Meeting Lithuanian Brides: The Ultimate Lithuanian Dating Guide

Western men are known for their attraction to women with exotic looks. From celebrities to regular men, it is almost impossible not to meet a man with such a woman in his arms when you walk around.

Lithuanian women are perfect for men with such exotic taste in women. If you are looking to meet a Lithuanian woman, you do not have to visit the country or have a Lithuanian friend to hook you up with a Lithuanian goddess.

You can do it yourself through online dating sites. These women are often looking for men like you on dating sites. In this post, we discuss how to meet and date Lithuanian women.

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Why dating Lithuanian women

There are numerous reasons as to why you may want to date Lithuanian women. Below are three of the top reasons that most men give for wanting to date these women, and random facts that you won’t believe are true;

They are readily available

One of the main advantages of dating Lithuanian women is that they are ready and available. These women live in a country where the female to male ratio is incredibly off. This means that there are not enough men for all the women. For this reason, Lithuanian women are available to date, and they are always looking for a lasting relationship.

Lithuanian brides online

They are very beautiful

From their beautiful faces to their curvy bodies, Lithuanian women are simply gorgeous. Lithuanian women are also more naturally feminine. They also have delicate facial features that most men find attractive.

Why do western men want to meet Lithuanian mail order brides?

Mail order brides are women who enlist themselves in catalogues so that a man can select them and potentially marry them. Over recent years, Western men have shown a desire to meet Lithuanian mail order brides. Below are some reasons why;

They are hardworking and intelligent

One of the main reasons Western men want to meet Lithuanian mail order brides is that they are typically very hardworking and intelligent. Most of the women have careers, and the passion drives them to become successful in their overall lives.

This means that they are hardworking in both their relationships and businesses. This is a quality that you will not find in most Western women. It is also worth noting that these women are very intelligent. Most of them have had good education.

They make incredible wives and mothers

Lithuanian women are not only focused on their careers and businesses. They are also incredible mothers and wives. This is because of their personalities, cultures and traditions. They are typically taught to be good mothers from their childhood.

They are cultured and well-mannered

It is also worth noting that these women are typically very polite and well-behaved. No one wants ill-mannered women. Therefore, Lithuanian women are an incredible dating option.

What is the character and mentality of Lithuanian women?

Below are some typical characters and mentalities of Lithuanian women

Career and family-oriented

Most Lithuanian women do not just want to sit down and rely on men. These women are very hardworking and focused on their careers. They are also usually educated, and they do not shy away from working to achieve their goals. However, they are also known to give their families top priority. These women make incredible mothers and wives because they are raised knowing that family comes first.

Confidence and intelligence

As mentioned earlier, Lithuanian women are usually educated. They are also naturally intelligent. While they may not be good in languages, they are incredible when it comes to technology and the sciences. 

For this reason, these women are often very smart. In addition to being smart, these women are also very confident. Their beauty and brains give them such confidence to face the world. While they may seem shy when you look at them for the first time, let it not fool you into underestimating them.

What is the typical look of Lithuanian women?

Women from Lithuania are known for being tall and very attractive. Most people who have visited the country comment that all their women look like models. The fact that most of these women enjoy an active lifestyle that keeps them fit works to their advantage. Additionally, fast foods are not common among Lithuanians.

Lithuanian women dating

It is also worth noting that Lithuanian women are very stylish. They are known to embrace their femininity by wearing make-up and dressing up in clothes that flatter their bodies. They do this to look good and also as a part of embracing their culture as it is part of their identity.

TOP 3 dating sites to meet Lithuanian brides

With the current technological trends, you do not have to leave your country to meet exotic women from across the continent like Lithuania. You can do this using online dating platforms. The internet is packed with a wide array of dating sites from which you can meet these beautiful and intelligent women. Below are the TOP three dating sites where you can meet Lithuanian brides; is one of the oldest dating sites in existence. According to its official website, the site launched in 1996. According to its founders and the information on its official page, the site was established to help both men and women find compatible international matches.

The sites feature women from Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. The site connects you to men and women from different parts of the world like Asia, South America and Eastern Europe.

The dating site is easy to use. All you have to do is register by creating a profile. From there, you will be allowed to start dating. You also get the freedom to start browsing women’s profiles.

The site allows you to create a profile and browse for free. However, once you are interested in a woman, you will have to pay so that you can send a message to the woman. You also have to pay about 10 dollars to get the woman’s address. This price includes a translation fee. You also have to pay for membership. The cost ranges from 29 to 95 dollars.

This is a popular premium dating site that was established in 2004. It is part of the well-authorized cupid media network. It helps to pair couples from different countries and regions across the globe. The site features millions of profiles allowing you to get several options.

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All you have to do is sign up and get started. The site is used by millions of people across the globe. This means that it offers a wide range of options. It offers an incredible and user-friendly interface. 

It is also easy to sign up onto the site. The site also offers a wide range of languages. This means that everyone can use it without worrying about the language barrier. It features a search filter that you can use to browse according to nationality, physical features and lifestyle, among others. It is quite easy to use and offers numerous features that users can access in a single clock. It also offers incredible customer support.

Signing up or registering on the platform is free. However, you have to choose one of three memberships (standard, gulp and platinum). Standard offers free membership with limited services. Gulp costs 29.98 dollars per month and several features like live chat with instant messenger. Finally, platinum offers all the features on the website. It costs 34.99 dollars per month.

As the name suggests, this dating site is part of the Cupid network. It is one of the most popular mail order websites. It features more than 1.5 million users. However, the platform does not offer any information on couples that have met on the site. It features an easy to use interface and has fast become one of the top choices on the market. It mainly features Slavic ladies.

The site does not charge registration fees. However, you have to become a member and pay a fee of between 7-12 dollars per month.

Why are women from Lithuania looking for a western husband?

Below are some of the main reasons why Lithuanian women are more driven towards western men;

The internet is packed with a wide range of Western men looking to date, exotic Lithuanian women. The same cannot be said about the men in their country as their women to men ratio is highly off. Additionally, western men are more into dating online than any other men in the world.

Lithuanian women are typically very hardworking and self-driven. For this reason, they are often looking for men who can meet them halfway. Western men are equally driven and hardworking. This means that they can provide them with the stability they need.

Lithuanian women are very outgoing. Therefore, dating western men is such an adventure for them. The fact that western men are attractive is also a bonus.

Note that some of these women may not be great English speakers. However, they have so much to offer that a language barrier should not stand in your way.
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Conclusion: Meeting Lithuanian women online

If you are looking to meet Lithuanian women with whom to start a relationship. There isn’t a better place to go than online dating sites. Most of these women seek for partners on these sites.

However, our advice to you is to be careful about the site you use. Some of these sites are packed with fake profiles and scammers that you need to look out for. Regardless, you should be able to meet an incredible Lithuanian woman online from the comfort of your couch. 

Last Updated: December 20, 2021

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