Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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  1. Brian says: is a Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake website, there is No Truth to these girls being real. I’ve located one of the females on the website and asked her if the profile that was on was a Real or Fake account. She replied back and said, “That is not my account, and I have never been on that website”. I attempted to contact questioning them about what I have found and they insisted that they female I was questioning is a Real Female on their website. I mentioned that I found her on a modeling website and was in touch with her and she stated that it is not her account. replied back to me and insisted that they have photos of her receiving flowers and they have a copy of her passport as well. I asked them to send me a few of the pics of this female receiving any of the mysterious flowers and they replied back and told me those pics are privately shared with the individuals who sent the flowers. Following that response, I told that they are Lying to 1000’s of gentleman seeking to marry a female from the Ukraine or Russia. Please do not give a single penny to these lying companies. Here is a sign that they are Not Real: (1) Modeling Pics (2) Online chat-room verses walking around the house (3) Receiving 100’s of letters every week/month from the same girls (4) If you can set up multiple accounts and see the duplicate letters, Copy/Paste style (5) High Price to read/write letters, if it cost more than mailing a standard letter then it is fake . . . please help me shut them all down!!! Here is a perfect example of why these companies are lying to us. makes $140 Million/year from stupid American’s wishing to marry a European bride…. we are dumb for allowing these companies to stay in business when they are 100% fake . . . Help me bring them down, please please please help me stop them from robbing us blind…

    • mack146 says:

      I met my girlfriend there and acouple of days we fell in love each other. As we know, ukraine and russian girls are the most attractive in the world, so you should try it and, no doubt, you’ll find your happiness;)

  2. björn says:

    loving, caring, loving

  3. Beal says:

    I just joined USSR-STAR..It seems that corporation that heads that company is in Belize. I join several sites, using several identifications as you say, to see if they are indeed up to something other than what they say they are. There does seem to be a little to many beauty queens on the site , and you get a LOT of letters. However, I find it so far exactly like the average site. Other than Charming Date, which is probably the biggest rip-off of any of those sites. I was in Jump4Love, for about a year or so. You DO meet some real women there, but it is still LOADED with fakes. But there was a couple of times when I chatted with women, at my expense, and they were not in a bland looking room, and a couple of those women did a few things YOU ARE NOT going to do with other people around. One even hollered for her son, who came and sat in her lap for a few minutes, and her dad! She had to be REAL, if not, they are spending MORE than they are making to fool someone.

    I believe, that if you have a unique disposition, you will get more real women attracted to you, than the usual, thirsty, got to get married now individual. Those Ukrainian women, the real ones, they were not dummies and seem to WANT to learn from other cultures. Yes, a LOT of the questions I asked were answered. I used to think that some of the questions they asked was only to get you to write back. After awhile, they were asking questions in regards to answers I gave to them. They seem to realize, I was not fake, I did not come there as a sexual leer or pervert, and that I really did have an interest in their culture.This AMAZED a lot of them because I would ask them questions of their life. I just think if you are a sucker, you will attract women that will just suck you up. I will say personally, the true Ukrainian woman, she is very unique, very intelligent, and she DOES want a guy that will respect and love her, and keep family as the perfect dream. I learned a lot from these women. It got to the point whereas, I was not drawing out any fakes. My one way of telling someone is not on the level, was if she showed me a nude picture of herself. I never asked for that stuff. But when one show you that within one or two letters, that is a real RED FLAG. She has associated you with a lot of males, who come there only seeking to see them undressed. They are a LOT more DENSE in intelligence than that. Look at how many guys they sucker in that THINK, they are using the Ukrainian woman as a cyber sexual experience? Those women are no dummies..

    That was my two cents.

  4. gostaria de conheser uma loira bonita

  5. mercredi says:

    -Anastasia, message No.1, Febuary 13: “…I also love pets very much but I never had one…”
    -Anastasia, message No.4, May 25: “…I have a cat…”
    -Me, message No.2, May 27: “How long do you have this cat?”
    -Anstasia, message No.5, May 27: “… dog… love for pets… I have a cat, I have him for two years already…”
    Who knows… Account closed.

  6. Geza says:

    Merry Cherry is a scam like Girls are probably get payed for writing letters. Why do I think this?

    I used VK (Russian Facebook) to find them. After writing “friendly” letters towards men at Merry Cherry, they don’t want contact through VK and persist to stay on Merry Cherry (same experience with women at Or they will not anwser on VK, even after writing more letters to me at Merry Cherry at the same time, or the anwser, one did, her reply was, “yes it was me, but you didn’t anwser me there, so I am not going to anwser you here at VK, bye”……

    It is clear they don’t want real contact after writing the usual “charming” letters.

  7. Curt says:

    It’s a scam and there are professional letter writers. I noticed that another girl used info I had confided to a particular lady in her lead off line. Many fake letter writers on this site.

  8. Anthony d says:

    The old adage is still relevant here. If something looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t

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