! They will eat you alive when it comes to playing tricks and scamming ! Just think twice before you carry on with your adventures ! Many people have done this before and the best way for you is to just listen and read carefully and use their experiences instead of making your own experience ! Believe me there have been many smarter guys than you who failed to get to anywhere with these dating agencies ! The only destination was bankruptcy and wasting time !

    – As for UADREAM , never forget one simple point, and that is , regardless of how honest or innocent some girls are or whether they want genuinely to marry a foreigner or not , the decision is made by the agency ! So you will never get to see a girl or be in direct contact with a girl ! Unless you have already spent lots of money ! The reason for them to let you meet a girl is to milk you further, and not to let you marry the girl ! These girls are their properties and sourse of income !

    The reason why guys say the girl was too cold in the meeting is that, she is not even aware of the communications between you and the her ! Because she is not the one who sends the letters , they can easily pay the girl in the photo for one day or a few hours to meet you and then everything goes back to the same way it was before the meeting !

    – Do you really think that a Ukrainian girl can write you all those beautiful letters with nice literature talking about the sun and weather and how their vacation in Caribbean island was fabulous ! You are really naive if you think so ! Even native English people can’t write those letters ! To do so , you should have at least a bachelor degree in English language or literature ! You have been scammed by the translators for years man! Don’t believe even one word from them !

    -in 2019 , I could manage to locate a girl in Sumy, I found her working place and also her phone number ! Don’t ask how ? I had my connection and most of all I know Russian language ! The girl went crazy and all she wanted to know was how I could do that ! She offered to reconsider relationship if I tell her how I found her !

    What was my decision? I didn’t tell her and left the town since I was sure that she would use the info for the future same issues and how to prevent that ! I could easily predict her next moves and she was reporting everything to the agency ! So they learn from us guys , we are the one who fed them and taught to cheat and scam us, by talking about our personal life and what type of idiots we are ! ( sorry ! But that is true )

    – I have said this before , if you want a Ukrainian wife or girlfriend you need to be there physically ! You should go to Ukraine and stay there at least for a month’s or two while you are focusing on learning the language ! There is no chance for you to find a wife in Ukraine if you don’t know the language or not present there ! By learning the language you just raise your chance but if you stay there for a while there are.lots of opportunities to meet English speaking girls who are working with tourist agencies or in cafes or restaurants !

    So forget about the dating agencies and move on with real life !

    I just came back from Kiev , was there for 20 days , had lots of fun, boom boom and also some acquaintance !:) One of them become my guide and we were almost everyday together when she was free from work. I am 55 and I was dating 30 years(I am in good shape though:) ) , considering the fact that there were many more younger candidates who I didn’t really pay attention and almost ignored them.because of age gap ! One more thing , you know that Ukraine is Europe’s Thailand ?

    So stop living virtually and inject some real stuff in your life , don’t waste your time and money on Uadreams of Victoriyaclub or any other agencies and if you really want to have a wife or girlfriend from Ukraine , just buy your ticket and go there ! One thing to consider before your trip, don’t go there if you are broke or have no income , they have already got lots of jobless and broke people !

    I have seen some young guys there from the US jobless or doing remote work for a few dollars per day and looking for girlfriend ! It doesn’t work that way ! You are a man and should have money in your pocket when you go after girls ! This is the mentality !

    But it doesn’t mean that you have to take them to expensive restaurants or buy them luxury gifts ,No , it just means that you have to take care of daily expenses with your girl ! Normal expenses , restaurant , beach , drink, maybe taxi, some normal gifts if you want to stay with her ! Stay away from those gold diggers interested in luxury restaurants or places !

    Ask me anything you want and I will gladly answer your questions !

    Wish you all luck in your search for love !:)

  40. Hi, I really liked the article. BUt I just wanted to know, is this Uadreams is completely free and no credit cards are required?

    1. No, UA Dreams is a paid online dating site. You can only register for free and upload free photo.

      All other dating services are paid. One e-mail price is from $3.50. Other dating services include, e.g. Introduction service costs $100 and it includes 1 hour of translation service and а bunch of seasonal flowers FREE of charge in order to make your first date as romantic as possible.

      UaDreams charges $25 fee to coordinate the meeting with the lady. If you, the lady and the interpreter mutually agree to extend your meeting, each additional hour of translation service is $15.

      You can pay by credit card. If you don’t have credit card, debit card (Visa or/and Master Card) you can pay with the help of Western union (Money Gram) or Bank Transfer.

  41. Thank you very much for digging out the information that the girls are paid. This would explain many things about my interactions with the the ladies of this agency. It will also mean an end to my using their services. These girls are not truly authentic then, they are in it for the money.

  42. based on my experience all dating sites are pretty much fraud and the chance to actually meet someone is probably less than winning a large lotto prize

    1. Tom Napier then you completely wrong exist tons of honest date sites and honest matchmakers online with higher success rate then over 90 percent to find a soulmate for life especially in a honest matchmaker.

  43. Denis the only stupied ones is the scammers and scam agencies and prodate scam Girls and you are also very evil and stupied do not bash the innocent victims more do not sink so low to the scammers levels.

    Its very easy for people to get trapped into dats scam sites spending 10 k does not make anyone stupied.

    According to the Police all blame is on the scammers victims Always innocent this is also so according to the law around World.

    To find out at first glance that uadream is the sca sites actually taken investigators several years but now its truelly confirmed by ads in Ukraine and the prodating Girls onfessed the scam and so on that its a total scam Uadreams many other sites in dating business is also scams from Ukraine and Russia not all but many.

  44. UA Dreams the biggest scam online.
    Anastasia Zhorova 6853 is a pro.

    Has a boyfriend, getting paid by agency all the while they don’t care except for money period.

    Don’t join it!

  45. Sorry for being rude but you are really stupid if you lost 10 k
    In my opinion you can find out that its TOTALLY scam site after spending 5 minutes

  46. Hi Krystyna,

    Nice to meet you.
    I just found you here which is really helpful for me.

    I am using this site UADREAMS.COM over 6 months. I saw her in chat video as a true person. But I found out lady whom I am sending email in and I sent her emails but she did not reply then she blocked me. So I thought that she is paid to work for this site.

    Is it right?


    1. Dear Lee,

      UADreams has tons of negative reviews on their services. I had to to blacklist UA Dreams due to poor customer reviews, large number of fake profiles and very high prices for services.

      UA Dreams made a fake profile using pictures of your girl. In this case, you talked to a professional translator and employee of this agency. Purpose: purchase credits for excellent communication with a beautiful lady from Ukraine. Unfortunately, it’s hard to prove. And your girl has no idea that she is looking for a Western man through a dating site.

      Your girl is a professional pro dater and earns her money during communicating with Western men on a dating site. I have heard some girls get commission from credits purchased by Western men. Thus, it is obvious that she is not interested to communicate with the men via private email because she gets no money for that.

      It is sad but it is very possible that you got scammed.
      Don’t forget being careful!

      Kind regards,

  47. Find uadreams on telegram group 14 april 2022

    Дорогі клієнтки, хочу вам повідомити, що до Великодніх свят на нашому сайті розпочалася акція для клієнтів – якщо дівчина в сумі набирає певний час чату з одним клієнтом за ці святкові дні – вона отримує один з трьох подарунків на рахунок. Вартість подарунку залежить від кількості часу чату з клієнтом.
    Еквіваленти подарунків –
    близько 350
    близько 700
    і близько 1700 грн

    залишити заявки на участь в акції та дізнатись подробиці можна в вашого перекладача
    Бережіть себе

    ⭐️Dear clients, I would like to inform you that a campaign for clients has started on our website before the Easter holidays – if a girl spends a certain amount of time chatting with one client during these holidays – she receives one of three gifts on the account. The cost of the gift depends on the amount of chat time with the client.
    Gift equivalents –
    about 350
    about 700
    and about 1700 UAH

    You can leave applications for participation in the action and find out details from your translator
    Take care of yourself

    uadreams definetely pay girls for videochat
    warn man all over world

    1. Hello Krystyna!
      Can we definitively conclude that UaDreams pays women? They contradicted themselves by posting this message from their Telegram group.

  48. My wife and I recently left Ukraine. I took my other post down because it was written in Russian and many could not see/understand it.
    Facts: I met and dated women from UaDreams before the occupation in Crimea. That is where I met my wife who was not working for UaDreams at the time. She had left the company before I met her. She shared the following with me. First-hand knowledge.

    Things to be concerned about from a first hand experience (my wife).
    1. It’s a SCAM (when UaDreams lies to it’s customers about the girls receiving English lessons as the only compensation and it’s not true, that makes it a SCAM).

    2. My wife could never see her profile. It was found on other sites used as bait to lure men to UaDreams.

    3. The translator did all the communicating with the client. My wife NEVER saw a single letter.

    4. Also, during video chat she would just sit there and the translator would be communicating with the good intentioned gentlemen.

    5. She did receive some gifts and met some of the gentlemen as the company requires of the ladies to keep the ‘game’ playing. Do some relationships develop? She said she heard of a few, but most of the ladies just want the money…something UaDreams states the ladies do not receive. Do you really want to deal with a company that lies to you?

    6. UaDreams is clever. More than the gentlemen who use their site. If the company is so ethical how come you can’t find out where the corporate office is? It’s a SCAM.

    7. My wife was in it for the $money$ and had to perform her acting duties as one of its members.

    8. My wife’s recommendation is that if you have to pay for letters or chat on any dating website ‘RUN.’ Commissions are involved to the ladies. That is their primary reason for joining. Not You.

    9. My wife feels great having turned her life to being honest. UaDreams should do the same. It would be a cultural shift from the deception, lying, and scheming. That’s Ukraine.

    10. Gentlemen: My wife and I wish you the best. We hope you find a wonderful lady to share your life with.

    My wife hopes the new president can clean up the mess of corruption and companies like UaDreams in the way they do business. She loves her country and I love her for her stand on this.

    Understand, very few people read the reviews here. Feel free to spread this post, tell others …spread the word to make it a better world.
    God bless all of you and bless you a lot.

  49. Taka prawda panowie bo mam profil na darmowym portalu i tam nikt mnie nie zaczepia.Nie placic za oszustwo

  50. My wife was curious tonight to see if you responded to my last review. So, I am keeping my promise and just relaying her message.
    She said,” Your (UaDreams) dishonesty has no boundaries. The translators work very hard to secure ladies to the site.
    Each translator has a handful of ladies to watch over. Facebook and other means are used by the translators to find who lives locally to solicit to the UaDreams local agency site
    (office). My wife said she was solicited by an ad. She still has a copy of the ad and it CLEARLY states it is from UaDreams.
    Then, keeping the ladies as a client is a lot of work for the translators”…that is from my wife.
    She said, “It is nonsense that you would mention that it was some other dating site other than UaDreams in Crimea.”
    That is why she wanted to respond to your last comments. “That is an absolute lie from UaDreams just trying to legitimize their integrity.
    When you tell the men that the ladies are not paid any commission, you know you are lying UaDreams. One lie is enough to walk away just as in any relationship.”
    My wife was honest with me about the details of the UaDreams agency. She says you are being scammed!
    For full disclosure, I was a member of UaDreams, met/dated girls from the agency.

  51. My son living in Kiev and I got to know two ladies working on the UA Dream site at the same time they had a profile there. I came to visit my son and the two ladies told me personally on a party to stay out from UA dream because it was all FAKE. They did not even typed the text the in answers in camera, it was the staff on office while they just watched in to camera. Its just a job and they are lousy payed, around 300 dollar a month. But for sure, its a SCAM

  52. I am communicating outside UaDreams with a girl from Lutsk office that is daily active on the website.
    She told me that she receives enough money to satisfy her basic needs for each letter, meeting and chat video.
    Don’t be fooled by the intriguing homepage.
    The site is totally a scam.

  53. I have been lucky to communicate to a translator that is actually working for uadreams.
    August 2022.
    Through a PI which provides consultation services for American men from not being victims of romance scam.
    They told me that such PI agencies in Ukraine hire translators from several dating website in order to learn new scam techniques.
    I have made up a list of questions and I paid the translator for these answers.

    Q.1 How ladies join uadreams ?

    A.Same procedure as with many dating agencies. Uadreams manager, not translator, has to have a meeting with lady either in the office or online before joining to explain how everything works.
    They also sign agreement, but agreement stays with the agency, there is no second copy for the girl. In that agreement it is stated that girl should not disclose any information about her relationships between agency and her.
    They join agencies by word of mouth, by recommendation. Ads are not needed and sometimes such ads are not very legal in Ukraine.

    Q.2 Ladies are found on other websites. Is a translator that create these profiles on site such as Russiancupid, My Parterforever, CuteOnly ..? Is a lady aware of these profiles ?

    A.No, technical department of agency is responsible for that.

    Q.3 How much money a lady makes from letters, video chat, gifts, meetings and photosessions ?

    A.It depends on popularity of a girl’s profile. New profiles earn 25% of what man spends for video chatting. Photosessions are free for girls and agency does not pay anything for photosessions.

    If profile is popular, girl is paid up to 45% from what man spends on videochats.
    Difficult to say how much lady earns in a week as everything depends on popularity of account. Translator with whom we work does not want to say how much she earns from uadreams , but says most girls earn 1,000 USD to 1,500 USD per month whose profile is somewhere close to middle popularity on average and who spend online about 20 nights per month. However some accounts earn more than 3,000 USD per month.

    Q.4 Are girls paid in cash or by bank account ?

    A.Depends on where lady lives. If there is a representative office in the city where girl lives – payment can be made in cash once per month,if there is no office – lady will be paid as a transaction on her bank card 2 times per month if lady’s profile is popular or once each month if profile is not popular.

    Q.5 During a meeting ladies did not know anything about any topic discussed in the letters. Can a translator manipulate video chat and letters ?

    A.That’s because letters are almost never answered by ladies. Operators who are on outsource answer those letters.
    Girls are not aware of those answers. That is why they are unaware of topics discussed between clients and operators who are in Pakistan or in India.

    Q.6 What are the consequences for a lady if admits she gets paid ?

    A.Ladies sign an agreement where it says it is prohibited to disclose any info between her work with agency. They have some strict rules such as they will bring that lady to court or something.

    Q.7 OK there is an agreement. Do you have a copy of it ?

    A.No, such contract is signed in one copy which stays with the agency. Ladies do not have a copy of it.
    Agency does not give out a copy of agreement to girls nor to translators. It is signed in 1 copy which is left for the agency. No way to get it easily.

    Q.8 Do lady have to play a script during a meeting ? Are they pressed to use video chat even if they are not interested to a man ?

    A.They do not have to do that, no script is necessary either. But everybody chats usually because they are getting paid for each video chat from 25% to 45% what man pays to an agency.

    Q.9 Could you list rules and obligations that a lady is asked to follow ?

    A.There are no rules nor obligations except to be kind to everyone and keep clients chatting and engaging with agency as often as possible.

    Q.10 Is a translator or ladies that launch video chat? Do you use a bot software?

    A.Lady or translator can launch videochat. They both have possibility to do it from their accounts. Not aware of bot software.

    Q.11 Ladies chat with multiple men. Can ladies block a man from not seeing them online video chat ?

    A.Yes, it is possible to block and unblock men’s profiles by ladies from their accounts.

    Q.12 Is possibile to quantify number of men that are invited just by reading a range time video chat ?
    I.e. If a lady is gonna be online from 8.00am to 9.00am is for one man? Gonna be online from 8.00am to 10.00am is for two men?

    A.Not possible to estimate as sometimes there may be 10 or more men invited especially during weekends.

    Q.13 The wording ‘online in 1 hour’ is when lady has invited a guy or if she has just scheduled to be online without inviting anyone ?

    A.Many men are invited automatically by special software from Web site. Sometimes it invites randomly men from all over the world.
    Usually ladies just log online and wait for men to start chatting. Many girls including translator,
    who has a profile on uadreams just log on and stay there most of the night logged in (Ukrainian time).

    Q.14 Is a translator that set ‘free chat’ mode or ‘paid one’ for a lady’s account ?

    A.No, managers of agency do that and lady may do it herself from her account.

    Q.15 What is the difference between an operator and a translator ?

    A.Operators are based outside of Ukraine and usually answer letters. She is not sure if they are in India, Pakistan or elsewhere.
    Translators discusses with girls when they want to chat and coordinate time of chat with translator.
    Translators do not answer letters usually, only to confirm to client desired date and time of videochat.

    Q.16 What is the website that ladies use to login ?

    A.Translator told us that ladies log on through the same Web site – .
    They just have their own interface to chat with men, but logging in is through main Web site – .
    There has been much speculations and doubts about the legitimacy of this agency over years.
    uadreams is a scam agency.

    Feel free to share this post to all platforms over the Internet.

  54. Im super glad I found this website. I was talking to this very nice lady at International, Maria. After a few days messaging each other, she asks for my email so we can keep in better touch and, lol and behold, all I get is a backlink for me to register at the site through her profile. Funny thing is that if I try to sign up there directly, it says that my email is already registered, THEY PRE-REGISTERED ME there. Fun, huh?

    Anyway, imagine my surprise when I find her profile there and there are DOZENS of super glamorous and sexy modeling photos and videos from this girl who “was still new at this, just registered”. So I decide to poke around and find this website here, and all I have to say is thank you SO MUCH for the service.

    It is so cruel tho, to see that so many girls would poach and scam and take advantage of people for being lonely and sad. The world is truly a savage place…

  55. It’s big business of scam
    I worked for few local agencies as I was studying. Those agencies have an admin panel and several girls at AnastasiaDate. We were not only active on AnastasiaDate, but also for other very well known agencies. You surely know them: Uadreams, NatashaClub, CharmDate etc.

    I stopped working for them after I found out that a Frenchman committed suicide in Cherkassy. When he learned on the spot that he burned several 10k euros at the agencies and the lady broke his heart.

    I appeal to your mind: Protect yourself and your wallet. There are no reputable agencies on the Internet. All are pure fraud! Pay-per-letter is scam!

    If you want to meet an ukrainian or russian girl, than travel to those countries for few weeks. Love is born through proximity, chemistry and sympathy not through long-lasting correspondence through the internet.

  56. My son lived in Kiev city and was together with one of two girls working for UA Dreams and they said that they just had to appear in front of camera, and that it was fake, nevertheless, its happen that its possible to make autentic contact, I have still contact with 3 of them and its like 5 year ago I met them. But I would say: Its more or less teather UA Dreams: Its about get a guy hooked feeding them with easy money. When its a meeting, the girls generally cut the contact in a diplomatic way. Why dont try Conor Clyne the Irishman instead?

    1. Krystyna Trushyna

      Thank you for your comment and your interest in our website and this article.
      We always encourage our readers to be careful when choosing an online dating site for a long-term relationship.
      Choose a dating site consciously and confidently, consider whether the site meets your criteria and desires, whether there are girls you like, whether the price is right, etc.
      And of course, you need to consider whether the online format is right for you.
      If online is not your cup of tea, then choose only offline, use all possible methods and ways of meeting girls.
      I wish you good luck in your search!

  57. It has been brought to my attention…UaDreams is a SCAM!!
    It has been brought to my attention that UaDreams pays these models to communicate with men from around the world. I know this to be true as UaDreams parent company has posted advertisements for “paid models”.

    Ironically, all the people under “Just married” are paid actors and actresses. There is not one single lady that was on UaDreams website “looking for love”.

    This has been verified by the following ladies:
    Olya 8727 as we have extended our communication via Instagram & VK.

    Ulyana 6574 (left UaDreams) as we have extended our communication via Facebook & VK.

    Anastasia 6853 (left UaDreams) as I met her in Mykolaiv, along with continuing our conversation on Viber.

    Anna 3667 as we have extended our communication via Facebook.

    They all admitted the only reason the ladies are on the site it to get paid to talk to men. Many ladies have boyfriends or husbands but need to make extra money so they get paid to model for

    I am glad these ladies finally had the courage to tell me the truth after all this time.

  58. uadreams writes fake reviews all over platforms

    Hi Krystyna. Why is the Uadreams agency no longer blacklisted?
    In the last year they have posted a ton of fake reviews on various platforms such as Trustpilot,, Sitejabber, Antiarnaques, Wot, Complainsboard and many others. Have a look Trustpilot warned users on that most of the reviews were untrue and that the agency has not played by the rules. All post are 5 stars in a very short period of time. They claimed some of men who went to Ukraine but never posted a testimonial later on the site. They contextually removed almost all the negative reviews by replacing them positive ones only. They are signed by no slavic names and the funny fact is that in the case of Trustpilot, they forgot to change the location from Ukraine “UA” but are the ones as John or David.
    I personally know very few men who married a girl through the site, about 0.01% and they told me face to face that his wife was doing it to earn extra money because she didn’t have enough $300 to eke out a living.

  59. This site is a SCAM, RUN away.
    A woman that is was on your site writes to me and is now here in Canada. We have seen one another numerous times. I help her navigate through our Canadian immigration policies and procedures.
    She stated that Uadreams is a site where for every paying customer that they bring on to the site, there is a commission that is given to the ladies.
    With letters that are from translators, she has no idea who she was actually seeing on the receiving end of the letter. So very deceitful on the part of UA Dreams. They take your heart and your money.

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