JapanCupid Review 2024: Is it worth joining JapanCupid?

If you are tired with the common dating platforms and looking for a long-lasting relationship, consider joining one of the best and hottest dating platforms on the internet – the JapanCupid.com. It is one of the dating platforms owned and operated by Cupid Media.

The website offers its services to the Japanese single ladies looking forward to meeting their ‘other better half.’ While it is exclusively made for the Japanese residing in and out of the country, the website allows foreigners interested in the Japanese sign up.

The website’s accuracy makes it popular amongst women. Yes, the platform wishes to connect two lovely hearts into one union. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this dating site.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of JapanCupid


What are the Services Offered at the JapanCupid?

As said above, JapanCupid is a prominent online dating service intended for serious dating. The website is made for the middle-aged singles, without profound education background or professionalism. Since most members come from Japan, the site is for you if you are looking forward to meeting and dating a beautiful Japanese girl.

The platform incorporates unique features to make the process of finding your ideal lover a seamless one. First, the basic search feature allows you to search your date based on the country, age, gender, pictures as well as the member’s last active date. It also contains an advanced search feature for the premium members.

Regarding the advanced feature, you can search for the perfect girl based on the appearance, body type, ethnicity, eye colour, height, weight and hair colour. What’s more, the platform’s messaging feature lets both paid and free members send messages to the girls that please them.

Can I Try JapanCupid.com for Free?

Registering on a dating platform has never been this easier, thanks to JapanCupid.com. You only need to give your first name, a valid email address and a password to create your account. Best of all, you can enjoy the platform for free.

The free plan incorporates some useful features. Besides the signup and personality analysis, you also get partner suggestions with the free option. Another useful feature you can access with this plan is the ability to see the desired partners’ profiles and the precise matching results.

You will, therefore, have an easy time picking from the suggested profiles. As you can see, you will receive a free impression of the quality plus the number of partner suggestions. Other services that the website gives you for free include:

JapanCupid Costs and Prices

JapanCupid offers two premium membership plans, the gold and the platinum membership. The two plans incorporate different features and prices. Here is what you should expect from each plan.

The Gold Membership Plan

With this plan, you enjoy all the features enjoyed by the free members plus other features. Here, you will have the ability to send instant messages, add personality into your profile and then access the highlighted profiles. Below are the payment plans it includes:

The Platinum Membership Plan

The plan lets you access all the features offered to the free and gold membership plans. Besides, you can read video emails and watch the uploaded profile videos. If you subscribe to this plan, you will receive a highlighted higher profile than the free and gold plans. What’s more, the system translates your messages for free. Below are the payments:

Review of the Female Profiles at JapanCupid.com

I think this is the fascinating part of this review, getting to know the female member’s profile. You can get everything you need to know about your perfect match including, the name, picture, location, age, kids, studies, brief explanation and habits.

If this is not sufficient to know your ‘catch’ deeply, scroll to the bottom and you will get a table with additional elements. Here, you will only access the very confidential info regarding that member and get other details of the individual you want.

Honestly speaking, when looking for a man, the Japanese ladies want nothing less than true love or a long-lasting relationship. Recently, these girls prefer to the Western men compared to their native Japanese gentlemen.

Registration Process at JapanCupid.com

As stated earlier, the registration process is a walk in the park. Once you are done with the common step of writing your personal info, the site directs you to a web page to upload your recent photo. Here, you can either use a photo saved on your device or the Facebook profile picture. Yes, you can use your Facebook account to sign up at JapanCupid.com.

On this page, you also have to provide your date of birth, country, sex and your current city. Additionally, it would help if you wrote brief info about yourself. The Japanese girls certainly want to get more info about you before agreeing to meeting and dating you.

It is essential to make your profile much more attractive to the potential ‘catches’ by describing your background, cultural values, as well as your lifestyle. When it comes to the interest tab, consider adding helpful info about some of your interests as it’s used in the website’s search engine. This way, it will be easier for the members to find the perfect match.

How does JapanCupid Work?

First things first, the platform works towards customers and their demands. The fact that it’s a website means you can only access it as long as you have an internet connection. You can either access it from your device’s browser or a special application designed for the smartphones.

Therefore, regardless of your location, you can access the website and meet the love of your life. As people commonly say, ‘Genuine love does not know the races or borders.’ Using the website is fairly easy, thanks to the included buttons and valuable instructions.

The platform is multilingual to make it easy for you to communicate with your preferred person. JapanCupid is friendly to all new members as it lets them browse through the website and review it immediately.

However, to meet your dream lover and initiate conversations, you must register and utilise the search tools. Yes, the search tool comes in handy in helping you meet your love. With the touch of a button, you can have a list of several persons to choose from.

How Do I Contact JapanCupid Customer Service?

Remember, nothing is flawless in this world. Yes, even the best and most reliable systems are prone to failures once in a while. In a situation where you encounter any technical problems, you want the support department to respond to the hitches within the shortest time possible. Luckily, JapanCupid.com offers reliable and timely support services.

To ensure a seamless running of its operations, it provides customer support department on the website to answer the questions or tackle other problems that may arise. Basically, this team can assist you with any problem that arises as you use the website. They will assist you in deleting your account, disabling your auto-renewal or even picking your desired membership plan.

After signing up, you will realise how easy it is to contact the support team. You can either get in touch with them through a telephone, email or fill up a contact form. As a general rule, the team will respond to you immediately, regardless of the day of the week.

JapanCupid.com Usability in Our Check

The platform is relatively complete and easy to use. After finalising on your signup process, you will access the homepage. On this page, you will find a list of your matches tailored to the settings and answers you gave while completing your profile.

If someone interests you on this list, you only need to tap on the chat icon located below the profile picture and instantly initiate a talk. Clicking on the profile photo takes you to the member’s account profile. Here, you can get more info about this individual, such as basic education, hobbies, favourite meals and other essentials.

If you fail to locate a person who interests you on this list, just tap on the search button to initiate the advanced search feature. By using this option, you will easily find an individual with a specific hair length, specific cultural values or even particular religion. Certainly, this is a great addition if you’re searching for a special individual.

How Serious and Secure is JapanCupid?

Being a subsidiary of the Cupid Media Network that owns and runs over 30 popular dating websites, you can expect top-notch security and seriousness when it comes to JapanCupid. The platform plays its role in protecting and securing your personal info and communication.

The platform will not share the personal information you provide with anyone without your consent. However, just like other online dating sites on the web, JapanCupid contains a couple of fake profiles destined to deceive you your hard-earned money.

Due to this deceitful act, it would be helpful for you to be extremely careful while approaching individuals on the platform. So, ensure to report any scam profile you come across. The good thing is that JapanCupid gives you an option to block the defrauders permanently. With this, they will not contact you at all.

With the premium plans, you do not need to worry about your message’s word limit or even the number of messages available for every package. Well, all you have to do is pay for the plan and enjoy the full features.
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Conclusion: Is it Worth Joining JapanCupid.com?

Yes, the site is worth joining. What you will love about the site is that it is straightforward to use from top to bottom. It comes with everything you need as a single individual to make it easy for you to chat effortlessly.

By defining your advanced search, you will easily find a girl with the specific qualities you want, including the hair colour and precise height. The fun does not end here, though. Subscribe to the premium plans and get yourself unlimited features.

Due to these reasons, you can see JapanCupid is worth every penny, making it an incredible dating platform, thanks to its easy navigation, complete design, fair price and no message restrictions.

Last Updated: December 17, 2021

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