SingleBalticLady Review 2021: Is it worth joining SingleBalticLady?

Did you know? Online dating evolved from the printing press. Back then, people posted ads on newspapers when searching for love. Today, thanks to advanced technology, we search for love online.

When looking to find true love, it is relatively easy to be scammed by the beautiful lady you’re virtually connecting with, or the site you willingly shared with your credit details. Which is why I recommend reading reviews of a particular site before joining. You will have a better understanding of its services and what to expect from the users.

There are numerous authentic and reliable reviews of different dating platforms. However, this article focuses on the review of one popular online dating site, the Single Baltic Lady.

What is

The Single Baltic Lady is a prominent online dating platform mainly consisting of gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian singles. It also comprises of a wide range of women from the Baltic region, mainly Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and other Northeastern European countries.

Dating back to 1997, this mail order bride website holds a vast experience in the dating industry. The Single Baltic Lady has a team of young and energetic staff who work round the clock to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Their office in Russia and other hundreds of partner dating agencies throughout Ukraine work to provide an extensive database of real women searching for love. To ensure credibility, the partner agencies meet most of the ladies to confirm identity, check their passports and any other additional proof.

Although a bit old-fashioned, the process ensures communication with real women with real profiles. What you see is what you get.

Services at Single Baltic Lady Reviewed

Besides the large singles’ database, the Single Baltic Lady offers a wide range of services to ensure you find your perfect match.

Can I try for free?

You’re probably wondering how to check out the website and its features without paying for it. Interesting to know, you can actually try the Single Baltic Lady for free! In addition to the free membership and registration, messaging is FREE!

You can send introductory messages for free to members on the site, provided that their profile is active and you do not have an unopened letter from them. However, there is a catch to it; only the first message is free. After the lady responds, you will have to pay a fixed price (translation cost) per letter for the replies that will follow.

If you don’t feel like sending a mail, simply send them a free smile. The smile is a quick and straightforward ‘Hi’ message to a member, indicating your interest in them. It will link back to your profile which the other user can view and respond.

Single Baltic Lady costs and prices

Unlike most dating sites, the Single Baltic Lady has no monthly renewal fees; instead, it uses credits. You are required to fill in your billing details to enable you to purchase credits to access the services offered.

Although the translation cost is fixed, it varies from one lady to another. The price could go from 50 cents up to several dollars per letter, depending on her popularity. The more messages the lady receives from different users, the higher her messaging cost.

If the translation cost is more than five credits per message, request to have it lowered to 5 credits after exchanging 15 letters with the lady.

Using an interpreter, advance to phone conversations with the ladies at a service cost of 1.8 credits per minute. Also, for a minimum call duration of 10 minutes, you can video chat with a lady at a rate of 2.5 credits per minute.

Review of the female profiles at Single Baltic Lady

The profiles of the ladies portray beautiful and interesting single women searching for love. They include appealing, sensual and model-like photos of themselves, with a vivid description of their character, hobbies and life goals.

The profiles, however, don’t give direct contacts of the users. If you wish to know the lady better, you will need to fill out an IMBRA Form (for US citizens) for $40. After that, (or if you’re not a US citizen) you can order more background data of the lady after the 15th letter, or earlier at a fee.

All said and done, there are some random facts that you won’t believe are true:

Negative User Experience on Trustpilot

The Single Baltic Lady has a 47 per cent bad review on Trustpilot. From the negative experiences reviewed, Trustpilot does not advocate for Single Baltic Lady and recommends exercising caution when engaging with the company.

In addition to being referred to as a scam, other negative user experiences include:

How serious and secure is

Although the site assures you of your billing details’ security, some user reviews will have you questioning its seriousness and safety.

A reply to a user on a Trustpilot review claims that ‘Most cover letters are bulk mailings and are not personally aimed for you.’ This is a clear indication that the ladies are not serious or emotionally involved when sending the letters. No one wants to receive a letter from their potential match, only to realise that she sent the same letter to multiple other individuals.

Reluctance to communicate outside the website is also an indication that the women are just after your money. After all, you pay for each letter you exchange with them.

Important Note:

Due to negative reviews, we do not recommend the site as secure and serious. There may be a few real ladies, but the red flags are quite alarming.

Secure and reliable alternatives to Single Baltic Lady

Nonetheless, don’t give up yet on finding real love online. Your soulmate is still out there somewhere; you just need to search more cautiously. Various online platforms are credible and have serious users. Meet your perfect match from secure and reliable alternatives such as:

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Our Advice to You: There are too many negative Single Baltic Lady reviews. User beware. As the old folk saying goes, where there is smoke, there is fire.
Blogger at Ukrainiаn Dating Stories

Being a leading international dating site, InternationalCupid has brought together thousands of singles for nearly ten years.

It has a membership base of over 4 million singles from various nationalities like Russia, Eastern Europe, and Asia.




Putting it together: Too many negative Single Baltic Lady reviews

Concerning Single Baltic Lady, our advice to you when joining online dating platforms, in general, would be:

As much as foreign love does indeed exist, you have to be cautious when searching for it. Not everyone you meet on an online dating site has a mindset of finding true love. Some have a mentality of getting the green card, while some just want easy cash. Thus it is common for online sites and members to take advantage of lonely men with money.

About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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