Reviews 2024: Fake or legal? [BLACKLISTED]

Merry-Cherry is an International dating site. The first appearance of this dating site appears to be solid. But does the site offer a legit service? Should I use

That’s the million-dollar question that we want to answer in our review.

Our goal with our Merry-Cherry review is to give you the most genuine and accurate picture of what to expect here. 

You’ve come to this page wondering if Merry-Cherry is worth your time, money, and effort and we want to answer all your questions re this dating platform.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

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What is

Merry-Cherry is an international dating site that offers access to Ukrainian and Russian women. The site promises to provide you with a soulmate while taking you for an experience on the better side of dating. Below, we will discuss who owns the site, the available services, the costs, and the registration process.

If you are looking for a good Ukrainian and Russian dating site, read on to know how Merry-Cherry works. The review will help you know whether the site is worth your time and money.

merry cherry com

Merry-Cherry is owned and operated by Garvan Universal Corp. The site aims to provide men and women with a platform to interact with Russian and Ukrainian women. Besides, Merry-Cherry claims that they can help you find the better side of dating while offering a platform where you can spend your online time with pleasure.


This dating site is blacklisted due to poor customer reviews, large number of fake profiles and very high prices for services. We recommend you use the below brands instead, for a safer experience.

Which services are offered at

Merry-Cherry provides its users with an array of services and features. The site has a collection of new services, including online chat, private photos, and profile videos. Using the online chat feature enables you to interact with the ladies faster. Therefore, you can interact with any lady who is online to try and see if they are the ideal fit.

On the other hand, access to profile videos lets you view the ladies in detail. This helps you visualize the lady, thus knowing who you are chatting with. Merry-Cherry also provides you with delivery services. They are essential when a lady you are interested in has a birthday or when you want to send her a “just because” sign of attention.

You get access to various delivery sets, gifts, and flower bouquets. Therefore, you can send flowers from anywhere around the globe, thus making the initial steps towards your love and happiness. Note that delivery takes up to five business days; therefore, make your delivery arrangements in advance.

The favouriting feature lets you save ladies that you would like to get acquainted with. You can use it whenever you are busy and would like to chat with the lady later. Besides, accessing message history helps you find a lady who you might have lost touch with. 

How much does Merry-Cheery cost?

Merry-Cherry has a few expensive credit plans. These plans are as follows:

  • Credits 2 coins costs $10.90;
  • Credits 4 coins costs $20.58;
  • Credits 10 coins costs $44.79;
  • Credits 20 coins costs $69.00;
  • Credits 30 coins costs $93.21.

Registration process at

The registration process at Merry-Cherry requires you to click on the sign-up button. Here, you will fill out their form, and you are done. The form consists of your name, date of birth, country, email, and a strong password. Before registering, you also need to agree with their terms of use and privacy policy.

Upon registering on the site, you get a welcome screen where you view their services and features. The screen also ushers you into their new version of the site. The updated version has a simple to use UI with everything well arranged on the left side of the site.

How does work?

Merry-Cherry claims to connect single men to Ukrainian and Russian women. The site achieves this by registering new users to search for their ideal ladies. In the search section, you can view the ladies who are online, favourite, and block some ladies. The search tab helps you narrow down from the wide array of ladies.

You can look for a lady using their age, eye colour, hair colour, and online only. Moreover, you can use the advanced search to search for ladies using their height, weight, marital status, interests, education, country, keywords, and children. There is also a “sort by” section where you can search for ladies depending on whether they are top-rated, latest entries, age ascending, and age descending.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact Merry-Cherry by clicking the “Support” tab. Here, you can create a ticket or view your open tickets. When creating a ticket, you need to select a category of your question, and it ranges from general questions, technical issues, payment issues, and cooperation issues.

After selecting a category, you can create a new ticket and wait for a reply from the customer support team. On the other hand, you can use the FAQ section to get answers to the most asked questions. Here, you will find answers to questions like:

  • What is Merry-Cherry?
  • How do I know these women are for real?
  • Is the new interface of
  • Do you have a flower and gift delivery service?
  • Can I exchange email and phone numbers?

Reviews of Merry Cherry customers: What is their experience?

Review #1: Stay away from this site

I tried out the Merry Cherry dating site, because I thought it was too good to be true and I was right. I contacted several girls, none of which would give me their phone number or had email. I picked one girl in particular who was a blond from St. Petersburg and I started getting numerous emails from other girls who were blond and from St. Petersburg.

In one, case I just received the same generic script several times from the same girl. In another, case it seemed she finally sent me a personalized email based on the messages subject, I received an email alert, but when I went to the site, nobody at the site could find an email with that subject.

The girls letters are way too short, I have some experience with online dating sites and no how to spot real letters. They always ask a lot of questions but never say much about themselves. I contacted about 5 girls and none of them would share any contact info with me. I would tell people to stay away.

I appreciate your effort with this site.

Best wishes,

Review #1: Negative Image

Some of you might have seen spam ‘I’m a lonely girl…’, which usually ends up at the Russian dating spammer uadreams dot com. The past wave, which also had ‘best’ and ‘dating’ as URL in the spam,ends up at a ‘new’ (and Google does not know about this with spam)

As usual I sign up with spamgourmet addresses there (assuming Confirmed-Opt-In will fail with this spammer) which I create with parts of the formerly advertised URL. So I can see where it came from. What I not (yet) know is if merry-cherry and uadreams might be the same spammer.

Interesting always that the first mail after also signing up at merry-cherry is that they confirm the staff has checked my profile, where I did not add any information besides email addresses and the name ‘Test Account’ and approved it. It’s all fully automated.

Perfect to run joe jobs against the spammers to get them listed. That they don’t get mails out for those you really signed up there to use (and may be pay) their ‘service’.

Moreover, I found out that the company owners GARVAN UNIVERSAL CORP has a dating site USSR-Star, as well. S. here: I have heard and read some reviews about the USSR-Stars services.

According to these reviews, has a rather negative image in the Russian dating industry.

5 basic to protect yourself from being “scammed”:

Step #1: Reputation & Experience of the Agency

Firstly, find out the reputation of the marriage agency on the Internet and read the experiences of other men. Just type in Google: “experience”. For example, I did it and did not find any information on this dating site. And that’s not a good sign. This means that the agency has no reputation and no experience. I recommend you to find a well-established agency which is working for many years in the dating industry.

Step #2: Look at the women on the dating site.

Be realistic: It cannot be possible that all women look like top models. Either their photos are worked with photoshop, or the women are scam. Pick a normal sympathetic woman with a nice smile.

Step #3: Call the woman!

If you feel that the girl is cute and can be right for you, ask her for her phone number and home address. You want to send flowers for her, for example. If the woman won’t or gives an office address – this is definitely a bad sign for you and the woman can be a fake.

Step #4: Do not send money!

First, decent Ukrainian women work. Secondly, decent Ukrainian women are proud women and would never ask for money. A few years ago, I met nice men on dating sites, but I never asked them about money. I was happy about flowers and small gifts as signs of their attention. But never asked for money!

Step #5: Ask the woman about everything!

In order to develop a relationship, you need to know each other better. Therefore, I recommend you to ask many questions: about her family, friends, job, childhood, dreams, future plans, family plans, hobbies, preferences, culture, background etc.

When you see that the woman like your questions and gives you detailed answers, it means that she is open toward you and has interest. When the woman ignores your questions and writes standard sets (like about weather) you should think that the woman is a fake.

Reliable alternatives to

Here are some viable alternatives to

The site was founded in 1995 and has been in the game for more than 20 years. It prides itself in ensuring that you get your perfect match regardless of where you are.

Service Description

The online dating platform has several services, with most of them coined around communication. You will get messaging services, view profiles, send real-life flowers, and enjoy phone calls with translators.


While registering on the platform is free, you need to pay a one-off fee of 95 USD. Thereafter, you will pay a monthly subscription fee of 29.95 USD. From my experience, these are some of the fairest rates.


With a straightforward and convenient signing up process, you can conclude that the platform’s easy to use. It allows you to fill in the required fields, upload photos, and get started. Everything is visible on the site, and you can easily follow the prompts.

Safety takes your safety and security seriously. They have invested in an SSL certificate that guarantees the safety of your data as it’s being transferred.

Profile Quality

While on the platform, you will realise that most members come from Asian, Latin American, and Eastern European descent. With over three million members already, you can expect the platform to enjoy an increase in members in the future. What’s more, all women have pictures on their profiles.

In 2021, the platform celebrated its five years in the business. It welcomes all members regardless of their sexual preferences, and this makes it even more popular. Whether you want to date a straight, bisexual, or gay person, you can trust to connect you.

Service Description

The site prides itself on ensuring that you can conveniently communicate with your preferred mates. It assures you smooth communication, free registration, sending and receiving messages, as well as singles and group tours. Here, you will meet potential partners.


Unlike regular dating sites, does not have a freebie for its users. Once you complete the registration, you need to join a membership plan, depending on your budget. The platinum membership will cost you 29.95 USD every month on auto-renewal. You can also choose the coin plan that you top up once you deplete the coins


The platform is navigable and easy to use for anyone who can read. With all the tabs clearly labelled, you can get everything that you want. If you have any problems, the customer support team is ready to assist you regardless of the time.


To ensure that you are safe on the online dating platform, has invested in the SSL certificate. This means that your data can be tracked by third parties in case it’s compromised.

Profile Quality

With over one million members available on the site, you increase your chances of finding a life partner. In this population, 70% are male, while 30% are female. You can expect to see new faces every day.

As the name suggests, the platform’s major interest is in cute people. You can meet attractive Russian women that you can build long-life relationships.

Service Description

You can create photo profiles, view other members’ profiles in full, make lists, read emails, and customise profiles. As the client, you only need to pay to enjoy the premium services.


While all the services for women are free, men have to pay to get the premium services. You are required to pay 29.99 USD for the one-month plan. The three-month plan requires you to pay 50.97 USD in total or 16.99 USD every month. For six months, you will pay 77.94 USD for the whole period or 12.99 USD every month.

Usability prides itself on getting you the best experience. Besides an easy signing up process, all the features are easily accessible. Whether you access it on your mobile device or desktop, you can get all the services.


To ensure that you are safe on the dating site, has put in place measures to protect your data. They use an SSL certificate that guarantees the safety and security of your information. Besides, all your communications are private and confidential.

Profile Quality has thousands of new profiles every day. Each of them is properly detailed to save you the hassle of landing the wrong person. All the profiles are cute and give you a good shot at finding your person.

Verdict: Stay Away From

At the first glance, looks like a good site to find a woman from Russia or Ukraine. But there are a few downsides which include: does not have a feature to block users. was not built with a responsive web design so it is not really user-friendly on mobile devices.  There is no app for a better mobile experience. 

The reputation of this International online dating service is not good at all. We found many poor reviews about this site. 

This website is operated by GARVAN UNIVERSAL CORP, which is based in Belize. It is impossible to find any information about the operator. In my opinion, this is a big red flag. 

Here is our verdict: Merry-Cherry is an insufficient dating website to meet Russian and Ukrainian women.

Let us know your negative and positive Merry-Cherry experience in the comments as well.

Last Update:  June 4, 2023

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19 thoughts on “ Reviews 2024: Fake or legal? [BLACKLISTED]”

  1. is a Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake website, there is No Truth to these girls being real. I’ve located one of the females on the website and asked her if the profile that was on was a Real or Fake account.

    She replied back and said, “That is not my account, and I have never been on that website”.

    I attempted to contact questioning them about what I have found and they insisted that they female I was questioning is a Real Female on their website. I mentioned that I found her on a modeling website and was in touch with her and she stated that it is not her account. replied back to me and insisted that they have photos of her receiving flowers and they have a copy of her passport as well. I asked them to send me a few of the pics of this female receiving any of the mysterious flowers and they replied back and told me those pics are privately shared with the individuals who sent the flowers.

    Following that response, I told that they are Lying to 1000’s of gentleman seeking to marry a female from the Ukraine or Russia. Please do not give a single penny to these lying companies.

    Here is a sign that they are Not Real:

    (1) Modeling Pics

    (2) Online chat-room verses walking around the house

    (3) Receiving 100’s of letters every week/month from the same girls

    (4) If you can set up multiple accounts and see the duplicate letters, Copy/Paste style

    (5) High Price to read/write letters, if it cost more than mailing a standard letter then it is fake . . .

    please help me shut them all down!!! Here is a perfect example of why these companies are lying to us. makes $140 Million/year from stupid American’s wishing to marry a European bride….

    we are dumb for allowing these companies to stay in business when they are 100% fake . . .

    Help me bring them down, please please please help me stop them from robbing us blind…

    1. I met my girlfriend there and acouple of days we fell in love each other. As we know, ukraine and russian girls are the most attractive in the world, so you should try it and, no doubt, you’ll find your happiness;)

  2. I just joined USSR-STAR..It seems that corporation that heads that company is in Belize. I join several sites, using several identifications as you say, to see if they are indeed up to something other than what they say they are. There does seem to be a little to many beauty queens on the site , and you get a LOT of letters.

    However, I find it so far exactly like the average site. Other than Charming Date, which is probably the biggest rip-off of any of those sites. I was in Jump4Love, for about a year or so. You DO meet some real women there, but it is still LOADED with fakes. But there was a couple of times when I chatted with women, at my expense, and they were not in a bland looking room, and a couple of those women did a few things YOU ARE NOT going to do with other people around.

    One even hollered for her son, who came and sat in her lap for a few minutes, and her dad! She had to be REAL, if not, they are spending MORE than they are making to fool someone.

    I believe, that if you have a unique disposition, you will get more real women attracted to you, than the usual, thirsty, got to get married now individual. Those Ukrainian women, the real ones, they were not dummies and seem to WANT to learn from other cultures. Yes, a LOT of the questions I asked were answered. I used to think that some of the questions they asked was only to get you to write back.

    After awhile, they were asking questions in regards to answers I gave to them. They seem to realize, I was not fake, I did not come there as a sexual leer or pervert, and that I really did have an interest in their culture.This AMAZED a lot of them because I would ask them questions of their life. I just think if you are a sucker, you will attract women that will just suck you up.

    I will say personally, the true Ukrainian woman, she is very unique, very intelligent, and she DOES want a guy that will respect and love her, and keep family as the perfect dream. I learned a lot from these women.

    It got to the point whereas, I was not drawing out any fakes. My one way of telling someone is not on the level, was if she showed me a nude picture of herself. I never asked for that stuff. But when one show you that within one or two letters, that is a real RED FLAG.

    She has associated you with a lot of males, who come there only seeking to see them undressed. They are a LOT more DENSE in intelligence than that. Look at how many guys they sucker in that THINK, they are using the Ukrainian woman as a cyber sexual experience? Those women are no dummies..

    That was my two cents.

    -Anastasia, message No.1, Febuary 13: “…I also love pets very much but I never had one…”
    -Anastasia, message No.4, May 25: “…I have a cat…”
    -Me, message No.2, May 27: “How long do you have this cat?”
    -Anstasia, message No.5, May 27: “… dog… love for pets… I have a cat, I have him for two years already…”
    Who knows… Account closed.

  4. Merry Cherry is a scam like Girls are probably get payed for writing letters. Why do I think this?

    I used VK (Russian Facebook) to find them. After writing “friendly” letters towards men at Merry Cherry, they don’t want contact through VK and persist to stay on Merry Cherry (same experience with women at Or they will not anwser on VK, even after writing more letters to me at Merry Cherry at the same time, or the anwser, one did, her reply was, “yes it was me, but you didn’t anwser me there, so I am not going to anwser you here at VK, bye”……

    It is clear they don’t want real contact after writing the usual “charming” letters.

  5. It’s a scam and there are professional letter writers. I noticed that another girl used info I had confided to a particular lady in her lead off line. Many fake letter writers on this site.

  6. This site is nothing but scam. I have approached two different girls mid 30s devorced with kid. The response was fine but both wants to continue exchanging email through the site. I offered my personal email but both are reluctant to even do beyond the site email. The funny part both sent a follow email immeditly saying thank you for contacting me. I think most the girls are hired and the site manger even cater for taking their photos . It seems the deal is that, any email exchange they they get portion of each email cost. I totfaly agree with everyone it’s nothing but scam.

  7. I joined the site at the weekend and was about to start a complaint. It claims I can swap email addresses and phone numbers with the girls but when I give them these saying I could fly there for the price of 15 emails they still insist upon emailing me. One seems identical to a glamour model I saw and keeps sending messages with salacious subjects but virtually nothing within.


    I investigated this website, and I confirm the above.

    Stay away from this website and their sister websites “USSR-STAR” and “TOPLOP” and “MARMELADIES” (all sites from the same scam company)

    Don’t do it!

  9. This site is a fake site in every way. I only met one girl for real, but she went and married someone in Italy anway. All others are fake and I confirm all the event and reasons the previous comments stated.

    They refuse to give out their personal emails and if they do, they only use it for sending you their photos. I met a girl recently and the relationship developed and I sent her voice message on her personal email, which always looks like an email set up purposely for this kind of use and not their original emails. she sent me voice mail back but never her phone number.

    Most of the girls speak English well but claim not to, to keep you sending letters on the site and it looks like they get a cut from every letter you send to them.

    She promised me love and marriage. I was so convinced that she is real.I sent up two dummy accounts on the same site and used them to send her an interest just to test her and was shocked to find her responding to both accounts with the same stamp letter but changed the name on the letters. Please stay away from this site. I spent a sum on it and got nothing out of it.

  10. I am a social scientist and have been visiting Merry-Cherry out of curiosity. It is both entertaining and a little infuriating as to the methods employed by the site. I have had several interactions with the supposed administrator of the site who is naturally quite defensive and insists that the site is legitimate, the ladies are real and that their intentions are honorable.

    As pointed out by others, the women pictured are all phenomenally attractive and all are open to men well into their 60’s and beyond. When I have questioned some of the “women” about this, the response is generally pretty vanilla and remarkably consistent.

    The site employs are tried and true method of social science engineering known as intermittent reinforcement which is one of the most powerful techniques to elicit a desired response from an individual. The use of flattery and outright expressions of sexual desire are the hooks used to snag and keep a man on the line.

    As also pointed out by others in previous comments, the site uses a cadre of letter writers to reply. Some right very convincing, detailed letters and it can create a quandary at times. It is easy to convince even a skeptic of the sincerity of the letter. However, if given a few cycles of replies and responses, a few inconsistencies become evident, in particular, the wording/writing style may change just enough that you know another person is responding.

    Merry Cherry does “allow” for the exchange of contact information but this is highly suspect. I offered my disposable address to a few “women” and received some additional staged photos with no text. The supposed women continued to send letters to the site as a way to continue the transactional basis of the correspondence.

    Through the use of an image search it is easy to locate multiple dating sites posting the same profile photos and to even see the photos in on line catalogue advertisements.

    There is an old tenet of business law known as “caveat emptor” or let the buyer beware. Keep this in mind if you visit this or other related sites with the intention of finding a partner. If you simply want a good chuckle or to have your self-esteem inflated by some faux attention, then sites like these will fit the bill

    Real they are not!

  11. Hi well ive was on that site for a year or so,sure the women will write you back,some have shared email with me,BUT its weird because site says and most women i wrote said you have to go thru site to get their mail,

    i also asked a few women i write too for their phone Number or video chat for free on viber or skype and translations,so their no excuse not to if they told you they love you and cant wait to see you or visit you or you them?

    but i get no answers at all that i ask we do this video chat or phone #,,i get my phone broke,or fell in water,this is all RED flags,I agree this ite is nothing more then these people answer letters maybe the some real ladys

    BUT they get a % of making men write to them and answering your letters,after all it could be men doing this also useing stolen photos from other sites these women are on,I think it a scam site,i would waist no more money dont be a fool,,,the next site you might find the same women your interested in,

    BUT be aware if you can do anything else but write ot them thats the RED flag,


  12. Tend to agree with you Brian. Question that begs an answer is: ‘Why, after becoming acquainted with a female through chat/letter, are you not able to exchange personal contact information?’ Sites force you to purchase more message credits.

  13. Merry Cherry is a scam like Girls are probably get payed for writing letters. Why do I think this?

    I used VK (Russian Facebook) to find them. After writing “friendly” letters towards men at Merry Cherry, they don’t want contact through VK and persist to stay on Merry Cherry (same experience with women at Or they will not anwser on VK, even after writing more letters to me at Merry Cherry at the same time, or the anwser, one did, her reply was, “yes it was me, but you didn’t anwser me there, so I am not going to anwser you here at VK, bye”……

    It is clear they don’t want real contact after writing the usual “charming” letters.

  14. I have been at I belive many girls are real but the sight us scam.the try to fraud you of any penny you have without help ing you to meet the girl. I did find a woman there and after a while I did find her on merry cherry and she is real. I shall meet her soon and I hope she is serious . She appears to be….

    Unforthunaly , I have change my opion:
    Merry-Cherry are fake, are fake and are fake.
    Maybe the woman are real…
    but they will not ever want you to stop Writing through the system.
    They milk Money so long it is possible. Does not matter if give them your privatemail- adress.

    stay away from

    I am surethetre must some serious Place to meet Girls out there but it hards to know the differnce between good and bad.

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