Review: Stay away from this dating platform iis a typical “mail order bride” service. If you are looking for an easy way to meet singles, could be your answer. The site claims to be a dedicated Russian and Ukrainian dating service that allows you to start communicating with attractive singles at your convenience and discretion. With this, you could discover a lot about a person before taking it further.

But is it really true? Does the site actually offer a reliable and legit service to meet Russian girls online?

My warning: Avoid this blacklisted Russian dating site! Our review found that this dating site has a very bad reputation on the Internet and has expensive costs.

So read my review to see what other downsides I discovered!

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

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What Is Natashaclub.Com?

Founded in 1997, the platform claims to be more than 20 years old in connecting people to their desired matches.

It is operated by Global Services and outsourcing Ltd based in the UK, and they claim that you get a good dating experience.

Is this true?

natashaclub review

It falls under the Eastern European Woman category and welcomes people from all walks of life to sign up.

The platform welcomes you whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual.


This dating site is blacklisted due to poor customer reviews, large number of fake profiles and very high prices for services. We recommend you use the below brands instead, for a safer experience.

What Services Are Offered At Natashaclub.Com?

The platform offers different services to help you communicate with your potential brides. Here are some of the services you can get on the platform. itself looks bland and it is beyond basic and without any advanced options.

Interesting to know
  • Thousands of people lie about their physical features and salaries in their dating profiles
  • Over 60% of people reported that race, social status, and religion matter in the decision making
  • 50% of marriages end up in divorces
  • People who meet and date online are less likely to get divorces
  • Mentioning the word ‘love’ increases your chances of actually finding it

Natashaclub.Com Costs - Quite Expensive

The site has a rather expensive pricing structure that facilitates communication with Russian and Ukrainian women. It starts from spending 50cents per letter.

For you to communicate, you need credits. For 100 credits or more, you will pay $1 per credit. 55 credits will cost you $1.09 for each credit, while 20 credits cost $2 for each. allows you to pay using all major credit cards, checks, and bank wires. You have to remember that the price in credits for opening a letter from the female member varies. 

Random Facts That You Won’t Believe Are True
  • The best first dates are always to have a drink and get dinner after that
  • Over 40% of people said they loved going to a restaurant on a first date; particularly Italian restaurants
  • At least 30% of people know two or three people who have dated online
  • In 2020 alone, 16% of people who got married had met online
  • The world experienced 3 million first dates every day

The Registration Process at Natashaclub.Com

The process of registering seems quite simple, and you can do it in a few minutes. You are required to provide your name, email address, and password. You will also be asked to choose a username and enter your date of birth.

Natashaclub registration

Once you have registered, you can start looking for potential matches.

The platform has a search engine that will take you a step closer to finding the woman of “your dreams”.

How Does Natashaclub.Com Exactly Work?

After selecting the woman you would like to communicate with, all you need to do is tap on the mail icon. Enter your name and email address and send her a message.

The offer of this Russian dating site does not sound bad. You can meet single Russian and Ukrainian women for dating there. According to the users’ reviews on different forums and blogs, the galerie is full of fake profiles.

natashaclub profiles

In order to communicate you have to pay after registration. Many former customers claim to get hundreds of messages generated by the fake operators.

How Do I Contact Natashaclub.Com Customer Service?

If you need more information about the platform, you can contact them through different channels. For instance, their website has a FAQ page that will guide you to use it. You can call them at any time when you need them.

natashaclub contact

Besides calls, you can also reach them via their email address, fax, or write to them directly. 

Our Verdict: Not Recommended to Use seems like a good starting point for people who are seeking beautiful Eastern European women for dating and marriage. The platform is easy to use, and you can get started by registering for free

However, if you take a deep look into the dating site you will find a lot of downsides. For example, the FAQ section mentions that you learn that all the bride’s profiles are managed by agencies.

The dating site has a very poor reputation on the review platforms and blogs. Former customers mention fake brides profiles and fake messages. This site does not appear reliable and the whole impression is negative.

The site looks outfashioned and does not offer a lot of information such as Russian dating advice and tips. The information on the page “About Us” is not detailed at all.

Simply put: avoid due to the following reasons:

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating Reviews by Former Customers

In this section you find the most objective and trustworthy reviews by former customers. These reviews were sent by the readers and users to Ukrainian Dating Stories. You find more reviews, experiences and opinions on in the comments below.

The goal of Ukrainian Dating Stories is to help our readers obtain reliable information about Russian and Ukrainian dating services that they intend to use. 

Your opinion matters to us!  By sharing your experience, you help other men find the legit dating sites and apps and avoid bad services.

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I have been a member of natashaclub for 8 months. I’ve written with 10 different girls and saw three in person. So, there are real women who are searching for love, honestly.

My advice is also this: Drop the lady if the cost of one letter is more than 9 dollars. She is not worth it, she is not real. Also, think twice if the trust rate is under 80. Or if there’s no trust rate at all. It is very simple for a girl to get a trust rate.

Remember, you can easily check her in (just create a profile first) If she is online in when she is online in, then there’s a high chance that she is real. You can check her backgrounds in (you need a birthdate, her first name and the home city) Simple as that.

If you see wedding photos, boyfriend photos, etc… get rid off her 🙂 When you reach 15 opened letters, you can ask her to send you a letter through She will do it if she is real and serious.

The first girl that I met through nc was nice, and it was her idea to meet… (she paid her own tickets to meet me in Kiev). Unfortunately her life was a mess but now she is a good friend of mine. The second girl was really cute, but we had trouble communicating with English and it didn’t work out. The third one is super serious, sweet and perfect. I think I found the right one through

Just beware of fakes and scams! It’s like a daytime job to find a good girl in nc. Take your time, be smart, and think with your brains not downstairs… Test her, check her… It’s your right!

Btw, I always got my credits back if I spent them with fake profiles. Administrator always answered fast, checked my troubles and I helped them to find scammers. They have good contacts with every local agency. is not the perfect dating site, but it is so damn simple to use.

Just be careful!! 🙂

Good luck guys!
Adam Black
Adam Black
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A $1000 per day expenses is my experience. I was taken (miles out of the way one night in Odessa to a restaurant which was so expense it was ridiculous) We requested we leave before the main Couse was even ordered and yet the bill was still over $300 (from just entrée and drinks for 3 people, myself, the girl and the interpreter). Of cause I had to pay it. You have no power and/or control in this country. You have foolishly come there for love (from your perspective) and yet you have really come there to be played (from their perspective). Really guys, STAY AWAY. I have entered other posts here on this website. Read them please. Take Care and Be Aware!
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Hi, I live in Ukraine.

Recently I was looking for a new job. I read the job ad: “The marriage agency is looking for the interpreters. It was natashaclub, who printed the ad. I thought the job was to translate the letters from the foreign men to Ukrainian women and vise verse.

But as it turns out, the “interpreter” gets photos of the girl(s) and starts questing for men on the web-site. The “interpreter” gets 40-45% from the cost of each letter that reads a man. At the same time the girl, whose photos are on natashaclub, does not get the slightest idea about whom “she” rights and what she rights! Yes, this girl applied to the Agency a year ago, but whether she wants some relationships now nobody knows and nobody cares about this fact.

More than that, a man may make present to the girl he likes through natashaclub. The girl “gets” the present. The Agency hires a photographer, who makes pictures of this girl with the arms around the present. Then the Agency takes from this present and the “interpreter” sends photos to a man. The girl gets 24% of the present’s cost. The Agency all the rest. I think, you’ve already understood that the present on the photos is just a waxwork.

I am very sorry about my country and about the people, who want to earn money this way!

I wish you empyrean love and true relationships!
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I once was on this dating site called (yes, yes, I know, but I was there for a while). While on the site I met a pretty looking single Ukrainian woman. I told her that I was longer using the website, because I didn’t want to be a victim of fraud. Still she gave me the Skype ID of her translator and asked me to contact her.

True enough, after a couple of days we hooked up on Skype and had a video call that lasted for about 60 minutes. By this time it was all going well. I wasn’t asked to pay anything and she really was the girl in the initial photos.

Victoria (that’s the name of the single Ukrainian woman) was a pretty 30 year old and she gave me her phone number an that of her translator. I am 42 and since the age difference was not so great I really was interested in Victoria. Later, I got an email from Lera the translator telling me that future video chats would costs me $20 an hour and letters would be $5 each.

I told her that I thought that $5 for her to translate a letter and $20 per hour of video chat was reasonable and affordable. She asked that I only pay every 2 or 3 weeks after she has rendered her services. She also encouraged that I send Victoria some gifts to spice up the blossoming relationship.

By this time, I still didn’t smell anything fishy. I felt the fees the translator asked from me were fair and since she was asking to be paid after the job, I had no suspicions. I got 3 more letters and they sounded usual. It wasn’t telling me she loved me or anything like that.

She also sent me more pictures of herself and her son. The pictures had been taken over a span of about 2 years as she wanted me to see what she looked like when she was still a blond.

During our Skype chats I offered to help pay for an English course so that we could be able to communicate directly. Take note that I was the one who offered to pay and I did that willingly and freely. Later I got a reply from her telling me about the prospective English course. The letter read:

“Dear ***, I have been able to get needed information about the English courses I would like to take. They cost about $100 – $150 a month. Courses that take place 2 times a week costs $100, while courses that are 3 times a week costs $150. The entire program is made up of 4 stages. Each level takes 3 months to complete. The directors of the program promise that I would be quite good with English by the time I get to the 4th stage. I cannot say for certain if their claim is true. They want me to pay for every level upfront and I cannot meet that myself.

As of now, she has started the program and we have had a Skype chat without Lera the translator. We still can’t communicate properly on our own, but she said she wanted to be able to see me now and then even if we can’t communicate properly. I think that is good and we have scheduled another session for early next week.

So here is where I am confused. My instincts tell me that she is genuine. She is really a pretty single Ukrainian woman and has never asked me for money. People always say that if a woman asks for money online then she is suspicious. In this case I was only asked to pay for the English courses upfront and I was the one who initially offered to help.

So what do you think? Does it still apply? Is she a scam even though I was the one who offered to help her?
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I reasently went on this site and had the same experience,if these people are just scammers they are very convincing,so don’t spend too much money on the letters.Treat it as a bit of fun and see how it goes.If they sound too good to be true,then they probably are,so my advise,walk away.
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I would have liked to know everything in July 2016 what I just read here, then I wouldn’t have spent so much money. It’s a pity but I cannot do anything now.

I can say that loneliness and sadness are the worst advisers, also despite what my brain said I followed stupidly my heart. This is my story with someone of NatashaClub. I cannot qualify necessarily the experience as something bad, because I found different kind of woman, I made friendship with few, but I didn’t achieve my goal and my heart was broken.

But I’m going to focus on one case I had, it will be difficult to be brief, but I will try.

We talked by phone with a Translator many times even we had a video chat. I used the gift service of NatashaClub and I bought to her flowers, a Teddy Bear and Chocolates. A small detail, we used to use the same translator in our phone calls and the video chat, I liked the way she worked even she was helping me because I was learning Russian. I could say that I became friend of the translator, Christina.

In our communication we talked about us, likes and dislikes, but every time I asked about her family or friends or something more private, she avoided answering or her answers were too short. After a month of communication we talked about a possible meeting in Ukraine or anywhere else.

Few weeks later (September 2016), we agreed that she would come to me to take vacations with me; she had considered it as the best option. The problem was that she didn’t have an international passport, but she had requested it.

The talking continued and in certain point I was thinking about her all the time, I was acting as a complete fool. Unexpectedly I told her that I would like that in those vacations I wanted she remain with me forever, she agreed, also we started to talk about a future together, marriage, even kids. Yes, I know I was too fool, but she had became all for me.

I registered myself on NatashaClub on July 17th, 2016 and I went to sleep, the next day I woke up and saw that I have received some letters, I read them, and start communication with one lady of that group of letters. I liked what she wrote, her username was SmilingInna25, her real name Inna Kalmykova.

There’s something important, she never asked for money. Since the first moment I get trapped with the words that Inna wrote, and since then until the end of May 2016, we had communication everyday, two or three letters per day. After 15 paid messages in two weeks, I got her email, where sometimes we shared letters and few pictures.

At the beginning of November after a phone call she told me that she would receive her passport that day, but that didn’t happen, according to her the passport office requested to do all the procedures again. After four months and several troubles with her passport she told me that she found someone who could help her to cross the border, leave Ukraine on April and come to me.

I was really scared and I believed that I convinced her not to do that, I thought it was too dangerous. I needed to find a solution, after consulting with lawyers here in Mexico. I found a solution, I told her that I needed go to Ukraine, but she refused, she told me that it was very dangerous.

Suddenly on April she stopped writing for three days, I was scared again, I remembered what she told me, when she wrote again I noticed something wrong, the letters seemed different. The translator suggested me block her profile until we had a proof, a video chat to confirm that everything was fine with her.

After three weeks her profile was reactivated. Until she agreed to have the video chat, our communication was by email, and not so often as before, two or three times per week. During that time I received a video from her saying how much she missed me and how much she loved me.

A friend who is psychologist analyzed that small video and she told me many things, the main is that Inna was not lying, she was confused because it was something she wanted but never expected. But I should confess I didn’t like me something of that video.

One week after her profile was reactivated, we had that video chat, one of the best hours of my life, she was beautiful and she melt me with everything she said, she blushed and I was the happiest man alive, then she suggested me going to Ukraine, I answered that I needed to do some calculations and I would say later when would be.

After I reviewed the cost of the trip and all things that should be necessary, I told her that I was ready to go to Ukraine then she refused again, I didn’t understand it. During that last week of the relation, we had several misunderstood then with so much pain in my heart, I ended the relation.

She blamed me that I cut her future, that I broke her heart and other things. Something that surprises me now is that she never tried to retain me, I think if she told the truth she would have tried to retain me, but she didn’t.

Few days later in a talking with the translator, Christina, she took the decision to block Inna’s account, arguing if she wasn’t ready to act in a mature way with the relationship she didn’t deserve being there, she could cause more problems to another men. Even I was fool there, because I tried to avoid that suspension, but I couldn’t and her profile was suspended.

I never lied to her, I was completely open and sincere, but I don’t know how real was she, I will never know it.

Since I got her data, I investigated and got many information, she shared few things about her but she lied about others, like where she lived; she doesn’t live at Rovenki she live at Kharkov. I found her VK profile and when I asked about it she told that her profile was for job, not personal, but who publish photos in bikini on a job’s profile if she is lawyer?

She lied about her passport, later I knew that she visited Moscow. She hid many things about her or avoided to share others. I never knew from her that one of her passions was make up.

I still can have access to the more than 800 letters I received from her, she deleted her VK profile, the last I knew about her was that she is not working as lawyer anymore and now she became make up artist. I received many signs from the begining and I ignored them, it means I was fool.

By other hand, in NatashaClub, I found Oksana, someone who has became one of my best friends, she supported me when my heart was broken, she is amazing, we have communication thru email, I follow her in Instagram and I like her, but she started recently a relation and I’m not going to be a problem.

Also I have communication with other 2 women by email, but not often; I suspended my profile since August. I still want to find my life companion, I would still like her to be Ukrainian or Russian, but I’m afraid to try with so many scammers.

What can I say? I found few good women on NatashaClub, others that I have my suspicious, and I found Inna, who stoles my heart and probably I will never know if she was real.
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Due to my experience over 3 years the site is almost 100% fake. Every women claims to be highly interested while paying on the site. As soon as you try to change to email or skype contact the interest is finished. I experienced that a dozend times without exception.
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OK, I have used Online dating Ukraine and Natashclub as they are the same agency / sites there are more linked to them. I did meet someone was cautious of the online scams (learnt from a mistake) etc. I sent flowers so knew she was real it cost just under 9 credits per letter.

I requested her details and got just and email address and that she was in Odessa. We decided to meet and I asked Online dating Ukraine to arrange a translator which they charged me $75 for and gave me a telephone number to sort it out myself!!! I thought fair enough $75 for translating our first meeting should be OK.

I sorted my own trip arranged the meeting, 20 mins before the meeting in Odessa I get a call advising me the translator charges $20 per hour!! NIce sting in the tail that was.

So my date does show and is light bubbly and happy to meet me and is beautiful. She eats like a horse ordering Sushi etc and that was the start of a gold digging experience that has cost me over $5000 in 8days!! an IPad and jewellery.

I am happy to go in depth on this if anyone wants to know more, but real women on ODK and NC yes. Scammers yes, site stupidly expensive yes. Should you avoid YES.
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With all the money You are earning in teh agency by cheating innocent people then her life could be in danger in such a country like Ukraine.

i hope she is well. I send her my best regards., Goran, Sylvain, Ron, Rob, Lars, Anders, Benito. All of them say the truth about Your organization. You are mrs. “Vranja”.

You believe so much in Your own lies that they become true. You work inside Your head just as Soviet union did – build life on lies.

Natacha has build a very intelligent system where all looks professional and decent at first glance. But Your management lives from cheating and deceiving people looking for love. Your management has found out that it is better business NOT to match people than to match people.

You pretend as if You match people but when a man gets an e-mail it is not the womans e-mail but some e-mail You have invented. You are earning 40% of the letters price as interpreter pretending You are that woman with whome the man write to.

Each time I have got a womans details then it is never a phone number or an adress. Always a fake e-mail. It has happen the last 5 times. So I never got an answer on my e-mails. Same story as Anders Jorgensen wrote to You in 2018.

The same women continues provocing me by sending me new “sweet” honey talk letters inside the agency after I have got her e-mail.

I tell them that they shall read my e-mail and then very suddenly they disappear. In old time before 2010 Natacha club was the best dating agency in Eastern Europe. I had 3-4 dates in Kiev and Kharkov and Berdyansk.

Today is is a scammer dating site. It is simply impossible to get on date because of this deceiving system – Natacha club doesn’t need to recruit any new women in Your database because the women are never finding a match so they stay in the system. Off course some of them are thinkling that there never happens a shit and leave Your agency.

I know that it is hopeless to convince You to change Your business – because it is a good business for You. If You are a God fearing good Russian ortodox catholic then You maybe should fear to become a rat in Your next life.

You really want to end like a rat ? You should fear God more – he sees everything You do. Even inside Your thoughts.
David Brunner
David Brunner
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the stories are true. Of course, Natashaclub is a scam. I disagree with “Tom”. Get away from the site if you are there. Do not continue to use it. Your life could even be in danger. Natashaclub is a scam and the agencies providing Natashaclub with women are scam agencies. The women who work for these agencies do not love you, do not like you and want nothing to do with you.

So please use common sense. Don’t try to use a scam site to find a good woman. It makes absolutely no sense. Use honest services and you will be fine. In order to find an honest service you have to be willing to do your homework.

By now, every man on this planet should know that all pay per letter sites are scams. Stay away from them. Find a site where you pay one monthly fee and you can talk to any woman you wish. Or better yet, use a free site!

Free sites are free! Yes, they have scammers but you can find a woman in that haystack if you can just resist sending women cash.

My name is David Brunner. . and I am the Stupid American.
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Hi David. Just read your comment. I’m guessing that this scam is quite well developed and that 1st international as the ‘parent’ company just has spin-off sites that is the same scam, different sites? Are there any actually legit women on those sites like odessa dating? Or is it the same elaborate hoax? Any recommendations for actual legit sites that are current? Any feedback would be appreciated! Berno (Aussie)
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simply an awful company , i request contact after i open all necesary letter. The lady are agree for i recieve the information and he take 11 days for i recieve information simply for i open more letter and make more $$$ it is disgusting. He do that often
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Just a scam.

Fake profiles with fake pictures full with girls that will never meet you.

I have spent too much money for writing with girls that suddenly couldnt find time to meet when I told them I am visiting Kyev (most were from Kyev).

The excuses were laughable. None of the girls have any intention of meeting you. After they rejected me they started writing me generic lusty messages to get me to open more letters.

Want a huge red flag? Read the user agreement. Did you know for example, that Natasha is based on the Island of Nevis with its laws applying? Screams trust, doest it.

I also used its subsidiary site It is the same thing, just like their other scam sites. It is just a sad scam.

There is a special place for such people in hell.
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Hello to every one,

I had worked for this website for the past 3 weeks until I discovered what incredible scam it is.

Starting with the first fact of this job “translator”, as they call it to not make the name of the position suspicious and be more attractive for people to apply because, in reality, they ask you to use your language knowledge of languages or non-knowledge (because they tell you you can use google translator), to text more than 20 men per day so that those men can open your letters and pay for it. The problem here is that girls like me are hired to work behind the profile of girls more NON-EXISTENT.

So, girls that work behind the profile monetize (monetizing actually cents, such a waste of time this job) thanks to the fact that there are men that truly believe that all those women chose them and writing them only, whereas I had to send the same exact email to other hundreds of men. How this profile has personal information about these girls, simple!

Some girls sell their info and pictures, an agency like natashaclub co-works with little -known model agencies, and those model agencies sell the private info of the girls (mafia); another way is to steal information and pictures and videos from other dating websites.

So it is useless to say that Natashaclub has MANY MANY ways to steal personal data, scam poor men, and live life with no conscious AT ALL. In the beginning, I was so naive that I thought it could be a simple, funny job to do during the lockdown, till I arrived at the moment where I exchanged 15 emails with a man (the number of emails after which man can have lady’s personal email like Gmail or Yahoo, etc).

I realized that I was in a scam job only when the administrator (total liar) told me that a man asked for the email of one girl I was managing and so the administrator gave me a fake email she created at the moment and the password and she told me to answer to the emails of men there once per day and then once in 3 days and that after some time, the man would certainly give up!

There I was disgusted when I started to dig in and discover how actually this shit works. I waited a couple of days till I could be paid and get my shit out of there. Poor men waste all money on reading the letters/videos/personal contact etc to be in touch with ladies THAT DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT THEIR PROFILES ARE ON THAT WEBSITE.

So, it is then 85% that those men won’t ever meet those ladies. When I told everything to the administrator Jacquelin, she pretended that everything is serious etc She told me that she is actually the only one that is in contact with those ladies.

But she lied so much and she got lost in her lies and caught her so that in the end she begged me to not tell the truth to the men I chatted with. (which I did btw, everything in details). She begged me to tell her what I would tell those men so that she can come up with a lie which could line up with my story, the best part is that while she was saying that I put her call audio loud and recorded her.

Because she was pissed that once men know the truth, somebody could complain and she will get the 500Usd fine (of course from her pocket) and as men there are limited, she and the girls that work for her won’t have many men to send those letters to!

She does not care that poor men, besides being scammed for money, those men’s hearts are played too. Men that truly hope to find an Eastern lady there. YOUR HEARTS ARE PLAYED LIKE VIOLINE.

For LADIES, as I know that men are working for her too, I can imagine that those 15% true ladies that there are scammed too because those boys working fro her would manage obviously men profile to scam ladies!


I’d like to ask all men that used it, to do complaints, to get your money back (you have this option). The more complaints they receive, the more it will lead this website to bankrupt and I hope somehow or somebody it will be shut down.
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I am currently in a dispute with Natasha club etc sites.

I found the girl for me and signed up to write to her. Early on I was told that a translator was answering me.

By the 15 message I got the name, city and email address. For some reason I never got replies from it.

By 90 messages I had arranged a Web cam call on another dating site where my girl was also present.

It was her and cool. We moved to Skype from then on. This was in 2012!

By our last conversation she mentioned how stupid and fake the dating sites are.

My 90 messages were fake and it was not before Skype that I had real contact! No translator called and said new message from me.

The system is like this:

The girl signs up and her pass port checked and a contract signed at her local agency.

She gives the information they need and that is that.

Men then see the girl and write to the translator who are paid pr. letter. When the 15 message gives the contact info they give you a fake email setup by the agency.

This stops you from moving further and you go back to buy credits.

You can insist on the phone and get it but if she does not speak or understand English it is not much use. But you can send flowers with a third party company from her country. That is a killer way to introduce you to her over time.

So that is the dangerous loop setup for the men and the top 10 girls gets a lot of interest.Their system which is done from East European side can handle it and the girl?

Who cares but we make the money! She is clueless to what is going on, where she is and how many profiles she has. For support you get the US and they will contact their local East European agencies to try to help you out.

This all my experience and facts to the dealings of Natasha club sites. When I went Skype I stopped.

Anyway my girl and me are still friends and I only research this as I want to get the truth out and my girl is right.

It is nothing but fake but brilliant rip of system that makes good money for its shady owners.

The girls are real though but find a better place to get the direct access to them before ever traveling so they will be waiting in the airport for you! And learn some Russian too +dress stylishly enough.
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The guys are not sex tourists as this evil this evil lying scammer “Natalia” claims the ones who cries about their experience online by Natashaclub is the real western men victims all things with Natashaclub is a big scam stay away.

What will happend when you purchase contact details after talking a while is the women will dissapear from the site and talk some time at email only they will refuse talking on vk or viber or skype and they will refuse talking in phone and they will refuse meeting you.

Guess why ?

You are talking to a translator from the company at the fake email adress you got thinking is the girls and they will either cease talking with you comming up with some lame blame or try to get you back to Natashaclub and get you purchase more credits.

I know talked with several girls in Natashaclub and purchased several girls contact details to lower the cost of letter as much as possible.

But its all a big scam guys and this “Tom” is likely and employee of Natashaclub…

Stay away from all with they are a big scammer also exposed by several people working for the authorities.

This Natalie were one of the worst liars and blammers on the innocent men at their scam site Natashaclub. Tis “Natalie and all their employees and 1st-international is working with orfor the russian mafia they only care about making money and get the western men hook on their sites to purchase credits as long as possible .

Important to say all thei testimonials they brag about is fake false made up paid liars or something alike. However the people here telling the truth about Natashaclub we all do it for free here.

The scammed victims we know what we speak of.

This “Natalie” and her 1st international company runned or working with russian mafia will all burn in hell togheter with all their scammer prodating girls and scam agencies. Its very not likely they will ask for forgivness or change their scamming ways they will just do what they always done scam people worldwide as much as possible to earn as much money as possible nomatter how many lives they destroy in heart and emotions. This is the lowest form of emotional crime there is.

I hope togheter with David Brunner we can shutdown Natashaclub and 1st-international forever with all their sister sites and also get them into justice infront of a court the legal system.

Last Updated: January 21, 2022

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9 thoughts on “ Review: Stay away from this dating platform”

  1. try to put in the same user name and pasword into several dating site like for instance natashaclub and and several more you can find, it is a nice test to check up, and the differences are enormus with cost of reading letters, this dus not make sense dus it ???

    Its all the same that is why girls apere in different websites and the honest ones don’t know about it.

    you’ll be surprised your profile will come up at all the site’s waith the same contacts, they are all from the same provider, there is realy no difference 🙂


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  3. My god, I sent them evidence that Naughty_princess, MARGO 1000757656 is making lesbian porn films, & other crap, like that, & they said that it is none of their business what she does in her private life, Yet, she is listed on porn sites, & everything…. She is not even saying that she is a model on that site, & they let her get away with this CRAP…

    They do not care if a girl is a prostitute, greedy crooks!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Going half way around the world so to meet & to possibly marry & then to ask of her to leave her country / culture. In the very least, we guys should speak & write something of their language. To place the responsibility upon the woman is ludicrous! I mean, what is she worth to you? To go @ it on the cheep? And to “expect” her to know our language so to make it “easy” on us? Come-on guys, this is the hunt.

    The hunt of a lifetime! And for a lifetime.

    So give me a break! Last I checked, I am the man & therefore it is MY responsibility to find her & to give to her all that she requires (& more). It is my job to make-it-as-easy-for-her-as-is-possible, not just with our meetings, yet also through out our marriage. Her only job is to stand by me & to support me as I take on the world (as a businessman & as an employee for those with jobs). The “English” will come to her. I am really in love with her & more than willing to teach her myself. {{{Oh how fun!!!}}}

    So guys, let’s protect our women.

    And as men, we must treat our women as a princess until we vow to her. And from there on until death do part, as queen. It really is very simple; learn the language before parachuting into an unknown culture / country. I mean, are we going there as “tourists” or are we going there with a mission, as hunters?

    I’d even go so far & state that if such a man is not willing to do so, to learn the basics of the language, then No woman in Ukraine or Russia should dishonor herself by investing her time with such a figure of a man. An interpreter, swell. Just keep the interpreter on the back burner in-case-of . . . .

    This game of trying not to be hurt goes both ways, guys. It is obvious that these beautiful women asking for us guys to present ourselves as a possible spouse to them, they have far suffered greater casualties within their lesser countries. Go easy on em, ok? They are the emotional creatures, not us.

    And guys, remember, a whiny man это человек с поводка ищет мать, не жена! Ouch!

    Nuff said.

  5. I am an American who visits Kiev quite often. I have had a wonderful time dating here and while I have not found “the one”, every time I go I have a great time. I want to share how I do this because I think it will save a lot of western guys a ton of heart ache and cash. Here are the very simple rules that I follow for having a great, cheap time in Kiev and meeting nice Ukrainian girls (and avoiding the gold diggers).

    1.) NEVER go to Ukraine just to meet a woman. Going to meet her gives her all the power (you’re there to see her, which makes you much less likely to follow Rule #3). I plan my trips arounsnaires or events in Kiev. I love watching basketball and MMA and can sit court/ring side for about 60-90 dollars on average. I also love the Philharmonic, Theatre and Ballet (all under 100 USD for very good seats). Plan your trip around things like this!

    2. Dont use the paid communication websites. I use Ukrainedate. There are a lot of scammers on it, but there are also a lot of genuine, nice Ukrainian girls. There is a paid membership, but unlimited communication. Basically, avoid a site where every communication is a bigger and bigger investment. Once again, this makes it harder to walk away.

    3. When in Ukraine, always suggest the date and venue. I usually invite girls to whatever performance I am going to. If it is a restaurant, I select the venue. First of all, this helps to avoid going to a place where you get scammed on your bill. Secondly, traditional Ukrainian women usually like it when the man takes charge. Thirdly, it sets the date off on your terms.

    4. Bring flowers and/or chocolates. Ukrainian women generally appreciate this. Some may expect it from a man.

    5. Do not buy anything else from there. I have many Ukrainian friends and they all agree that a “nice” Ukrainian girl would not ask a man for money or expensive presents early in the relationship. You can deflect by telling her that you are still getting to know her and that you want to the relationship to be based on true love and not material things. I usually tell the girl that if we are in love and get married, then of course I will buy her anything she needs. From my experience, nice Ukrainian girls feel very awkward when a western man buys them expensive presents. So if she is asking for an iPhone or laptop or expensive purse, then she is likely a gold digger. However, some nice Ukrainian girls will do this as well as a sort of shit test. That’s why I always answer the way I mentioned above.

    6. If she persists in asking you for things or demanding expensive dates, then walk away! This is why I choose the venue and event. If it is something I enjoy, then the worst thing that happens is I had a beautiful date for the event. So I spent $60 on another ticket…in my mind that is worth the company.

    7. Bear in mind that just like dating anywhere, things may just not work out. She might not like you or not feel a connection or feel that you have different goals. It doesn’t make her a gold digger or a scammer. It just means it didn’t work. This is why I strongly encourage guys to visit Kiev and meet the girl in person before sinking time and money into an online relationship.

    In conclusion, go to Ukraine for Ukraine, not for some girl you have never really met before. Great Ukrainian women definitely exist. Use websites where you can communicate for free and date like you would anywhere else, just with an eye to cultural expectations.

    And for God’s sake dont pay for a translator! Download a free translator for your smart phone and use that. Bit awkward, but one of the nicest Ukrainian girls I met, that is how we communicated. Definitely not as awkward as a random third wheel following you around.

    Anyway, I hope this helps guys. There are many nice Ukrainian girls out there. But the nice ones wont expect you to “buy” their love with paid communication and expensive presents. They will give you their love because of who you are. As the old country song goes “know when to walk away and know when to run”.

  6. You can meet perfectly nice Ukrainian women in Kiev or Odessa. I always met only people who would speak a least some English so that we were able to communicate.

    I would never go anywhere with someone who does not speak English (and no offence to Krystyna as a translator). I had once a chance to meet a girl in Moscow, who did not speak English, and despite the fact that I already knew Moscow quite well I decided not to go because what can you do if you cannot talk even about the weather ?

    If the girl really likes you she should be able to know why and vice versa. Granted, the letters translation can help, but an English crash course requires no more than 3 months and the same for Russian or Ukrainian.

    So if there’s no way you can speak, don’t go ! It’s not a matter of Russian or Ukrainian, it’s matter of logics, it would be the same in Asia or anywhere on the globe.

  7. The girls in the photos have no idea they have been posted. Their profile is private because thousands of strangers dm daily. All the women with studio sessions and social media images are fakes. Why would the site pay anyone if they can keep the revenue. The single mothers and grannies may be a side hustle to boost income and affirmation, but not all will be real.
    The translation service is a dating agency in UKR ‘Grace Family’. This is their advert for a ‘Translator’
    Vacancy from June 22, 2022 English translator 15000 – 25000 hryvnias
    Natasha Club Services for the population and business; 50-250 employees
    Remote work Sonya Show phone Full employment, part-time employment. Also ready to take a student. The vacancy is currently being viewed by 1 searcher. Respond to the vacancy to be among the first! Job description Cooperation with sites:
    Sites Ukraine Brides, Natasha club.
    ****************** With us you will not only earn, but also pump your knowledge of psychology, creative writing of original texts. *******************
    Conditions: WE are not volunteers, and of course the work is paid on the following terms:
    we have the highest percentage in the market of international dating clubs, your earnings are 44% of total income; it can be basic income or additional earnings, depending on the number of hours you can devote to work, respectively, depending on the time online payment.
    work schedule YOU independently make, it is possible to divide into intervals: morning, day, evening, night The manager gives recommendations when the best revenue is on the sites.
    possibility of advance prizes, gifts, competitions
    You are required to: English language skills are not below average, but there are exceptions that employees work with basic knowledge using the built-in translator on the site
    perseverance, creativity (or desire to develop it) and persistence
    This vacancy can be considered as: full employment from 8 hours; additional earnings (4−6 hours). We fruitfully cooperate with students, candidates with the main job, as well as women in maternity leave, which allows you to have a good income

  8. is linked to NatashaClub. All the girls have pics with their ID# and they all say NatashaClub, even though I accessed it through

    SugarMommy was sending me 10-15 emails a day at@$5 per email to open and just nonsensical rambling messages in each. GeorgianBeauty had an email different from what I found her real email to be and didn’t email me back.
    Innocent Bird claims to be 19!
    HeavenlyHot, likewise no email response once I had paid for the magic 15 to get her email.
    Some of the profiles may be legit, but many, many are not.

  9. Here is a recent natashaclub experience lady’s name and conversation….viktoria_razanceva · from Instagram.інший. Я був на сайті 9 років і 8 мій профіль лежав бездіяльним. доки я знову не почав отримувати сповіщення добре, я не сподіваюся отримати відповідь на блокування марна трата часу, чи не так? добре, доброго дня, пані Джиммі. р.ѕ. Ви прекрасна жінка заподіяної шкоди я обіцяю без

    befor you Block me from backup account like you did on my main account can you answer me one question? what is the deal with natashaclub? I can’t figure out what is really happening over there. no scammers ever hit me up for money. but the few ladies I located off natashaclub always freak out when I make contact on Instagram or Tik Tok. one lady told me she doesn’t remember me from TikTok. hmm. makes me wonder. do get paid to keep me chatting in letters? 8 females I purchased the emails and only one continued talking for maybe a month with no personality change. the others ladies did. totally different. I been on the site for 9 years well 8 my profile lay dormant. until I started getting alerts again well I don’t expect to get a reply to a Block wast of time right? okay good day madam jimmy. p.s your a beautiful lady though no harm intended I promise

    5:20 AM

    I have such a position, I communicate exclusively on a dating site. This is my personal page, my family, so I don’t communicate with men here. Here is another content.

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