Meeting Siberian Brides: The Ultimate Guide to Siberian Dating

Traditionally, dating was all about meeting a woman in the streets, mall, or other socializing areas and starting a relationship. However, nowadays, most people can attest to the fact that meeting a woman is not easy.

The hardest part is not even seeing the woman but knowing if they are single so that you can talk to them. It is also difficult for men to meet women in conventional ways because their tastes have evolved. A significant number of men and women currently prefer to date internationally.

For this reason, dating websites and mail order brides have become increasingly popular. In this excerpt, we discuss how to meet and date women from Siberia.

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Why dating Siberian women?

Below are a few of the main reasons why dating Siberian women would be worthwhile:

They are both attractive

Siberian women are naturally stunning. Their effortless beauty can be attributed to their great genetics. They are typically tall and long-waisted with the most attractive facial features. They have model-like appearances. Most of them like to keep their hair long.

They are smart

If you decide to date a Siberian woman, you will realize they are just as smart as beautiful. These women can speak some of the most challenging languages in the world. This means that they can grasp and communicate with you in English effortlessly, unlike other women in the world. They are also well invested in the occurrences in the world. Therefore, you can have an essential and educated conversation with them.

They are loyal

Siberian women go to mail order bride services looking for something stable. This means that when they do find it, they will do anything to hold on. For this reason, you can trust a Siberain woman. They are also well-raised women with strict traditions that instill loyalty in them from a young age.

Why do western men want to meet Siberian brides?

Below are the top reasons why western men seek out Siberian mail order brides:

Their exotic and attractive looks

Most western men have a thing or exotic looks. This is one of the main reasons why they seek out mail order bride services. Siberian women, like Russian women, have that attractive exotic look. They have the features of runway models. They are tall waisted and oval-shaped with incredible heads of hair.

They great homemakers

These women are taught to take care of their men from childhood. They are great in the kitchen and at doing household chores. If you date a Siberian woman, you can rest assured that you will be getting excellent and healthy homemade meals every night.

They rarely eat junk food, and they mainly cook fresh and organic meals. These women are also great at housekeeping. For this reason, Siberian women make the best all-around brides.

They are well-mannered

Do not let the looks and social media posts made by Siberian women fool you. Most of these women are more well mannered than you would expect. They are very respectful, and they are not dominant on their men like western women. They are often looking for a man to take care of them and submit them to.

What is the character and mentality of Siberian women?

Siberia women are pristine Russian ladies. They typically have preserved old traditions when it comes to their views of family and life. While they are conventionally orthodox Christians, they are not as religious as you would expect.

They are very strong and bold women with opinions. They are typically very feminine, and they like to show how they dress and conduct themselves. For instance, you may notice this from their online profile, which is mostly kinky. However, you may be surprised to know that despite this, they are also very modest women. While they enjoy going out and having fun, you can eliminate any worry of a Siberian woman embarrassing you. 

Their modesty also has a downside. For instance, you will rarely hear a Russian woman commenting on your flaws or mistakes when you are in a serious relationship. These women are very loyal in relationships, and they do not shy away from expressing it. Most of them join mail order bride services in search of severe relationships.

What is the typical look of Siberian women?

Siberian women are some of the most gorgeous women in the world. They are naturally beautiful and very feminine. Most Siberian women are very keen on their physical appearance. They love their manicures, makeup, wearing accessories, and switching up hairstyles now and then.

Siberian women dating

Therefore, with a Siberian woman, you can always expect constant changes to their looks. This is something that most men admire because it seems like they are dating more than one woman. The downside is that you will have to wait for long as they prepare in case you want to go out. These women also have a great sense of style.

They like to wear dresses and clothes that accentuate their natural charm. They are very keen on current fashion trends, and they are always looking great. Most foreigners who visit the country comment that women look like models.

TOP 3 dating sites to meet Siberian brides

It is on infrequent occasions that you ran into Siberian women in your environment. Therefore, the best place to meet and date these women would be through online dating sites. There are myriads of online dating sites on the internet. However, not all of them feature Siberian brides.

If you are particularly looking to meet women from Siberia, then the best thing to do would be to look for sites specifically designed for such women. Our advice to you would be to check out the following TOP three dating sites:

This is among the most popular and oldest sites since it has existed since 1996 (according to its official website). It is the best place for men looking for international romantic partners. The site boasts of millions of registered women and twice the amount of women looking for partners.

The dating website features the following services:



The site charges 95 dollars for the first month and around 29.95 dollars every month after that. This pricing is quite impressive compared to what other sites have to offer. However, some clients have complained of hidden charges. For instance, you have to pay to get a woman’s contacts and to receive or send messages.

RussianCupid is the best place to meet Russian beauties. The dating site boasts about two million Russian ladies and more than 3 million subscribers. The site is also known for its wide range of validated profiles.

Note that this dating website is a part of the Cupid Media Network, one of the world’s largest dating website networks.

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The dating website features the following services:



As mentioned earlier, this is one of the cheapest dating sites on the internet. It offers three subscription options ranging from 34.99 to 139.99 dollars. Platinum membership is the highest, and it provides all the features on the platform.

Next to, is also one of the oldest sites on the internet. It was established in 1998. Since its establishment, the site has brought together several men and women from across the globe.

The site offers the following International dating services:



This dating website is a paid services platform. This means that you can only access the website’s features and services once you have paid to become a member. You can also purchase credits. Twenty-one dollars will get you three credits, and 96 dollars will get you 16. The maximum amounts of credits you can get are 100 at 399 dollars.

Why are women from Siberia looking for a western husband?

There are many reasons why Siberian women are looking for western husbands. Below are some main ones:


For Siberian women, stability is not about the money. Among the random facts you won’t believe is right about Siberia is that it is one of the world’s largest and wealthiest regions. Therefore, money is not a significant part of their priority list when they are looking for marriage partners. Therefore, these women are often just looking for stability in their relationships. The kind they cannot find from their fellow Siberian men.


Another reason is that these women have an adventurous spirit. They love to take on new situations, and this includes taking on western men. Dating western men also exposes them to a new world that they would otherwise not experience.

Make sure you are on the lookout for hidden charges.
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Conclusion: Meeting Siberian women online

Online dating sites and mail order bride platforms are packed with women from Siberia. Most of these ladies are hoping to get into serious relationships and hopefully get into marriage. However, you cannot trust all the dating sites you ran into on the internet.

It may be interesting to know that some of these dating sites feature numerous fake profiles and dubious privacy policies. Therefore, the best thing to do would be to research each site carefully before deciding to use it. Also, shop around to see the different costs because some of these sites are too costly. 

Last Updated: June 9, 2023

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