New International dating survey exposes current challenges and insights

A few weeks ago (October 2021), I asked 4734 readers of my Ukrainian Dating Blog and Ukrainian Dating Stories why they started their International dating adventure and what they are looking for.

The purpose of my survey was to find out the extent to which Western men subscribe to International online dating services in 2021 and what kind of matches they are looking for.

Recent research suggests that a rising number of Western men are seeking foreign women and vice versa. I was curious to know why International dating is becoming more common, how current challenges look like and how men seek matches from other countries.

Why are Western men looking for a foreign woman? - The beauty is winner

why are western men looking for foreign brides

The beauty of these foreign ladies sways 43% of western men. Beauty isn’t something tangible, but it is what your eyes behold. Most Western men have their definition of beauty, and you may find that the allure of fairer skin and darker hair has so many men in the west ogling at these beautiful Eastern-European ladies.

17% of western men prefer foreign wives because of their traditional family values. Simply put, the western world has lost its way, and several women have overlooked the importance of the family unit. If the unit falls apart, then the fabric of the society eventually yields.

10% of western men think western women are too emancipated. Western men have seen the rise of feminism, and western ladies are serial feminists, and most of them don’t see the reason for marriage. The appeal of having a foreign wife comes with the notion that foreigners are much more submissive, which appeals to them.

12% of western men have found it difficult to find wives back home. Women in America don’t think about settling down at an early age. They value their independence, which is why it is hard for men to find a spouse in America.

18% of men think foreign ladies are more feminine because they appear thinner and toned than American women. The physical features differ, and foreign ladies have a more defined physical appearance than American women.

How is the age difference important in international dating?

dating age- difference

60% of western men say they want a woman 10-15 years younger. Men prefer younger women due to their appearance and high reproductive value. Western men prefer having a trophy wife, a lady who is young and presentable during occasions.

15% of Western men prefer dating women of the same age because they are both at a similar stage in life. The notion goes well with middle-aged men because they want to settle with a mature lady who understands the value of companionship.

5% of Western men prefer foreign ladies who are 20 years younger. Dating a younger woman may be termed a midlife crisis in some circles. It is a status symbol in other situations, which means that men who date younger women want people to know they can still attract ladies much younger than them.

5% of Western men prefer foreign women to be older. Younger men generally look for older women because they are much more mature, assertive, experienced and stable. The lack of baggage or excessive demands from older women has attracted many Western men to this older age group.

15% of Western men don’t care about the age difference; dating a foreign woman matters. The allure of dating a foreign woman is more than the age preference. At times in relationships, what men value more is the connection and affection the relationship can bring.

Country of origin of the bride - The Philippines is the most popular destination

Mail order brides

The Philippines is the most popular destination to find a bride, and for 35% of Western men, that is where they find the most success. It is a beautiful country with lots of beautiful women and a prime destination for travelers. Some may stumble on a good woman while enjoying a scenic view and the ladies there prefer Western men rather than their very own locals.

22% of Western men prefer having women from Russia. The ladies from Russia are generally tall, beautiful and rather pleasing to the eye. It isn’t a prime destination for most travelers, but the women there are worth buying that plane ticket.

15% of Western men prefer women from Ukraine. If you visit Ukraine, you will be surprised by the hospitality, positive and easy-going women you will find.

12% of Western men have confirmed that Thailand is a wonderful location to find a bride. Thai ladies make ideal and loyal wives. The country isn’t doing very well economically, and a white knight would surely get Thai ladies scrambling for him.

10% of Western men think China is a wonderful destination to find a foreign wife. The Asian culture fascinates many men, and on top of that, Chinese women are very smart, beautiful and diligent.

6% of Western men wouldn’t mind a foreign wife from any destination, as long as she is foreign. Men get tired of seeing their local ladies, and having someone from a different country gives them a fresh perspective on settling down.

The way to meet a foreign woman - Online dating is the winner

52% of Western men prefer using dating apps and websites to find partners. Men prefer this method because the apps and websites offer a lot of options for online communication at reasonable costs.

23% of Western men use matchmakers and agencies because they get to present you with their best candidates after filtering through their qualities. If you would like to find a woman online without doing all the work yourself, this is how you do it.

8% of Western men prefer romantic and singles tours. This is a good option for meeting your partner organically rather than going through the unnecessary hoops of online dating. Ukrainian agencies are popular for organizing such tours, and it ends up being a success.

10% of men prefer local online dating services such as for Russian-speaking audiences. It is an opportunity for those Russian men who are far away from home to connect with your people and hopefully start dating.

5% of men use social media like and VK’s focus is on sharing audio and video files between friends. These two sites encourage users to expand their social circles, and in doing that, you may find yourself in love with a foreigner.

3% of Western men go to the bride’s country on their own to find a girlfriend. Talk about taking matters into your own hands; traveling may guarantee you up to 100% success if you are looking for a foreign lady.

What is your budget to spend for international dating?

mail order birde budget

37% of Western men use more than 10,000 USD to find their soulmate. Money can’t buy you love, but paying this amount may get you access to many women who meet your criteria.

26% use between 5000 to 10,000 USD per year on online dating apps. Some of these apps are Tinder and Bumble, and they are very popular in helping men meet women online.

20% use between 1000 to 5000 USD on online dating apps. This sort of range is for those who chose a quarterly plan on the platform, or for some expensive applications; they could be a monthly plan.

10% of men use between 1 to 1000 USD, which could be a weekly or daily plan for revealing certain features of their matches. Many men who fall in this bracket want to do a trial run and see how it goes for them.

7% of Western men have no idea of what package suits them. The premium may be too high for them, or they are skeptical of their chances of finding a partner on the mobile app.

The biggest challenges of International dating

The biggest challenges and fears of the foreign dating processes included:

Final thoughts

After conducting this International dating survey, I realized that there are many factors and reasons for foreign dating adventures. It isn’t a straightforward process, and many Western men often fail at finding a foreign wife.

This survey confirms the basic pillars of International dating have not changed in recent years. The Philippines, Russia, Ukraine and Thailand remain the most popular countries for meeting foreign brides.

Additionally, the reasons why men seek foreign women and the age gap are still the same as 10-15 years ago when the “mail order bride” began to develop.

The largest challenges of International dating reportedly facing Western men in 2021 are associated with safety and authenticity of women’s profiles on dating sites. The online dating site users are asking for more protection and security.

In my opinion, International dating sites and apps as the most popular way of finding a foreign bride have to develop their current safety practices and offer improved methods of protection for their users.  Furthermore, the International dating industry has to improve its reputation.

The mail order brides industry is a thing of the past. Now we are talking about International dating and the service providers should develop a safer environment for their users looking for matches worldwide. They should provide a safer, more secure, and transparent International online dating standard.

You want to learn how to find a great foreign woman and experience exciting International dating adventure, but you have no clue of where to start. Not to worry, we are here to help! ☝️ Ask Krystyna
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