The 6 Best Filipino Dating Sites and Apps You Should Try in 2024

Love is out there.

But, as a single person in the Philippines, where do you find it?

Filipino dating sites and apps are a great way to meet new people who share your values and interests. Related reading: Filipino Brides: The Ultimate Guide to Filipino Dating

With the many Filipino dating sites and apps available, you can easily get confused when choosing one. Here are some top Filipino dating sites and apps.

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Top 6 Popular Filipino Dating Sites and Apps You Wish You Knew Earlier

Here are the best 6 dating sites and apps to find a Filipino match:


Founded in 2004, FilipinoCupid is a premium dating site for Filipinos (read more: FilipinoCupid Review 2023: Is it worth joining FilipinoCupid?). It is the largest dating network for Asians and Philippine singles living outside the Philippines, West Indies, North America, UK, Europe, and all over the globe.

FilipinoCupid Monthly Visitors

With more than 3.5 million members worldwide, the platform attracts over 3,500 logins every day. This translates to over 100,000 members every month, which is a good number to help you find a lover.

FilipinoCupid Services and Features
FilipinoCupid Account Features
FilipinoCupid Safety and Security

FilipinoCupid has a strict security policy that protects its members from scammers and fake profiles. All the information you submit when registering to the site is encrypted and safeguarded.

FilipinoCupid Costs and Membership Options

The platform has two distinct membership options. One is platinum and the other is gold. Each of them has three plans.

The one month plan costs 27.99 GBP per month, and the three months gold plan costs 18.66 GBP or 55.99 GBP for the time. The 12-month gold plan costs 9.33 GBP per month or a total amount of 111.99 GBP.

The platinum membership is a little pricey. The one month plan costs 32.98 GBP, while the three months plan costs 21.99 GBP or a total amount of 65.98 GBP. The lowest option is the 12-month platinum plan costs 11.00 GBP or a total amount of 131.98 GBP.

What We Like About the Site

The site has an easy to navigate platform which allows you to communicate without limitation. The site is very popular in the UK, where there are over 300,000 members and growing fast. It is also an excellent place for people looking for romance outside their home country.

Also known as AFA (A Foreign Affair), is a unique dating site that matches you to your potential mate. With over 30 years of experience, you get a better shot at landing an Asian lover.

Learn more about Monthly Visitors

The site attracts over 5,000 active users every week, which means that you could get more than 15,000 interactions if you are consistent. By looking at the platform, you can see that it focuses on connecting people from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

AFA Service and Features
AFA Account Features Safety and Security

The site is well encrypted using the latest SSL certifications. As such, all the information you log into your account is safe and confidential. You don’t have to worry about third parties accessing the information. Cost and Membership Options

Once you join the platform, you are required to pay a one-off fee of 70 GBP. Afterwards, you will be billed a monthly renewal fee of 23 GBP every month.

What We Like About the Site is a serious and dedicated dating site that allows singles to communicate through calls, text messages and HD videos. This helps you get to know your partner better, which gives you a higher chance of finding love.

Interesting to Know:
  • Over 47% of users on online dating platforms are already in a relationship
  • You will see the same faces even on different platforms
  • More than 50% of online dating members lie on their profiles


eHarmony aims to enable you to find a serious match using a specialised compatibility matching system.

Recognised in 2000, the platform has been helping clients create meaningful connections with their preferred partners. Today, the site boasts over 15 million matches every day and more than 600,000 serious connections.

eHarmony Monthly Visitors

With millions of users across the globe, the site boasts of at least 90,000 active users every week, which translates to around 200,000 users every month. You only need to sign up and start browsing profiles.

eHarmony Services and Features
eHarmony Account Features
eHarmony Safety and Security

With a mandatory questionnaire, the platform ensures that no fake accounts are created. Even more, the site screens users against criminal registries to safeguard its clients.

eHarmony Costs and Membership Options

The platform has three payment plans available. You can pay 29.90 GBP per month or 179.40 GBP for six months and enjoy the premium light package. Clients can also pay 11.95 GBP or 143.40 GBP for 12 months on the premium plus package. The most affordable plan seems to be the premium extra, which attracts an 8.95GBP fee per month or 214.80 GBP for the entire 24 months.

What We Like About the Site

eHarmony is the leading online dating site for serious singles who are committed to finding love. It works hard to ensure that all accounts on the platform are verified and safe. As such, you can feel more confident about the community of users on this website.


FilipinoKisses is the Philippines’ number one dating site for both international and Filipino dates. The platform has been existent since 2006 and can assist you get your match.

FilipinoKisses Monthly Visitors

With over 500,000 members every month, clients get to register and browse for free.

FilipinoKisses Services and Features
FilipinoKisses Account Features
FilipinoKisses Safety and Security

FilipinoKisses value the time you spend on their platform. While dating sites are notorious for scammers and fiddlers, the platform employs a rigorous registration process to weed out such people.

FilipinoKisses Costs and Membership Options

While the registration is free, the platform has premium memberships at different pricing. Like other dating sites, the longer your subscription, the more money you get to save. The one month plan costs 35, and the 12 months requires that you pay around 146 GBP for the full period. In the long run, the 12-month plan costs 13 GBP per month.

What We Like About the Site

Generally, the platform gives you a high chance of meeting your future partner. While most people feel that its cost is a little high, the platform is pretty easy to navigate and use for all users.

Random Facts that You Won’t Believe Are True:
  • More than 40% of women have used online dating platforms
  • Over than 57% of online dating members reported a good experience
  • Younger women often have troublesome interactions on dating apps is a premium Asian dating site that has been in existence for more than 12 years (read more: AsiaMe Review 2023: Is it worth joining AsiaMe?). It uses innovative methods of communication to ensure that you can conveniently talk to your Filipino lover. Monthly Visitors

The platform boasts more than 2,000,000 registered members. In addition, it has more than 60,000 daily active members, which translates to over 150,000 users every month. Services and Features Account Features Safety and Security

Your privacy and security at AsiaMe are guaranteed. While on the platform, you get outstanding security services to ensure that no dishonest members scam you. You can anonymously report any suspicious accounts and get help. Costs and Membership Options

The platform uses credits as payment. It has three distinct packages. The first one has two credits for only 1.49 GBP for every credit and 2.98 GBP for the entire plan. 

The second plan goes for 4.48 GBP which totals 71.74 GBP for 16 credits. The third and most affordable one; you get 100 credits for just 2.98 GBP for each credit at only 298.23 GBP.

What We Like About the Site entirely focuses on helping you find your Asian match. Most people on the platform are looking for a serious relationship and commitment, which makes it a pretty serious platform. If you want a lifetime partner, this might be the perfect platform for you.


Are you looking for a faith-based dating platform?

Well, ChristianFilipina is your answer. The Christian-based dating site connects you to a serious, committed, and long-lasting relationship with Christian women in the Philippines.

ChristianFilipina Monthly Visitors

With more than 1.6 million members across the globe, there is a huge chance to meet your soulmate on the platform. You can expect at least 11,000 active members every week, which means that a whole month brings more than 50,000 members. All this enhances your shot at getting a life-long partner.

ChristianFilipina Services and Features
ChristianFilipina Account Features
ChristianFilipina Safety and Security

Being a Christian-oriented dating site, you can be sure that it is safe and secure for you. It also has SSL encryption that enables you to browse and connect with your potential partners without any difficulties or fear of losing your data to scammers. Unless you give it away, the platform safeguards you.

ChristianFilipina Costs and Membership Options

The platform has two main packages; platinum and gold. In the gold plan, you pay 60GBP per month or a total of 185 GBP for three months. On the other hand, the platinum package goes for 447GBP for a whole year.

Besides these two packages, you can pay 746 GBP for a one-time package. You can also pay it in 8 months at 147 GBP per month. The latter is a lifetime package and allows you exclusive access to the platform’s special features and services.

What We Like About the Site

While it might be a pretty expensive site, ChristianFilipina is a highly rewarding site you should join if you want to meet your life partner. The platform looks for people seriously looking for their soulmate and will help you find yours, offering consultation from many experts in the field.

Did you know?
  • More than 30% of online dating site members do so to boost their esteem
  • Over 19% of members cheat on their significant others through online dating
  • More than 50% look up their online dating partners online before meeting

With more than 4.5 million members across the globe, AsianDating is the most popular dating site you can join to meet your perfect partner. For more than 15 years in the game, you can be sure to locate people with whom you share common interests and values.

 AsianDating Monthly Visitors

The platform is among the few sites that have a huge client base. It attracts over 50,000 users weekly, which brings the monthly toll to over 200,000 members. With such a vast reach, you can quickly find a partner.

AsianDating Service and Features
 AsianDating Account Features
 AsianDating Safety and Security

With SSL encryption, you can be sure that your data is safe and sound. The platform has a strong anti-fraud policy to protect you from scammers who want to steal your information. You also get to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the site cares for your privacy and wish to keep you as secure as possible.

AsianDating Costs and Membership Options

The platform has two major payment plans in place. They are platinum and gold. Each of these has three sub-plans that you can select.

If you choose the gold membership plan, you will pay 27.99GBP for one month. The three months plan costs 18.66 GBP per month or a total of 55.99 GBP for the whole period. The twelve months plan attracts a 9.33 GBP fee per month or a talk of 111.99 GBP for the entire time.

The platinum membership comes at 32.98 GBP for the one month plan. If you choose the three-month plan, you will pay 21.99 GBP per month and 65.98 GBP for the whole period. The most affordable package in this membership is the 1-year plan that costs 11.00 GBP per month or 131.98 GBP for the entire year.

What We Like About the Site

As the most popular site in our list of these Filipino dating sites and apps, AsianDating has an extensive reach. It allows you to meet people from different parts of the world and who speak other languages.

Therefore, you can easily find a potential partner no matter where they live or what language they speak. The platform also offers straightforward features for users to quickly get in touch with each other.

Final Word: Choose Your Filipino Dating Site Wisely

Choosing a Filipino dating site is a critical decision that can drastically affect your love life. It requires you to look at features, costs and other considerations before making the final choice.

In this article, we have looked at some of the most popular sites in this niche and reviewed them based on different needs.

Last Updated on June 06, 2023

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