Meeting Serbian Brides: The Ultimate Guide to Serbian Dating

Serbia is briskly gaining popularity among global tourists, thanks to its distinctive culture, nightlife, festivity, and culinary scene. Did you know that Serbia features among the highest-ranking countries globally in terms of literacy rate?

This is one reason why tourists find it easy to move around the country and interact with Serbian natives. When you get there, it is almost impossible to go without noticing the extremely sociable Serbian women, which explains why men are flocking Belgrade in masses.

Serbian women are spectacularly a beauty to behold. They are tall, slender, and highly approachable. They also portray ultra-feminine and exotic features, coupled with the Slavic version of classic women. If you are interested in dating a Serbian woman, here is a guide for you.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Date a Serbian Woman

Serbian women are a centre of every man’s attention, and here is why you should date a Serb.

Outstanding Beauty

The beauty of a Serbian woman is similar to what you will find in a Ukrainian and Russian woman. They are considered to possess a unique combination of a Mediterranean complexion and Slavic facial features. Serbian women are also generally defined by brown eyes and dark hair.

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Warm and Friendly Personalities

In terms of personality, Serbian women are generally warm, friendly, and comfortable to be with. Compared to Slavic women, Serbian girls are more passionate and amiable. You will also find them to be highly independent, with a notable nature of feminism. I would also like to inform you that some Serbian women are on the lookout for the masculine presence and well-established men.


As earlier stated, Serbs have high literacy levels, and women here are not any different. Interacting with Serbian women, you will find one thing in common: they all speak English quite well. As long as you can speak English, the language barrier is not an issue for a Serbian woman.

Why Do Western Men Want to Meet Serbian Mail Order Brides?

Over the years, Serbian women have become a special charm to Western men. Here are some reasons why Western men find Serbian mail order brides more desirable:

Serbian Women Have a Soft Spot for Western Men

There is no better emotion and feeling than to fall in love with a woman who is attracted to you equally. Serbian women find foreign men, especially those from the West, to be more accepting in relation to their appearances, personalities, and behaviours.

Serbian Girls are Naturally Attractive

Without a doubt, Serbian women are naturally attractive and instantly stunning. Every man will walk home with the best first impression whenever they encounter a Serbian woman. They have Slavic faces, slender, with curves, physically fit, dark hair, and naturally bright lips. A Serbian woman will be attractive with no or little make-up.

They Understand the Prospects of a Balanced Life

A Serbian mail-order bride knows how to balance her personal and professional aspects of life. On the one hand, she will be devoted to her career and other critical ideals. On the other hand, she understands the value of marriage and family. Western men are interested in women with that sense of balance, and Serbian girls make the perfect brides.

What is the Character and Mentality of Serbian Women?

Here are some random facts that you won’t believe are true about the character and mentality of Serbian women:

The high rate of literacy and education among Serbian women dates back to the 19th Century. Today, Serbian girls are educated at a very tender age, which is why they are highly proficient in English and other global disciplines.

The character of commitment in Serbian women can be seen in a wide range of aspects, including marriage, relationships, family, career, and social bonds. It is easy to spot couples holding hands and Serbian girlfriends walking arm-in-arm on weekends or at night. Yet again, Serbian women will give out positive energies to their work and careers.

Once you share memorable moments and become intimate with a Serbian woman, she will cling to you to eternity. Serbian women are not acquainted with the betrayal of love partners like it is a norm in other parts of the world.

What is the Typical Look of Serbian Women?

Whether it is out of climatic conditions or genetics, Serbian women are probably the most attractive and best-looking women in Europe. Here is an outline of a Serbian woman’s look that you will find interesting to know:

Most Serbian women are brunettes, best defined by their light and dark brown hair. Of course, you will find blonde women here and there, but they are quite rare. Most women in Serbia have hazel (shades of brown and green) and brown eyes.

A combination of climatic disposition and genetic composition around Serbian women explains why most of them possess golden tanned skins, especially during summer. Some have pale skins, which also stunningly portray their delicate beauty.

This is probably the first impression you will have about Serbian women. Physical fitness and overall health are an interest for most Serbian women.

Top 3 Dating Sites to Meet Serbian Brides

The ideal place to find a Serbian bride is through a Serbian dating site. Here are some top 3 dating sites that you should consider exploring for a Serbian bride., best known as ‘ A Foreign Affair,’ is a dating site that connects singles of multiple races from across the globe. Here, you can find women from different regions, including Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. The site is absolutely free for all women, and there is no better place to find a Serbian girl than

Advantages of Using Services

Costs has a Platinum Membership plan that is activated with a one-time fee of $95. You will then be billed a monthly fee of $25.95 for service renewal.

InternationalCupid is an international dating site that connects singles from across the world. If you are looking for a love relationship with a Serbian woman online, you could try

Advantages of Using

Services Offered


The paid version of InternationalCupid is divided into two: Gold Membership and Platinum Membership plans. You can choose a one, three, or twelve-month plan as follows:

Platinum Membership

Gold Membership is a free dating platform that’s not only easy to use but which has a large user base with millions of single men and women from different parts of the world. During signup, the site will ask you to answer several questions, which will include your favorite authors, music, and TV shows.

Although these questions are optional, it’s always best to answer as many as you can, as this will greatly increase your chances of getting matched. It provides tons of features which include video chats and instant messaging.

You may need to upgrade your membership for you to get access to all the available features. For example, users need to have a paid membership for them to see the women who have read their messages, use the advanced search, and initiate contact with other users.




The platform allows its users to create free profiles. But as earlier mentioned, you need to upgrade your membership to access certain features such as to send instant messages, see who’s online, and engaging in video chats.

Upgrading your membership also means you will get to send winks, block certain users, and use the advanced search function.


In terms of usability, we found the site to be mobile-friendly. On the downside, the site doesn’t have any native apps, which means that users have to use traditional browsers.

Costs provides users with three standard subscription plans. They include:

Apparently, meeting a bride online is more popular in Serbia than in other parts of the world. Sign up for a reliable Serbian dating site and try out your luck.
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Why are Women from Serbia Looking for a Western Husband?

Speaking from experience, most Serbian women will do everything that it takes to marry a Western man. There is a wide range of reasons why a woman from Serbia would instead marry a husband who is not Serbian. These include:

Serbian Grooms are Quite Traditional

Most Serbian grooms consider some issues, such as family chores and some careers, to be gender ‘transcribed.’ This is why most of them will shy away from giving a helping hand on home affairs like raising children, washing the dishes, or even cooking.

Western Men are More Interested in Serbian

Generally, Serbian men have very little interest in Serbian women. This is why most women from Serbia will go for Western husbands.

Disproportionate Men to Women Ratio in Serbia

Since the 19th Century, the number of men in Serbia has been overly higher than that of women. As a result, Serbian men have very high relationship standards, which Serbian girls consider unnecessary.

Conclusion: Meeting Serbian Women Online

Our advice to you is to meet a Serbian woman online for a serious relationship and marriage. They are beautiful, intellectually established, and possess great feminist personalities. You can also bet on a Serbian woman’s emotional stability and loyalty to marriage and family.

Last Updated: June 9, 2023

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