LoveMe (A Foreign Affair) Review 2024: Is it worth joining

Are you looking for a life and marriage partner? Well, there is nothing as great and satisfying as loving someone who loves you as much as you love them and is willing to spend the rest of their lives with you. While there are many ways to find this special person, most people prefer to go through international dating sites such as

The site is convenient and allows you to browse profiles of over 1000 women so you can choose who you want. You can then schedule a physical meeting or date and decide on the way forward. Let’s explore

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

Advantages and Disadvantages of



The Services Offered at

While on the website, you can get different services designated for different persons. Here are some of the famous services on

Can I Try for Free?

You can sign up at the website for free. With a straightforward signup process, you can key in your details and create an account. After creating an account, you will receive an email notification to verify your account. Another form will open where you can complete your profile, state your location, personal details, and upload a photograph for other members to see. On the ‘My Account’ tab, it displays whether you are a Platinum member or not.

You may pay for Platinum membership to have unlimited access to all the services such as express mail discounts, three-way phone translation discounts, access to women’s videos, and other tour credits.

All this is available at an affordable fee of $29.95 per month. Your monthly subscription is renewed at the end of every month. However, if you desire to end your membership, you can send an email to the website with your request.

Interesting Things to Know about Costs and Prices

While signing up on the website is free, you can also sign up for the Platinum membership to experience all the services and the best value. While the platinum memberships cost $29.95 per month, you will have to pay an activation charge of $95.00(one-time fee). 

With the platinum membership, you will enjoy a discount of $2.50 for the express mail service, while the three-way phone translation discounts will be $2.00 per minute (Non-platinum members pay $5.99 per minute and the platinum members pay $3.99). With the Platinum membership, you get a reduced rate for most services on the website.

In case you no longer want the subscription level, you can email and get a cancellation on the membership. You can also add more than $50.00, and your account earns you a credit of up to ten percent of the added amount. Considering the quality of services, the prices can be said to be affordable and reasonable.

Review of the Female Profiles at

Upon sign up, you can now browse over 1000 women profiles and determine who you like most. Since they appear with the profile photographs, you can click on a profile photo and redirect to the woman’s details. It appears with a prompt to share the profile with friends, member ID, name, and location.

You can then click on ‘View My Personal Data’ and see more about the specific member. Other options on the website include ‘My additional photos,’ ‘Tour Photos,’ ‘Write Me Now,’ ‘Send Flowers’, and ‘Call Me Now.’ You can also add a member to the hotlist or view the hot list too.

Registration Process at

The registration process at is pretty simple. You can search for the website and sign up as a new member. You only need to add your name, email, strong password, and click on the Male or Female icon.

After creating an account, you are redirected to the Members Area to complete the registration process. You need to add two images (if you are a woman) to complete the profile and begin browsing for potential partners.

After loading some money into your platinum membership, you can now start contacting your potential spouses. It is easily navigable for all users, regardless of whether they use mobile devices or desktop devices.

How does work?

With the easy signup process, you can key in your details quickly. New members must understand that the processes for the male and females are different. You will be required to answer the personal background form on the website with basic information, physical appearance details, and preferences.

Random facts that you won’t believe are true

Once this is complete, you must register as a straight man/woman or seek same-sex relationships. While most questions depend on your gender, you must also upload the required images (women). Primarily, men are not required to upload a photograph.

You can then pay for the membership and browse your preferred potential spouses. You can talk with them in your inbox, whereby messaging is a premium feature for males while it is free for females. You can then contact them, send flowers, and use the call service.

How Do Loveme Matchmaking Services Work?

Embarking on the journey of international matchmaking with is an exciting and rewarding experience for men interested in forming meaningful romantic relationships.

The process begins by completing a comprehensive profile, providing personal information and detailing your dating preferences to ensure compatible matches. streamlines communication between you and prospective matches through email notifications. Once you have selected profiles that pique your interest from the carefully curated list based on your provided criteria, will facilitate introductions via email exchanges or phone conversations to create opportunities for initial interaction.

One standout feature offered by that sets it apart from traditional matchmaking services is its renowned travel tours—perfectly organized trips where clients have the chance to meet hundreds of potential matches in person.

These events include luxurious accommodation options and exclusive social gatherings in popular international destinations around the globe – all designed to provide a comfortable setting for authentic connection-building experiences among couples seeking love beyond borders.

A Foreign Affair's Executive Plan

The Executive Plan offered by A Foreign Affair is a step above the traditional matchmaking services provided on for those men who are genuinely committed to finding their perfect international match.

This prestigious plan caters specifically to individuals seeking a higher level of personalized service in their quest for love and crosscultural dating.

One of the standout aspects of The Executive Plan is its comprehensive approach to international dating. Users will receive one-on-one consultations with an experienced team dedicated to understanding individual needs and preferences when it comes to foreign brides.

Numerous testimonials attest to the effectiveness of A Foreign Affair’s Executive Plan in helping users find meaningful connections across borders – some even leading to successful marriages! By investing time and resources into this personalized service, you increase your chances of finding that special someone while experiencing unforgettable singles events amid exotic destinations around the world such as Medellin, Colombia.

A Foreign Affair Romance Trips

With, embarking on a journey to find love has never been more exciting, as they offer an array of romantic trips to various international destinations for men interested in crosscultural dating. 

Here are some essential details about the destinations, services, and costs associated with these unique romance trips:

Destinations: The agency organizes romantic tours to diverse and exotic locations such as Latin America, Asia, and Europe – opening up many overseas dating opportunities for singles

Services: During the trip, clients will enjoy a well-rounded experience with services like airport pickup, accommodation in high-quality hotels, daily breakfasts, city tours, social events with potential matches, interpreters when needed, and introductions to beautiful women from the specific region.

Romance Tour Types: Depending on your preferences and location interests you can choose between group tours or individual club tours that provide personalized matchmaking services.

Pre-tour Assistance: offers free pre-tour counseling sessions to help clients prepare for their travel and answer any questions they may have about international dating.

Transparent Costs: Prices for these life-changing romance trips range from $1,400 to $5,000 depending on factors such as duration (typically 7-14 days), destination chosen and the type of tour service selected.

Success Stories: With an impressive track record backed by 79 great reviews featuring couples who met through their romantic trips while ranking 715th among dating sites; it is evident that LoveMe’s carefully planned overseas adventures are worth considering.

With A Foreign Affair Romance Trips curated by combining travel services with matchmaking expertise; forming interracial relationships has never been more thrilling!

How do I contact Customer Service?

The website boasts an experienced and knowledgeable customer service team. They are dedicated to helping you solve your issues without any lags or delays. You can get through to them anytime from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM MST, Monday through Friday (This is except for major holidays).

There are various ways to contact the customer care team on the LoveMe website. You can contact them through the phone number provided on their website. Additionally, you can also send them an email by filling out a form with all your issues.

The website works to ensure that all queries are resolved as quickly as possible. You can also visit the ‘General FAQs’ and read the frequently asked questions with informed answers. The information is useful and will help you navigate the website. Usability in our check

The site has a basic and minimalistic look so all users can comfortably sign up and find their soul mates. Unlike other modern websites, boasts of a frill-free website. Once you access the website, you can click on one of the links categorically placed on the website to access what you need. They act as shortcuts to help you get to the desired destination without any hassle.

For example, if you click on ‘Foreign Women,’ the tab expands to all the available options such as Ukrainian women and Russian women. Once you click on Ukrainian women, it then opens to another layout showing Ukrainian women by cities such as Kiev.

Our Advice to You:

Getting the love of your life does not have to be a complicated task. You can quickly get them on online dating sites such as With its navigable website layout and exciting features, you can quickly sign up and get the best shot.

How Can I Delete My Account?

Deciding to terminate your account is simple and straightforward, following these steps:

As a legitimate site for international romantic relationships, it’s essential to follow these steps in order to fully deactivate and remove your profile from the platform if you choose so.

How Serious and Secure is

The website inputs strong security measures for its members. By going through their privacy policy, you can see that the information collected from you is consensual and is only used to match you to a potential spouse.

Other information, such as age and gender are optional on the website. While using the website, you can participate in surveys, subscribe to their newsletters without the fear of losing your data or leaking your data to harmful third parties. Additionally, they do not sell the information to any people or entities hence completely safe for you.

Anti-scam Policy at takes its anti-scam policy seriously. The site has a strict zero-tolerance policy for fraudulent activities, deceptive practices, and false profiles. All members are required to verify their identity before accessing the platform’s features fully.

The company also ensures there is transparency in all dealings on the platform by providing clear information about subscription tricks and costs.

Furthermore, includes an “entertainment purpose” note on their website as a disclaimer that sets expectations about what one should expect when using the service.

In conclusion, understands that creating meaningful relationships goes beyond helping members find matches; it requires keeping them safe from scamming behaviors and ensuring authenticity among users’ profiles at all times.

Conclusion: Is it worth joining

Nowadays, internet dating has reduced the hassle of finding your spouse. It is not only acceptable in society but also a successful way of dating. dating site is a perfect example that online dating works.

Regardless of your personality (introverted or extroverted), you can hide behind the screen, chat with lovely women until you gain the confidence to meet them. With the many positive reviews on, we can conclude that it is worth joining the website. Sign up today and find a potential spouse.

Last Updated: May 18, 2023

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4 thoughts on “LoveMe (A Foreign Affair) Review 2024: Is it worth joining”

  1. Loveme has been a great agency for me. Everything that they advertise is true. I definitely got more than what I bargained for. Their tours are great. It’s definitely worth coming on the trip.

  2. I am sorry, but I don’t trust this website. Many fake profiles and even porn actress. Something interesting is that they created another websites to have a virgin reputation, with the same profiles …the same owner and the same team. When you are honest you hide nothing. Some profiles are double used, strange to see a woman with the same pictures but a different name. If you look the website now you would notice that almost all the women have a 90D…??? This is serious? The team answer your calls but never find you a real situation. Once they removed a scam profile after I requested assistance, but they put it again online one week later…

  3. There is evidence of profiles that i deem as fake profile or technically real women who are not serious about relations as I personally spent the money to activate something called premium communication on Dream Singles website its over 1200 usd and the girl mysteriously disappears and i found her and other similiar profiles on this website im seeing double profiles that i dont trust at all. I will see if I can do a trip as recommended as I want a real meeting im so tired of these scam websites seriously I’ve spent too much in terms of time and money, im at the point of just fly blind to Europe and just look for my special lady out there be much cheaper then give more .key to these scam sites.

  4. I spent over $3000 in correspondence fees and then the lady dumped me after seven months of writing. Each letter (one-way) costs $10 and to open any photos, it is an additional $3.50. The lady wrote often and always sent lots of photos. I could have gone broke if this had continued.

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